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  1. Reuben John

    Did they get David Attenborough for this?

  2. Alberto Crescini

    That’s amazing! Thanks Internet.

  3. Bucket

    What an odd Coke ad.

  4. Jasper Playz


  5. Smart Vibe

    super video....

  6. bossssssist

    coke cocaine Sudafed adderall


    i am a Cliché Developer oof

  8. Pankaj Verma

    The video is of next level.

  9. #ТРЕНЕР


  10. Moataz Billeh Mednini

    pushes to git ????? just like that ????? what kinda bug is this, a typo in the Readme file ????

  11. S0 HS


  12. Ryder

    You forgot the linux user that constantly tries to get everyone to switch (that is me)

  13. Marco's Game Lounge

    Reported: "I'm in this video and I don't like it"

  14. Maximum Joy

    Nobody raises to fix a bug in my team. Much to my dismay as a QA.

  15. cina kakar

    When you don't mind and actually enjoy being searched at the airport

  16. Audio Maverick

    Russian guy had to be the one to solve it.

  17. Minersdream333

    Hey if its ok used this on my insta at Neds_at.i sourced it to you

  18. pythonfan 69

    *has a mountain of coca cola bottles very accurate*

  19. DotsIn Space

    BBC voice over 🤣...species

  20. Holly Esch

    And they're all young, white men. No minorities and the "threat to the herd" is a woman over 40.

  21. Simon Nitzsche

    0:56 refuses to work with java, while a second later working in Eclipse.

  22. Pierre Gendre

    1:34 The most rare specie is the one who works on windows :D ... Does a real one do that in real life ?


      im the one who works on windows so yes there is a real one that dose that

  23. Manish H

    The original one with the construction workers was good. This feels like the sub standard rip off..

  24. Moonlight

    shitty life

  25. lionpersia

    i hate the hipster developer: has a mac and apple products in general, vegan, drinks every shit from the south american jungles, buddhist or hindu, does yoga, hates capitalism but enjoys it more than anyone, with very little to no engineering skills, more of a designer -- front-end dev at most. Can't work with SQL, C or C++, or Python so thinks mongodb (or graphql), Go, Ruby are better, since these are all he can. Sits at a starbucks shop. Extremely stupid.

  26. saintcoder

    Why pushed the fix to master branch not to his personal branch, creating a pull request and ask other team mates to review the PR 1st ? :D

  27. QuakeZoomer


  28. The Programmers_JFJ

    Life of the Programmer

  29. striker865

    Eek, Java in 2019? I think even the plebes know better now 😎

  30. spike280

    hahaha....herd of QA analysts will squash the smugness on their faces....and turn them into puddles of insecurity.

  31. Cody Sing

    The sarcasm is obvious. Developers called herd. As if they were animals that can't think. This is probably what the "project owner" thinks of them.

  32. floww bucket

    😂 Haha

  33. floww bucket


  34. Mysteriously Mysterious Mysteries

    Hi Kantega, I'm not good at programming or at anything can you please hire me!!

  35. Israel Tomilayo

    As a developer, I don't rush to find bugs... developers hate bugs, we pretend not to sight it

  36. Learn TheNew

    Really the Hardest Job in Software field is Developer Role & the laziest simplest job is Tester. :) Ha [email protected]

  37. Omar García

    Made me laugh a lot and I'm not even a developer. Nice

  38. kunal patil

    future national geographic show

  39. Fauzi Zaki

    hello, is this National Geographic channel?

  40. Eduardo Alencar

    the narrator is so good

  41. Silver Man

    Open workspaces are the worst!

  42. pzg2008


  43. NOPE

    My computing teacher is the first species, I've never seen a man drink so much cola in my life

  44. Jared Thomas

    I would watch this as a show

  45. The Wiedźmin

    This was hidden from me for so long, goddamn algorithm worked for once!

  46. Robert Kraig

    The one industry which I almost universally expected coders to write their code in English and you see on their monitors it's all in their native language tongue. Very strange.

  47. Michael Pang

    Is the narrator David Attenborough

  48. Matthew Featherston

    Also forget the other type of developer...(includes me...Sorry) public static void message() { System.out.println("Hello, World"); }


      Void Update() // updates every frame { Debug.Log("Hello Matthew Featherston"); //Debug,Log is the same as Print } //this code is in C#

  49. Veritas B.

    git push --force

  50. Chloe Mcholoe

    makes me a lil sad that there are no ladies there

    1. Silver Man

      did you not see the project manager? smfh

  51. Noisy Planet

    David Attenborough?

  52. Joel Hounakey

    I've launched my own SEsels channel now. What makes me different from others is that I can do the work of 10 developers in a week. Check

    1. Joel Hounakey

      I can't find you since Der Javanese is not listed. Can't find you sorry

    2. Pascal Klaßen

      Look at hibernate under contributors

    3. Joel Hounakey

      @Pascal Klaßen show some of your works so we can approve you are a real deal

    4. Pascal Klaßen

      I write Microservices in Java for many years it seems like You are the new programmer

    5. Joel Hounakey

      @Pascal Klaßen I think I just got one hater. It seems like you are a new programmer.

  53. Rajesh Sharma

    4 developer fixing same issue. How unproductive!!

  54. Dylan

    This was great, thank you

  55. Cloxygen

    Wait is that really how they do it? Put everyone on a single bug and take the first fix? So everyone else was just paid to waste their time?

  56. Cristina Florina

    I guess I'm a combination of both 😂. I like my coke and hate Java 😂

  57. chuckee saliente

    1:55 Fixing a bug by opening file explorer. Either he does not have an IDE opened or he's looking for cat pictures.

  58. LimitedWard

    Accurate lack of female representation XD

  59. Bamham

    Can you guys confirm?

  60. Monty Jack

    31s for bug fix sure, even git rebase can take more time than that in larger corp.

  61. Arya rb

    The voice is like ---/lonng before birth of liiight ,,there was darkness/.. as on thor dark World beginning scene...

  62. Son Nguyen Hoang


  63. Mustapha Baruwa

    Funny ah😭😂

  64. TheGamer27

    True but there are many more aspects of our mystery lifes, make them or leave the internet 😄😄😄😄


    (rwti/1/1gtibpopi//,1/2prtieti//) odt.rqti/// popi//itgive+10apionqprti/\

  66. Bubble Gum

    Why are all the developers male? Where are the GIRLS?!

    1. Silver Man

      in the kitchen

  67. Joseph Sivits

    hipster developers aren't really a thing, but it is, ya know?

  68. Renan Machado

    I use virtual keyboard

  69. Pablo

    Imagine 5 people working on the same issue and rushing to push to the same repo.... what a mess! Lmao

  70. 战忽局后勤办公室主任

    2:18 not if somebody else find sth wrong in the review

  71. Cory Norell

    Completely unrealistic. Devs drink Coke Zero now. It's 2019.

  72. World edit

    More like this plz

  73. Pit J.


  74. Cagdas Yigit

    Actually, this video scared me a little if there is any reality in professional life in Nordic countries :D :D

  75. c a

    Remember when we had cubicles and could concentrate... Not just a desk on a floor

  76. crimzoda

    I like development but development humour is so gay


      Void Update() // updates every frame { Debug.Log("sorta true"); //Debug,Log is the same as Print }

  77. Alex Hooper

    Funny how the hipster developer, who avoids Java, has Android studio open.

    1. Alex Hooper

      @Miszcz Klasykuw good point

    2. Miszcz Klasykuw

      maybe he uses kotlin? : D

  78. renaldy kharisma

    no indians?

  79. QuesterDesura

    why does that feel so true :(

  80. 1sonyzz

    and it is another shitty video on youtube wasting its space for nonsences

  81. Giovanni

    Hahahahaha, I‘m a Java developer and everything is like in this video!!

  82. Nathan Adhitya

    "pushes to git" *project manager posts 10 more bugs that happened because of bugfix*

    1. Jael Butler

      Lol so true!

    2. Adam

      They say this one went to work with Bethesda

  83. Migel Luc

    Best narrator I have ever listed too

  84. Linus

    Fix pushed. Operations is now furious.

  85. sum dude

    The hipster developer became a developer, just to say hes a developer.

    1. Jonah St-François

      "yeah I write code for a living 😏" "Oh? What languages?" "html, and I do Wix too, I'm pretty good!" basically

  86. Luca Perju


  87. Rotten Brainz


  88. GPTUser

    This is so me. Conference t-shirt every day, but I'm not white and I'm also a woman. Go figure. I also only use a mac and do not own a mouse. I feel attacked. Also hate it when someone pushes a fix before me. Damn them. 😡

  89. Hamid Alaei

    That is not accurate. The one who fixes the bug first is usually the one who put it there in the first place.

  90. Anthony Morford

    Plot twist: that wasn't English.

  91. Cole Morton

    Everyone duplicating the same work. Expect to be looking for a new job in the next six months.

  92. Eddie Jaoude

    Lol haha 😂. Everyone fixing the same bug, hmm, doesn’t sound efficient 🤦‍♂️

  93. RubberPanda

    He didn’t even check if it was working or anything he just pushed it...

  94. Veldhuis94

    why the fuck do those chairs have headrests

  95. Parsov Gaming

    Work for a Game Developing company. Never seen anything like this seen more of all developers working on different things and not all of them trying to fix 1 issue and who on earth uses Github when there is GitLab.

  96. Shoham Tzubery

    The part with the cola was too accurate.

  97. Stephanie Charriere

    He pushed first...

  98. newbCoder

    Where are the linux guys?

  99. JT Saiyan

    I want to be a dev but this looks scary lol