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  1. LudaCritz

    I need to move back to Hollywood, 9$ an hour ain't bad for sitting in an audience all day. Beats Mc'ds.

  2. Robert Craig

    Snoop single-handedly slaughtered the English language.

  3. The pie Zaa

    3:29 r/ihadastroke


    Hit the like button guys because that’s that

  5. John Knighton

    Trump is ironic Bozo the Clown moron loser coward everything he touches or goes in goes bankrupt anything is family touches or goes in goes bankrupt Trump is a coward a liar a treasonous a traitor he's a piece of crap and that is dog crap Trump is a piece of trash hillbilly Backwoods trash that's my opinion

  6. Kyle Keller

    YES!!!! I can't believe he made it here! Kudos to Andy, he's a brilliant artist and I hope everyone just finding out about him is checking out his other stuff!

  7. Burning Bush Productions

    Retribution for everyone named Charlie who has ever suffered at the hands of this video. End him, Chris. Do it for all of us.

  8. Protect Of stone

    Greenland is Denmark because vikingers

  9. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Scoobynatural’s a Bigger Crossover Than The Avengers:Infinity War

  10. The Mariam

    I paid for my moms 6 months rent in advance and my uncle's medical Bill


    I imafined the fire wirh bts song .

  12. Drew Darren

    Sorry loser. OMG. Lol.

  13. Mitchell Morrisey

    this is why i dislike jimmy, he is one sided and wont listen to others views, the whole time he just tries to get kanye to say he doesnt like trump anymore, or that he regrets it

  14. Fiona Walmsley

    I love Chris Pratt as an actor but I'm so grateful that Kimmel is the host of the show. I recognise that even show hosts these days are potty mouths but like that Kimmel is able to restrain himself.

  15. VOTE Republican

    Also during election time, Democrats, constantly using the Race Card, and Victimhood mentality.. To the Democrats, everyone under the sun is a VICTIM... and you cant do anything on your own.. That's how sick and controlling these A-holes are..

  16. ヅـمدAHMEDأحـ

    Oh Gosh😭😂💔

  17. Dovey Milton

    I care so much about ice and polar bears

  18. Andrés Züles Triviño

    Let alone that most of them don't know the technical name for humans... Most of them simply don't care about a species going extinct, and they are willing to do nothing to protect animals from extinction. Sad.

  19. VOTE Republican

    Oh hell.. everyone is RACIST.... no thanks to the Fake News, the Hollywood weirdos, my car is racist, my hair is racist, my shoes are racist.. So, typical of these Liberal Democrat's constantly suck on Racism. we even have people who make a living on Racism and people who use it to further their SICK careers.

  20. Kattlekatie

    The second he said “you can makeout now” I came to the comments🤢🥴

  21. Rohan Khamkar

    Well one can tell that all the kids are not really telling the No. 1 worst thing on the list.. thats why the pause in the beginning

  22. Random Dude

    Rihanna's sexy legs though.

  23. PhantomMatrix

    one of the most underrated artists! great talent!

  24. Allison Johnson

    What “approval” did he need to get his mom a hotel room in Vegas? I’m so confused. 😂

  25. B W

    john is actually bleeding

  26. Andy Swaren

    He's the hottest man alive!💋🥰

  27. Kish Gaming

    If your dad get heart attack I told u

  28. Ricky Samrai

    So genuine love the show

  29. Teenyleek 123

    Usually enjoy these videos. I found this one to be stuck in prejudices with some of the comments that were made. V

  30. Charlotte

    As someone from south London (near Peckham) we do not sound like him he speaks English very well😭😭😭

  31. Radonehere Gamer

    Stewie and the dog 🚘

  32. Shabbathehutt

    All I hear now is him as Carol Shelby

  33. Alfredo Reynoso


  34. fishncapt26

    It's so tragic how she used to be cute till hacked hair off and immediately became repugnant



  36. Zero Two

    Jimmy told us to get into a fight so here I go BEATRICE FROM RE ZERO IS BEST GIRL

  37. Aaron Khan

    you guys are the same person

  38. Damian Hillan

    Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?’

  39. ForPittySake

    Christian Bale will always be Batman to Zac Efron whereas Michael Keaton will always be Batman to Seth rogen.

  40. ThePagalGirl

    Trump will build a wall for every mean tweet

  41. Rj D


  42. Joey De Haeck

    as a european i got (i think) 11 presidents, roosevelt, lincoln, washington, coolidge, hoover, carter, bush, bush, obama, trump, clinton

  43. jerkkub

    Gosh how Americans can be so stupid?

  44. Radle

    notice how anti-white racism is okay.

  45. Kelly Bui


  46. mai chinhamora

    How is a EMT and a firefighter doctors?🤷‍♀️

  47. Wf Coaker

    Kid f0r the win! My wrists ate intact!

  48. Evangelea B

    Her Australian accent makes you pause and think for a moment 😂😂

  49. comfibold

    Doesn't she know that Freud was quite obsessed with child sexuality and therefore creepy in an Epstein-type way?

  50. mai chinhamora

    Her HORRIBLE singing almost sent him to his early grave

  51. Wf Coaker

    I have to tell myself they edit out the people who actually knew what they were talking about, or I would slit my wrists in despair.

  52. Joes Mad

    Damn look at those ti- tights. Yes tights.

  53. Shinta Himura

    Deadpool disliked this

  54. Patricia Eroz

    EFF❗️NG B_R_❗️_L_L_❗️_A_N_T HUEY & THE NEWS BOYZ❗️👍⭐️🔥💥 THE SONG❗️ THE VIDEO❗️ U GUYZ STILL AL❗️VE & STILL K❗️CK❗️N❗️ ALL SUPER BRILLIANT 💡 & In My Fave City, San Fran, W/NYC Being A Close Second❗️ See U’ALL Around😘 💃🏽

  55. Raghu Seetharaman

    She is so thin and beautiful. I love it!

  56. Kelly Bui

    problem 3: "my moms a tree" whA-

  57. Ritvik C

    Yooo that guy tried to prep me out during my bid round at ridge but I said NAHHHHHHHH

  58. Rob Bentley

    Both are soulless. Kimmell uses his sick child to push other people’s political agenda and Fallon is an alky that snorts cocaine constantly. Real role models for America.

  59. Brendan Lerant

    Although some of the responses are stupid, reorienting the shape of the US is quite a big throw off. I’m from Canada, but showing me US upside down would throw me off, as I’m so accustomed to the flat looking north border of the US. I would assume that the US upside down would be bordering a country to the south of it as my first instinct.

  60. Unsubscribe from me

    ”Can you tell me the rules?” *starts speaking sign language*

  61. Either

    That's 99.99% correct and clear.

  62. Time Traveller

    Funny how Jordan Peterson and Winona Ryder have similar voices.

  63. TrainedToGo_JG PokeTube

    If you clicked for the thumbnail then >>> 2:20

  64. Dan Ellis

    I remember Jennifer Connelly as the little girl in the movie "Once upon a time in America" she was the cute little girl then , and beautiful actress today.

  65. Alex

    What a video. One of them’s dead, another is destroying Ontario as Premier, and the other is a noted sexual predator.

  66. lrvdo

    Interviewer: Who are you wearing tonight Jeremy: Paul Rudd

  67. Ron Gart

    I would answer: “ it all started at the age of 5, when my uncle come over....

  68. Rebecca Chen

    Omg the thumbnail!!! That’s hilarious 💛😂

  69. xxACIDVIRUSxx

    Charlize and Scarlet are definitely the highlight of of Guillermo’s Videos. I love these two women, they’re so down to earth and humble

  70. ƇḨ

    Who else thought these peoples names were literally the states on the screen before clicking lol

  71. Jack Landers

    Someone sent word to the Jibaree I guess. Mbaku likes a good pair.

  72. Sandra

    From hating and protesting Bush in my teens to having a heartfelt sensation towards him in this interview. 17 year old me would slap 33 year old me if she knew this was coming.

  73. t1tacal

    He can't defeat Trump if he can't get by Bernie, Buttgeig, and Warren.

  74. Crow29803

    How funny!

  75. James Edward Sterling

    Why not list all the lies? I'll wait....

  76. Ok Zoomer

    Imagine being the neighbor and u here a bunch of Mexicans and old lady screaming at each other’s

  77. edboi

    4:01 that killed me xD

  78. Nazmul Islam Pial

    Emma stone is a great actress.

  79. No Life Gaming


  80. Tomasz Howaniec

    Po to wymyślono duże miasta i internet by nie latać 65 km na wioskę by oszczędzić parę dolców w podejrzany sposób delikatnie mówiąc zarobionych. Szympans miałby wątpliwości czy to wszystko było mądre, dokładnie policzone, dobrowolne i legalne. Tym helikopterem to się ludzi ratuje, krowy zagania, a nie lata ludziom nad głowami.

  81. Nor Aldin

    Absolutely genius !

  82. Patricia Eroz

    ❤️❗️😘F_R_E_D_R_I_C_K😘❗️❤️ 💃🏽😲🕺L❤️VES U, MAN❗️👍⭐️🔥 HI Jimmy & Alex❗️❤️❗️❤️ & Hey, If U Both Want To Set Some GOOD 💩 A Rollin’ Then See My Favorite Nephew By The Same Name❗️ ▶️▶️▶️ 💃🏽

  83. Nikol Sanchez

    I'm already disappointed and the video hasn't started.

  84. Lourdes Lafrance

    She is so hot right now

  85. MrMain65

    The lady from American horror story is a little bit aggravating

  86. Jesse Valdez

    My mom always said no such things as dinosaurs or outer space.

    1. Jesse Valdez

      "It's the devil"

  87. NotFBI

    How can you look like Ken and think : "Yeah, that guy is totally sober"

  88. Ely Chong

    wastage, I love cheese

  89. Jan

    ;D I loved this, She sounds Great!!

  90. Jeepn Vw

    Snoop can hate whoever he wants , I still like him, SNOOP D O DOUBLE G .....

  91. Subash Bca

    Europe....that guy almost guessed it..

  92. SourRudy

    victor is goals

  93. J S

    ‘Hope kobe’s there’ *W E L P*

  94. christian Fuentes

    He took a shot with black widow 😬😬

  95. Mananap Ph

    2:00 That Is A Muscular Kid!😎

  96. DayWatch

    sebastian is 100% done with the questions from the beginning lol

  97. Ali Harry

    Why there is no caption 🤬🤬

  98. jerry janik

    I feel if someone told me as a disabled American who has a left arm problem since birth these work these were self tying shoelaces I would just walk away from the shoe to be like it if they told me all this is a gag for giving camels child be like okay can I please just have the shoes and they're pretty good shoes I'm just walking away with the shoes see you

  99. Barnabás Pieke

    This video was so funny and such a pain to watch at the same time it's crazy...

  100. Subash Bca

    It's like rat when it's upside down