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  1. Mia

    Me: see video with the title ‘I got my gf daughter preg’ - clicks video - Title changes too ‘ I am a gold digger’

  2. Raa yaa

    Is anybody thinking that ben actually kidnapped her so that she wudnt like him anymore but his plan so backfired when she continued to love him so he didnt come home that day😂😂

  3. Chn Mn

    Dump guy 😠😠

  4. Lotta Vynjemo

    When you introduce yourself to new people: HeY iM HeNrY aNd Im A goLd DiGgEr.

  5. Simona Shopova

    Will there be part two?

  6. Rose Bubbles

    Original title: "I got my girlfriend's daughter pregnant"

  7. Ays_qx

    how does he wear the same outfit everyday? Hes on budget..

  8. Vinod Patel

    Oooooo very bad 😠

    1. Vinod Patel

      Oooooo very bad for you but the story

  9. Nikki Chisholm

    I don’t feel bad for her

  10. Melina Ma

    This story is so wierd

  11. Hasan Al Sheikho

    Where is her mom then?

  12. aya bouslama


  13. c D

    I call this a big mess.

  14. Random Girl

    Camilla wasn´t her BFF.

  15. astroscientist

    there is too many pilot holes lime wtf happened to nicole's mom

  16. Reckler

    I got my GF daughter preg!

  17. sotuur aeei

    Is this girl serious??? Being flat is good. Her: who would rejected a free dangerous implant and a "hot" boyfriend. Me: ME!!!

  18. Kely

    my best friend has a chrush on me too and were both girls and were nine years old

  19. 死Danai


  20. Piper Companion

    I eat scorpions Me:yo! Where’s the crack at bro?

  21. Lmao boi

    Him: i started touching ger blonde hair... What did you said? Blonde? Are you colorblind?

  22. ThE cOuSiN zOeY :D

    When 2.5 million people are subscribed and only 16k watched this

  23. Explicid _

    “Touching her blond hair” She has brown heir but ok😂

  24. TheLije 101

    No one realising that the bodyguard just broke his leg but then he's fine

    1. TheLije 101

      Legs don't bend that way

  25. Shalini Brahme

    The title was "I got my girlfriend's daughter pregnant"

  26. Lyric Fan OG

    Honestly, why would you buy a 200k watch that works just like other watches??

  27. mariah comfort

    Hey girl I am a southern woman and catholic, with two little girls do not feel bad for being different sometimes it takes encouragement and love to find ourselves and there is no right way to be

  28. Shade Wolf

    Original title: I got my GF's daughter pregnant The title: I am A Gold Digger

  29. Avelline

    what's the secret then?

  30. Silly kid

    First title was I got my gf's daughter pregnant

  31. Nora_ Playź


  32. Aja Gacha CoOcKiEXD

    Idiots but no choice ꧂༺〠߷۞۞۞۞ =w=

  33. Lola Smith

    Jason does not deserve your baby I love you hope you get your baby back

  34. alyssa ayala

    the titlr changed



  36. Lanex ProGame

    Whell f you

  37. ppp ooo


  38. ppp ooo


  39. Master Dowells

    Nice 😍👌😍👌😍👌

  40. ppp ooo

    I m Mady

  41. XxwnxderlandxX

    "jessie has the most beautiful blue eyes I'd ever seen" Jessie: has green eyes

  42. Lazy Nacho :D


  43. c five

    6 months later and she still finds her phone?????

  44. Master Dowells

    Best Video 👌👌👌

  45. Simsim_

    Ironic how when he actually needed her he was able to find her in a week, but couldn’t reach out for 20 years

  46. The Noob Is Here

    Tbh I feel like this animations are getting worse, I felt so dizzy watching this because of the trashy green screen and transitions/movements

  47. Izzy Goodson

    this is very much NOT GRAMMERLY CORECT

  48. Amber Pearl

    at 0:10 in the third pic why is his neck broken his arms are twisted he also has no legs what the heck

  49. Light Blue Vendetta

    6:36 Me when I think I proved a point in class when really I was so wrong

  50. Zeus Brothers

    And after all that, she is wearing a shark T - shirt

  51. Mike Wazoski

    "Mandy had left the country to go to Europe." *points to Saudi Arabia*

  52. Ashten Huff

    I don't agree with lesbian but you cannot kicksomeone out of school because they love a girl

  53. Enma Slime :3

    HI mY nAme Is AntHOnY anD I’M A GolD DigGeR

  54. Partiva Paudel

    She’s only got 3 fingers😭😂😂

  55. ItsRubyYT _Duh

    I feel so bad.. that principle is mean.. Be who u want to be! Be you <3 Im lesbian too.. nobody accepts me..

  56. Ishana

    'And i touched her blonde hair' Me: SHE HAS BROWN HAIR

  57. Shanthyse Dixon

    Read description lol her name is now Sam Its literally a different story lmao.

  58. Ismail Al-Abdallah

    Ur school is such a homophobic like that’s so mean Like if u agree

  59. Erika Aaa

    08:57 he has double eyebrows

  60. Ashten Huff

    Bro girls think they're tougher than guys why did you make him smaller than you

  61. Queen POTATO

    Who the hell comes up with these stories

  62. Issa

    I am asexual and I don't like sex. Great story :)

  63. unicorn lego and art master sparklz

    Him: What die u think of my story Me: i think your a crack head

  64. Jaahus

    this man. video has going for 4seconds and he says he’s a gold digger



  66. Abbyawsome5932

    hold up he said i ruined the weading for the second time the hell

  67. Protectus CZ

    1:51 Does he even know what is blond hair?

  68. Casual Ellie

    *_legend has it that the comments still talk about her hair_*

  69. Jay Dan

    She left the part out when they kissed after they layed down and she couldn't help it no more

  70. Shanxia Axts

    Everyone in every single video is really stupid.

  71. BTS 123


  72. Amelia Unicorn

    Her didn't let her did

  73. Vicki Young

    He mean that's his wife why would he say that he horrible

  74. USSResolute

    You threw a chemical in his eyes and you don't see anything wrong with that? This is the kind of drama that made me detest high school. Image is everything; values are worthless. "What did I do wrong?" I managed to take a photo of him and shame him, which is totally innocent. Slutshaming. Blackmail. Melodrama. It has all the elements of childish nonsense. Is there a protagonist in this story? They all sound like villains to me.

  75. Ashten Huff

    God made Adam and Eve for a reason if your if your religion shouldn't you know about the Bible

  76. Lizzie’s Hideout

    Yes I’m very confused rn🥺

  77. Wolfy yy


  78. Ashten Huff

    A girl and a guy making out is not a sin

  79. Lahja Hamilton

    this girl got guts i got jamaican parents i would have got slapped

  80. LlamaSpit

    Is it me or is this offending boys with the lips being slimey?Isn't that suppose to be like that with everyone? EXPLAIN

  81. Rokaya Ayman

    them: *see sandra in the hotel room* also them: 😃😃😃😃

  82. Frederick Behn

    “Complete shock” !! No shit man.

  83. Blaze Fire

    “His love wasn’t enough to make him stay... he died”

  84. viki valov

    I hade gold digger

  85. Craig Hudson

    How could you do that to the boy that weekend in the car

  86. Checkthebeemovie

    So many people are called Aaron Leighton on youtube

  87. Frederick Behn

    7:30 what the hell!

  88. YAxis ___


  89. La La

    "Hey my name is Anime" Me: NANIIIII

  90. Clap_Chris-_- use code fe4r

    Him:Its easy to get wom... Me:say sike RIGHT now

  91. Eefje de Gans

    😨what did just happend?

  92. Jeremy Richie Hennry

    Roses are red Violets are blue You clicked this video because of the the thumbnail too.

  93. Jevonn Jalius

    Its a good way to deliver some privated life story that needs attention or help other to be open up to someone

  94. Mentally 5

    And this people, is why we use protection

  95. Amber Rose

    hI IM a gOld dIgGeR

  96. afroza khanam


  97. Frederick Behn

    5 minutes in and this story is still out of control!

  98. itzPastelVintage

    They censored the word LESBIAN, how disrespectful!

  99. Vicki Young

    Jason is so jealous

  100. Gaming rich

    Can we pliss aprishyate the bethasde SKYRIME computer what a couincdent I had played it during the video