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  1. Hannah Banana

    OK so in the sequel, Mavis marry Jonathan. But, Jonathan is a human, meaning that he isn't gonna live forever. But Mavis is a vampire and *WILL* live forever. Meaning that Jonathan is only with her a fraction of her life, and Jonathan (unless they divorce, but come on, it's a kid movie!) will be with her for his *whole* life. Mavis will probably forget him or something. Also, can we talk about how Jonathan is *21* and Mavis is *118*! Talk about an age difference!

  2. Comments are turned off

    11:46 wait what?

  3. bay cray gaming

    Ok but this is a kids movie it doesn't have to make sense!

  4. Lydia Woznicki

    "I think about him, like, 99% of my life." *Screams hysterically* Literally how I feel about Billie Joe Armstrong (IMO he is a way better musician than Justin Bieber)

  5. Peppa pig

    Gaud that movies terrifying when I was 9

  6. Srinivasa Ramanujan

    Duszą mnie mocno i torturują łącznie trzy i pół roku ,teraz jeszcze w dodatku duszą Irka i Sebastiana gdyż boją się iż oni dwaj mogliby pokierować moją mocą ( cokolwiek to znaczy) i bydlaków anihilować .ONI przekazują że wzmocnią ich dwóch i dwóch przyjaciół z Chin do poziomu jakiego jeszcze na ziemi poza mną nie było ( w moim przypadku to bez znaczenia,gdyż nic nie potrafię i dopiero ludzie muszą mnie nauczyć ) Zdumiewa mnie jedno . ONI żyją jednocześnie w przeszłości,teraźniejszości i przyszłości ( to ludzie dzielą te stany ) Poza tym ICH inteligencja to zupełnie inna jakość,dlaczego więc pedofile,mordercy i gwałciciele z USA śmieją ICH poprawiać ...??!! Tak naprawdę mechanizm jest ten sam ,ludzie którzy myślą że są kim więcej od innych ludzi robią syf i popełniają zbrodnie .Rozpalają krematoria , gwałcą dzieci aby później po cichu je zabić gdyż myślą że w ten sposób ukryją dowody zbrodni ( nie przed NIMI !) nie mogę już dłużej pisać gdyż zbyt mocno mnie duszą i miażdżą mnie tchawicę..

  7. Blogger Blogg

    3:49 I can confirm I am a bird person and I am not like that. Maybe crazy bird persons ( like crazy cat ladies) behave like this.

  8. Jerry Valentino

    “Which happens, dads leave. no reason to be a pussy about it.” Lmao

  9. Dave Robson

    Wait. How do you know what a french girlfriend would say to you after you beat a man to death in a boxing match?!?!?!?!?!?

  10. TheLakitu

    Come on man. This movie wasn't that bad and you really pissed people off for sinning the Obi-Wan liners

  11. John Bjorkman

    FYI - Berlin, NH is pronounced BER-lin, unlike the German Ber-LIN. Given it was only written on the screen, though, the sin still counts.

  12. thisisnotyourcountry

    please do cats !!

  13. some kind of shit

    how dovampires get a boner isnt he frozen wtffff

  14. MizzNijna

    Care Bear onion lizards is the best Pokémon name Ever!

  15. Josny13

    4:16 You don't know how many jumpers there really are. From a very small difference in perspective, it'd be a miracle it took this many years to bump into one. Just the fact that they can jump through time and space mathematically makes the likeliness of meeting someone special that much greater. Because they are no longer bound by time or space. You are not likely to meet someone in Australia, who has recently been sighted in France. But if they can jump, sure you can. 12:42 They can jump any place they can envision. That's how they can go wherever they want, and be limited to a number of sights. You acknowledged that yourself near the start of this video.

  16. Marc Nikel

    you are an idiot

  17. Marc Nikel

    1:25 he didn't see it, plus!... it could be just another magic ring that Sauron made evil

  18. The Gentleman

    This movie was terrible! The only good thing about it was hearing Tobey Maguire's voice after ten years since Spider-Man 3.

  19. Kim Seungmin

    and now the babadook is going to be fined for public nudity next time he terrorizes someone

  20. Marc Nikel

    1:19 he was taking care of the party, read the book!

  21. Ragnar

    My favorite film of all time not because it’s perfect but because this story always fascinated me and the sense of journey it has I was obsessed with it as a kid

  22. Jerry Valentino

    Wait why is the “so Ray grew up to be a fisherman” line racist? Lol

  23. Marc Nikel

    0:43 because in middle earth smoking tobacco is a way to hang out with friends, also because gandalf knew that bilbo would eventually settle down in rivendell

  24. Marc Nikel

    0:24 because Sauron made the 9 rings of men and the dwarves were effected (they got greedy for gold) the 3 elven rings were not made by Sauron (when Sauron put his ring on Celebrimbor heard him speak in black speech "one ring to rule them all" Celebrimbor hid the 3 elven rings

  25. Poker Beast

    CS shoulda said "aaaaaand discount Tim curry"

  26. Brice Bastogne

    I also hated those 2 useless kids lol. Just like you, I was expecting them to die

  27. Brice Bastogne

    Dude your channel and comments are so awesome, I love the way you show all those mistakes. And yes, rhis Jurassic World movie was a pile of shit and such an insult to the first movie... I was so disappointed in the movie theater years ago...

  28. A Canadian Guy

    Bo peep. Is that the hoe that really wanted to spread em to get wood from Woody.. lol what happened to her. I know Woody's sticking the cowgirl but did he really have to kill go peep

  29. Down Blitzz Studios Film And Gaming

    you should do values next

  30. Brendon Matthews

    The Audacity to sin this movie

  31. Josny13

    2:08 And I'm confused. What is the reason you think they went extinct? Because if you're hinting to natural selection, at best that means these dino's will extinct themselves, so there's no worry. But you seem to imply the comet that started their sh*t-storm thought: "Oi, there ought to be humans here, and these dino bastards keep eating everything. Better give them a fair chance!" Unless your history lessons have been virtually non-existent and you believe humans made the dino's extinct in order to increase their own odds of thriving. For the record, I too sided with the anti dinosaur group. Because at the time the T-Rex was giving me nightmares and I was too young to understand animal preservation so I thought they were all stupid. Ah, to be kid again. 3:16 "Logic wins! USA! USA!" Sin for contradicting yourself. *ding*

  32. cfournell

    I love the new pcifec rim

  33. Dave Robson

    Uhm. Even had John not noticed the suspicious shenanigans of the terrorists and followed them into the luggage area, the plot of the movie still would have progressed , pretty much the same way it did anyway. All that would have changed would be that John would not have found out about the terrorist activity as early as he did except more terrorists would survive until later in the film and the tech guy from the airport would have been killed.

  34. David Waring

    1. Why would anyone take a job on this ship? It would take the crew 200+ years to travel there and get back. Would the company even still be there to pay them? What would be the motivation to take the job. Everyone they know would be dead for over 150+ years most likely by the time they get back. 2. Were they really going to eat 100+ year old food for the last 3-4 months of the trip? 3. There were only 5000 passengers that had to buy their way onto the ship but the type off coffee was an option that they could not all afford on anything else for that matter?

  35. Nico Loulli

    The books are *wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy* better than the movies

  36. hushpuppykl

    The acronym SHIELD did not exist then ... 5 sins?

  37. Silver

    This guy literally trash talk abt every movies xD

  38. BSH TV

    Someone just doesn’t like Star Wars

  39. Lil Bro

    Oké so. When rey learns out of his ass to use mindtrick WHEN IT FAILED A COUPLE OF TIMES IN THE OLD FILMS FUCKING REAAAL JEDI'S FAILED you give her a thumbs up and they a thumbs down now i'know that you like your force op as shit and, 3p way to kindt man.and when rey grabbed the lightsaber vs kylo, 1st of all kylo was closer and yes that has a effect watch the movies,cartoons too (if i remember correctly) + kylo, WAS FUCKING TRAINED AND REY DIDNT EVEN LEARNT HOW TO WIELD THE BLADE PROPERLY YOU KINDT MERCY ANGEL BIMBO FUCK DIDNT EVEN GIVE A SIN TO THE BULLSHIT FIGHT SCENE Jezus man.

  40. Znotch

    3:01 Why do I think that's racist?

  41. Lady MF Unicorn

    I'm so happy you knew she was from true blood

  42. Alyssa Rivas


  43. Raun Smith

    You're right about the 1st one sucking. But this one really REALLY sucked. And side note, we're luckily not getting a 3rd movie. But unfortunately there is another reboot planned

  44. D E X DEAD

    It's a KID'S MOVIE

  45. Tanarandom

    No bread!

  46. Josny13

    4:54 "Also, boats." xD

  47. GammaRey

    In the comic version the Thor cameo was a flashback and a reference to Thor's first appearance.

  48. Connor Rivers

    The original film, Ringu, was better.

  49. Sammy Wootton

    im not gunna watch this but im leaving a dislike for de facing my childhood film

  50. Summer Tyme

    Feige + Russo’s = High IQ filmmaking. CinemaSins = low IQ film reviewing. ⬆️ That’s the difference.

  51. Raun Smith

    Jennifer Lawrence is so hot. Remove 1 sin

  52. Redthepunkrocker

    He is going to make an omelette for La Llorona lol

  53. Mary M. Hille

    I am sooooooooooooo sick of your nature box ads. I will never buy them ever because of you.

  54. Dr. Strange

    One of the worst movies ever

  55. BigEWR

    9:07 The MAIN reason this movie sucks; literal shit eating animals.

  56. queen_unicorn_131

    He got the bad review from his own son

  57. Team Nerd

    This is the most i have seen of this movie and that is plenty. If it wasn't for cinemasins taking ish i would of ended it.

  58. Austin Morss

    3:08 when he called Nala a lying whore was soo funny 😂

  59. Adin Fernandez

    Wait mental health month is may and my birthday is in may so

  60. Martel Raykin

    Damn this movie is boring even with just the selected parts in this video.

  61. Alpharius Omegon

    6:20 is the king of creepers

  62. IrishSensation

    Legit everything

  63. Madzie 2000

    11:00 The alternate sin here was - Warner Brothers secretly sends love letters through it's film for Paramount to see *DING*

  64. Anna Johnson

    2 notes. 1. The guy who cinema sins says "died" too late during the tomahawk massacre scene didn't die. He's the one who tells Tavington what happened. He's the only one to survive. 2. In the deleted scenes, they show how Tavington got the list of names. The bounty hunter who spit tobacco and left after their first major defeat was captured and tortured by Tavington, as well as several others. He gave the names.

  65. Tre Steiner

    watch the limitless on netflix its a hell of alot better

  66. Raun Smith

    That Hustler bit was gold dude. Lol. "Havent been able to open it for years" shit had me rollin

  67. james kahler

    Cinema sins never fails.

  68. Bret Sander

  69. Big Ounce

    Diaz died again

  70. Deviant

    Bruh I friggin remember this trash movie 😂😂😂

  71. CopyCatAnimation

    7:06 OMG cinimasin just predict the one of most popular meme

  72. Bret Sander

    I think the " I'm gonna" chair trope goes back even further. Billy Jack said, " I'm going to take my right foot and..." In the seventies.

  73. Raun Smith

    So are we going to totally ignore the fact we can see the actor's real face through Barakas terrible rubber mask mouth. Also, for everyone to bitch about, we are getting an MK reboot in 2021.

  74. Icey x

    Wait so the movie just ended with him falling down that building

  75. evan genockey

    I dont think he knows about the games lore, legends, the comics, or anything other than the movies

  76. XD张景荣

    The best Cgi ever, I thought it was a real bird for a sec

  77. Mark Ranne

    Missed Sin-Hobbs' brother is the guy from Training Day. Yes, they cast a Mexican as a Somoan character. This movie deserves a thousand sins for that alone.

  78. Payne Syler

    This one felt a lot like he wasnt paying attention when he came up with half of these sins lol

  79. K C

    You missed one: that Thornberg ghostbusters guy made his call to the news station with his phone upside down.

  80. Mark Ranne

    This movie made Tokyo Drift look like the greatest movie of all time.

  81. DragonLovingGirl6

    Maybe someone already said it, but oh well. Scar's birthname was Taka, which means 'trash' in Swahili. Scar chose to be called Scar after getting his, well, scar, as a rebellion against his parents.

  82. Janis Dubra

    Also did anyone else notice that Jack got the compass from the captain in this movie, yet the first time we see Tia Dalma she says she gave it to him?

  83. Uchiha Madara

    Please STFU.. You are confused..

  84. newsveteran

    Your reviews absolutely SUCK. You have no knowledge of what Star Trek is, or any other movie for that matter. But applaud yourself.. you're getting the attention you're craving no matter HOW much people hate you.

  85. blkwng

    I can resume everything wrong with DBE in one sentence: it was made.

  86. Michael Fox

    Why did Cinema Sins go out of its way to avoid saying melon so many times? Why say fruit instead of melon?

  87. Xenothius Red

    "Got drunk and played video games." Shortly after "Drove"

  88. Ichijo Festival

    @14:28: I think Donkey Kong is perfectly fine being left out of this.

  89. WhiteOgre

    Everything wrong with this youtube channel in 15 words or less. Penis, that is all.

  90. Serasia

    Am I haunted if I’ve done the online Ouija Board? At least twice the spirit got mad about something and killed me.

  91. Jayy M.

    Honestly, the movie is good, well at least by the credits just because good song. It's also good for ignoring people, my go to excuse every time.

  92. HP Lovecraft

    Everything wrong with Dr Strange? Absolutely nothing! It is perfect. I love this movie and so does everyone who’s ever seen it!

  93. Demonic Satan

    "Will Smith is a dick to the human that came from his dick" lololololol

  94. Maddie Hatter

    Yeah, I don't think I can defend this Mary Poppins. XD

  95. Neon Horizons

    Also, the radiation machine can detect organic tissue but doesn’t stop

  96. red nax ela

    I could't believe it when he made a premier league football reference

  97. Xenothius Red

    Take a shot every time he says "convenience"

  98. Czech Mate

    Wait, you didn't sin how Tony got a black eye while wearing his magic metal helmet?

  99. tat lawson

    3:54 freemasonry handshake

  100. Xenothius Red

    Can you at least do movies worth watching? Seems like sinning movies nobody wants to watch in the first place seems like a waste of your talent and time. "Just saying