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  1. Jov Pal

    IN SHORT BUILD A FACKIN AMD SYSTEM which cost half of this shit

  2. Siew Bian Ang

    Don't retire unless you have $2 million in the bank.

  3. Tom Sparks

    It looks like a cheese grater.

  4. Scorpio_680

    Just buy second hand laptop... Less/same price and much much better performance and it got windows

  5. Callum Findlay

    You are such a good guy Linus, thankyou for all your great content :)

  6. CastAway_Dave

    Xeons are so 10 years ago!

  7. JD Diggy

    Wait so it's a mouse that's not a mouse wow you think apple can't be any extra but they did it they did it.

  8. Vivere Pericolosamente

    Your courage to buy made in china pc parts..I'm not trusting chinese products even for a pair of socks..

  9. Kush naagar


  10. Moaning Frog

    Get and iPad if you're poor?! Try again

  11. Ryan123B

    Rift all the way!

  12. Plasmancer

    I like the idea of this kind of thing but I do wonder about the fan positions, are they just blowing into the timber?

  13. lyons T

    Mind, Body, soul M8, find Happiness. love ya and and Ty for everything.

  14. AstraVex

    You helped me build my first PC. I will always thank you for that, dude. You just keep being You! =)

  15. Ostern03 kappa

    RX 5700 XT is the badest gpu in ROG Rig Reboot.

  16. Radu Cristian Dumitrescu

    Aple fa-te mic si fugi acasa!

  17. [AMD] R5 M330 Configuration

    Linus : My pc can't run minecraft LowSpecGamer : this is time for config montage

  18. Tobias Meier

    40 Grams! That's a lot of damage!

  19. Obscured Lee

    We want SDI inputs.

  20. Jorge Marques

    Time to take care of yourself. :) Thanks for the amazing moments...and..keep it up, man. Life's amazing. Cheers!

  21. Mellow Wuff

    The roast finally got to him.

  22. StarsMarsRadio

    Linus: Uploads a 30 minute video titled "I'm thinking of retiring" Audience: Don't sit and watch a 30 minute video but see title Also Linus: "Bruh LOL people think I'm gonna retire!" Also, blizzard support has sucked for a long time

  23. Pxrpled

    Can I have the broken card? 😂

  24. FRANK Widdifield

    When your rig starts to look more like a Christmas tree rather than PC

  25. The propaganda G

    If You Living in Turkey, You Can Buy Home To This Mac Pro (maximum hardware) Price

  26. kedi

    I only have 2 s12 exhaust fans but my setup is off the floor

  27. Andrew Swindells

    You are a long time at work in life. I learned this the hard way, working 10 hour days, 7 days a week outdoors in all crappy conditions. I missed my children growing up. The alternative was poverty. Find your moral compass and do what works for you. Embrace your family and keep your chin up, mate.

  28. Sky Guy

    So this is the same guy that said fancy HDMI cables are pointless. If the cable is up to spec its up to spec. No one needs one of these. Especially given how short that cable is.

  29. RAGE _Alpha

    bro whenever i got time in between of my busy schedule i always watch your videos dont go the company will be impossible without you :(

  30. Serban Ionescu

    i need expert advice from someone who knows those antminers .fast !!!

  31. Tlotliso J SWARG

    The design Is really good

  32. McJugglePuffs

    How will I get my PC working now Linus???

  33. Yasir Husain

    I am a big fan of Pixel phone, so send me.

  34. Richard B

    Mac is hot garbage.

  35. Eulentrainer Dr. Zipfeltitt

    Man so far it has all been no big prob. 1000 Dollar for a phone ok why not. 1999 Dollar for a laptop, ok count me in. 16000 for a desktop pc no thanks man hahaha

  36. Yasir Husain

    Brother, you have such a problem with a pixel phone, so why don't you send me?

  37. Dan_E

    I got the hecking pulseway ad in which Linus is

  38. vereybowring

    Hey don't skimp - rush along and get a Music Computing Motion Command T series 2 Touchscreen conference table as well. . .

  39. Matyas Kvapil

    wtf, I grew up with phones but I've never seen something like this (I'm from central europe). It looks like a toy.

  40. Berdziu

    Top 10 ways how to get Coronary virus

  41. raditya alvano

    Mine work smoothly, 82°C drop down to 73°C, and yea, i lived on tropical island when 30°C~32°C is our normal temp.

  42. BanicaEater

    I am 30 years old been around PCs my entire life, I am still to see someone using an actual original licensed Windows on their home computer.

  43. arjun mukherjee

    damn man! you've been my go to tech guy on youtube...and I am indian!

  44. Mudnag

    I've been in the VFX industry for almost 4 years, and Macs are not very popular at all. Most artists will probably be using Windows or Linux like you said. I recently switched to Linux and besides a few bugs the only stuff missing is from Adobe, which is a company that doesn't seem to really care about professionals anymore anyway. With this said, most professionals using Macs use them for color grading and in sound mixing/mastering studios, these are the markets I think Apple wants to make big bucks if we're talking about post-production. Without support for Nvidia (for renderers like Redshift, Octane...) it just doesn't make sense for companies to buy Macs starting at 6K. My workstation at work has 96GB of RAM and 2 Xeons, and they got it for less than half of the lowest-spec'd Mac Pro. So, unless you're a freelancer or you run a studio with very few workers, I don't think VFX artists will be using Mac Pros.

  45. veres koppany

    I dunno what games you guys tried , but oculus link has another function that although in beta you forgot to mention and is worth tweeking abit, when in link mode you can resize the resolution /eye and pixel density ratio acording to how beefy of a GPU you have. Also the delay you mentioned is there but in some games is very hard to spot . I recently purchased Subnautica Vr on steam and im very pleased with how the Quest handles the game.Sure you will experience motion sickness the first times till your eyes get used to it , but that can happen on other VR headsets also and differs from person to person. The Hand-tracking feature although very bugged was released before christmass so that people try out the feature during holiday in means so they can get some much needed data feedback . Overral the Quest is a great purchase a 2 in 1 almost , and the step up from streaming the game to Oculus Link is night and day

  46. ΨMeloXyl Ψ

    Linus don’t you’ve made me a really good at tech and made my mom watch you a bit and made me build a very good setup thanks 😊

  47. Chuzz Bot

    Only boutiques use mac, the big studios don't touch em. Good luck apple.

  48. Inservio

    Literally the next day :

  49. ShadowNite 89

    Hey can I use a SATA lll 2tb Samsung 860 pro to replace my harddrive in my ps4 pro

  50. king O Zelda

    I got a ad with Linus before the video. I got 2 ads with Linus in the video, and then I got another ad with Linus after the video.

  51. Nishith Joshi

    Bro, i just bought a 1200 sqft house equal to the price of top variant of mac pro in my Countryside no kidding.

  52. Christian Brandt

    Sorry but Hue lights are the best tried these knock off but they are not the same

  53. GameBoss 01


  54. Childhood Kingdom

    lmao 🤣🤣 here in 2020. The video is completely borked

  55. Branden Kassinger

    Sadly, Luke's PC is pretty spot on.

  56. Gadjjet

    Apple: Makes trashcan Mac Pro . Everyone: WTF is this? How is this a Pro desktop? Apple: Makes expandable, up-gradable Mac Pro. Everyone: WTF I can't afford this? Apple: Go fuck yourself.


    I suspect you did buy Tesla share a while ago. And now...

  58. Xsniper0

    Windows XP is the best operating system from Microsoft.

  59. Topias Salakka

    I can literally get new tires for my car, install included, for less than the cost of the wheels on a Mac Pro...

  60. Jacob Hotaling

    Why have 1 steel plate when you can have 2 or 3 of the model f and 2 steel and a thick zinc case in the 4704 series of model f

  61. zods muffin

    in the UK for the top one it's £48.000 I can buy a house for that what a piss-take

  62. Sanket Jadhavar

    Sinus Tech Tips

  63. Josh playzYT /The iron commander2

    man doud i miss you you made my cry man you mean alot to alot of pipole

  64. Mike Uhlman

    While a lot of the complaints are valid the whole processor this is quite wrong. The processor is a W-3275M not the vanilla W-3275 which is the high memory capacity version that from provantage (the site they showed the screenshot from) is $7258

  65. real cartoon girl

    if you are poor don't buy any Apple device and you will be rich soon

  66. Cheese .EXE.

    Okay so are you going to retire or not? (I hope not)

  67. Hélio Solar

    iJustine just became + attractive to me .... "oh brain, you're so weird"

  68. Sly25

    gavin might still have his trashcan


    I like this phone ! I'm also part of the mobile gaming community, Pubg has it's own Esports. I play pubg on both PC and Mobile. Mobile esports is so popular in India search for either DYNAMO GAMING oŕ MORTAL on SEsels they have half sub count of LTT in 1 year.


      ROG phone 2 is so much cheaper and better than it's ancestor.


      I meant pubg mobile esports.

  70. Max Wilder

    Look, here's a $150 fibre optic HDMI cable...let's smash it with a hammer. XD

  71. superusermode

    Looks like a cheese grater.

  72. Suprememe

    When you get an Ad starring Linus on a Linus Tech Tips video

  73. Tim Marchant

    yawn , just get your self a good legit copy of any well known and reputable malware/ antivirus software with full protection for web browsing and email etc. You may well have one already. Only thing is that as said compatability issues with hardwares or web pages and software will start to arise eventually but not for a good while .

  74. Ostern03 kappa

    It's not hooked up. NOT YET!!!

  75. TheBlarggle

    Hey, anyone wanna buy my old PC with a GTX 960, i5-4440 and 16gb of ram? I'll let it go for a low low price of $9,000.

  76. jompiii

    Sorry, you don't seem to have any idea why people would need a Raw-decoder card. Why do you even confuse OpenEXR into the mix? For final online and grade, working with Raw in full quality is what you need. And for reviewing footage. And for making proxies. And for some short form projects, making proxies can be skipped.

  77. DG360

    I lost my wife at the age of 27 to cancer. My children were 5 and 2 at the time. I get your pain and stance on loss, death, and family. You're an awesome dude and all I have to say Linus is do you bro. In the end... it's about how you feel you lived your life and how happy you are doing what you do. Sometimes, we get stuck in life and we forget what really matters. But, for people like us who deal first hand with loss, we really never forget the importance of life and the meaning we put into this world for ourselves and for our children. Best of luck to you and continue to question what's important to you in this world.

  78. JollyJedi

    stop or srsly slow down badly Linus, you have given us more then any other person has in this hobby. You own us nothing, but you do own your kids and wife your presence!

  79. StalkingNordic

    Richard Hendricks

  80. Issac Pizano

    Hello, I need the power cord. Where do I get one and what is it called? Thank you.

  81. Oscar Kerkenaar

    If you want the apple desktop experience, build a Hackintosh... It's still the most affordable way to go.

  82. Smule Forsyth

    An og and one of the faves

  83. wokeoce

    i don't wanna watch austin evans now.... well good luck!

  84. Jacob Hotaling

    Ibm model f is better rated 100m +

  85. trust Rust


  86. Lucero De La Tierra

    My only problem with this review is there was no actual comparison of load times in the old Windows system and the XtraPc and the "homemade" Monjaro bootable. I agree that the advertising for the Xtra PC is misleading - there have even been places that say you can continue using your old programs. There is no way that is wholly true unless the only thing you use is an internet browser.

  87. eric g

    i always remember Linus when thinking about computer

  88. Synthetic_Future

    16K for a new car? I'd take that. Here you are looking 20.5K for a Honda Jazz xD

  89. Constant Ringing Tech

    lol, anyone else hear the fiber optic cracking as linus is bending the cable.

  90. dakota exspiravit

    linus looks like a nord and a high elf had a baby.

  91. Raja Hutan

    Wow its higher than transfer file in my computer from c to d

  92. Damian Toczek

    My Fav video from all the PC Builds

  93. HerrenGamingNews

    That case is disgusting! Why would you buy this garbage when you can build a PC that can do anything you want for cheaper

  94. Collin Kendall

    TLDW version... Breath 1 - I've made more than most of you ever will in 10 lifetimes. Breath 2 - Boo fn Hoo... I've worked too hard... Breath 3 - I'm not going anywhere.

  95. carol tenge

    my 2012 macBook Pro runs hours every day. Bought it new. Just a great computer. You can replace the stuff inside yourself. Get one and stop worrying.

  96. Matthew Lowery

    You should have compared the Mac Pro to equivalents from Dell, HP etc. Turns out once you do that, spec-for-spec, the Mac Pro is the same price or lower. The best review is still Jonathan Morrison's video where he put it in the hands or professional music producers and they loved it. It completely changed what they were able to do in their work.

  97. delle do

    even if you'd be rich as fuck I don't think I'd still be in a position where i wanna overpay like 7k €, that could do absolutely miracles for a local school or charity rather than tossing it into greedy corporation

  98. Phillip_IV_Planet King

    Only morons buy Apple computers LOL.