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  1. Alfa Proto

    It's nearly one year, yet, no continuation. Is this HL3?

  2. Adam T Weakland

    I love these videos that's awesome they put one out

  3. SuspiciousStuff

    shroud speaking fps is low very low

  4. disciprine

    Is this iDubbz alter ego?

  5. Ian builder

    lol Coltons present

  6. Anatoly Ivanov

    Wow, such a shitty setup - they didn't even include marble cable stands and golden power socket adapter.

  7. bayra

    everyone: 8k grandparents: 144p

  8. a.burgos

    why that tree looks like shit? its blurry af

  9. suchti7654

    Now please a 21:9 version? :)

  10. Arkeshan

    Me : Let's watch this is 8K Also me : Where the actual heck is the 8K Button.I can only see 240p button. *R.I.P* Subscribe for Respects

  11. Feel Your Story

    fucking licensing

  12. acomputer8me

    Imagine spending way more money on a set of headphones than many professional recording studios would.

  13. OLD GUY

    Thank you. Now I have a fireplace and Christmas decorations.

  14. Morgan

    Christmas must get boring for Linus when he knows he's going to get socks and sandals every year.

  15. Abhijit leihaorambam

    Watching at 360p

  16. showmanplayboi

    GPU usage ~70% watching a video. Very nice :)

  17. Stijn Brouwers

    2:58:06 'Ok, you gotta fix it, but do it smoothly and do it quick otherwise it will look weird'

  18. Safetytrousers

    It doesn't matter how many K this is, the tree will still be out of focus.

  19. Mark Peters

    I love this video. Finally a real fireplace for actual 8 hours and not just a short clip that's cleverly looped. I'm just curious why the fire crackling sounds so digital. Almost like there's tinfoil burning in there.

  20. ritzmat

    now that's quality content

  21. Thomas Dadswell

    6 watts per fucking channel wtf?

  22. random guy guy random

    well my arctis 5's work in the cold soooooooooooooooooooo

  23. Daniel Halawi

    This guy is dumb

  24. Percival Panganiban

    this asshole make tons of money trashing others peoples made!!! who cares what you say and fuck you gazillion times!!! LOL!

  25. Marios Seitanis

    4:00 damn fire

  26. fLrAeNak

    Why is the SSD sale price more than the regular?

  27. TheMikker

    Couldn't watch that cute dog in 8k because of the bad performance of my computer 😢 But you made my 1Gbit internet buffer what made me smile 😁

  28. micolibrino

    It is no problem to play this video for my computer but it takes almost 100% of my 4 core CPU. :)

  29. annihilaiser

    It would be funny if they're turning on tracks from spotify or apple music

  30. P. Ramirez

    can i watch this using only Amazon Basic's equipment?

  31. Powyr.

    21:17 the reflection lines up with Linus perfectly and it makes me uncomfortable

  32. Thought

    We HAVE to know how big the file you uploaded was!

  33. Daniel Halawi

    What a twat a normal £300 are fine this is dumb and waste of money

  34. Eric Coffman

    You guys should put a download link for this in 1080p 1440p 4K and 8K

  35. sirgonads

    Shame you don't know how to setup a tripod, DENNIS!!!!!

  36. Darren Chen

    wow cpu at 95% constantly

  37. Curly frie Solaire

    My phone turned into a heater

  38. Riley Payung

    How many fucking gigabytes of data did this video take up??

  39. alf020

    *watches in 144p* _hehe_

  40. Plump Cat


  41. Cam

    I'm happy with my 9700k... stop giving me upgrade fever!


    I was expecting this to bog down my entire PC but my 2060S just handled it effortlessly, CPU was sitting at like 5%. Well that was disappointing

  43. Dan ny

    A hipster doofus and their money are easily parted.

  44. P60B40

    I'll stick with my $30 air execs

  45. Graham Pomrenke

    Thousands of dollars of equipment. Linus: I remain skeptical. Me: Send me all of that gear please.

  46. Matthew Lanzilla

    LTT does asmr now

  47. db six

    nice to have that kind of money.

  48. Anthony Tucker

    Crazy, I went and looked up the song he was listening to "Cinderella". I had never heard it before. Suddenly I can hear it in the background. Couldn't before.

  49. Mittens

    Dude has such a punchable face

  50. Catt Man

    I do wish you guys would actually mention the driver type, it's planar for those that care.

  51. Steff Donachie

    Sound engineer here, laughing at a 30k setup to listen to something that was probably mixed on Yamaha NS10s.

  52. The Dtuned

    cheaper to use $2 earbuds and an onion

  53. Cos mos

    Cant wait to see this in cinema .

  54. The Optional Kind

    0:40 someone's phone dings during the recording of the fireplace. 8k beautiful. Foley needs some work.

  55. Dillinger R.

    This is it?

  56. Sumanth Kalathuru

    watching it in 144p

  57. GFmanaic

    Ill watch this in 144p

  58. Matt Givot

    okay please do a video on how you exported an 8-hour long 8k video. I have tried but did not succeed

  59. Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te

    So someone finally put Linus in his plus and taught him the proper way..... Is this a good thing?

  60. Magnus Sletnes

    Make a version for wallpaper engine pls

  61. Robert Blanda

    That's it! I'm stealing Janice.

  62. dmsanx

    God ..If I was rich, I would get these set up in a heart beat.


    Another episode of saying that “I am poor”

  64. Adarsh Mishra

    Correct me if I'm wrong but on consoles even if you set resolution to HD it still renders the game at 4K so considering this fact the Xbox is really capable at rendering games at 4K at that power draw and maybe, just maybe it could affect the final results if games were rendered at 4K on the PC side.

  65. Paya Chinglish

    we coconut cables now.

  66. NiBi

    Am I the only one that feels like 8K looks better than 4K even when watching at 1080?

  67. Juzan Djinn

    I would think this is not a rip off if there were some sound experts with different machines meassuring and demonstrating how this differentiate from normal headsets and then graphically explaining why this 36k product is better.

  68. Plump Cat

    So your telling me they used 58.32 terabytes to do this And they wonder why they have a storage problem

  69. Moe Chan

    Just buy some Stax lol

  70. BBK200

    I love it, awesome guys!

  71. Borrowed Time

    Ting huh. Funny that there is no such offer for all Canadians. We are stuck with the greedy corupt Telus, Bell, Shaw and Rogers. No to mention other like vidoetron and fido.

  72. Mostwanted

    Just get any planar magnetic headphones ,open back , easy peasy

  73. Elsa Driverer

    My Computer cant handle 8K🤣

  74. Ben Longwell

    I fucking hate Oculus quest. I wish they would die and stop fucking advertising every goddamn video. It’s making me hate their product before I even try it. Fuck off Oculus quest

  75. Lee Murray-King

    Yes Linus, please do a follow up, hopefully the sister captured the brothers reaction.

  76. Jose Guilherme

    I do want to know what he listened on every test.... would be surprising if he put Filosofem in it

  77. Zack Weinberg

    Excuse me but WHAT THE F?!??????!!!

  78. Berry Fluxuator

    A few thousand for the stand, they've sure learnt from apple ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  79. Indrayani Prasetyo

    I hope buy intel proce but the cost lot of 💵💵💵 . . . Wwwwwhhhhyyyy god please . . .

  80. Brandon Maloney

    Those would be good for vr

  81. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    What a slave driver!

  82. VictoriaWood88888

    Trouble is so much modern music is mastered so horribly to be really LOUD. The more expensive headphones I wear the worse it sounds.

  83. Benji Fang

    Im an LTT and borderlands fan. RIP ME

  84. Michael Wilson


  85. NavidIsANoob

    Holy shit he actually cried.

  86. Amiibo Alec

    i wonder if my RX 580 at home can handle pushing 8k video to my 900p monitor

  87. Jdmonealp

    Watching this at 144p just because

  88. Catt Man

    Wow holy fuck THOSE PADS ARE MAGNETIC STAX GET THE FUCK ON BOARD ALREADY That alone is worth the insane asking price of 6k plus their wacky amp setup.

  89. Light

    Press F to pay respects to the Mics

  90. toxic parasite

    Does it feel like listening to good Studio headphones after coming from beats?

  91. DoctorEvil

    Still better than The Verge

  92. Manks

    Missed opportunity to have chemical/metal laced logs for some RGB fire.

  93. MrGallbladder

    The tree is too far away from the fire.

  94. Davorin Jurišić

    that low profile msi is available in europe!

  95. Juho Anttila

    I would assume there are some regulations in place for fire places in Canada. I guess it's in EU thing here, but having shit that burns right next to an open fire place (logs, christmas tree, sheepskin, presents gift wrapped in paper etc.) doesn't seem smart. I'm perplexed by how the log that dropped off didn't cause a major disaster. And by the way no fire alarm went off when the log dropped.

  96. Natty247


  97. Cody Potz


  98. Sainty

    Just when I needed it most.Thank u