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  1. Man City Fan

    I was debating whether or not he actually made these for real or not but then they added bloopers to the end

  2. Damilola Olaotan

    This brought tears to my eyes. What young people want is the infastruct and opportunities to do what they love. Huge respect to Courage you inspire millions

  3. Freeride Forever

    I've never seen anyone command a bike with so much authority. As loose & tight as possible at the same time. Skill as much like a magician as an athlete. Huge props on the original can combos.

  4. Android480

    After you pump your cousin you can pump the track!

  5. David Austerman


  6. Mr. Franzille


  7. j s

    Respect to Danny for keeping at it. He's getting older, but he doesn't show it. Watching him never gets old. I really appreciate the outtakes at the end of this and other recent MacAskill videos. You really appreciate all of the hard work that Danny and the crew put into making this video possible. I can only imagine how many flops we didn't see. I wish that I had Danny's determination and courage. He just keeps pushing himself, no matter how many times he falls or how challenging the stunt. I wouldn't be surprised if a geriatric Danny will one day in the FAR future bounce his wheelchair off nursing home carts and tables.

  8. abraham castillo

    Increibleeeeeee Buernardo😈

  9. Ridelife TV

    Really inspiring !

  10. Jeremy Dang

    @1:30 the dude totally missed the shot 😂😭

  11. straight2curveus

    I would donate for a park. Some talent would definitely rise.

  12. Optic500

    It'd be cool for starboy to visit n ireland but theres not much skateparks here

  13. Glenn Butler

    Fun in insane.what else is there to say

  14. Vicente Coco

    Spoiler,,, where is the full show!

  15. Tumaui HOLOZET

    Brandon is from nowhere that’s crazy

  16. Văn Phan

    Lúc tao ngủ mơ tao cũng chạy hơn thế nhiều

  17. Pro Extreme


  18. 라피

    한국사람 손~

  19. vladimir putin

    40 years old doing mountain bike tricks? Time to grow up, douche

  20. Mj Hongoy

    Big respect for courage and also for the filmer. Congratulations for a good work❤️

  21. Theta Dream

    I asked SEsels why this video wasn’t recommended more and they said because he’s a white male. They said if he pretended he was gay they would recommend it more, or they could photoshop him black maybe.

  22. Joel William

    Africa to the world!! Im a rider from kenya and i can comfortably say that in the coming years expect to see more from the african scene..This is pure love .. very inspirational. I too hope one day i get the chance BE HAPPY and bring joy through my riding.

  23. Official_ Starboybmx

    Have y'all see the new Film: ENCOURAGED Behind the scenes out on my channel 👌

  24. Rechad Dechar


  25. Egoitz Arrieta

    Sin palabra... Me encantó ver la felicidad de los chicos encima de sus bicicletas.

  26. your mommy

    7:35 my boys got drip

  27. Claire Sands

    Is that White Fence at 15:40?

  28. Peter Tobey

    From the heart. Thank you. Be yourself. Have fun and enjoy.

  29. Official_ Starboybmx

    I'll Also be dropping behind the scenes of this Epic Project soon 👌 Stay tuned and don't forget to Subscribe ♥️ PEACE ✊

  30. Official_ Starboybmx

    Was so stoked to shred with Courage Adams, So Happy Our Bond ( BMX ) brought Him Home 🇳🇬🏆 y'all follow our Journey, Videos are here on my channel and Bragadonoza Bmx too ♥️✅

  31. Bastian Seguel

    que grande courage

    1. Official_ Starboybmx


  32. whaleybikes

    0:14 for a surprise

  33. Oliver Persmed


    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Thanks 😊

  34. Chad Kerley vídeos


    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      My G ✊ thanks fot your Time and support 🙏 👊 Here's my channel ✅

  35. Hightimes

    The whole thing was awesome but for me was the belt hop... crazy balance and perfect execution. Your the man danny 😎

  36. Jade Hayward

    0:30 Im pretty sure that's a dream theatre solo but I'm not sure

  37. Andres Gaviria

    You need to be an immigrant to understand what Courage felt. Keep on it bro..you deserve the best. Those kids need the scenarios, need the support. Good job redbull. Cheers

  38. rafael Patrick


  39. Nik Yeeeah

    He is a very inspiring person

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Yes he is, I pushed way hard during our sessions ✅✅😎

  40. rdooski

    Bmx in Nigeria is amazing! I love how large groups gather to watch and cheer on the riders like its the first time they've ever seen it.

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      @rdooski You welcome anytime 🙏

    2. rdooski

      @Official_ Starboybmx Ooo thanks for the reply! Starboy is my favorite! You guys represent bmx beautifully. If I could choose anywhere in the world to ride my bike it would be in Nigeria with you guys.

    3. Official_ Starboybmx

      Thanks 😊

  41. Barbara Grabner

    Fabio WIBMER the best your so a got SEselsr nicke Bro Fabio austria för ever

  42. Troy Lewis

    White privileged boys in their suburban homes and advantage. Watch this, what it really takes.

  43. Ensarratubers

    Amazing!!! sesels.info/video/video/fGmInH-5t6aDjJU.html

  44. Gregory Forero

    That was incredible.

  45. hiago santos

    one day i want to ride a bmx just like adams

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Go for it ✅✅🙄

  46. Diane 9

    I love the Sherlock Jones segment

  47. Hades

    Me: watching this video Also me: falling from the bed after see that 1440

  48. Владимир Трошкин

    If Courage stayed in Nigeria, no one would know him ...

  49. Felix Bösch

    One of the best videos about what bikes can do! amazing stuff

  50. John Smith

    Great video red bull but you guys should be uploading and filming in 60fps

  51. Andrew Floyd

    bring back life behind bars with like matt jones

  52. Reimo Fishea


  53. влад б505

    Кто смотрит зимой подписывайтесь на (влад б505) мой канал

  54. lucas demeusy


    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Yeah ✅✅ thanks for your time and support 🙏

  55. Matt

    i cry

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      thanks for the love

  56. Timo Pritzel

    love this ! so good !

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Thanks 😊

  57. Drzewo Zlodziej

    And young Szymon Godziek ah nice look<3

  58. Clément Durin

    I really loved it! So refreshing documentary, I love what he does and what he did here, it's really emotional!

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      And he's Very Inspiring ❤️ it was great riding with Him

  59. Amy Konma


  60. Rafa FPV



    *hotslut.ru* 0:17

  62. Shred Criminals XL

    これ以外でBMXで感動させられるのはRudimentalのMVとDan Lacey edit くらいやったわ

  63. 46german97

    Why don't you have subtitles in Spanish? :/

  64. Elizabeth E

    Bro, what. I would have died.

  65. PTMB Media Family

    So good and interesting. I want to go ride now

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      get your bike man, let's shred ✅✅

  66. Almuhar Jawali

    Man this melt my heart ❤️

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Wow, Thanks 🙏

  67. Mike Fede

    This is so dope!

  68. tanglestone

    The saddest thing is that I can't even ride a bike

  69. Ricky Poq

    Brandon proves E.T's live on this planet !!!👽 Epoustoubourrifant !!! Richard d'Véron 👍😎🇫🇷

  70. emily.b emily.b

    yes it was. I've re-watched the whole race like an epic film.

  71. Roxane JM

    I can't even ride a bike.... (I have a trauma)

  72. Bryl Justine Peñaranda

    Goose Bumps all over my body. Courage Adams si really one of the most humble and best BMX rider in the world. Seeing you brothers out there in Nigeria being united is so amazing. Your bike skill are really in another level!! You inspired us to persue what makes us happy. Keep on riding Lagos Bmx Crew Salute to everyone of you out there!!🙌🔥❤

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      We ride all day ✅✅

  73. DIG BMX Official


    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Yes it is ✅✅✅ thanks for your time and support 🙏

  74. MTB Playgrounds

    Wow Japan Trail!

  75. Pretty Pimples

    A trail builders worst enemy

  76. Hoby Haywood

    Oh Danny you do make me laugh bro, superb vid

  77. Bikever

    ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS <3, I love it, very inspirational, love LOVE <3

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Thanks for the kind words 🙏

  78. Mic Buble


  79. an0nymous734

    I got 2 adverts before this advert

  80. faldi

    "happiness is much more important" 👍

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      nothing can replace it ✅✅

  81. Muhammad Hanif

    This is so emotional😢

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Thanks for the Kind words ♥️

  82. Matt man

    Dammm that bike handles....let alone the man behind the bars! This bloke was born in a muddy puddle!

  83. Geofan

    Looks like nigeria is in my bucket list (maybe)

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Haha 😂 you welcome anytime 😉

  84. Muhammad Norhidayat

    Last part is inspirational man, no cap

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      Thanks for the kind words 🙏

  85. Liza 11

    Buen video, me flipa

  86. JerreMuesli

    As cool as the vid is, I downvoted because the man is apparently too dumb to wear a helmet

  87. David Cachon

    Grande, muy grande Courage

  88. sandhiya ravi

    Nice bro supera eruku 😊

  89. Venkat Chalam

    Really I can’t do it even in my dreams 😊

  90. Steven Leslie

    Bruni looks like one of the Jonas Brothers

  91. said khemmou

    Bof people can unlike that Dafuq !!

  92. Mauro Ferreira

    For the first time in my life i didnt press "skip ad" and i dont have any regrets from that.

  93. Alex bmx

    Que grande courage un tio super umilde 🙏🙏

  94. Mayank


  95. Paul Meehan

    Great video, and insight into the life and roots of an Amazing BMX rider. Respect from Ireland 🇮🇪

    1. Official_ Starboybmx

      We appreciate your kindness ♥️

  96. Wavy Davey

    so many smiles, its crazy how a country with very little has some of the happiest people

    1. Wavy Davey

      god bless!

    2. bragadonoza bmx

      We choose our own part that why we happen Positive vibes all day ❤🇳🇬🙏

  97. Just Justin

    Sick Job. Hey Brandon, High Rollersin that wet stuff???

  98. TheStalker090

    This was utterly beautiful and amazing, it is so inspirational to see bikes bringing so many beautiful people together and simply enjoing life, kudos to you Courage and everyone out there and I hope to see more of this, I salute you from Romania guys!

    1. bragadonoza bmx

      Haha good to see this Thanks for watching ❤🇳🇬