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  1. Viktorija Juskenaite


  2. Arnold Poliño Jr.

    Oh. Fake and all shenanigans.

  3. Andrew Germei


  4. y ama

    French song🇫🇷🇫🇷

  5. Pranavanand Tadepalli

    Apple: Skips phone 9 in their naming scheme Samsung: Skips 9 phones in their naming scheme

  6. Thech tracker

    00:36 R U SURE 🤣🤣🤣

  7. nistax

    Samsung : the screen is glass A level 3 hardness tester : well yes but actually NO

  8. Swift

    Can anyone recommend the a30s? My galaxy a6 2018 camera doesn't focus and it's starting to get so slow that it takes 10 seconds just to load my 2 open tabs. It sometimes doesn't even register that I want to turn it off

  9. أبو العيال


  10. charws

    ngl this is very catchy

  11. Ahmad Hassan

    Mujhe bhejo ma unbox karta hoon

  12. Ahmad Hassan

    Mujhe bhajo ma unbox karta hoon


    Wooow this is 🔥 😭 i wish i have a money to buy this Epic Phone 📱😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. TetenticLv

    Que fofinho

  15. Sardor Alimov

    Can some one help what is music ? Thank big 🙌🏻

  16. moises rivero r

    sasmung vs oppo which best

  17. Tay_Studios_13

    I’m only here for Millie

  18. kacper kulak

    Song: bed guy

  19. Ameya

    Need 8k screen and 8k 30fps recording.

  20. Blue Night

    Im poor

  21. Mahdi Al-Jawahri

    Does anyone know the name of a song?

  22. Spicy_boyyy

    Do the bundle comes with coronavirus???

  23. Not_Palos

    My Crush:IM BUYING SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP NOW Me:Why? Crush:Beacuse a Bilie Eilish Song Is In Trailer Me: -_-

  24. Shailender Kumar

    *S20 Ultra* : My intelligent power management allows you to go on and on and on *meanwhile Nokia eatin' DORITOS & sayin' I don't like playin' DIG DUG*

  25. Raj Srivastava

    Well done 👍

  26. It's me

    So ugly

  27. Nindie

    Bruh i already have Nintendo DS

    1. Ria Nevalainen

      @Nindie no jep ei ees antanu kuvauksessa credittiä smh

    2. Nindie

      @Ria Nevalainen Jep ihan sairaan cringeä kun yrityää kopioida Nintendoa

    3. Ria Nevalainen

      aika lol

  28. Exo

    people hate on Apple a lot but when Samsung does it no one does

  29. Mohammed Baqur

    Samsung:I'm the bad guy

  30. Jackie Kido

    Samsung family in the House ❤❤❤

  31. Jackie Kido


  32. GTA Pc

    Like Samsung ingore appple

  33. Oothoob Vanced

    Samsung make phones not cameras 🤦

  34. Programming Monk

    Samsung : Old is Gold !

  35. Programming Monk

    From the thumbnail, I thought that Samsung was some what introducing a new Nano laptop.😊😊

  36. Mj's Games and Arts

    1932:We will have flying cars in the future! 2020:

  37. xxTomxx

    Now when my mom tells me I’m getting a flip phone, I’ll tell her which one I want

  38. Electro 232

    Narrator: explains* Music: I'm the bad guy

  39. Mela Mavraki

    Συγνώμη τι τραγούδι είναι το λατρεύω

  40. عراق لاند


  41. Astro_Fox

    I'm The baaaaad guy

  42. I_Frigid

    This just a gameboy advance

  43. abdullah alsowaigh

    Good glass screen fold modern technology the glass is foldable and you can play with touch screen

  44. Beata Ostapiuk


  45. MobiusAlterSwapFell Knuckles

    Imagine if theres a snapdragon 900

  46. Oyuncu-nun Yolu

    Balli - e

  47. Manuel Meyer

    At the end of the Video I thougt that my mobile is going to be off LF

  48. Breno Ost Peter

    Prefiro a música do Brasil kkkk Câmera absurda 🎶

  49. 黃宗騰

    It's so crazy

  50. Kyle Kuzma0

    When you try to make a commercial like apple but its on drugs 😂 This: I have the 11 pro and its better then the s10+ 😂

    1. kikyo hinamora

      Did you also buy the s10+ to compare it

  51. rehman mrehman

    Holo Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra bast mobile

    1. rehman mrehman

      Bast camera

  52. Baylasan Karim

    I love that the pen can be used sorta like a remote! Does anyone know if the Dell XPS 2in1 has this feature too?!

  53. Mr.Magnussen

    Is this a real thing?

  54. Nunu Sunu


  55. Daniel Mendes de Oliveira

    He is so cute

  56. Elias Ailenei

    Watching this on a note 10+ anyone else?

  57. nacer ovich

    Wow I wish I can ever have that in my life 😭😭😭😭😭 I'll be a happy PAnda 🐼

  58. Otis Murray

    It should actually be pronounced Zed flip

  59. Ioana

    Who is watching it on a S20 Ultra too? :))

  60. Harz arck

    This ad is amazing, I sang to it a couple of times!

  61. Sumer Mohamed


  62. riley busse

    Funny people are ripping on Apple for a notch but Samsung has it on the galaxy fold the Z flip and the galaxy S20😛😝😜🥱😶😡🥺☹️😞😒🙁😩😫😕😏😟😖😣😔🙄

  63. riley busse

    Samsung I’m just saying the amount of product and then never release it unlike other companies like VIVO who actually releases what’s announced not too long after Unlike Samsung cough galaxy home

  64. fatma alsaqri

    Oh this reminds me of JHOPE ~♡

  65. Skaucik

    So we have first phone what cant be better...

  66. jorge washtoning

    add 18:9 1080p maximum and low power high nits oled bigger screen, and exact dslr sony canon replacer and up to 3000price they will buy, and make it clear that A series and older market products are budget low performance products so it wont mix up with the real thing and many get confused on it which cause damage to platform

  67. Marga Micsan

    "You can't fall in love with a phone" The phone:

  68. Jonah Yabes

    Me:The music is weird can you try changing it? Samsung Inc:Uhh...maybe?

  69. Rajaa Sahabil

    Bang harganya berpa

  70. Nguyệt HT Nguyễn


  71. Team Aronex

    Samsung: flip phones are the future Apple: what the flip

  72. Selena's Star

    Samsung = 👍 like❤ IPhone = comment

  73. joker anonim01

    Yes South Korea dear country yes South KoreaYes South Korea dear country yes South Korea YES South Korea South KoreaSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth Korea 😁 😂 😁 😂 😁 😂 😁 😂 😁 😂 😁 😂

  74. ADZMIE

    kinda disappointed that samsung remove the headphone jack

  75. Archie Santos

    Hello there? NASAAN NA po yung SA akin? NASAAN po yung Birthday gifts packages ko po? BAKIT Hindi DUMATING? Paki sits po SINA www.Samsung.com. very yes.

  76. Glip Klopsyiop


  77. Exility PH

    "Your Downloads Will Be Finish In A Flash!" And My Phone Paused The Video Automatically

  78. Dick Nieves

    Uhmm pues espero me dure

  79. Seven TecMate


  80. Mzty gy

    Songs? Is dt brian voice?

  81. RobloxAnt102

    human:ima buy an ipad pro samsung:want a phone human:no i want a tablet but i wish i had both samsung:buy my fold

  82. RobloxAnt102

    0:21 samsung looking into your eyes to buy him

  83. RobloxAnt102

    everyone:we expect a good phone from u samsung:all i can think of is a flip phone everyone:im switching to apple

  84. RobloxAnt102

    [email protected]$u^g:makes a phone [email protected]$u^g:makes a tablet [email protected]$u^g:makes a dishwasher [email protected]$u^g:makes a samsung alex [email protected]$u^g:makes a house

  85. Nazwan Oktafian

    I love samsung

  86. Scorpio Rose

    Its available in Malaysia today 🤷🏻‍♂️

  87. ᄏᄏᄏfaceless singer

    Man so cool

  88. Ein Firdaus


  89. Ein Firdaus

    My friend calls this the Stalker phone

  90. Канал Лёхи Николая

    Просыпаюсь в 17:20 а там бум по телевизору идёт эта реклама


    Samsung is changing world

  92. hideyasu musha

    I want to see the Note 20 👀, it'll sure be a beast

  93. Malik Haseeb


  94. So Bored

    I hope samsung J7 core and J7 nxt have this update

  95. Vinod Nair

    this is racist! why what wrong in being brown?

  96. Carlos Torres


  97. Flor Ramoz

    Song name

    1. Ahmad Setiadi Hasir

      little bitty pretty one

  98. Dj Intelligent

    Apple Sucks Samsung Is More Than Incredible

  99. 할 수있다앨리

    No body: No BODY: NOT EVEN A SINGLE SOUL: Samsung: *Im the bad guy* *Or the bald guy*