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  1. AprilMC

    I think broa broa

  2. patrice minto

    Awwwwww I jus love Catherine so much, she pulls me in every time ❤️ never stop being you mamacita ❤️

  3. Simsika Sivanesan

    Austin reaction: 18:35 😂😂😂

  4. Aphiwe Mhlanga

    I hope he's born on my birthday, June 21st!! Gemini szn

  5. mark Houston

    Da fuq is this weird junk ? 4.5 mil views ? 1) kids riding in golf carts w no restraint ? No bueno

  6. Jamila Khatoon

    Elle ice cream dance :shakes hair Alai :OH NO YOU DONT PULLS HER SHIRT OF!😂😂😂😂

  7. Spoopy Sam

    I wouldn't be surprised if the baby's not even Austin's son. Lol

  8. Keith Moten

    Elle we hope you fill better 😁😁😁

  9. hippygram

    If you were not preventing the pregnancy then you were planning it. You wanted to have a 3rd child, and you were blessed to conceive naturally, so you definitely planned it. Guys this is so scripted and the young ones really think it’s all “real.” They are indeed very fortunate.

  10. e w

    I only watch this because of lay lay

  11. Faye Monaghan

    my birthday is may 15th austin!

  12. Vanessa Santana

    Wow that’s an blessing but people make kids like crazy but love those little ones🥰😘🥰

  13. The de la Cruz Girl

    Can you please follow me back on Snapchat And hi I’m such a big fan of you guys I’m hoping one day I will get to meet you and your wonderful family 😘 love you Austin and Catherine and Elle and Alia

  14. Tracey Foster

    i love how elle brook austins person lol

  15. Kosoluchukwu Ezeagwuna

    did anyone notice someone taking pictures at the back? 5:35

  16. M'ominah Rasul

    I’m still dying from when alaïa refuses to give Elle a kiss❤️🤣❤️❤️

  17. The nobody Lala

    Girlllll you just had a baby and now having another I’m not mad it just don’t make sense 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️it’s kinda a perfect time because Elle is 2 alaia is 1 and the baby will be 2 so 😳😳😳😳Chillllllllll

  18. Milena Solano

    I love how Austin had refill the clip twice at 11:10 Bc it was blurry 😂love y’all with all my heart

  19. R e l e n t l e s s S e n p a i

    🤔june 24th

  20. Akeela Harvey

    It’s my birthday 🥺❤️

  21. Nanete Bricenio

    Why you so cute Elle

  22. R e l e n t l e s s S e n p a i

    😁 lol catherine maybe theres twins in there u never kno

  23. Mystery box

    Lucu anjir

  24. Makayla Phillips

    I was born the 30th too. But it was in December. And I think the 30th

  25. Eileen Molina

    Done 😘

  26. Frizzy

    Aint that nigga a rapist & his girl was a prostitute before? Dam they meant to be

    1. Spoopy Sam

      The baby probably ain't his too. Lmao

  27. Makayla Phillips

    You should do the baby momma dance😂❤️

  28. G Mircls

    Elle: Gemini ♊️ Alaïa: Libra ♎️ ???: Cancer ♋️

  29. Belinda Morales

    Happy birthday Elle

  30. Antionette Bennett

    go listen to my dream came true it makes me cry every time

  31. Kamena Slickkk

    Catherine looks so beautiful.😭😍😍❤️

  32. Sarah Isuosuo

    Remember when Elle used to call Alaïa Ayaya she’s grown so much

  33. Rhea hh234

    So she got pregnant around the time of cheating scandals. Must have been heart breaking for her.

    1. Spoopy Sam

      Yeah i know. The baby's probably not his too. Smh

  34. alicia Müller

    Love this prank ommg . I watch it for the 4th time😍😍

  35. KC SQUAD

    Just started watching your guys videos like a couple of months ago actually since last year and watching all your videos from like the first one really touched me you guys are amazing and I love your videos I love your guys family too. Go Ace Family!!💕🤗 Love all the way from South Africa.

  36. Ayashah Theys

    The girls are sooo cute OMW😂❤and Catherine looks beautiful😭❤

  37. Mya Mejias

    I did already is was so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Harris Reyes


  39. Fatmatu Bah

    She going on a date with her dad

  40. Azan Akhtar


  41. Pashince

    is it just me or is exploiting your kids on SEsels weird?


    June 25 is the day right after my birthday!!!!!!!

  43. Hayley Wand

    Are you pregnant are you having a boy or a girl I think you can have a boy or a girl I don't know I love you I love you family

  44. belinda de la garza

    I love your jacket

  45. Stunna Jay


  46. Allie Hanspn

    My brothers birthday is June 25thhhhh

  47. Stunna Jay

    guys i love yall so much

  48. Jeanette Modragon


  49. Fastrada

    Jeezus Christ there house is just huge lol

  50. Natalia Juarez

    Austin sounds like he’s getting old lol

  51. Ariana 07


  52. Biana Cato


  53. Brooke rank

    Cathrine did good with her makeup

  54. Sarah Schneider

    My birthday is one day after the due date of your little boy! 💙

  55. Mary Kiruru

    The Ace family is so blessed to have you Catherine I feel so much power in what you say and do and even decide for yourself and your family When I become a mum I'll want to be just like you...You are a true inspiration

  56. jtpoulton

    ya also catherine your being a little harsh on austin

  57. Billy Guevara

    When you guys said that that it was a boy I almost cried I’m so happy that you guys are going to have a boy❤️

  58. Kharina-Marie Ramgobin

    Austin's relationship with his daughters reminds me of my dad when my sister and I were Elle and Alaïa's age 😭😭❤...my mom worked full time at the airport so we were mostly with him all the time. She quit her job to become a full time mom to raise us when I was about 9 and my sister 7 going on 8. It's so funny how Elle and Alaïa both remind me of my sis and I. My sister and I are a year and a half apart. As we got older most people assumed we were twins even though we didnt look that similar back then (we had the same haircut and wore matching outfits and well I was the chubbier one 🤣). But as we got older, I lost weight and now that our features are more defined, we look more alike. We still wear matching outfits and cut our hair almost the same way; sometimes we confuse people and it's so funny how we catch them off guard, especially our friends and teachers. My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me I was the more quiet, peaceful one in her womb and my sister was the more active one...she would move around more and kick as though she's kicking a soccer ball 🤣.

  59. Fastrada

    My Heart Just Melted Instantly lmao

  60. Mary Kiruru

    Listening to Catherine talk always makes me sob I love you guys and I pray that your pregnancy goes on well Please give me a post notification shout out....It wold mean so much

  61. Roshni Panchal

    Elle and Alaïa😍😍😍

  62. Black Rifles Matter

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!

  63. Jocabed Sebastian

    I am from Mexico

  64. Christine Raiford

    All's I have to say is you are the best parents ever I wish I could be a child again cuz I would love for you to be my parents congrats on the pregnancy we knew you were going to have a boy.

  65. Annamarie Abbatiello

    I think June 17th since he’s measuring 2 weeks bigger

  66. Zakira talley

    if he is born June 25th he would be a cancer

  67. Emma Trott

    What song was at 0:48

  68. Tanya Marie Barlow

    So true abouT when there in the womb... my daughter was calm and when she was born she was so content and seriously didn’t cry much.. let me just say I got a lot of sleep even with a new born baby lol now she is nearly 11 years old and still to this day she is the same.

  69. Justin Javier

    I like you Beatles James middleton habíamos spider-girl

  70. Destyni Hatcher

    I guess Hawaii

  71. ghaid Mosa

    cath is rlly dere exposing him

  72. Tanya Marie Barlow

    Wow the reading was so accurate!

  73. Ana Montero


  74. Madisyn Davis


  75. Youve been lied to

    How do two women conceive a child??? Lol

  76. Youve been lied to


  77. Tanya Marie Barlow

    Alaia is defo more like austin 😂 I love how Elle is growing into the sweetest littlest girl ❤️ I can’t wait to see the baby boy.

  78. Shutup Shake

    you stupit ace

  79. Princess Sprinkles


  80. Andrea _osorio


  81. Emma Trott

    If it was ur dream house why’d u move out of it????

  82. Logan Grew

    Me llmao Logan que tal

  83. Angelica Munoz

    I was hoping for the 26th (it’s my birthday) and after seeing this, I was so close! Haha

  84. Melanie Farias

    really?! my birthday is three days after that and i’m a cancer :D! congratulations!!

  85. Robert

    who gives a shit about your fake family ? fuck you

  86. Karen Manlove

    i never got shout out

  87. YoUtUbE _ wAtChEr3142

    Omg your son is going to be born the day before my birthday ❤️

  88. Logieg 6

    This is the car Logan Paul designed then didn’t buy 😂😂

  89. Monica Hinojosa

    How Many months is she

  90. mira and bri

    he is due a day before my birthday:))) 🥰🥰🥰❤️

  91. Anessie Patterson


  92. Ari Love

    Tbh. I was thinking Ace will be a really nice name for him!!❤️

  93. Ohmellia Singh

    The 17th

  94. Sheila Palushi

    Alaïa eating ice cream is a moodd 🤣 literally meee 😂❤️ The girls are adorablee 😍 and Catherine looks gorgeous 🥰💜

  95. Marissa Lynn

    Omg y’all better come to Philadelphia‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  96. Kimmyhermann6

    That's so awesome that your due date is June 25th! Mine is June 24th!! ❤❤❤ I'm going to find out the gender this Wednesday!

  97. Purple Emerald

    Alaïa is so smart, Elle is so playful, your family is just so beautiful! I love you guys and support you with everything, and your baby boy is blessed by god and god blessed you all you guys are so special, I love you guys God bless you

  98. Song Lyrics

    I just got merch!!!🥰😍😘😝

  99. JD

    You guys are so cringy, how do people watch this garbage

  100. Mavis Bassaw

    How many beautiful baby are you going to have