If you want to see videos with 'KSI', 'my girlfriend' and 'the Sidemen' in titles, you've come to the right place!

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  1. I wish I could upload on xbox

    3:22 his reaction changes so much

  2. Haider Ejaz

    14:56 i got 7

  3. Sidemen Fan

    Who did josh call


    Yes, You can. There's a app called dauyin which is chainese tiktok. Its only for chaina so if you search it you will find at the top. You have VPN ,so it won't be hard to see all chainese videos 0:28

  5. aimal sajjad

    Ronaldo in barca kit naaaa I ain't having dat

  6. Anthony Leyva

    Mate that dog was horny

  7. Chris Peacock


  8. george katsikeros

    Jj just lvl up the video so quickly

  9. Assassin Hamster

    fold is normal

  10. Chris Peacock


  11. Ethan Roper


  12. Ethan Roper


  13. A S M


  14. loyzthird

    Man really somehow made this a 10min vidro

  15. Gam3 Boy

    anyone 2020? Caronavirus???

  16. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Amazing video!!!!!

  17. Deity Foggy

    Who's here because harry mentioned this

  18. Hamad Hussain

    7:10 4 philosophers discuss one of the widely debated topics in the world (2020 colourised)

  19. Kazoline

    Why’s no one talking about Simon trying to slap Talias bingo wings

  20. Brayden Le

    If you’re reading this comment I am going to HA-OOF YOU

  21. Niall Richardson ManCitySuperfan

    R.I.P. Davide Astori r.i.p. and Sala and ViChai and Best

  22. Floaty Playzz


  23. Said Spahović


  24. Ponz

    I can't be the only one who looks at these kinds of videos and thinks that I could do this easily

  25. trainer getready

    That sound at 7:49had me dead 😂😂

  26. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Hahahahaha, I believe all 7 Sidemen should move together in the Sidemen house 2 cause it's easier to make videos. After Quarantine obviously

  27. Snadams03

    Who’s rewatching more than 6 years later

  28. david arenas



    I also went to Dubai 🇰🇼🇰🇼🇰🇼

  30. Majeed BS

    jj is so frustrating

  31. Alfie Orrell

    King is dead in 2020

  32. Brooch 21

    jj is actually so nice wht

  33. Creme egg


  34. Why not just Cloudy

    But u can tell it’s a joke because who watches morgs

  35. bargs0


  36. Aliz 007

    Can i date ur gf?

  37. James O'Donnell

    Why is jjs room the same size as him and Simons house now🤣

  38. Kelvin Ohene Yeboah

    Any1 else just here chilling? (because of quarantine)

  39. Concerned Carnivore

    Crocodile can't stand up

  40. Kaos

    Shark=animal jjs logic

    1. AKF AAF

      Ok? I fail to see a problem.

  41. ReaX-BomB

    He didnt do any of em I came from the future

  42. Lewis Dean

    Fair to say there's been some huge glow ups amongst these boys.

  43. Haidar

    5:12 who’s that

  44. Elena Mutapcic

    Talias face 11:12 😂

  45. NM

    Still a banger

  46. Ali Sarraj

    The girl at 9:41 was in david dobrik's vlog

  47. Tejalkera_Msp love

    I am watching this again cause he went on Britain's got talent

  48. Tim

    4:56 they don’t get it because there not American.

  49. Sneazy_ 102

    JJ's MOM so fat, She can't even stand up. Here is the animal that can't stand up.

  50. WeGlitch

    Wait why did he put $ instead of £

  51. JJBOOM 10

    “Animals that can’t stand up” Gib vs jake Paul

  52. JB Chillin

    2020 gang where ya at

  53. Random Games

    Who else here during quarantine?

  54. Luis Andrade

    strip futbol

  55. Myst _Gicallo_YT


  56. Rhys Sait


  57. Jasjit Bajwa

    4:40 randolph's wife is mad watching this rn lol

  58. CurryB875

    Hello long time ago upload but Mia malkova he could have said the unknown one

  59. GJB Sarmeri

    It's easy when you take all the best players from the other team because they actually know how to play, unlike the guys who played who don't know how to pass the ball

  60. Stink

    Clash Bashing!! ?

  61. Tech Elite

    kon is my favourite editor ever

  62. Rohan Sodhi

    Also someone pls link those bean bags aswell thanks

  63. Aidan

    1:50 how covid started

  64. Rohan Sodhi

    Can someone tell me what desk he has please the one he had before not the one in his new house link me both

  65. ReZx_ 13

    be in youtube rewind

  66. Finley Cooper

    1.44 is the best moment

  67. Top Mobile Gaming

    quarantine be hitting hard

  68. ♡O l i v i a♡

    Omg Ksi hair 😂

  69. Iputclampzonu

    Who else is here from 2020?

  70. thesmallboii

    Ahh the good ol days

  71. Arthur Reilly

    No-one. 4:54

  72. Hello There

    Hehe Josh and Ethan are so chubby

  73. Will Snap

    Babatunde strickes back against the whites

  74. Aaron11b

    The fact that Jj bought a chain 5x more expensive than this chain and he’d still rather wear this one says so much about how much Jj values his friendship w/ Simon, that ladies and gentlemen is unreal 🙏🏼

  75. behxhet1973

    Wow clickbait

  76. Moi M12


  77. MTB Madness

    Dat bear saw JJ bald

  78. XSignal

    I live in Ibiza.

  79. Shivam Sharma

    5:43 back when people could step out and get together in thousands.

  80. Irwin Ashmead

    Simon did a back to school vid the american way

  81. Down with the fluff

    Was I the only person that sat here just naming ever single ride

  82. Jeb42OP

    2020 anyone??)

  83. Sophie Xox

    We need anyone collab with these two after lockdown

  84. Pabli Pablet


  85. DisTinct

    whos here after the sidemen react to all the charity match games during lockdown?!?

  86. Alexander Stott

    5:16 that is what i call FATALITY


    I just realised this has more views than Harry’s and Jj’s disstrack

  88. Hot Jalapeño

    Who else thought that was ice cream in the thumbnail

  89. Alex Ezgeta

    Clicking bait

  90. Lasciel

    that "whoop your ass ... japanese speaking guy" was honestly awesome

  91. leo piccozzi


  92. A A


  93. Brayden Uglione

    "Animals that can't stand up" ELEPHANT!!!

  94. Kyoka Jiro

    YO WHY

  95. Martin Gaita

    Whose the lady with the pink hair...she’s thicc 🍑

  96. Gaute Frauner

    No fam randi is cealing gang!?!?!

  97. Hamilton Shumba


  98. Eva Smith

    Jj:I think this is worst than giving birth Me:ohh yeah so my mum giving birth to me a ten pound six baby isn't worse then getting kicked in the nuts Ummmmmmmmm soooooo

  99. Eric Lindemann

    Pause it at 5:26, it’s so funny

  100. Jorja Allaway

    Bet he regrets going to China now ...