I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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    1:18 LCD?!!

  2. Justinas Petkauskas

    "In the middle of nowhere," Gas station in the background

  3. Diegh

    If you have so much money to wreck that because you don't give it to me

  4. Ezekiel Molina

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  5. Siegfried

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  6. Derpy puppy

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  8. Derpy puppy

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  9. in time

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  10. Chai Chen

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  12. WaffleDips GD

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  13. Niels Deckmyn

    Now it's quite funny to see how samsung too removed the headphone jack..

  14. swaraj kapadia

    Hey man...I really enjoyed ur video as I am looking forward to purchase a smart phone upto 30,000 INR , I wish for ur opinion.

  15. Infinite dab gaming Yehdhs

    Really I thought it was 150 dollars cuz my mom bought it for 150

  16. Achiles Redemptia

    with that large seat, isn't it possible to add battery package underneath to add extra mile 🤔 when I saw the first video, I already thought that separate throttle could be problem one day, but it could work as differential gear for the rear wheel, so I believe that were your reason left them like that.

  17. NEXUS

    Probably the best looking iPhone out of all of them

  18. The wierd fish I like fish

    Do galaxy s20

  19. David

    Did it, hardest part is put it back together, little tiny screws. The battery I bought came with tools. I warmed up the back then carefully pulled the glue strips out, they came out fairly easily. Hold the battery down when doing this or you could slingshot the battery across the room. Plugging in the connectors is tricky, takes patience. Phone is alive and everything works. I got three bowls to put the screws in. Don't want to blow them across the room with the blow drier.

  20. micky bang-bang

    yea because everyone's got 120k spare you should of watch rich re-builds before you bought that

  21. kawulo bantarangin ponorogo

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  24. friendly kid


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    I just got a red magic 3s and I love it so much . Honestly one of the best gaming smartphones out there . Even on my heaviest games there is no lag

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  53. Joe Garrison

    The glass panel in my 6t plus cracked too with the case on they refused to upgrade it for me to 7t. I will just but another panel replacement. Way cheaper than the $99 deductible!

  54. James Irwin-McConnell

    That was a gorgeous burnout for a wheelchair xD

  55. winchester penobscot

    ...you're awesome. i dig your style and seeing your levity kind of inspires me to match it, so thanks for that. cool builds to. glad i found your channel... looking forward to going through it all... it'll be a big, big help for sure... all the best to you folks. thanks again. 🤘

  56. Cory Nixon

    A very nice act of kindness. We need more of this is in this world.

  57. Abeer Alhaj

    These tests r so stupid like waste ur money and then break the gid damn phone

  58. Im Actually Garbo

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    Jerry is hell for ipads and smartphones😆😆...He burns them..bend them...breaks them..so much torture😥😥


    What's the point ? You destroy the phone

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  86. Partha Anjoy

    What a psycho? How many of you are buying a mobile in form of a lethal weapon?

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    "Sleeeeve 😏"

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