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  1. Shivank Hali

    Let’s go it’s happening again😂

  2. Hama Lee



    This keeps showing up on my recommendation yt like 😏

  4. Lennie Fry

    Pt2 anyone

  5. sasq Watch

    Where are you running to FAM!!!!

  6. fuck you

    Before the last fuckers

  7. Daire Caulfield

    9:27 liar lmao🤣

  8. Vizzion Zac

    Why’s this just popped up on my recommendation

  9. bortenox

    *xQc laughing in the background*

  10. Alpha Op7

    One of his best songs ever

  11. 10k subscribers without any video Challenge

    I like the part where he says “no cap”

  12. Donovan

    damn when u see a video on youtube with 4k quality you know shits abt to go down

  13. Aurangzeb Jamil

    Dat mega mind be like

  14. Kateline Carrasco

    Imagine this ft trippie red. 👀 ( inside joke)

  15. aryan gadkari

    5 years later...

  16. Xx_nah Xx_

    Ksi has changed so much after 2020 - became a ,boxer,rapper,Entertainer,youtuber,-Athlete,

  17. bfhaceiam

    This is one of the worst songs ive ever heard

  18. PsyQo Chigz

    I’m confused, why’s everyone commenting last

  19. Perdis Annoying

    Who's here after trippie dissed JJ

  20. Tiger Time

    Who's here after JJ went baldski

  21. OЯ!GINAL


  22. Lucas

    Knowledge Strength Integrity Clan makes sense now

  23. Arashdeep Singh

    What happened in the ksi deleted video

  24. Lucas

    Wonder what ever happened to him

  25. Omega Wolfy

    So everyone’s just gonna ignore how hard offset just came trough! He hard af

  26. JoeTheStreetz

    Why does every beat these days sounds the same???? TRRRRRRAAAASHHH!!

  27. Rayhan M

    Bruhhhhhh, trippie red made a track with him and now chilling Jake the molester Paul 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Games Ruler

    Why is everybody still commenting on this this is like 2 years ago

  29. preetham paul


  30. Trish Davidson


  31. Isra Naseer

    Perfect timing for SEsels to reccomend it

  32. Trish Davidson

    Its ok jj

  33. Cayz JF

    Recommended in Quarantine anyone?

  34. Andrew Donovan

    issa joke everyone lmao chill

  35. Jazba Gaming

    2020 after ksi album

  36. prano_8

    this will forever be the greatest sidemen video of all time

  37. Icedpine88

    Bruh who’s watching in 2020 lmao

  38. 『Furious_YTツ

    I think KSI won because Quadeca didn’t make another diss track on him when ksi did so quadeca lost

    1. Lubacus

      i dont think thats how that works but

    2. K. Panther

      Having the last word does not correlate to a win

  39. IBZZY Gaming

    Ahhh his dad is the best 😅😆

  40. Jack Taylor

    Anyone else here bc of quarantine

  41. Moms Pizza

    It’s so bad

  42. Angry Elf

    Who know that a dude who was made fun of for a big ass forehead, and shit at GTA became a really good rapper and made a song with Offset. Thats something else, great job Jj! Proud of you sir!!! L.E.G.E.N.D

  43. Oppz 08

    This is so gold even 3 years on 😂😂

  44. Archie6969


  45. Boxer Main

    Offset carried

  46. OGkyle

    Trippie a snake

  47. Shady Alpha

    1:08 don’t worry, just leaving my favourite part so I can replay it

  48. ninjaservice101 Osel


  49. Aurangzeb Jamil

    Why are they all Asian?

  50. Ayobami Adekunle

    It’s so sad that Deji lost

  51. V1sion_Corrupt

    Please make another hard song

  52. Iso

    Honestly can't get enough of this shit

  53. I’m blue Bab

    Everyone just hates girou, for some reason he’s just a cunt

  54. Mateus Menezes

    I think he says "cause I'm consistent"

  55. The Chipping Bird

    KSI: African mums are dangerous Filipino moms: Am I a joke to you?

  56. Papa Squat

    8:58 the reason you’re here

  57. Finn Harper

    My bites the dust would destroy Beerus, your hah-kai is nothing to me, I can get in your pupil and if you blow up I can come out of your pupil and time repeats itself and you blowing up will be apart of time, good luck Beerus.

  58. JCK

    receiving more abuse than beerus

  59. IronWeeman BB

    I will take you back to your ancestors😂😂😂😂😂 this is golden😂😂😂

  60. rafa rizkya pratama

    Ujung ujung pecah nanges lo

  61. 2 Caps


  62. Ahmad Payamon

    2020 and this is in my recommend😂😂

  63. Abdulla Ahmed

    Lil Pump probably has the worst verse ever... but the most catchiest 🤷🏽‍♂️😂 i sing it everyday 😂

  64. Michael Joe MAMA

    Why don’t Joe and KSI best friends?

  65. RandomMonkey

    KSI when he meets Michelle Obama be like

  66. Dylan Cousins

    Christmas Day at the Olatunji’s:

  67. Bebe Smith

    Who else got recommended this

  68. Coxwic

    Sounds like he saying window cap 1:56

  69. Feidhlim Gralton

    He done her dirty

  70. shigoro robinson

    5:00 Boibot:do you like orange (people) Me:I like trump

  71. Papa Squat

    Who else had this recommended to them?

  72. Lazereye323

    7:35 At the bottom right corner, it says "Pricked Penis Production"

  73. Funky_Bray 23


  74. Demo

    I like that the real video is removed for SEsels guide lines but HIS reaction is still in my recomendation

  75. Jack Kelly

    JJ changed bandana colors like 6 times

  76. Josh .Gaisford

    Randolph just watched

  77. Yeet Feet


  78. refugiao

    This sounds a bit like "The Box"

  79. Eoin Carolan

    So y the fuck is everyone commenting last? 🤔

  80. Zakee Mansoor

    I used to hate Logan but after this fight I realised that it was Jake I despise not Logan

  81. Draggy654

    Hows this only have 23 million views

  82. CoD SpEcTeR

    Anyone else watching this whilst COVID-19 is happening???

  83. Blue ReaperX

    Anyone else feel so bad for JJ when he was the only one who was actually doing it.

  84. Dreadbudgie


  85. Blue ReaperX

    The mum really wants to hurt someone

  86. shade all day

    10:45 that was really good tho

  87. Syimyk Kyshtoobaev

    8:57 pause

  88. larry sommers

    Rumour has it KSI is still waiting

  89. Daniel1999

    why they all drinking milk ?

  90. Low Candybar

    This song was dedicated to deji when jake paul knocked him the fuck out 2 years ago

    1. Low Candybar

      Jake got tired but still whooped dejis high ass

    2. Clips

      He did better than jake just got tired

  91. Yong Skull


  92. Cool Didn’t ask

    Y’all... trippies Obviously joking about dissing KSI. He’s cool with everyone. That’s just in his personality. He’s joked like this many times.

  93. AZ500

    This is a classic