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  1. al m

    The majority of Leaf players should donate their earnings for that game to David. He earned his pay, how many Leafs did?

  2. Paul L

    Wtf is this beeping

  3. Mylissa Gibson

    Just curious how much do emergency goalies make? Pay the man. He did amazing!

  4. Николай Нагорный

    Во техника дошла. Только что (десять минут назад) видел это в прямой трансляции в яндексе, и уже смотрю здесь. Класс!

  5. Karma Matho

    Missed a tripping call and interference. Then refs jump in and outta the fight, if you’re gonna jump in stay in, don’t go in and outta the fight..

  6. YesIDoMissYou

    i’m not even upset anymore i’m just sad what’s it gonna take man

  7. Mattbroncos 58

    Tkachuk should take note this is how you fight non of this jab crap

  8. A Cor


  9. RK TR

    He went in their like hes been a cap for 10 years. Gotta love D men, only thing that matters is the goalie.

  10. Timur Bergen

    Красава Малкин👍

  11. VALKO

    72 !?? nope! Malkin is 71

  12. Jose Perez

    Can we start a petition and send it to bettman so we can let’s these players fight

  13. Плут Русский

    Саня, ждём 1000... Так что вперед к Победе...✌💪

  14. isthatyoubetha

    They should've teamed up on the ref.

  15. Jake Hamill

    get out of the lord

  16. Eelis Kuusjärvi

  17. Larangé Nicolas

    What a story!!! <3

  18. KalmoK

    Hey Steve, remember how Carolina got a Zamboni driver to win a game for them?

  19. Trever Campbell

    Dubas is sweating wondering why the hell the guys wont play hard, keefe must feel like hes in the deep end with no life jacket, imagine paying guys this type of money and they just give up and refuse to battle, unbelievable

  20. metal melodies

    How cute, it took Vancouver a decade to become a decent team again! Last time u were good was 2010-2011 when u lost the cup! Good to know it only took a decade to recover!

  21. Craig Ross

    He's the greatest goal scorer of this generation lol if he plays 3 more years 900 plus isn't out of the question. Atta boy great 8!

  22. William Apple

    He looks like such a happy and fun person to be around, it is insane. Dundon and Governor Cooper are going to make him a Carolina Legend.

  23. Bobby Scarfo

    Doesn't matter what team is your favorite NHL team ( I'm a Flyer fan for over 45 years)... point is, we all should be happy for this guy.... well deserved and well played my friend!

  24. Emhar Gaming

    Thank god a video on this channel with fixed audio In the outro

  25. Albert King

    I seem to recall lemieux not wanting to put on pens jersey on when they picked him........

  26. Todd Klostermann

    Just when you think this team & organization can't get any more humiliated! wow!

  27. Ernesto 13

    Congratulations to Ayres this is a great story, just goes to show you that these guys are just average humans and athletes. As for Toronto in the real world I would have lost my job for an effort like that the Maple Leafs should be thoroughly ashamed

  28. R. B. 1985

    Вообще неудивительно что этого чувака так защищают в вашике. Сначала брошир всех дубасил за него, если кто-то пытался с ним подраца, брошир сразу же - наперевес. потом бредли-то же самое. Скидывают перчатки овечкен и дауни, и тут как тут бредли за него со скамейки запасных прибегает, чтобы драться опять за него. За все время проведённого в хоккее ему толком то по харе кроме дубинского и Ричардса не надавали. Это уже наводит на размышления

  29. amateurranconteur

    ask more deeper like how hard or fast are the shots?

  30. Artur Hubner

    Чару на пенсию...

  31. Yury Dubrov

    Банда из Каролины🏒👍🏻

  32. Гулшайыр Эшимбекова

    С переводом есть канал?

  33. Алексей Кравченко

    Вот что значит Русский.

  34. Bill 1314

    Just awesom

  35. Cucka Tu

    The Canadian version of the waterboy

  36. DAGIZ 21

    Who’s here after his 700th goal

  37. Ryan Scherbluk

    Toronto gets beat by there own Zamboni driver lol

  38. Freakin Xbox

    Maybe teams should start trading their zamboni drivers seeing as this works out

  39. Skyler Jelly

    Practice with the leafs in the morning hot damn

  40. Charon

    Good on him. Totally embarrassing for the leafs. Poorly constructed team from top to bottom. Trade marner, nylander and Morgan Reilly for a cast of character guys who grind and try every night.

  41. poopslap poopslap

    Go raptors

  42. Ludwig Von aids

    *Z A M B O N I*

  43. Lauren

    His happiness is so contagious

  44. DarknutDeath Gaming

    Not a single play? You didn’t show a single save from Ayers?

  45. theretiringbarber

    Canes need to retire his jersey .

  46. Heather Lynde


  47. Trickynicky B

    This interview is BULLSHIT the TRUTH is Eric preferred to play in the UNITED STATES, where people aren’t prejudice against ENGLISH. The Nordicks owner discriminated against all ENGLISH people and Eric did not like that and I don’t blame him.

  48. The Truth Channel

    Yes the team is lame but got some talent. Most GM's would surround that talent with grit and some toughness. But not Dubas let's add 5 foot 9 177 pound malgin yeah that's what this team needed. Does no one see that Dubas had no experience and is a very poor excuse of a NHL gm . He is constantly making the team smaller also not very many players with a spine on this team

  49. KalmoK


  50. Александр Владимирович Островский

    Молодец Саша! Здоровья и дальнейших успехов!

  51. Patrick Doucette

    If Carolina won the Stanley Cup, would Ayres get a championship ring?

  52. Tactavious

    Man, this whole story was just so awesome. I love hockey.

  53. Goober

    Mad respect to Gerbe, dude is like 5'3

  54. Tim Black

    here comes the movie, the Rudy of Hockey

  55. ChanceyChance YT

    I love this League :)

  56. Evan Berger

    Gerbe is a beast.

  57. TrapZoneCanine

    Great for this guy, what an amazing experience.

  58. Lucas Cramm

    its a no goal because he backwards skated

  59. Dirty Beef Curtains

    I especially love this part about the NHL. 😅

  60. Pаvel Pavloff

    700 Ovi!! Красава Саня!!!

  61. shayano potato

    snoop dogg seems like a fun guy to hang out with

  62. DAZ - Guitar & Metal Videos

    greatest goal scorer in NHL history

  63. Vladimír Strnad

    "Sees the title" "Thinks of zamboni guy"

  64. RandomRighteous

    Who are the dumbasses disliking this? LOL salty ass Leafs fans.

  65. Hector Cruces

    He cleaned up the Leafs before he cleaned the ice!

  66. Are

    I actually benched 500kg once, Eddie Hall was my spotter

  67. StfuFatKhunt

    The 33 dislikes is the Maple Leafs roster and management

  68. Robert DeMario

    Wearing White at Home?

  69. Lindsay Roberts

    So this is what happened to snoop

  70. Will Smith

    Somebody call the zamboni driver.

  71. Blair Rice

    Added to my wish list is a linesman to get K.O’ed this season.

  72. Wanker Woo

    Grimaldi is slept on

  73. Willyboy W.

    At 2:44: it wasn't Ayres fault: he did the Vlad Myshkin to his defenceman saying : "Nice screen".

  74. Seba

    Imagine watching your team lose to a 42 year old zamboni driver, only to take out all your rage out on the dislike button on this video.

  75. Risky

    They Cheered for the goalie instead of the leafs

  76. Jeb Pleb

    so an amateur goalie with NHL hockey players is better than an NHL goalie with amateur players

  77. djarvils EU

    They paid him 500 dollars for this game save... Not the top appreciation

  78. O Salonikios

    My question is, did they have an emergency Zamboni driver to take over for him?

  79. Matt Z

    Cupless loser dumbo joe.


    That goal they reviewed was the wrong call they chose to go with “goalie interference “ but I think it would have been better to have called he hit it in with is head or hand - Coyotes out worked TB anyway last night - they had the edge on the board battles and TB despite having some great runs and depth as well as a solid record are beat up defensively - how they do in playoffs will depend on health and “will” over skill - they still have elements to work out in their game but I feel they are better equipped than last year to win in playoffs - but so many teams are good it’s a balanced tough league tough sport to win consistently- just part of the game - they need some spark of some kind to want to win once playoffs come around this team can win it all but something needs to truly bring them together - they do have some aging but they have enough youthful balance and solid with the Crunch system- Coyotes are looking good best game of their season - Hall seems to be adapting and Wasn’t Keller a Lightning draft pick farm system? He played well too - I think it’s better of Lightning falter a bit more get more exposed and then have a spark of some kind just before playoffs - Cooper has a system however so if you can consistently beat it for 3 periods you win but when you can’t The Lightning crush you like or make it difficult - I also found when you play the Lightning your goalie has to be perfect and sharp - you can’t let Tampa get rolling really - Coopers system works we love Cooper here (most of us) but to me it’s statistical more - but TB has some unpredictable surprises this year I think will get them playoff victories

    1. JackKanoff

      The challenged goal went off of vasilevskiy so it would have counted anyways. And Keller was an Arizona draft pick.

  81. Jitkundough

    Make those two other goalies take the zamboni check, and give theirs to this guy. Here's proof that money doesn't guarantee talent or performance!

  82. Michael

    This is what happens when you have an affirmative action hire and that new employee is interviewing a big star. She asks questions that have been asked dozens of times before and she offers no value to the viewers at all. When will we stop treating women like little children and demand of them the same we would demand of men?

  83. Rhidgy Rhidge

    No instigating lol

  84. edwin08041975


  85. Rhidgy Rhidge

    Fake news.

  86. Minahoq32

    I still can’t believe Montreal passed on him 🤣🤣🤣 what a joke is Kotkaniemi

  87. hans giger

    Being a Blackhawk fan I haven't had much to smile about this year so thank you Toronto! Just curious though why didn't Toronto coaching staff Call a timeout especially in the third period? I would have if I were coach and I would have said shoot shoot shoot from anywhere! Just shoot the puck!

  88. KalmoK

    Oh damn... I bet that hurts a lot Leafs-fans eh?

  89. Rick Robitaille

    That release is like a Blow dart on a unsuspecting victim...before you know is over..

  90. Trexrush

    I might start watching nhl now lol

  91. Michael Pacini

    I like his quote on what the Hurricane players said to him "just have fun " and " don't worry about how many goals you let in " . My beer league teams I've played on NEVER said that to me.

  92. John Smith

    What a waste of time trying to watch that, thanks refs.

  93. james banko

    "Everything's gonna be AYRES!"😀🤣

  94. KalmoK

    Well atleast now you don't lose in the first round of playoffs Leafs.. You can't even get there!

    1. The Truth Channel

      I think that's why Boston tanked last night they are doing their best to get the leafs there by saying look guys anyone can have a bad night hope you make it to the playoffs cause we need someone to tune up on before the real games start

  95. Tactavious

    I mean, even as a leafs can't be mad at that.

  96. TigVI

    Big hit by Myers on the 6' Khulman. Whadda man. Great job Big Z!

  97. szs voc

    [9:03 a.m., 2020-02-23] Edi: get a shot of louis treize if u win, pick up some fkn culture [9:03 a.m., 2020-02-23] Edi: god knows it aint readily available in this miserbale country [9:05 a.m., 2020-02-23] Edi: or cotinent llll

  98. Ng Adam

    Alot of media didn't even mention the part that he also went through kidney transplant 15 years ago.

  99. Joel Hunter

    As hard as that collision was, the goalie kind of made a mistake with that play.

  100. zaying Hui

    It’d be a different story if we didn’t have a back to back. Not making excuses but those are factors. I would say see you in the playoffs but I doubt the canucks going anywhere

    1. Will Smith

      zaying Hui if we had the zamboni driver, we would have the win.