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  1. Pitbull Romans 5:8

    Thank you Seth! Great show! You informed me but also had me LMAO! You and your writers are brilliant, courageous and so damn funny!

  2. Frank D

    I’ve seen Brannaugh Wallander. Yes he’s the only one with the British accent

  3. strongbad666

    If his donors were complaining about the pandemic, then Trump and his administration would care about well as every other politician in DC.

  4. Jared Richards

    I actually thought that they needed Generators and they delivered generators. I just thought the power may go out and generators would be good to have at a hospital.🤔. I actually had no idea he misspoke and actually was talking about ventilators.

  5. Serge Somborac

    Trump has actually blamed Obama for this pandemic... WOW.

  6. royston mason

    🐱‍🐉📢get that sonofbitch out of there ! that is the ugliest drag queen cheerleader i have ever seen ! your fired💄🍼🎨👱‍♂️👑👱‍♂️🎨🍼💄

  7. Algie Evan DeWitt V

    We're #1! We have almost 1/4th the entire cases on the PLANET. Doing a great, 10 out of 10 job. Almost as perfect as the phone call! I have played this game before... it doesn't tend to end well.

  8. Adil Alfa

    Not Just Taiwan, China is doing the same kinda stuff for people returning home. SEsels might sensor my comment for saying this.

  9. M Taha

    Funny show specially without music 😂😂😂

  10. Koski Co

    If the banks were open 90% of the people walking in are gonna wear a ski mask and rip um all off! But they all got to split it equally!

  11. supernicky2009

    Hello from Germany. Did you know that you guys are currently bidding away the ventilators from Europe? Directly at the airports? Do you think that's okay?

  12. Achu VK

    Just imagine some other actor in place of CILLIAN. They would have never taken those mean comments and would have walked out.

  13. Karmadog

    I can't speak for everyone, but I like deep cuts. The attic shows are awesome.

  14. Christopher Pohl

    It’s time to come together as people and not be divisive. Oh, never mind. Seth didn’t get the memo. Useless hater.

  15. Josh Mercado

    Seth did a Donald impression of Martha Stewart impression... fucking range.

  16. Dale Hauk

    Turkey face mitch and trumpland sucks

  17. 101perspective

    Sadly, Trumptards not only will continue to support him despite his incompetence possibly killing 2+% of the country, but they will most likely be praising him for not killing the other 98%. It boggles the mind that anyone could still be supporting Trump at this point. Granted, we were saying that last year, the year before that and the year before that.

  18. Frederiksted St. Croix

    Can you wear a Bob Marley shirt at least once?

  19. Jima Alex

    The strange thing about this moron called Trump is, he blames everyone for his incompetence and not himself!

  20. JoAnne Denison

    I love your shows at home. Excellent job. Keep on doing them. Namaste.

  21. Lexi Panahi

    thats not important .. the Iran offcls want to put everyone in danger by sending everyone back to work, school etc in next few days.. what to expect from a bunch of drg addicts? poor management , unreliable, irresponsible,hardly any control....all the statistics,docs, etc Iran offers is a lie...they hide it like China.,. they lie all the time to the world, people... our diploma or even phd isnt worth crp for low quality education system! r they trying to kill people ? obviously!!! people dont care what happens to them.. now is the time for rejecting their decisions! but people r too hungry.. dont be happy if stuff happens to us because u will be in danger too!! corona has to be covered ALL over the World!!!! the g8,g20 , billionares, royals, hollywood is responsible for the outbreak in the First Place!! believe me they have the vaccine , cure.. but make the most of it .. did Trump know before moving out of NYC?

  22. Nesli Karadeniz

    The left are just consumed by hate.

  23. Joy Rondina

    I feel sad for Americans. Sad for the governors trying to get the necessary equipment that are needed by their constituents. This should not have happened. Americans remember this during the election. Chose people who think about and care about you.

  24. Dianna Gostlin

    i have no one on my twitter that has trump as a friend

  25. motorbikeray

    About Mike Lindell speaking at the press conference, Lindell announced that his company switched gears to now make up to 50,000 masks per day to help with the COVID-19 outbreak. His mentioning praying and reading the bible was a side note on his part at the end of his time at the mic, yet the media people like Seth Meyers didn't mention the 50,000 masks per day that Lindell's company is making.


    We should sue Trump for Negligence? Class action anyone?

  27. Sylvia Armand

    The Thorn Birds.....good Aussie novel

  28. LaQ SViL

    MAN, COME ON!!!!😠Even Taiwan had a better response than the U.S.

  29. Christopher Herkner

    Trump doesn't know how to do anything but delegate authority. Pass the work on to everyone else, take credit for any success, and blame others for the failures.

  30. JIB23

    What ever he say do the trumpposite mean the same thing as opposite but better than you've ever said before

  31. Charlotte Headey


  32. Gabrielle Walker


  33. Kim Hoffmann Andersen

    It's terrible and people are dying. But good to hear that Donald Trump is popular on Facebook. Especially when you know how important these things are to him.

  34. Mischa Fellner

    Another channel using misinformation propaganda to spin truths to smear our elected president. ELECTED! Wait your turn ( there will be opportunities to elect others) and have some ethics until then. This video is truly misleading misinforming And sadly visibly biased. Please everyone dig to find the truths. I recommend Black Conservative Patriot or other truth journalism sites. Thank you TRUMP for your continued efforts to return POWER to WE the people. Trump is a peoples President. He may go down as the VERY BEST PRESIDENT. Ever! Wwg1wga

  35. stapleskeri love bts

    A scarf would not be sufficient. Particles will still go through 😩

  36. Pharotman 23

    How Seth Meyers failed at you tube. Trump is doing an amazing job you libs need to get over yourselves.

  37. Darren Hwang

    Gotta love the motherland. Taiwan :D.

  38. Sherry Muthiga

    *Oh no I CRIED*

  39. baerleon

    WTF lol, what’s with the hit on Belgian musical taste?

  40. Griselle Shinker


  41. Tyler Ward

    We will see his whole house!

  42. Todd

    I dont know why Kushy-ner has any say in anything! Is he affiliated with the federal government in some way? I mean besides being daddy's little princess's little princess, What does he do again?

  43. wat


  44. Dan Marcus

    This is so good. Without a doubt, on par with a show filmed in the studio. Thank you for soldiering on from home!

  45. Noise Maker

    QUESTION: What’s the best way to lose 30% of the value of your 401K? ANSWER: Elect a Republican President.

  46. Kate Jagger

    Trump, it’s not scarfs. Idiot.

  47. Fix News

    Dr. Brix has more scarves than Lenny.

  48. Koski Co

    Kushner has the antidote. He's hiding it for more money! Timing is everything to him now, after that 666 building fiasco about 12 years ago. Lol.

  49. Adam Gardiner

    Oh my god show us the damn gown Amber!!! Whhhaaaaaaat...did it look like below your neck??

  50. Kevin Barbé

    Usually, number one album in Belgium is the same in other countries, Seth ;)

  51. No comment

    I don't have a scarf people 🙀😒These are hard times, but I take donations 😁

  52. Omar Juma

    A good President makes all the difference. I'm from Portugal, next to Spain, and the reaction of our government was quick and that made the difference. Instead of thousands of fatalities we have now a about 200 deaths.

  53. TD C

    Corona virus is 90 nm in size A FRICKEN scarf will not work!! You Dumbass tRump!!!

  54. Yo Stella

    Thanks for the laughs! 🤣🤣🤣😷

  55. pfinniganallen

    So....Martha making martinis while 40 miles away there’s a raging 😤 pandemic. What a disgusting human

  56. TheTheoTherone

    0:05 to the windoooows! to the walls!

  57. Ghost Yuki

    Keep sending them generators... Well no wonder there's a shortage of equipment. At least the country will be self-sufficient energy-wise (assuming they aren't all Trump brand and immediately break down). Pretty sure Kushner is where Trump sticks all jobs he doesn't care about so people will stop bothering him about them.

  58. Daniel Kruger

    Would love to hear what you think about con all McConnell and his Republican controlled Senate letting the cheesy one continue his reckless endangerment and constant delays or redirect delivery because some governors are not being nice to him. And if that's presidential isnt it also politically negligent homicide? Asking for a friend 🤥. Because he heard it on national TV and so did I. And wait oh wow I'll have to get back to you. 👍😁😎

  59. Tiffany Zoe

    Oh dear. What a side show. I would welcome you into my Canadian home and offer you guys all my bacon if I could :( socially distant hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  60. Mahesh Mantri

    Can somebody fire him? not possible because Moscow Mitch smooching for the crumbs? Oh, party of values! Understand!

  61. Robert Dubuc

    Please do not hesitate to go away, you need to retire,phonie

  62. Noz Thomas

    Seth: *uses the word "abdicated" *Peter Serafinowicz intensifies*

  63. Spatr5

    First, Taiwan and Island are insular states. It is easier to controll the boarders. Second, Island has not even 400‘000 habitants. I‘m not from the US but the islandic way is hardly comparable to other countries. Also, because all their cases probably have the same origin: tourists comming back frim Ischgl from a ski trip.

  64. Jessica Weatherspoon

    This place sounds the best I think.

  65. Thomas Kinkade

    SCARFS This is the present tense of scarf. EXAMPLE. Watch as the fucking president scarfs down another fucking bucket of KFC.

  66. Sir Reo Inochi

    I loved my first trip to Taiwan. It’s how China can still turn out if they get their act together, educate their people better, and establish their middle class. After seeing this clip, I can conclude that Taiwan is awesome! I’d always wanted to visit Iceland. Just noticed that Seth’s attic looks more like a garage because of the makeshift furniture and his garage looks more like an attic library.


    #GeneralStrikeNow !!!! Start talking about that.

  68. James mason

    You and Stephen Colbert, are having so much fun filming from different places around your houses, will u truly ever want to go back to the studio? Ots like when a newly wed couple in their new house discover where the can do it in every room.

  69. Zaraki Kon

    I gotta say: Damn, Iceland and Taiwan Rule !! That's how it's done America. Now; you could have it too if only you had someone competent as a leader. Bernie Sanders maybe ?? But no; you picked the Moron who's Effing up Big Time right now !! You doomed yourselfs onfortunately.

    1. Robbie Torkelsonn

      Anyone realize that it's only a two week window in which Sanders got defeated. If the goverment was honest two weeks earlier, history might have looked completely different.

  70. ptrim1902

    Capitalism gone mad! They are bidding to safe Americans, State vs State! Perfect beautiful incredible Tremendous Dumald Trump!

  71. Dan Pauls

    It would all be so much funnier if people weren’t dying.

  72. Erik Lobo

    we love you. thank you for finding a way to continue. keep calling the Bullsh**t! stay safe. and have a wonderful day

  73. Infinity195859 Stone

    What do your kids think listening to u through the door 😆

  74. Rizwan Tmp

    In india only in kerala the state government is doing the research and making route map of people who diagnosed with covid - 19 by conducting contact tracing and till now it helped alot. So that would be a suggestion to world. It is a very hard job but the payback is satisfactory.

  75. Fix News

    Shouldn't the most powerful man on the planet be wearing a mask when he's in a room full of people? #TheMaskedSinner

  76. Edward Kwak

    I cannot qualify for a test because I am not old enough, and don't have a preexisting medical condition. This is BS. I'm starting to believe that thinning out the population is part of the Trump administration's master plan. It already looks that way. We look like a whole nation of helpless idiots who can't control anything.

  77. trueconsumer6

    The words Trump needs to say to Kushner: "You're fired!"

    1. Fix News

      I think Jaded will get the knife in the back instead. He'll come home some day to find Donald balls deep.

  78. Ginger Bell

    1. Watched entire Wallendere series. 2. Went to Sweden. 3. Thoroughly confused when no one spoke English in British accent.

  79. Edmund Janas

    Jared who? Wasn't he supposed to bring peace to the Middle East and reimagine prisons or something?

  80. Garrett Stitt

    My vote: It’s the Hobbit. I mean...look at that shirt, Seth🤨!

  81. joy travis

    trump is a MURDERER

  82. Carl Peters

    Love the 'Closet of Cr. Calgari" set design

  83. Kermit T. Frog

    It is embarrassing how Trump has turned this crisis into a reality TV show. He talks like something between Mussolini and Peewee Herman, but he is feckless. That is the GOOD news. Look at what is happening in Hungary. God help us if it ever dawns on him that this crisis could be used to seize dictatorial powers.

  84. Daniel Su

    So what is FEMA for?

  85. Proof Reader

    Who is the fucking Kushner to come and talk about what concerns Americans.

  86. Odette Redd

    Why is 47% of the people supporting this president? He’s trying to kill us all while letting Jared Kushner run the government. WTF

  87. Ian Anderson

    Literally fell asleep to one of his videos the last 3 nights. Just my nightly reassurance that it’s not just me who thinks the country has gone to hell due to our, or lack there of, federal government.

  88. Mr San

    Thank you for calling Taiwan a country <3

  89. EsTe

    He didn't use the defence protection act because he saw this as another opportunity to find a CEO (of ventilator, PPE, virus testing, etc producers) who would be open to, in exchange for the order, agree to a 5 year membership of mar a lago or to renting 100 hotelrooms for a month

  90. Conan Bardwell

    I think you'd all get sick of feigning being appalled all the time. By the way, your combined hate obviously created this mess.

  91. Raquel Nunes

    Ive heard about testing being a problem and im the other side of the fucking Atlantic and english is my second language!!!!

  92. jennybugsification13

    I guess my weird Uncle is Rick Sanchez...? Yes!!😁

  93. Juan Campos

    What a joke this liar in Chief is.we have the wrong person in charge running the country in a critical time.We are screwed.!!

  94. Raza Khan

    kushner is a zionist jew who vigorously supports the settlement and colonization of Palestine. And as always, these zionist jews are fully supported by zionist christians, Western governments and institutions.

  95. Lou Bisignani

    I never watch the late night shows anymore although I used to be a faithful fan in the days of late night comedy like SNL and "talk shows" with people who could carry on intelligent conversations instead of plugging their new movie. I was curious when I heard that some in the media were miffed at the "Pillow Guy" appeared with the President. He actually suggested that sequestered people might try reading our bibles and praying for relief from the pandemic. What nerve ! The gall if the man ! But then, it's America and the media have a right to free speech. The y have a right to criticize reading the Bible and praying.. They had a right to criticize Obama's minister when he shouted "Don't say God bless America ! Say God Damn America !". But they didn't exercise their right in that case. Just say'n.

  96. fabrice alibert


  97. Rossell Arriola

    Good job running the show Seth. Love it bro.

  98. Mike Bates

    A generator is not the same as a ventilator?

  99. Sly Goat

    Mmmm, states bidding against eachother over whose citizens get to live or die. I love capitalism.

  100. bunnytrouble

    Why does The Thorn Birds keep following you around the house?