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  1. William H. Langeman

    Obviously a very talented thespian with a wonderful personal vibe. We'll hear lots from her over the years.

  2. vanessa rodriguez


  3. ken5336

    Did we get him NO he still has lying supporters willing to die lying for president DOTARD

  4. Laura Klongland

    Her FILTHY chuckles

  5. Geno Mitchalinni

    Thanks Rudy. I can't play a first shooter video game without seeing your face as a zombie, ghost, vampire, thing.oh yea. Don't forget," The Swamp Thing.".

  6. Joel Ewing

    "Mushrooms anyone?" - G Pal

  7. Brendan James

    killed it!

  8. Lauren Henley

    wow Seth really put him at ease and never let it get awkward. hallmarks of a great talk show host

  9. Mikmaq Warrior

    Honestly we have all the MATERIAL they don't (DEMS) don't have the MATERIAL WTF do we need to say more????

  10. Clearance Garae

    Michael Moore is living in lala land

  11. Daniel Spinosa

    Chef Masa is a cool dude

  12. MM 27

    I agree...Seth is a national treasure! His intelligent breakdown of all the daily insane events happening because of gets me through!

  13. Alice Estrada

    They need balls

  14. Bobby Harper

    Lol. Snowball's chance.

  15. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    Oh no, it's not just that the RU-publicans hate Democracy - they are Fascists that have been corrupted by Russian money and/or "Kompromat."

  16. Mary Ann Farley Art

    It's so wonderful how sure the FOIA senator is of himself. "I'm so OUTRAGED. I'm so ANGRY." You're also a fuckin' idiot.

  17. Mai H

    She is so charming. We are actually in love with you because you made her likable.

  18. Kaity Daniels

    There’s a chance

  19. despotzapper

    Nobody hates democracy, but smart people never forget the wisdom Ben Franklin left us: Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner. The whoie country can vote to give me orders to drive downtown and jump off the Broadway Bridge of Little Rock ,but I still have the right to say kiss my ass and claim higher moral ground. In such Democracy the wolves are the ones who cast the sheep down onto the dinner table. Where there is no ethical standards that respect life, liberty and property that nation will suffer rogue statism. Progressives demonstrate one thing only to me ,their will to devolve not evolve society. The progress they make is self serving and predatory. There is no chance the Senate will convict on such flimsy case and invalid speculatory bullshit. Its a stillborn impeachment ,Senator McConnell is giving you time to kiss the corpse and mourn the departure , but into the fire by next week it goes.


    I guess the lips god gave her weren't good enough?

  21. marian smith

    & Burr brought fidget spinners and passed them out. It is SOOOO DISRESPECTFUL, SO UNREAL... (I wish it were unreal.)

  22. Fatin Zamri

    "Does it take you this long to write songs?" "Even longer when they're hits."

  23. George Santana

    Moore, got get some pies. If you want to be french, go join France. They need another zip code.

  24. Lauren Henley

    I love him so much I need more of him

  25. Shadow IV

    Evidence is a bi-partisan issue: tell these Senators that the President’s impeachment trial must include witness testimony and documents. Allow subpoenas! Romney: 202-224-5251, Murkowski: 202-224-6665, McSally: 202-224-2235, Gardner: 202-224-5941, Collins: 202-224-2523, Burr: 202-224-3154, Alexander: 202-224-4944

  26. Shadow IV

    Evidence is a bi-partisan issue: tell these Senators that the President’s impeachment trial must include witness testimony and documents. Allow subpoenas! Romney: 202-224-5251, Murkowski: 202-224-6665, McSally: 202-224-2235, Gardner: 202-224-5941, Collins: 202-224-2523, Burr: 202-224-3154, Alexander: 202-224-4944

  27. Olivia M.

    I love the way Seth treats his guests. Like they're all just having good fun and you can tell none of it is fake.

  28. Lefty Me

    Sekulow is a giant joke.....where does Trump find these morons???

  29. Z Phish

    You're nauseating. The Democrats narrative got crushed. Your attempt to deflect from that fact by using every logical fallacy known to man is so transparent. Schiff and Nadler lied, and got outed in front of the world. This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Every single exhibit the democrats presented was proven to be bullshit. They literally wheeled in a bunch of papers that said absolutely nothing. The defense team rebutted and refuted the entire Democrats argument with the contents of a few pieces of paper.

  30. Gloria Escano

    Bad show. Watch the President legal team presented the facts. You have a small brain with a big wide mouth. Hello!

  31. FEAR NOT

    Orange man bad You have made up your minds that the senate will not do it your way that you are so trying to insult people into doing things the way you say GOOD LUCK with that. You visualize loosing you will loose. Sounds like looser talk.

  32. Dennis Navarro


  33. Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis

    By impeaching Pres Trump, Democrats have cheapened the process of impeachment.

  34. Laura N.

    Holy Crap!!! JOSH WAS IN "JERSEY FLOOR"!!!

  35. john mccoy

    ANYONE ELSE 2020

  36. LollyPolly813

    "Its ok its just spacial awareness.." 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #brotherlylove

  37. chewyjello1

    *LAWYER LAWSUITS!!!!?????* *LAWYER LAWSUITS!!!!!!!!!???????* 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. fenixrising1972

    "Checks: NO ONE uses you anymore." Correction: every idiot in front of me in line at the store uses them.

  39. charmbracelet

    I've only ever seen Jack McBrayer in the Mariah Carey Touch My Body music video and he's sucg a pure human omg

  40. Stelladona Confredo Butler

    I feel the same Lewis

  41. Anuradha Nandi

    Hillbilly Gandalf LOL!!!...I am dead.

  42. Philip Corrin

    Can a political party be impeached? Trump's offenses against the law and the American constitution are so obvious that the Senate, and Trump's followers, must be aware of his crimes and various misdemeanours. Surely this is collusion.

  43. noel amezcua

    #Goons R us

  44. Morrigon Ghoulsli

    I love you Michael, but as a woman I promise you I will not vote for just any woman. That's actually insulting. The only woman out there right now I'd vote for is Tulsi. Let's hope she and Bernie have a joint ticket I can be proud to vote for.

  45. fla la

    The doctor + Jess’ friend in *NEW GIRL*

  46. Fernando Garrido

    United States of America is a big joke now a days

  47. Carol Price

    Donald Trump might be a setup for someone who is even wers then Donald Trump himself.

  48. Dominic B

    Why do I keep watching this?

  49. Gr Wi


  50. Mary Anne Horn

    must not have worn his hearing aide that day-sekulo!

  51. Carol Price

    America will lose all it's allies if Donald Trump remains in power THIS IS FACT read the real world pattern of events.

  52. Stelladona Confredo Butler

    what a dumb dick Sekulow. are any of these people educated, maybe they should pay more attention

  53. xuyahfish

    I'm the furthest thing from a lawyer but even I've heard of the Freedom Of Information Act, but I guess the Trump legal team is as well

  54. Tanya Owen

    Can the House Intelligence Committee subpoena the server to see whst else is hidden there, that is not classified?

  55. Dave Joyce

    Love Monty Python. And I love Trump as well. I suspect a great many Trump fans love Monty Python.

  56. Anthony de Fex

    sukerlow is an idiot

  57. Stelladona Confredo Butler

    so is it august for senators to leave the room during the deliberations as jurors? they should all be fired

  58. Jared Faye

    Micheal Moore is not living in a place we call realty... he lives in la la land... the movie...

  59. Mexighetti

    1:54 Why is loser Claire McCaskill given so much media time? She is one democratic senator that LOST her seat two years after tRump won the election by a negative three million votes. It's time for her to fully retire.

  60. Ron

    Trump would lose a game of checkers to a one-eyed, three-legged dog.

  61. 1lastsht

    He's dreaming. Won't happen

  62. Mark Hand

    please please be right michael!!!!. I dont think there is a hope in hell myself and you have a rosy tinted glasses view of the character of republican senators

  63. tempo529

    I'm a Python fan...and a Trump fan!

  64. tillyoudiefromit

    our government is a sham and trump has already won the "trial". like he said he could kill someone on times square and his base would still support him.


    They're all unfit for office. They don't know how to respond to letters and they're torturing Americans with neuro weapons.

  66. Karl Eriksen

    and don't forget Mike Pence spewing every creationist talking point about evolution being a theory, and how we should teach the "theory" of creation, and was taken seriously.

  67. Jayson Sanchez

    What’s Chernobyl white folks?! Lol 😆

  68. John Givens

    We need Fallon on here

  69. D e x

    Do not vacation nor buy products from states where the senators voted to acquit. Spread the word.

  70. Fernando Caballero

    I never thought a person can have two lazy eyes, until I saw Seth Meyers.

  71. Benny

    dont be so mean no bodys pefrect I would be saying let me out of hear wares the food bro were hungrey funny hury up so I can get home and sin again lolha

  72. John Givens


  73. Diane Newton

    Well you know. When one is low mentality and then also have dementia also affected by Adderall abuse there just isn't much possibility to learn anything.

  74. T J

    Everyone knew Trump is a loser and a First Class Scum Bag but yet these same people now bitching about him, voted for him, knowing he is was and always will be a truly horrible human being. SMH.

  75. Dimitra Acheson

    I can't wait to read the book, I really like Mr. Rucker's reporting

  76. Brexit Refugee

    The international pearl market was damaged for a long time after they bombed the pearl mines.

  77. Denise Fraser

    Bagging on Republicans in front of Hollywood liberals Is so brave. So brave.

  78. ROB112

    I caint find one Obama supporter that can tell me what his was for. Especially that Trump will never break Obama's record for killing the most brown peoples at war for his entire 8 years in office. I guess his was a Diversity Peace Prize or sum bullshit

  79. Boathousejoe D

    Whoever wrote this bit needs a time out !

  80. R. Michael

    Donald John Trump is an AWESOME President. Those of you that die from Bill Gates' coronavirus, bless you. Those of us that survive are gonna hold up President Trump and massacre all the libtard elitists that got the vaccine. #HangAllPedosAndDevilWorshippers

  81. Jay Jay

    This guy is as big a DemocRAT idiot then the idiots trying to impeach him I cant wait until he eats his word like the fucking idiot he is.

  82. 0408710Larry Vandiver

    Justin James is correct in his statement about Donald " Judas " Trump. Judis caused the death of Jesus and Trump is killing America. That's why Judas Trump need all of the Democrats to vote this lame duck out of office before he does start a war .

  83. despotzapper

    Asserting that your exculpatory evidence is superior to the evidence gathered is not a confession. Now if Adam Schiff and all his allies and media lickspittles were psychic , yes I could see a problem. Progressives are bullies plain and simple, but they do it by gaslighting everyone else. It's intellectual rape , once I figured it out my political self found new inner peace. Haven't voted Democrat since 1992 and my mind was freed finally. Avid self-taught Constitution lover , I been at it since 1995. It's lonely at the top of such learning but so many people I meet who want common sense in governance. and they are speaking up over the progressive's who are lying in a way unequaled. The Constitution can be easily understood by the average high-school kid but scores of progressives with law degrees delight in slowly eroding your freedom . They are rapists of the mind, never buy their poison mental malware.

  84. UberLummox

    Makes you realize what a THUG Trumbo the Clown is. People are afraid to come forward for fear of reprisal.

  85. Rebecca Chen

    Now i need to try to get famous just so i can go day drinking with seth and his bros

  86. traumaturgist SBI

    God the human race deserves to die....such a fucked up species

  87. Terry Oesch

    Comey is the only one of them that could change a lite bulb

  88. N I Q O L E

    10:15 I think seth cracked himself up w this one, thinking it would be a bigger hit High-Yha!

  89. Rock Pile Tanks

    Belittling our branches of government and the constitutional policies, not to mention our history as a nation is not funny. Shows like this are one sided and deviding our country. These shows that slander the government are whats ruining our country.

  90. Lewis Miller


  91. xxxmwxxx

    soon the democrat party will be destroyed and they will face military tribunals, will be a happy damn day, and you fake news guys will be over too :) yeeeeehawwwwwwwwwww

  92. Ciarra Johnson

    Pittsburgh roots👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿I love that❗️Marino is from Sliberty too😄😄

  93. edward arsiaga

    Wtf I thought I thought senators were supposed to be professional. Dam grow up. BTW 🖕trump

  94. N I Q O L E

    How long do you think it will take to charge Chump with RICO Violations after he leaves office?

  95. chauncygardner123

    Trump is a Puppet’s puppet.

  96. N I Q O L E

    3:47 a Republican accusing a CNN Reporter for being biased?!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. chauncygardner123

    Defending Trumps actions must be like riding a psychotic horse towards a burning building.

  98. Virginia Crocker

    Which paralegal composing Sekalow's arguments didn't know what 'FOIA' meant and Sekalow ran with it "Lawyer Lawsuits'? Embarrasing display of... chest thumping...

  99. 512dancergrl

    my god if i acted at my job the way senators act at their job i would be fired on the spot

  100. S.L. May

    The sooner drumpf goes down, the sooner the world becomes a better place.