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  1. Neillusion

    what a coincidence im not wearing pants either

  2. Sam


  3. kat

    6:49 *casually looks down at entirely black clothing* well then

  4. jiveturkeh

    what a guy

  5. WarmPotato

    Lily has always sucked.

  6. georgia •

    Part 3: *The Third Part*

  7. Prince Polaris


  8. JayAnimates

    Okay, so the guitar notes were fairly low sounding for a guitar most of the time except for the fact that his hands were way to far up the fret board to play that.

  9. Gor Gulyan

    Ok, we all know that the talk show is really bad, but you can’t say that her videos weren’t funny. She was relatable and funny on SEsels, but now y’all say that she wasn’t. That’s really fucked up. Put some respect on her SEsels videos, stop the “I’m hating for no reason” thing

  10. that one hispanic

    I dont find the office funny whatsoever i watched season 1-5 never once did i even smirk or chuckle at a joke

  11. checkoutmyballz

    How did you know I’m a guy?

  12. Clay Mann

    Every clip I've seen of this woman makes me contort my face like I just ate a whole lemon and chewed good on it too.

  13. Juan The Cookie

    Hey, what is bojack horseman doing on your My List, watch it now you monster

  14. Annie Stacie

    It's actually possible to quietly pop balloons if you just cut them a tiny bit with scissors below where they're tied.

  15. Rich Garcia

    I can't stand this woman's pseudo-ghetto affectations. I'd bet my entire savings that most of her friends are white and Asian, yet she puts on this fake street persona because she's a "woman of color". Like bitch, you're whiter than cream cheese and cornier than a cob.

  16. PinkiethePanda

    Dude, Americans learn “Math” brits learn “Maths” maths is a thing, as is “Maths class”

  17. Chethan Sagar

    Fair call 👍

  18. SonicBoomDrive

    1:24 This gets funnier every 4 years.

  19. And the Great Cold Death of the Earth

    NBC cancel this crap of a show

  20. Payton uwu

    "road work ahead? I sure hope it does" is written on the girls bathroom wall in my school

  21. Lev Parnas

    Hello, I am looking to find out the name of a Christmas movie from the 60's or very early 70's. It is made in Europe. It starts out with someone harvesting Christmas trees. The trees are played by human men wrapped up in real Christmas tree. All the you can see of the actor is the guy's face. The actor inside the Christmas tree does not speak or have dialog. He just acts with his eyes. A particular tree makes it to the house of a family which puts it up and, eventually, decorates it. Throughout the Christmas holidays, it observes the family in all they do. At one point, you see that the whole neighborhood has Christmas trees in their windows with faces. The ones across the street can see and recognize one another. It seems to me that while there is background music in the film, I do not think that there is any dialog. Well, the tree goes through the Christmas season, starts losing its needles and is eventually pitched to the curb. It is out there along the street with other trashed Christmas trees, all with a dude inside them. Someone collects them all in a disposal truck. At the end, all of the trees with the guys in them are together in an alley and finally go up in the sky and to something that seems to be Christmas tree heaven. This all happens with what is like firework cheesy special effects. This is one weird movie. Maybe, 35 minutes long. The weirdest thing is that the only actor anyone would recognize is the guy that goes out and cuts down the Christmas trees, loads them in a truck, and brings them to town. It was a young actor like Keith Carradine, Scott Glenn, Sam Elliott, or someone of that type. I cannot remember whom. This role was almost that of an extra before he was famous. The film is shot in sepia, or tinted B & W, I seem to remember. This is not a movie that was released as a feature film. I have asked this question on other forums and I get answers like The Magic Christmas Tree with William Holden. Some people tell me it's White Christmas! It is an art film. Like something shown to school classes in the 70's. Please help!

  22. Leigh-Anne Afia

    lol the actor that plays Matt was in Supernatural as Ed Zeddmore of ghostfacers 😂😂

  23. Payton uwu

    tbh i was so confused in the beginning...

  24. Shiloh Arnett

    I can't believe someone else was a fan of Yellowcard for about 10 years. I was watching this with friends and they all poked fun at me over it. Lights and Sounds is still probably one of my favorite albums. Weird thing to latch onto on a KidzBop video, but I did really enjoy it and I'm glad the concert was fun. The kids are all talented as hell.

  25. amaris

    “and it was the 2nd worst thing to happen that year” I-

  26. Laura Dobrowolska

    Alice in the wonderland was much better than the animated version

  27. Annie Stacie

    9:50 not to mention the fact that it's a fucking AIRBED. From a hotel? Riiight. It's fucked up that these talentless boring fucks have enough money to be allowed to do some shit like this in a hotel.

  28. Jake Brown

    Of course the dude from Night at the Roxbury and Scary Movie is in this

  29. Suq Madiq

    That’s like comparing apples with some fruit nobody has ever heard of

  30. Tomas T

    Comforting after bear attack: WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?!?

  31. rubi alcala

    Kidz bop k-pop is what we need

    1. rubi alcala

      Its what i have been waiting for

  32. J. Scott Caudill

    0:16 I never realized that Drew invented SEsels!!

  33. nona butterfly

    Well! What you're doing or trying to do with this video isn't so funny either! Ain't nobody is forcing you to watch something you think is that bad! Let alone making a video about it!...

    1. Aven Davis

      @nona butterfly I do agree with you about people in the comments, they're just being hateful with no criticism or help on how to improve the show. He is being judgemental but not all judgement is bad, not when it's coming from a place of help and not hate such as Drew is. I understand your frustration at people giving unnecessary hate for clout or hating on people for no reason, or with very little basis for those claims or hate. Drew, however, is not doing that. He understands that Lilly doesn't accept criticism and brushes it all off as hate, but he is still trying to put the ideas out there in the hopes she takes some of his advice still. I probably won't be able to explain it much to you due to my own abilities, but I understand where you're coming from.

    2. nona butterfly

      @Aven Davis but you know what! Maybe I'm wrong! I just hate how everyone is about dragging somebody for attention these days,,, it's really depressing.

    3. nona butterfly

      @Aven Davis he's not being rude? Is it nice though? No matter what is the point he's trying to make, he's making it seem like hate! It's seems judgmental to me! That's why everyone is also being rude and judgmental in the comments, sharing the same thoughts as him!

    4. Aven Davis

      @nona butterfly he isn't being rude. Sure, he pokes fun at some of her jokes for his own jokes but it isn't hate. It's constructive criticism, which is necessary in shows like this. If you have no criticism, you will never grow. He gives tips and explanations on how her show could do better, and was understanding on why it's difficult for her show to change.

    5. nona butterfly

      @Aven Davis I don't see no point of being rude just to seem funny! Or maybe get attention! Being rude is a trend nowadays I guess!

  34. The Villain

    "WHITE WOMAN: Merry Christmas WHITE MAN: Merry Christmas" Does their race bother you? It's okay to be white, it's okay to have white people in movies and on TV.

    1. Aiden Rivera

      The Villain Yeah, but hallmark clearly and painfully likes to demographic to just white people, and have like zero interracial couples in movies, and 90% of the cast is white and the minorities are written so stereotypically it hurts

  35. Robin

    lily could do comedy focused on her race, gender, and sexuality and have it be a primary part of her show and it still be good. watching the patriot act there’s a ton of times where hasan specifically makes jokes about his race each episode. it’s a primary part of his comedy. the issue is more how lily delivers it and the writing.

  36. Zac Lebeau

    One of those song snippets seriously sounded like Dance Gavin Dance

  37. Andrew Hoult

    Jake Paul is the only person I've seen who wears his hat on his hair and not his head

  38. McKenzie Gomez

    I love your transition music 🥺 covet has my heart

  39. SnortoBorto OwO

    I like my little pony porn too, Drew. Its okay.

  40. Dylan dynasty

    Does anybody get. Chidi vibes from the good place

  41. noot a quack

    ah yes remember america? one of the only countries to call it math and not maths? yes i remember

  42. Notorious J.O.E.

    I laughed so hard at the nipples on my ankles part. Holy shit.

  43. J. Scott Caudill

    Now I want to see a video on Drew's thoughts on Cole LaBrant

  44. hanna alyx

    am I the only one who didn't know she had a talk show host

  45. Ava Ronchetti

    this is like a Hallmark love story, but on MORE steroids than normal.

  46. Gil M

    @Police @FBI lmao yes! Nasty ass desperate for likes wtf

  47. 13ofus

    The real question is who is eating out that much? I think i tip maybe 10-15 times a year.

  48. Ricky Spanish

    Lol the dislikes are from people who are mad they were shown how stupid, disingenuous and superficial they are.

  49. n i k a f i t z g e r a l d

    I like the laugh track because I honestly don't know when to laugh and it gives me more enjoyment when I can laugh. Also it kind of moves the show along

  50. Sana Atique

    boy , try and create your authentic content instead of putting some one else down. youre so lame , and how can you talk against someone and upload a video? shes trying really hard so let her be. even if shes not perfect. shell get there but you youre not getting anywhere with this. youre a loser.

  51. BlazingOwnager

    Oh man, it's so sad seeing you smacktalk Dolph Lundgren. He owns. The guy's actually a genius IRL. This is..... not his best work.

  52. BlazingOwnager

    ... You've never seen Italian films, I see. You poor, sweet summer child. (Seriously they are the hilarious kings of not sequels)

  53. Slub Dub

    She's not a comedian....

  54. SnickitySnackity

    your camera has very good quality

  55. LiamLikesThings

    “If you don’t have skin or a mouth you won’t get a boyfriend!” -Danny Gooden

  56. ItsBear

    Great video and I agree with pretty much everything you said. However I feel like it could have been shorter than 22 minutes

  57. A laina

    ok but the YMCA one is actual comedy gold

  58. amar em

    Football?? American football?

  59. Mary Grace

    When this vid has more views than any on her show 😂😂 Edit: 22:19 killed me 😂

  60. Jamie 902209

    That’s also because he had a hugely successful sitcom for nine years but I get what you mean. If the Ace family had regular jobs that wouldn’t last the only reason YT pushes their videos is because they’re a minority.

  61. Saeed Ali


  62. hexa hella extra headshots

    i got a hooked ad on this 💀

  63. Aether Blackbolt

    I *really* hope Lilly's child targeted videos all get hit by COPPA and cost her hundreds of thousands.

  64. Mike Mo

    Aren’t you like 24? How the fuck do you have a NICE house?

  65. Yee haw

    I think we can agree that the best part of his video is when he does the little skits

  66. A Human

    When I stare into his eyes I fear for my virginity. I'm 15 btw

  67. J. Scott Caudill

    Hey bro, You need to ask your wife to trim your eyebrows...clean em up a bit and give them some definition. *Things my wife said while watching this video with me*

  68. Mariana Luna

    I feel bad for them. Being rich is the goal of my life, but that's just fucked up

  69. L Lawliet

    You forgot to add the rank of assistant to the regional manager in your corporate ladder.

  70. Jack Metcalf

    Hard Rock Nick made a video about you guys titled: HARD ROCK NICK CLAPS BACK AT DREW GOODEN AND DANNY GONZALEZ!

  71. potato bug

    A wee lil smile she made after her bloomer joke gave me stage 7 cancer. And i'm speedrunning this shit. By the time i reached her SPH jokes, i finally beat stage 9.

  72. Sforza72

    You’re such a low life lmao. Worse than her. “Being à white man it’s not my place to criticize this” freaking sjw

  73. Aether Blackbolt

    I'm brown and Asian, and dang the fact she keeps saying it is annoying.

  74. galactic animations and much more

    My mom says one second gotta put this on my Facebook story is

  75. galactic animations and much more

    I've said IU can never seem to use all my data when I told my parents to lower my y cellular data plan cause I never use alot

  76. DirtyPrancing

    This group text pool party is revolutionary

  77. Simone Nevills

    on wednesdays we play yahtzee


    I think she wants to be a ellen but brown

  79. Varun Kapoor

    Wait, where is he looking?

  80. Madison Shultz

    My mom loves the minion quotes 😭

  81. ry noel

    your fbi agent is quaking

  82. srishti uppal


  83. Jordin Pagel

    School for scoundrels is much funnier then lilly singh with ever be.

  84. Jacob Beaton

    This very well could’ve been a category in SEsels rewind 2019

  85. Katie

    I wonder if Dan Harmon's departure had to do with his harassment of the female writer. If you haven't heard Dan Harmon talk about it on his podcast, you should listen to that clip. It is the best apology I heard during the explosion of the Me Too movement. No excuses, no playing the victim in the backlash. Just a genuine here's what I did wrong in full detail, here's how my actions had a negative impact on the woman, here's what I want other men to learn from my experience, and then a genuine apology. The woman who came forward actually accepted his apology after.

  86. Jay Cee

    She sold her soul

  87. MOstRAndomL39

    This bitch really getting angry LOL I’m deaddd ❤️❤️

  88. Zack Bobby

    Heather was a way better love interest I really thought it was gonna be her the whole.

  89. Katie

    The best part of Arrested Development was the family dynamic and interactions between the members. Splitting that up was the biggest fatal mistake, in my opinion. Even some scenes when multiple family members were seemingly together, Portia was filmed separately and edited in, thus eliminating any kind of ad libbing or spontaneous moments that made for funny moments in the original seasons.

  90. emma brading

    number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

  91. ok_brandon98

    I like many of the Amazon prime exclusives such Mozart in the jungle and the patriot

  92. Nishitha Reddy A

    How do people fall for this ridiculous shit 🤯

  93. Thot Slayer

    what’s the name of that gay porn bee movie?? For scientific reasons, of course

  94. Mary Conazo

    You're so cute

  95. Salem

    7 word saddest story. "For sale: juicy cotoure pacifiers, never used"

  96. Connor Seams

    No one: Drew: I'm 26 years old guys

  97. Rubix Cube

    Damn at 9:37 I was resting my phone on my chest and it looked like he kissed my nip. Man it made me uncomfortable

  98. Lost in the Sauce

    A con artist and a former prostitute make their money by exploiting their children... sounds about right.

  99. Teddy III

    Ya’ll ever watch the Graham Norton show? Now that’s how you make a good talkshow

  100. Ava Ronchetti

    Groot has a more articulate vocabulary than this