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  1. GirlFriday

    As an artist and painter, I see how much art makeup can be, and your sheer enjoyment of these artists and the art of makeup is infectious! I use just blush, eyeliner and brow pencil myself, but perhaps I could learn something from these people. Whatever you are speaking about, Hedda, you are captivating and totally engaging!

  2. Crabby Cow

    Can’t find the Facebook but I found one but I don’t think it’s you xoxo help!!!

  3. SanaLovesMahado1

    Hedda: talks about paranormal things Ghost Cat Appears! Well, it's paranormal now! 😹😹😹

  4. Candice Young

    Hello dear hedda,,oh goodness,the 2nd story really got me,,oh these were scary,anything to do with children and santa,,thank you, love you my friend,,I think the Facebook group is going to be great too💜😘❤

  5. Daphne Marrable

    Hello! These were all great. For some reason, the middle one creeped me out the most. Really looking forward to Dickens, and I'll be happy to hear the whole thing. Thank you once again, Hedda, for all of the hard work you put into bringing us these stories. Have a really good rest tonight ❤❤❤

  6. Candice Young


  7. Colin

    That's great news about Loraine and it's awesome to have a FB group! I hope your weekend goes well Hedda! x

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I really hope you enjoy being in the group, just as much as you enjoy your time in the Haven, Colin love xxxxx

  8. Laura Cloutier

    Bwahahahaha, you can all be spammed with pictures of Hazel.

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Yay, our mascot!!! Yes please, Laura xxxxxx

  9. Leah Kershaw

    Hedda I'll be joining the group as a Llama. Praying for your friend. Sending hugs your way as well. 💜

    1. Hedda's Haven

      @Leah Kershaw You're more than welcome, love xxxxx

    2. Leah Kershaw

      @Hedda's Haven Thank u so much Hedda <3

    3. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you, Leah love, I've just let you in, and I hope you'll have a lot of fun in there xxxxx

  10. Kate H

    Sorry me again, Golda xxx I'm attempting to set up a FB account, now is where I start to really panic because due to an ongoing problem with my violent psycho of my ex ( not Joe ) I have to be as anonymous as it's possible to be in order that he can't find me and step one is you have to use your surname. I can see that there are loads of privacy settings but obviously one's name can't be kept private, or FB wouldn't work lol!!! I'm going to double check this with someone more savvy than me, because I thought I'd use my old married name instead, but that's his name too of course. Tbh that's why I was advised by the police, solicitors etc never to join Twitter or FB, not just because I'm antisocial or prehistoric, but because it will help him find or hassle me or my family, as far as he knows I still live I abroad or in London. He's such a hazard that I was unable to attend my own little brothers funeral, my parents had to go without me literally. I've never even seen my brother's grave or been mentioned in his obituaries etc in case he connects the names and knows where I am now. I know it sounds ridiculous but he is genuinely, as in holding a loaded handgun to my head, dangerous. I'm in a dilemma now. He makes me even angrier than ever because he affects my whole life like this, it's ridiculous. He's been locked up but of course was let out early for good behaviour!!! He's unbelievably still practicing medicine, that's how desperate the NHS are !!!! Forgive me if it takes me some time. So far I've been lucky on YT, but I don't use my surname and I'm not traceable geographically here. I do feel guilty now and I will get back to you xxxx. That's why I was saying that you have changed my life Golda, because I'm so very paranoid in trusting people, and I trust you completely xx. It literally drives me mad as I am genuinely a very sociable, friendly person and he's spoilt everything xxx

    1. Kate H

      Dearest Golda, how could you know ? xxx. I know that your'e amazing but you're not psychic are you, please don't EVER feel guilty for something that you have no knowledge or control over xxx. I never tell anyone because everyone has something horrific in their past as you know only too well xxx, and I try not to let him have anymore power over me. He's evil Golda, 3 months before my brother died he found him through companies house and went to his business and poured acid over his brand new Mustang that he'd had converted to left hand drive and imported specially from the USA. The irony is of course I wasn't even in contact with my brother, bless him, he worked like a dog and never bought himself anything, the perils of marrying a gold digger!!!! I've changed my name by deed poll before, he's not a normal person Golda. See, normally I would have thought of the brilliant solution that you've come up with, but he freaks me out so I become a wreck. I feel guilty and really don't want to upset you, ever, because you mean the world to me xxx Sorry if I've put a damper on your launch, I blame my hormones or great age lol. I will now have a medicinal brandy with my dinner. Thankyou for being a truly wonderful friend and when you've got a few days to spare I've left you a couple of replies from our last conversation xxx. And you're spot on it was Joe in def leppard and I was a lucky lucky girl and no mistake!!!!! LOVE YOU 🥰❤✡

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Ok, how's this for an idea. Get a new email address via gmail.com. You could call yourself... Chaya Goldstein. Put in a different D.O.B No photo, just get a general pic of a flower or something. I promise, he will not find you in the FB group, as it's locked and private. I'll leave it up to you.... but listen to me. If this is making you upset, don't join. Nothing is worth losing any sleep over. I didn't know it was this bad, or I wouldn't have asked you. That's the truth, and I feel awful now for asking you. I'm so sorry, my darling Chaya xxxxxx

  11. Pemmie

    That’s great news about Lorraine......I wish her well . Must be a lift to her spirits, bless her. I’m playing catch up with your videos, and I can’t believe I missed the ‘live’. I remembered it a couple of days before hand, then remembered again on the night after it had finished. I would say I’ve a mind like a sieve but it’s more like just empty space 🤦‍♀️🤣 I would love to join the Facebook group . I’m technologically challenged so I don’t think I would be of any use as an admin tho , sorry 😬 I don’t know Rea but hope she’s ok too. Christmas is a hard time for many people , sadly. Sending good wishes and love to those mentioned above x

  12. Daphne Marrable

    You guys, look for "Hedda's Haven" on Facebook

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Here's the link: facebook.com/groups/550018825819679/

  13. Candice Young

    And I'm so happy for Loraine,,answered prayers,yes😊❤💜

    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven well I'll be praying for her💜❤

    2. Hedda's Haven

      @Candice Young She has her next bout of chemo on xmas eve :(((

    3. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven I'm so glad to hear shes doing better 💜

    4. Hedda's Haven

      She is so grateful to ALL of you xxxxxxx

  14. Daphne Marrable

    Hi, everyone, I'm out running errands today, but admin is fine!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      @Daphne Marrable You're welcome, darling xxxxxx

    2. Daphne Marrable

      @Hedda's Haven Thank you, dear Hedda ❤

    3. Hedda's Haven

      You, Candice, and Steph are our new admins - your Facebook group is in safe hands!! They will make sure you are just as safe as you are here on SEsels in this Haven xxxxxx

  15. Kate H

    Sorry Golda, am I going completely cuckoo and I know that I've lost my specs but I swear that there was a link pinned and it seems to have disappeared??? Help!!!! xxx

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Underneath on the pinned comment, straight under the video, under where it says, Read More... the pinned link is there in bright blue letters xxxxxx

  16. Candice Young

    Hedda,I figured out how to connect my personal Facebook, but I had to add ot,its a different one than the one on Facebook, so if u see my.other icon I'd rather ur se that one as admin,,as this I have to go thru SEsels

  17. Steph

    Fantastic about Loraine, that's such good news! I will be keeping her in my thoughts. Rea too! I hope she is ok and just needing an internet break - come back soon Rea! <3 Hedda I'm happy to be an admin if needed? xxxx

    1. Hedda's Haven

      @Steph done it now for you, love xxxxxxx

    2. Steph

      Ooooh no i just looked and its 3 horizontal dots under the Members heading , that should contain the option to make me admin

    3. Steph

      Im not completely sure how it works coz i cant see admin controls yet (irony!) but if you click on members and then hover over my name, 3 vertical dots might appear on the right of my name... if you click on that it might give you the option to make me admin. If that doesn't work i will think of something else lol

    4. Steph

      @Hedda's Haven Of course - I requested to join, can you let me in please :P

    5. Hedda's Haven

      Yes please darling Steph, please, I just need to know how to appoint admins!! I don't know how!! Can you help me out? xxxxxx

  18. Kate H

    Hi Golda xxx. Yom Tov x. You won't be totally surprised to know I'm not on Facebook!!! I will be soon xxx. I'll have to get cracking lol. Honestly I feel like I'm living under a rock at times, tragic! I'd just left a couple of replies to your replies here on SEsels and literally mentioned not seeing Rea here in the comments, hope she's ok xx. Thank G-d Loraine has had good news at last, I'm delighted for her and her friends and family xx Love you Golda xxx. See you tonight, Chaya xxx

    1. Hedda's Haven

      My darling Chaya - I've never asked you for anything... but I am now. Please, please, please... join the Haven on Facebook... the link is in the pinned tweet. I NEED YOU. Nothing like a good old fashioned dose of Jewish guilt, is there? Please. I'm personally begging you. Do it today. For me. I love you loads. From your very own, guilt piling on top of guilt, Golda xxxxxx

  19. Straight Talkin Fedora Chic

    Good news about Lorraine. Hopefully this is turning around for her.

    1. Hedda's Haven

      She's just told me that she has another bout of chemo on xmas eve. She won't be well enough to get through xmas day, when her family are visiting her. But at least it's shrinking! Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers for her, Fedora xxxxxx

  20. Candice Young

    Hi love I'm looking for the group now,but yes,ill be happy to help out,love u❤

    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven you're welcome ,of course 😘

    2. Hedda's Haven

      @Candice Young Thank you so much, my Candice. I knew I could rely on you xxxxxx

    3. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven yes sweetie absolutely, I'm trying to find out it from my personal Facebook page, and I can't find it,,but yes I will,I'm sorry to hear about rea❤

    4. Hedda's Haven

      If I can sort out how to make you an admin, will you be one, please, Candice? And anyone else who wants to put themselves forward to help you? xxxxx Love you too xxxxxx

  21. Straight Talkin Fedora Chic

    I can relate to Christmas phobia...I'm having it this year. Dreading it as it draws nearer.

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I'm really sorry to hear that, Fedora. I wish I knew how to help you. xxxxx

  22. Straight Talkin Fedora Chic

    Do you have a link to this facebook group? There are more than one groups and pages on facebook called "The Haven".

    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven I'm 52 ugh,,my 32 year old said hes getting old t by e other day,ha,ha🤣🤣

    2. Hedda's Haven

      @Candice Young pfffft darling you're a baby compared to me, I'm an old bag xxxxxxx

    3. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven I think I figured it out, I'm sorry, I'm getting old lol

    4. Hedda's Haven

      @Candice Young You're in now sweetheart xxxxxx

    5. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven I can find it thru SEsels, but I can't from my personal Facebook, which is what I want to do

  23. Hedda's Haven

    Hello!! Here is the link to your new Facebook group. Please join! Please keep to the same Haven values - kindness and respect, and making sure no one is ever alone. I'll hang around until more people join, then it's all *YOURS* facebook.com/groups/550018825819679/

  24. GirlFriday

    Hedda, I think that when you show yourself and share your heart when you are in a low period and in pain physically and mentally, you are giving other people permission to be themselves and to not stuff their emotions and attempt to bury everything beneath a smile. It's always wonderful to see you shining and sparkly eyed again, and I personally feel that in our societies, we pathologize too much, if that makes any sense? I am not making less of mental health issues, as I have lost count of the friends who are living with some version of depression, chronic pain/chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, etc., including myself and some of my relatives. I personally believe, however, that these feelings and conditions also have real reasons for existing, and people need to be heard, to express their passion, their creativity and the perceptions that they need to share with the world. I actually am impressed with what your doctor told you, because she was placing the steering wheel back in your hands with a "you can do it" attitude. Both are important. Be kind to yourself, Hedda, love yourself and immerse yourself as much as possible in the things that you love, that bring you joy. Sending hugs and 💚🧡💖

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you very much again for your very kind words. I'm better at asking people to be kinder to themselves, to love themselves more, than I am at self love and self kindness. I'm my own worst critic. There are times I really don't like myself very much at all, and stumble in the dark, not knowing how to change these feelings. I'm very lucky that I receive a lot of compliments... but the truth is, the more I'm told nice things about me, the more I cringe inside. There are people online who really don't like me, due to past disagreements/fallouts, and I have to deal with how I acted at the time, the things I said in anger, etc. I carry the guilt of these things every day. You'd be astounded at how much guilt I carry. Hopefully, if I can stay true to my objective, which is making sure no one ever feels alone again, because now they have the Haven to come to, then I'll be happy. Plus, if I can make others smile along the way, then that's a bonus. Lots of love and big hugs xxxxxx

  25. Quean Sarah

    Thank you, Hedda, for sharing this folk tale, as well as a piece of your childhood. Had to look it up, and 28 gallons does comes out to almost 106 liters! :D And I just have to say that you do have a lovely singing voice. I could see that moment a couple verses in where you got that spark in your eye, and the joy of singing just welled up in you! Singing is very important to me too, and so I hope that you never allow anything to deter you from it. Sending you love and well-wishes from the Pacific Northwest! <3

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Gosh, that was a lucky guess on my part, lol! Thank you for your kindness, I do enjoy singing when I get the chance. Singing when you're having fun, raises the endorphins - happy moodlets - so I recommend it. Lots of love to you xxxxxx

  26. Bipolar Corner

    Sing Hedda Sing 🤘🤘🤘 How the Grinch stole Christmas woo hoo

    1. Hedda's Haven

      "Sing Hedda sing?" oh Gary, your poor ears, lol Yes, I will be reading "How the Grinch stole Christmas" for your next Folk Tales video. xxxxxx

  27. Kate H

    Hiya Golda, I think that my yesterday's reply has disappeared into the ether, again!!!! Hopefully it'll reappear under here at some point xxx. I've battled my way out through the elements to ruin my ballot paper this am, not that it'll do much good!! What a bloody mess we are in. Hope that you're feeling well today and please G-d the feeling is still returning to your feet and legs and that Loraine feels a little less desolate and unwell from the chemo. Refuah Sheleimah for the both of you. Have a safe day especially if you venture out in the car, it's grim out there xxx. I too wish that I could visit you xx. When the weather is better I'll seriously try to get onto the train and come up to visit you, if that's OK xx. I'm one of the nearest Haveners I suspect. When some are thousands of miles away over the Atlantic then I am figuratively just next door and I'd be pretty pathetic if I didn't make the effort. Don't worry I won't descend on you, I'll stay locally and visit Oh it'd be a dream come true Golda and something to look forward to for me ( I don't want to sound pushy!!! ) Take good care my lovely friend and true mensch, as I said before you have literally changed my life for the better. Love you xxx. Your Chaya ✡❤⚘

    1. Kate H

      Dearest Golda, Yom Tov, hope that you're feeling a little better today xxx. Sorry that you missed the voting, they should have sent you a postal ballot paper once you've had one. I think my mum got hers' weeks ago. Not that the results are that unpredictable!!!! (I'm just praying that people are seeing how Labour's antisemitic behaviour has cost them, although I'm sure it's not just that, as I said before all MPs are a self interested shower of shite imho). In no way do I expect to stay with you Golda, honestly I don't xxx. For all you know I could be a psychopath (I'm not, but then they would all say that I guess lol!!!). I agree that when you're chronically unwell as many of us are here in the Haven our health literally is so unpredictable day to day that it's hard to plan anything. I do try to set goals, but probably only achieve 50% of them, and I'm exaggerating at that!! I get so frustrated with myself as I literally used to jump on planes like they were buses, but like you say it is what it is and in so many ways I'm very fortunate, life just isn't how I'd hoped or dreamt, but then if truth were known, whos life is?? You don't have to drive halfway or anything, I really don't want to put you out but I'm trying to plan things to look forward to, as you say if G-d wills it, it will be, but I would love it so very very much xxx. I promise to attempt to visit, it would be a dream come true, you can keep your Disneylands, friends are what really matter to me now xx. Golda I love you so but I wish you could take a compliment ( listen at me, bossy bugger !!! ), I do truly understand why you can't and I'm such a hypocrite because I'm the just the same, but you have changed my life for the better. You simply being you IS the magic ingredient, because you possess incredible empathy, honesty, loyalty, a brilliant sense of humour, admit your human flaws etc, etc, etc ( I could go on all day ) xxx. I admire what you say and how you say it and you inspire me to want to be a better person and I can't think of many people who do that, so there lol. Did you get a neurology appointment yet? I'll take a wild punt and say not yet!!!! I just don't know Golda, the local paper has been sent a confidential document anonymously by a member of staff admitting that an American company has taken over what was Medical Physics ( they maintain and calibrate all medical / theatre equipment etc ) and CSSD ( they are central sterilisation and obviously are responsible for all sterile equipment ), so I think that it's a slippery slope that we're on, Aneurin Bevan must be turning in his grave. And this is a district hospital in the middle of nowhere, not even a University hospital, who knows what's going on in those because at one time the University used to give the wards half of our budgets in exchange for having medical students, drug trials etc. Not anymore. How's the weather with you? Hope that you're keeping warm xx. Ooh I don't know how your husband sleeps with an open window!!! Some people just don't seem to feel the cold, I'm pathetic, although I blame working in hospitals, saying that I was always cold at work. I still have my old cape somewhere, with the cross straps and mine had purple lining, I sound like Florence!!, never had a lamp though!!! I'm going to finish now, I've just noticed that you've replied to my other tome, Thankyou, you didn't have to do that but it's a double treat today xxx Look after yourself my precious friend xx Love you, your Chaya xxx

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Oh my G-d, Chaya, I would love to meet you!! I feel terrible that I can't offer you a bed or even a settee to crash on overnight - I have 3 bedrooms, one each for the kids, one for hubby and me. The settee is in the livingroom, but we call it hubby's room, because he loves the windows open, even in bad weather, he can't stand hot rooms. So I can't go in there when it is cold, I more or less have every waking moment in my kitchen, where it is a lot warmer and better for my joints, etc. Then there is the fact that he wakes up at ungodly hours like between 3-4 am and watches American football, if he can't sleep... so you see, even if I could offer the settee, you wouldn't get any sleep. All I can offer you, is a seat at my kitchen table, with plenty to eat and drink of course! Or if you do stay overnight in a hotel, I can come and see you there - I can park just about anywhere - I have a Blue Badge! I'm so humbled to hear you say that I have changed your life. Me? Of all people? With all my faults and failings? Chaya, I'm just me, I'm nothing special. You've seen me on video and in a live. I'm just me. Of course I'm happy that I've helped you in some small way, but I've never had anyone tell me, ever, that I've changed their life. That's a huge compliment, darling, but very humbling at the same time. What on earth did I do for you? Look, even if we don't meet in this lifetime, for whatever reason (physically, I'm not reliable on a daily basis anymore - I have no idea how my days will turn out - I spent all day Thursday in bed due to too much oramorph the day before, so missed going to cast my vote.) I was absolutely gutted. I normally get a postal vote, but this year for some reason, I wasn't sent one, so had to vote in person, which I ended up not doing at all. Please don't feel obligated in any way, to come and see me. I look at it this way - if it happens, it happens. I would make the effort to drive and meet you half way - say we could meet at one of those big service malls, like the one they have at Wetherby? You can get a Costa latte and sandwiches there. I could drive that distance, if you could meet me there. Can you drive that far? Bottom line, don't worry about it. If G-d intends us to meet, it will happen. For someone I have never met, and only typed to, you've affected my life as well, and I genuinely love you, my Chaya. From your loving Golda xxxxxxx

  28. SanaLovesMahado1

    Your singing was wonderful. Better than mine. 😂 But a FB group would be cool. I'll join! I'm graduating from university here in the southern US, so I'm extremely excited about that! Much love to you, Hedda! Have a good one!

    1. SanaLovesMahado1

      Thank you!!!

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you, Jessie love, you're lovely xxxxxx Yes I'm pushing for a Facebook group, this will be a place you can all connect to one another on a daily basis, as opposed to just waiting to hear from me twice a week via video. I need someone to open the group and run it, as I won't be involved. And mazel tov on your graduation!!! xxxxxxxxx

  29. Stephanyia Scarfogliero

    Another beautiful video Hedda. Hope you are feeling well. 💜

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you Stephanyia sweetheart, I hope you and Giuliana are both doing ok xxxxxx

  30. Ascher Rose

    Loved the story! Your singing is beautiful 💖

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you, you're very kind xxxx

  31. Kate H

    Yom Tov dear Golda xxx. Hi to everyone in the Haven, hope everyone is well xx You look better in yourself today my friend xx, hope that you feel as good as you look xxx. I left you a reply to your last reply, so won't bore you by repeating it again Golda ( it's the one which mentions Brigadoon lol!!! ). I did hear this story on bbc radio a couple of years ago as a play and I think it was an opera at one time. The Lambton family are the same as Lady Lucinda Lambton, the eccentric historian who makes programmes about loos etc and writes books, I know I sound a right know all lol!!!!! But I love things in dialect, they need to be kept alive and remembered. Goggly eyes makes me laugh so much, no idea why!!! I think that you have a really good singing voice Golda, tons better than I've ever had. I'm totally tone deaf and used to drive my ex, who's main function in def leppard is vocal ( even though he can play piano/ guitar), absolutely crazy. He wasted years trying to teach me to even read music, but I think being musical is a G-d given gift. Even now if we go out,when he's around to visit his mum, I'm banned from karaoke, no matter how inebriated the audience lol!!! I'm chuffed that the song brought back happy memories because we know that you had a horrific childhood that no child should have even had to imagine let alone live through xxx. I love that you have a mixed marriage that is so very happy xx. I'll definitely be joining in with the Hanukkah songs and you are so very lucky not to be able to hear me!!! Trust me. xx I hope that Loraine is a little better, you are both always in my prayers xx xxx. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary of founding the Haven Golda, I can't remember how I found you, but I thank G-d that I did, I'm sure that it was meant to be because you have literally changed my life xxx. I know that I moan and witter but I so look forward to the days you upload, you have become very precious to me and I count you as a very dear friend and true mensch xxx Well I'm off to cook some tea, must admit I'm not that hungry atm. I nipped to Tesco, it was like hell on wheels and if you don't want Christmas food you have to really rummage. I have nothing against Christmas of course but I really dislike dried fruit of any kind, so no mince pies, Christmas cake or pudding etc and I don't eat meat, and the kosher choice is tragic round here. It's lean pickings lol. Leeds and London were easy places to live and shop of course, now friends send me food parcels from there honestly!!!! Just as well that I'm not frum lol. Please keep warm and look after yourself my precious Golda xx Drive safe if you have to go out, talk soon xxx Love you lots and lots, your Chaya ❤✡🥰.xx

    1. Kate H

      Darling Golda xx .Yom Tov xx. You do still have a lovely singing voice to go with your beautiful speaking voice xx I swear to you Golda that I cannot hold a single note, cross my heart. Believe me I'm not just being modest, even my mum who" thinks that I'm practically perfect in every single way" agrees that I really shouldn't even attempt to sing as it's so awful!!! It frustrates the hell out of me as she had a lovely voice before getting ill and she and my papa, her dad, were both in choirs. Even if I sing nursery rhymes to little ones they scream, no joke. Yes it was /( is, please don't judge me ) J from the band in question lol!!! Everyone tells me it was his groin and his hair!!! He was deliciously attractive and I was one very very lucky girl lol!!!! Fortunately not a jealous one as he used to disappear on benders, but he was young and I would forgive him anything, he is still one of the most decent, funniest, adorable and hardworking guys on earth. He was literally the boy next door to my nana in Sheffield so I've known him all my life and he hasn't changed one iota. He's worked so hard for his dream and I am beyond happy for him. No one believes that I was the one to leave, not even me at times!!!! Talk about regrets, if I could turn the clock back. Always loved him, still love him, always will. I'll tell you more updates, details etc privately as I'm not proud of myself atm. R is also one delightfully gorgeous man, he also visits family in Sheffield regularly. They are all humble guys who know how fortunate they are. Oh and we have the football matches to go to at Bramall lane, I hate football, but if it means I seeing them, bring it on lol!!! I'm shook at a rabbi eating lobster, wow, and confessing it!!! Shellfish are dangerous imho when you see where they hang out, eeew🤑. I love smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, mmm delicious!! They are a treat here but when I lived in London we used to get dozens brought in by the police from Brick Lane, as the bagel shop there is open all night. They were heavenly scrummy. I love latkes too, you've trained your hubby very well Golda lol!! It's impossible to be Kosher kosher unless you live in an all Jewish neighbourhood and I don't have separate kitchens and all that, I myself believe that many practices were born from being a nomadic desert tribe with little water at one time, but I'm sure no Orthodox people would agree!!! We all do our best with what we have imho and as long as we have good intentions I don't personally believe that as humans we can do much more really xxx. Oooh I'd forgotten, I love marzipan and cheesecake too. Can't think of another cake or pudding that I fancy anymore, I'm like you I don't have a sweet tooth. Cheese is my downfall, there's no cheese I don't love, well apart from cottage cheese but that doesn't really count!!! I'm a dreadful snacker, I get over faced with big meals now, must be old age lol!!! I used to eat like a horse!!!! When you say that your husband doesn't believe in G-d, I've found in life that some of the kindest, most non judgemental, intelligent and humane people actually don't. Let's face it lots of religion simply comes from where you happen to be born, an accident of birth, like many things. Very few choose, only converts I guess. I envy your husband his ability with Maths and Physics. Maths is beyond my comprehension, even though people tell me it's a language and I love languages and find them easy, but Maths, No!!! I've never once used a slide rule or needed a logorythm ( don't know if that's how to spell it ) since I left school. Don't panic I can do basic maths and work out medicine doses etc lol!!! I haven't been just sloshing out drugs willy nilly, honest. Think the problem was that none of the teachers we had actually had a teaching qualification, graduation was enough then. Some were brilliant natural teachers but some couldn't communicate their subjects at all. I admire your husband, it can't be easy teaching these days, crikey the things you hear kids getting up to, can you even imagine at one time???!!! We were petrified, it's the opposite now. You must have had to work really hard for an honours degree. You should be proud of yourself, they can't take it away from you xxx. I think everyone should be a student at some point because it is a time in your life when you're young and can do pretty much whatever you want socially. I'm truly pleased you had such a good time xx. Hard work but you learn about life too I think. That's why these honorary doctorates annoy me a little. I don't know how people afford higher education these days with no grants and these bloody student loans. Well my dearest friend I'll finish for now xxx. Btw is Rea OK, hope so, maybe I've just missed her in the comments. Still can't find my reading specs so will have to give in and buy some more. Take good care of yourself Golda, keep warm and safe xx Love you lots and lots, your Chaya xx xx✡❤⚘ .

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Hello my darling Chaya xxxxxxx I remember Lucinda Lambton, she had a very messy divorce from Lord Lambton, as I recall, many moons ago. She's rather eccentric, to say the least! Thank you for what you said about my singing, and I don't believe that you can't sing. Now, with regard to your ex... he's either J... or R. Am I right? If he's J... hubba hubba... I fancied him for years. But he wouldn't look at a lump like me. I won't lie, it was his voice and his groin. There, I've said it. And the hair. Loved the hair. I would have poured sugar on him... jesus I would have poured a 2lb bag of Tate & Lyle over him if I'd had the chance! I have to tell you, I'm kosher with a small k. I don't eat shellfish - any kind of shellfish. We had a rabbi who ate lobster, and admitted it in his sermon... I remember some of the older congregation clutching at their hearts when they heard him say that!! I'll tell you what I could eat a lot of... very thinly sliced salmon on top of cream cheese, on a bagel. OH. MY. G-D. Yes. I'm so looking forward to Hanukkah... doughnuts and latkes... hubby makes beautiful latkes!! I have to tell you, I do like mince pies, and xmas cake, but the marzipan has to be thick and soft and so does the icing. I don't buy a whole cake, just a sliced section, that lasts me, hubby, and son over the festive period. My daughter hates the stuff. Funny thing is, I don't have a sweet tooth, I really don't. But there are certain sweet things I like - like cheesecake. I adore cheesecake. I've had 2 mixed marriages, Chaya. I never found a Jewish guy I fancied, and the ones I did fancy, didn't want me. The first marriage didn't work - he was anti-semitic as were his parents, so I kept my head down, for the sake of the kids. Big mistake, I can see that now. This marriage is polar opposite to the first one. I did ask hubby to convert, he said that he refused to have any part of his willy snipped, plus he doesn't believe in G-d. But, he said, I do believe in you, and I'll support you and your faith, just so long as you don't force it down my throat. I never did, and he has been so supportive over the years. He was baptised into the Catholic church, and he hates Catholicism!! Even as a child, he refused to go to church, and would not go to a catholic school. He has learned to trust in the Universe since he met me, though, because he's seen and heard things he can't explain, and he is the type of guy who looks for the scientific/rational explanation in everything. He's a maths teacher, got a joint Maths/Physics degree... so much cleverer than me. Although saying that, I did work very hard to get my honours degree in History. It may be 35 years since I was awarded my degree, and probably worth zilch in the scheme of things, but I've never forgotten my years in college. I had a blast. My goodness, the things I rattle on about. I love talking to you, Chaya, I really do. And I love reading what you want to say to me. I look forward to it, very much. So please, YT permitting, keep them coming - and if you join Facebook instead of Twitter, we can connect in real time there as well. I better go and sort out some stories for tonight''s Spooky Sessions video - I was going to read another story about Krampus - a fictional one this time - but received a complaint that I wasn't telling enough wintertime ghost stories. So, off I go to try and find some. I love you, my darling friend, and I will speak to you very soon. With lots of love, from your Golda xxxxxxx

  32. Candice Young

    Hi dear Hedda,I thought ur singing was lovely, what a wonderful song.,its so good to see u, and I hope ur feeling well,and when anyone gets a Facebook page going,,please let me know,and yes I'd love to learn more about your traditions,itll be great,,, love you ❤😘💜

    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven yes I'll work with daphne,and do what I can thanks

    2. Hedda's Haven

      @Candice Young Yes, it's so cold!! I think I might just open the group then hand over the reins to whoever wants to be admins. Would you like to be an admin, Candice? Maybe working with Daphne? xxxxxx

    3. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven yes,I think it's a great idea,and itll be a way to connect with each other differently, hope ur feeling better my friend, this cold weather has been so bad😘💜❤

    4. Hedda's Haven

      It's always wonderful to see you too, my Candice, and I'm so glad you enjoyed today's story! You're very kind about my singing! As soon as I hear anything about the Facebook group, I'll put a link to it in the next video for you. I can tell you're looking forward to it! We need it up and running asap!! Love you too sweetheart xxxxxxx

  33. Candice Young


    1. Candice Young

      @Daphne Marrable good morning sweetie 😘❤

    2. Daphne Marrable

      Good morning :)

  34. Kacha

    I love it before I've watched the video, the title alone! ❤❤❤ I loved the song, so fun the song itself and you singing! I hope you sing every day!! I think that 1 thirth of the halves went to live in the river, swum to a lake and became the Monster of Loch Ness, conspiracy theory numero uno 🧐

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you, Kacha love, I don't know if I'll sing all the time, this was a special occasion. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Lots of love xxxxxx

    2. Kacha

      @Daphne Marrable Yes such a fun song!

    3. Daphne Marrable

      And she sings!!!!

  35. These Four Walls

    Looking beautiful as always. I came to The Haven today to see my dear sister, Hedda. The story is a MUCH needed distraction right now. Today has been a tough day.... But tomorrow's a new day. 🌻 And love to all you other amazing Haveners. Wishing all wellness. Love you, Hedda. 💛💙💛

    1. These Four Walls

      @Hedda's Haven Thank you for always sharing such beautiful comments with me. 💛 But then again, you're my big sis, Ms. Hedda (with a heart of) Gold. I think in 2020, we're going to see an influx in subscribers here. More and more people are looking for a safe place to turn, like the haven.... Where there's no judgement, no bullying and unconditional acceptance and love. A warm place where all are welcome. I try to do the same with my channel.... Make it a safe place for people to open up, and not fear being stigmatized or judged. I closely monitor my comments for any signs of bullying. We all have struggles (whether it be mental health issues, substance abuse issues, loneliness, chronic pain, illnesses, depression, anxiety, ect....) Everyone should have the right to stand in their own truth, proudly, without fearing anyone else's ego. Authenticity is something that's lacking in SEsels. But here in our haven, I think we all show the beautiful side of humanity.... Many of us suffer from our own afflictions... Yet we all come forward to hold each other up, and guide each other forward. I hope 2020 brings about even more of these "safe spaces". I lost a friend the day before yesterday. She was a woman who had mastered kindness, and saw zero benefit in being cruel or callous to anyone. This world lost a true angel. So, let's all love each other, and if we disagree, we do so respectfully. Let's listen more than talk. And let's be sensitive to each other, because you never know what kind of day someone's had, or what they may be battling inside. Sorry for the long comment. No need to respond. Just wanted to share my appreciation and my love to all you Haveners..... 💙 And of course my love and pride in Hedda, for setting this whole thing in motion and for her caring commitment to all the Haveners. I hope you're feeling as well as can be expected, Hedda. My thoughts and prayers are with you all the time. 💙 Love you muchly!!!

    2. Hedda's Haven

      My darling Jay, I'm really sorry that you've had a bad day. My heart goes out to you, as it always does. I'm glad I was able to break through the dark cloud that has surrounded you today. If I could, I'd banish all the negativity away from you - you know I would. I'm glad also that you've remembered that every day is a new day. I wish for you, that tomorrow is a much better and brighter day for you, filled with positivity and happiness. And never forget how much I love you, my amazing brother. I'm so proud of you. Love you always, Jason xxxxxxx

    3. These Four Walls

      @Kate H Thank you, Kate. That means a lot to me. Much love and respect, friend.

    4. Daphne Marrable

      @These Four Walls Gratefully accepted :)

    5. Kate H

      Dear Jason, So sorry to hear that you're having a bad day x. They're horrible aren't they and they seem to last forever. Hope that tomorrow is much happier for you. Take care and be kind to yourself, with love x.

  36. Crabby Cow

    🦋🎈❤️so glad to see you love 💕 xoxo

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Very happy to see you too, love... and I loved the video you made about the snakes... I couldn't agree more xxxxxx

  37. Daphne Marrable


    1. Hedda's Haven

      @Daphne Marrable erm, no, I won't be singing every time, my voice isn't good enough, but thank you for always being so kind to me, my Daphne xxxxxxx

    2. Daphne Marrable

      @Kacha Of course, it would just be to have fun, right? Not because you feel you need it!! <3 ;)

    3. Kacha

      @Daphne Marrable Thank you so much! You always remind me of my make up and the fact that it would do me some good to apply it one day 😀😘

    4. Daphne Marrable

      @Kacha Hi beautiful!! :)

    5. Kacha

      Hello Daphne!! :-)

  38. GirlFriday

    You look beautiful tonight, Hedda! Your color is good, your makeup is perfect and your hair is very becoming. This is not the only look of yours that I enjoy, but it's one of your loveliest. I also love the purple wall! It's funky and cheery! My aunt would have loved visiting with you. She was always fascinated with the paranormal in all its forms, and she used to also say that reincarnation was the only thing that made sense, because it takes a lifetime to gain the wisdom that we need! Cheers and hugs, and thank you for sharing your top picks. I do love British comedy; my parents and I used to watch Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Keeping up Appearances, and a few others.

    1. Hedda's Haven

      awww thank you, love, I really appreciate the lovely things you've said about me, I'm very humbled. I love anything to do with the paranormal, you'll have gathered that by now, especially since I started the Friday Spooky Sessions. I try and bring the best stories I can, and hope it makes everyone happy. Lots of love to you xxxxxx

  39. Michael Turknett

    Loved this one, Hedda!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you, Michael sweetheart xxxxxx


    Hi I love this stuff thx for doing this & on this Friday can you go live on DEC 13,2019 at 7:00 at night plz let me know if your able to do that or contact me on the comment






    Hi this is cool


    I’m also sorry for your vires and that your swolen


    Belles to


    Your very pretty as friend I like you hair & shirt

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you very much xxxx


    Hi & I think your pretty as a friend and I think you are a cool person for doing this it’s cool like you:)😄

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you Natalie, you're very kind xxxx

  47. Jenna Marie

    Hey Hedda❤️ I love the live streams! I missed a couple but I was here for Halloween and it really was such a big help. I can’t wait to see you live again on the 21st and talk to more people from The Haven. I’m a little shy but I always feel safe here. I think a Facebook group is a wonderful idea! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Sending lots of love to you. Big Hugs🤗❤️

  48. GirlFriday

    Hedda, you are certainly never a fraud! You are absolutely honest, and speak your heart and what you see truthfully to people. You are a natural at listening, and looking deeply into people's souls and trying to understand their struggles.

  49. Neressa Partab

    Hello my dearest Hedda I loved this spooky sessions, I honestly didn't know about Krampus I've heard of it but never actually knew the story. You are sounding great I'm glad you are feeling better! Hope you had a lovely restful weekend, everyone around my neighborhood is in a holiday mood I'm so over it already but I have a good book I'm stuck on its by author Jojo Moyes it's called "still me" it's part of a trilogy there was a movie from this trilogy called "me before you" such a beautiful movie it will make you cry though, give it a watch when you get some time. I hope you got your Christmas gear ready like a hat or reindeer antlers ☺️ Love you dearly Xx 💗

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello my darling Neressa, I'll have a look at the movie you've told me about, I hadn't heard of it. I still haven't put up a xmas tree for my hubby yet, he says we can do it this coming weekend. I have another Krampus story for this coming Friday, this time it's fictional, so a bit spooky! I certainly do have a xmas hat ready for the livestream - you didn't think I'd come unprepared, did you? HA HA!! Just a heads up, Neressa, it's going to take nearly 3 hours to read "A Christmas Carol" so make sure you have a drink and a snack beside you. I love you very much. Big hugs xxxxxxx

  50. Kate H

    Hi Golda, Shavuah Tov xxx And Hello to whichever cat was chatting in the background, so sweet xx I'm so very sorry that I'm soo late Golda xxx. I've no real excuse, except I felt really yuk yesterday, a mixture of this lingering lurgy, the fact that I dislike the upcoming holidays and general depression. I slept most of the day so feel brighter today x. I hope that you are feeling tons better xx, you certainly look well here xxx. Thanks for the stories as ever, I loved them xx. But you'll never guess what, that yesterday there was a Krampus festival in Whitby, Yorkshire here in the UK. It's an annual event since 2015 apparently. I saw it on the local news, how's that for a coincidence lol!!!!!! Never heard of it before. There were 100s of amazing costumes, really frightening!!!! I love Whitby, haven't been for a few years now, it's so pretty but somehow sinister, I guess because of the Dracula association!!!. I think some people like the idea of being a vampire because they fancy being immortal, but like most things that's a definite double edged sword. Never ending life as a human here on earth ( feeding on others or not ) isn't all some would have us believe I'm sure. It seems to a perpetual belief throughout time which won't die though, intriguing and spooky!!!! Andy Williams, another blast from the past lol!!! I hope that Loraine is feeling at least a little better xxx. Refuah sh'leimah for the both of you xx. How are your feet and legs doing?? Hope that there's some improvement my friend xxx. Mum's still waiting to see the GP, no appointment until 18th December, by which time she'll have been home and waiting 27 days, it's disgraceful isn't it. There's only have one fulltime doctor, the other is part time crap and the other works Friday only and is really nice but doesn't know anyone from Adam!!!! People just don't want to be GPs, can't really blame them at the present time. I really wish that everyone would go to the polling stations and spoil their votes this time. I always spoil mine as we only have 2 choices here (I know we said no politics but I am sick of them just distracting us all with this Brexit crap, they really are all a load of incompetent shites imho). I hope that you're keeping warm Golda, this winter's getting me down already, the cold and damp is a horrific combination. Anyone that I've spoken to seems quite low and there's not much Christmas / Holiday cheer around, I'm going to gave to get a grip lol!! I think that the holidays are for children, I just love to see little ones when they tell you about Santa!! Oh and I used to go to watch the Nativity play when another friends kids were at school, I loved it and always cried. They're both at Uni now, so that's that lol!! I know that I'm not supposed to go see things like that really but the kids used to be waving and loved us all being there ( that's my excuse lol!!! ). I've even been to midnight mass, only as an observer of course, that made me cry too!!! Perhaps if I was Christian I would just cry!!!! No, that was more to do with the festive alcohol that I'd indulged in, making me weepy, I must admit xx. Golda are you still really sure about this Darles Chickens marathon on the next livestream?? Could you maybe do it in a couple of sessions or does that make it worse?? Anyhoo I must finish and go and be Fanny Craddock again in the kitchen lol, as I'm suddenly hungry. So you take loads of care, keep warm and safe my friend and true mensch xx. You rest and only make a vlog if you feel better, you NEVER let any of us down, ever xx Love you very much, your Chaya ✡❤⚘xxx

    1. Kate H

      @Hedda's Haven Dearest Golda, I'm so glad that the feeling is returning to your feet, Thank G-d. Let's hope that you get a neurology appointment sooner than later xxx. You can but live in hope!! But it is outrageous and I can't bear to listen to the blatant lies being told by any of the politicians, tbh they all make my skin crawl, as soon as they appear even in advertisements I have to turn over. They enrage me, just how stupid do they think we are!!! Some article was saying that the new 40 hospitals we were promised last election must be in the same postcode as Brigadoon lol, I thought how witty but sadly how true. Oh and the weather, I think that we're in for a long haul this year. People drive me crazy, everyone keeps saying how much they love the bad weather because now it's dark early they shut themselves in and enjoy the indoor cosiness by the fire etc. I don't understand Golda, all I think about are the people living rough outside or people who can't afford heating and food. It upsets me so much, I give what I can and even feed the stray cats that seem to be everywhere these days. How can people abandon them, there must be 10 that I feed, my neighbour's moan but won't help me catch them to get them neutered, I've caught 5 but the RSPCA just bring them back here afterwards!! I even caught 2 tiny baby hedgehogs and they didn't want them, anyway a small local animal shelter took them in for me, bless them. My cat was a feral kitten I rescued, she's so fat now she looks like a Sumo cat lol!!! I'm a year older now, ( no wiser!! ) which isn't helping anything lol. I literally have given up celebrating. I'm sure I'm repeating myself but when I got my first Sister's job there were 6 of us on the ward who all had the same birthday!!! I was always the oldest lol!!! We had some high old times then!!! People are generous but I'd rather they give to charity, I don't need anything, lots of things I'd like / want, but it's friends and kindness all year round from people such as yourself that I truly treasure now. Maybe I am growing up at last lol, it's taken long enough!!!! Well my friend please take care, especially if you're out driving xxx. Love you very much, your friend Chaya ✡😘⚘❤ xx xx. PS. Love and prayers to Loraine too xxx

    2. Hedda's Haven

      My darling Chaya, I'm sorry you're feeling low and not 100%. I wish I could change things for you. It's one of those times where I wish I could drive longer distances, and come and see you. Being selfish, it would do my heart good to see you. I'm also sorry about your mum. It is disgraceful, the length of time it is taking to see her. I made an appt for my daughter to see a GP, and the nearest date they could offer me, was Dec 21st. We have 11 GP's... 11. Half of them are full time. By the way, I made this appt for her two weeks ago. Just as well it's not dreadfully serious!!! Don't get me started on this effing general election. I spoiled my last ballot paper, and I intend doing the same again. None of them are worth voting for. As for the book marathon... yes, it's still going ahead - I'm committed to it, and I know many of the Haveners are looking forward to it. I'll probably sleep all of the following day, lol. It's like everything I do in life now - if I have to exert myself in any way, I know that for at least 2 days afterwards, I'll pay for it, one way or another. I've accepted that now. I promise you, I will be ok, and I'll take a swig of oramorph off camera when I need to. Sitting for that length of time, I can tell you, I'll have to - I can't sit still for that long, without pain relief. I'll be ok, and thank you for caring. I've been to midnight mass as well, and loved it. I had my daughter in a catholic school, she was always cast as the archangel Gabriel in all the nativity plays, due to her being so much taller than all the other kids (when she was 5, she was 8 inches taller than the tallest child in the whole year group, she stopped growing at 15 and is now 5'8, same height I used to be, I've lost 2 inches in height thanks to the crumbling spine) All her friends were jealous of her having Hanukkah as well as xmas (the ex bastard was a catholic) I seem to have the feeling back in my feet, thank G-d, but not in my thighs, which is downright weird. At least I can drive short distances to the shops and back. I won't know anything until I see the neurologist - whenever that is. Ah, it is what it is, darling. We have to keep dealing with these curve balls being thrown at us. I love you dearly, Chaya. I truly do. All my love, Golda xxxxxxx

  51. Gold Dust Woman

    Hi Hedda. I really do love listening to you read us these stories! I've never heard of the 1st story, but I think because Krampus was a movie, most people know who he is. I enjoyed the Krampus story. I'm really looking forward to hearing you read "A Christmas Carol". I've never read the Dinkins version. I used to really like Wednesday's Folk Tales, but it seems as if it's turned into a children's book reading with all the Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella stuff. I know I might come across as if I'm being rude, but I'm really not. I will keep my eye out for Folk Tales and legends. Thank You Hedda, Much Love to you💗

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello again GDW, it's lovely to see you. "A Christmas Carol" has 5 staves (mini chapters) and it's going to take about 2 and 3/4 hours for me to read it all, so it's going to be a long livestream on the 21st! It's been requested by so many Haveners, so I'm very happy to read it. I'm sorry that you're unhappy with the turn the Wednesday Folk Tales has taken. The first time I read Winnie the Pooh, was a birthday request; the 2nd time, was a request for a little girl in hospital. I'm lead by what the Haveners want me to do, and I've been asked to read the childrens' stories, like Snow White, etc. I do have an original folk tale to read to you all this coming Wednesday, it's from the region where I live, so I hope it is well received! The following Wednesday, I'm reading Dr Seuss "How the Grinch stole Christmas" as that has been a popular request too. I want to make sure everyone is happy, so if you could let me know what stories you'd like me to look into, then I can read them as well. It would really help me out. Lots of love to you as always xxxx

  52. Crabby Cow


  53. GirlFriday

    Your emotional power is like a laser, and your words so eloquent, even when you are as angry as you are here! I would have to read from a script for sure, in your shoes! I hope the emotions don't draw you under too much. Someone like that guy can't get away with this anymore. Sounds like he's pretty well made his own bed. God bless you, Hedda, for standing up for these young people, and sending hugs! 💚🌸🌺💗

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello Hedda love! Thank you for your kindness and understanding, considering I did use some pretty blue language in the video - I was beyond angry and upset at that moment. I'm glad that an ocean separates me from him, I wanted to tear him apart. He is still to this day, spouting absolutely dangerous nonsense about medication, etc. I wish he would just disappear! Lots of love to you and big hugs xxxxx

  54. Candice Young

    Hedda,u look so well tonight,,and I love ur makeup,,,loved the stories,,I have heard the Krampas story,I vaguely remember the other one,,great stories, perfect for the holidays, love you ❤😘💜

    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven oh that's very sweet,as I'm sure Daphne is much younger than me,,but shes so sweet,and supportive, so I'll take the compliment, thank you,lol,. I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard the stories thru the years,love you ❤😘💜

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you my Candice, you always support me no matter what I do! You genuinely warm my heart - you and Daphne together, I have you both joined at the hip, I think, because you're both so loving and supportive. I've not seen the Krampus movie, Daphne has, I don't know anything about it. Do you know, I only heard of Krampus this past year? I've lived a sheltered life, lol. Love you xxxxxx

  55. Cupcake Butterfolds

    I found your channel after my mom died...tomorrow will be one year that she went away. You remind me so much of her..its comforting....im alittle sad tonight so your cheering me up. Thank you i love your story time!

    1. Daphne Marrable


    2. Neressa Partab

      Hi there, welcome to the haven it's the best place to be. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom I pray for you to gain strength and may you always feel her love all around you. If you feel down there's many of us here at the haven who you can speak to. Join us for a Christmas live stream on December 21st Hedda is a gem and everyone is so welcoming. ❤️🦋

    3. Daphne Marrable

      @Candice Young <3

    4. Hedda's Haven

      I am so very sorry for your loss xxxxxx I'm glad I can be of some small comfort to you. I hope I can always make you feel loved, wanted and needed, and I don't ever want you to feel alone, because you're never alone. Your mum is with you, always. I believe this very strongly. If you look for signs from her, you'll see that she has done something to let you know she is around you. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Much love to you xxxxxx

    5. Candice Young

      Oh I'm so very sorry,,I've list both of mine now,my dad just a year and a half ago,,its tough,especially around the holidays, ,I'm glad Hedda can be a comfort to you 😊

  56. Cupcake Butterfolds


  57. Candice Young


    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven 😘❤

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Hello my Candice xxxxxx

  58. Daphne Marrable

    Hello! These were interesting. I didn't know the first one, and I'm curious if anyone else does. I only knew a little of the krampus one; I also think I saw the krampus movie at some point

    1. Daphne Marrable

      @Hedda's Haven yep, lol

    2. Hedda's Haven

      @Daphne Marrable I just watched the trailer... scared the poop out of me... eeek xxxxxxx

    3. Daphne Marrable

      @Hedda's Haven It has toni collette, and I love her www.imdb.com/title/tt3850590/

    4. Hedda's Haven

      I've not seen the Krampus movie, is it any good? xxxxxx

    5. Candice Young


  59. Michael Turknett

    Wishing for a speedy recovery for you, miss Hedda!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you so much, darling Michael, I'm feeling a lot better now. Take care, lots of love as always xxxxxx

  60. GirlFriday

    So beautifully said, Hedda. Right now, I don't feel as close to my hometown friends anymore as I used to, and closer to friends I grew up with and new friends on the west coast. I'm in a state of transition, wanting a whole new start living in a different part of the country, for some years now, but not moving very fast. I have to remember to enjoy the journey, but it can be lonely.

    1. Hedda's Haven

      @GirlFriday Hedda is a family name, and it's lovely for me to meet another person with the same name! xxxxx I believe that it can take time to find the right place where you can settle down, and feel "yes, this is home!" and once you get that feeling, it's wonderful. I feel like this about the home I have now. I always wanted to live in a bungalow, but couldn't afford it - they are expensive to buy over here. Little did I realise that it would be me in a wheelchair, that would get me into the bungalow of my dreams (it's not perfect, the kitchen cupboards are too high for me) and as it's rented, I can only make certain adjustments with the landlord's permission - the house is owned by a huge housing corporation, and they call the shots at the end of the day. As you quite rightly say, life is a very interesting journey, with it's twists and turns. It's how we adapt to the curve balls thrown at us, and how we change as we adapt. It's never dull, that's for sure! xxxxxx

    2. GirlFriday

      @Hedda's Haven Thank you so much! My name is actually Hedda too, and I have never met someone in person with my name before! I may have mentioned this after an earlier video of yours, as I'm making my way through your videos from the beginning, enjoying them all. I have read about women named Hedda from time to time, met someone who knows someone, etc., but haven't actually met someone with the name. I live in Nebraska, in the central U.S. (big flooding news last spring), where my mother moved us in 1973 after the government dispossessed 1500 people along the Delaware River in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. That's a long story, but my parents are both deceased and I am alone now, and would love a new third chapter in Oregon. I have moved several times locally, but haven't reached "escape velocity" yet. Several friends and one cousin have actually beaten me to Oregon. 😄😄 Thank you, Hedda, for your kindness, your courage and your sense of humor! Life is such an interesting journey. 💚💖

    3. Hedda's Haven

      Hello love, I'm sorry I don't know your name. You're right, the transition between old and new can be very lonely, until you find your feet, your foundation. That can mean new location, new people, new job, new neighbours, new friends. We've all done it when we've said that we'll keep in touch, by letter, email, text, phone call... and maybe in the beginning that has happened for a while, then the drifting begins. If you've relocated for a fresh start, that can be very hard for you, transitioning from the old to the new, and if you're finding the new areas in your life hard to handle, yes, it can be very lonely. The only piece of advice I can give you, is to try and meet folk half way, either through joining a library or a club, or even asking a neighbour or a work colleague to join you for a cup of coffee. From small acorns, great oaks grow, or so they say! Even developing online friendships can lead to you meeting someone from the same state. One final thing I do want to say to you, is that when you are feeling lonely, you can always come here to the Haven, where you will always receive a warm welcome - and when the new Facebook group is up and running, then there will be somewhere you can go to on a daily basis, for you to chat with someone every day. I'm certain that it will help you, knowing there are like minded people, who are kind and loving, for you to talk to. I hope this helps, and you can talk to me anytime. Much love to you xxxx

  61. Crabby Cow

    Omg! You sound terrible! Please go to bed and don’t think about youtube. ❤️🥰🦋🤒😷feel better soon xoxo

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I spent yesterday in bed, love, I feel a lot better today. Thank you for caring about me xxxxxx

  62. SanaLovesMahado1

    You sound terrible, Hedda! Please get some rest and it's okay if you skip out on Friday night if you're not feeling well by then. Health is more important than a video. Feel better soon! 💜💜💜💜

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you, Jessie love xxxxxx Hopefully I'll be a hell of a lot better by then. You're always so very kind to me, and I value and appreciate you more than you realise. Lots of love to you as always xxxxxxx

  63. Stephanyia Scarfogliero

    Hedda, I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello Stephanyia, thank you so much for your kindness. I hope you and Giuliana enjoy Cinderella, and I hope she's feeling a lot better. We send you all our love xxxxxx

  64. Kate H

    Oh Golda, bless you xx. Refuah sh'leimah my dearest friend xxx. It sounds as if you have the dreaded flu lurgy on top of everything else. Initially I just caught sight of the orange tufts on the screen and thought that you'd had a terrible hairdressing catastrophe!!!! You poor darling. I'm sending you all of my love and prayers xxx. Hope Loraine is a little better too xx. Please don't even think of replying to this, we'll talk soon, when you're much better xxx Sorry Golda, it's been a really crappy time for you and yours lately and I pray G-d sends you relief soon. Thankyou for reading this in spite of everything, I loved it xxx. It was a little different. I do love going to the pantomime at Christmas lol!!!! Keep resting, drink plenty of fluids and look after yourself xx. If love alone could make you feel well Golda then you would never be unwell ever again xxx Speak soon, love you so much, your Chaya ✡💖⚘

    1. Kate H

      Dearest Golda, you are right I wouldn't lie to you, or anyone, it's pointless. I do mean that if loving someone enough could cure all ills, you would never have to suffer again xx. Unfortunately I don't have that power, but that doesn't mean that you're not worthy xx. I do understand that once you've had those wicked words constantly drilled into your brain, especially when an adult has abused their own child, the most precious gift G-d has entrusted to them, you can never ever get them out, no matter what therapy you go through or how many people tell you that they love you. There's always this doubt that you're not good enough, you don't deserve love and on and on. I honestly do understand, I heard my father, even during those blessed years when I was living abroad, mum used to visit and it was great. Most people don't know I have a father because I hate him and am ashamed of being so unloved. Just yesterday I nearly literally pushed him down the stairs, I can't leave him with my mum because he's so abusive but crafty with it, mental abuse is so corrosive. He's a coward. It was minus 4°C and the house had no heat on and he was sat in his "office " with the door shut and an electric fire blazing out and he had put a smaller fuse on the fire in the sitting room so if mum plugged it in it wouldn't work. They have central heating and aren't short of money, mum worked but he controls every penny. I can't begin to tell you. I remembered yesterday, my brother had asthma when a teenager and used to cough a lot, he actually said to him ( I was sat with him )" I wish you'd choke to death " because his coughing was annoying him, well tragically he got his wish as my little brother did stop breathing and was brain dead for 5 days before he was taken off life support and let go. Now of course my mum is heartbroken and he, who is a genuine narcissist and liar is playing the bereaved parent, when we both know he doesn't care, only an opportunity to get sympathy and attention for himself. I'm still called a whore, stupid, ugly etc but when I scream abuse (and my language is dark navy with him ) he has the temerity to tell me not to speak to him like that. These people should never be parents or allowed to marry and hurt the very people that they should love. Sorry Golda, rant over, but I don't know what to do with all this hatred xx. I truly believe that chronic illness and pain and poor mental health stems from this childhood abuse in many cases. Not all, but I have read recent medical papers on fibromyalgia, ? stemming often from childhood traumas of various kinds. This enraged me more because not only do these evil individuals scar you mentally they take your health too. That's what I was trying to explain in the livestream xx. Can't wait for the next one btw and I do hope that you're starting to feel at least a little better today my friend xx. You're always in my thoughts and prayers Golda xx Love you so much, your Chaya 💖😘✡ PS. Darles Chikkens is my favourite author xxx. Can't you find an abbreviated version Golda, that's a marathon read, in fact that's a whole series!!!xx PS The bbc have just announced that they are showing A Christmas Carol in several parts during the holiday season xxx

    2. Hedda's Haven

      My darling Chaya, I want you to try and understand what I'm trying to say to you. When you said, if love could heal, I'd never be unwell again... I started to cry, because I just felt so unworthy... my mother's voice telling me how worthless I am, that's all I could hear. I know she's been dead for 8 years, but her words and actions are as alive to me, as she said and did them all those years ago. I should banish everything she said and did into the past, where they belong. But it's so hard. You and all the other Haveners are always so kind and loving towards me, and believe me, I know how lucky I am. There's always this voice saying "are you sure it's me they are speaking to?" Weird I know. I know you would never lie to me, so it's not that. It's just me having to accept and believe what I'm told. I think the cold weather has a bad effect on all of us, in some physical way or another. I know my mood takes a tumble, and the cold is crap for my joints, just the same as anyone with osteoarthritis. And of course, fibromyalgia is no respecter of weather, or person. I do know this much, if the love I have for you alone, my darling Chaya, could heal everything that brings you low, it would take care of it all xxxxxxx It's years since I went to the pantomime... these days I wait to see what is on the TV. The next live is going to be a long one... Darles Chikkens is going to take 2 hours and 38 minutes to read, without breaks. It's going to be a challenge, and no mistake! Anyway, I'll leave this here for now, I'm going to take some cocodamol and head to bed. I hope you are ok and keeping warm. I love you very much, from your own Golda xxxxxxx

  65. Daphne Marrable

    Hello! I'm out running errands so I'll have to listen tonight. Love you all!! ❤❤❤ Hedda, oh my goodness! You should be in bed! You are too good to us. Please rest!!!

    1. Daphne Marrable

      @Hedda's Haven Glad to hear it <3

    2. Hedda's Haven

      It's ok, my Daphne, I'm up and about today. Love you xxxxxx

    3. Hedda's Haven

      Ok my Daphne, speak to you soon, Love you xxxxxx

    4. Candice Young


  66. Candice Young

    Oh dear hedda, I'm so very sorry ur not feeling well,,,,u do sound congested. Love the bears,so cute,aw. I love Cinderella as well,,miss seeing ur face,but I do understand, I appreciate u doing the video when ur feeling poorly,,I'll be praying for you, love you ❤😘💜

    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven just having some one who understand helps alot,I feel the same,I wish I could take ur pain from u,,,I appreciate it so much, ur videos always help💜❤😘

    2. Hedda's Haven

      @Candice Young I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. I am with you all the way, and I do understand how you're feeling, sweetheart. I wish I could take it from you xxxxxxx

    3. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven you're welcome sweetheart,,I hate that ur hurting,,yes,the cold has really bothered me this year well,,its had me down in my back, my hands hurt so bad,alot of mine is osteoarthritis, but there's some other things going on, that 1 day I'll eventually get to tell u about,,I just pray that u get better,btw I loved the bears,as u know I'I love my bears,lol🐻❤😘💜🐻

    4. Hedda's Haven

      ah Candice sweetheart, it is what it is, it must be the cold weather, I think it affects all of us physically in one way or another. I was determined not to let all of you down, I can be bloody minded when I want to be, lol. Thank you for your prayers, I pray for you too, you and all the Haveners are always in my prayers. I love you too xxxxxx

  67. Neressa Partab

    Oh my dear dear Hedda why do you love us this much! You are so ill but yet you are here making a video for us. Please get lots of rest, keep warm and have a nice warm stew maybe a chicken stew would be good for the cold. I'm listening to the story as I type this, it's my ultimate Disney story since I was a little girl. You are G-d given really an earth angel, we love you and appreciate you being here even though you are ill. I hope you feel better soon sending you lots of hugs kisses and well wishes. Love you dearly Xx 💗

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you, my darling Neressa, you're always so very kind to me. I hope you enjoyed your favourite story. I love you very much xxxxxxx

  68. Candice Young


    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven 💜❤

    2. Candice Young

      @Daphne Marrable hey sweetheart ❤💜

    3. Daphne Marrable

      Hi friend!! :)

    4. Hedda's Haven

      Hello Candice sweetheart xxxxxx

  69. GirlFriday

    Hedda, your hair looks lovely, and I have totally enjoyed this! Thank you so much for being so genuine, straight from your soul. God bless you, and your friend Jimmy, may his life take a beautiful turn for the better. My name is Hedda too, and though I have yet to actually meet someone with my name, I know a few people who know someone with the name, etc. This talk has been powerful! 💚💖🌸🏵

  70. Laura Cloutier

    I had a family gathering during the live stream so I couldn't bug you in real time. But next time....next time....

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Yes, next time, Laura love xxxxxx

  71. 4F Beauty & Lifestyle

    This was fascinating thank you lovely xx

  72. Steph

    The livestream was so comforting and healing for me, to have so many essentially 'strangers' (obviously some i know more than others) all showing me so much love and kindness was really heart warming. Love you Hedda and love the haven so much <3 xxxx

    1. Steph

      @Hedda's Haven Thank you <3 <3

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Steph, they wouldn't have shown you the love they did, if they didn't want to, or feel it was the right thing to do. It's obvious to me, how much you're loved. I love you. You're a very lovable girl. xxxxxx

  73. Crabby Cow

    Lovely 😊

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello my darling sister xxxxxx

  74. Neressa Partab

    Hello to the wonderful haveners and my dearest Hedda hope you all are well. Hi dear Hedda how have you been and I'm so sorry I missed the livestream, I love our livestreams but I was abit busy my younger sister was in the hospital she's out now and doing much better. Congratulations to Clarissa on the new baby! 🎉 You look beautiful as ever, such a good video the haven is my safe place and my happy place. Cant wait for the next livestream I'm looking forward to it! I cannot believe we are in December this year has flown by! This is the most safest place to be and we help each other through anything, all welcome and it's all because of you Hedda you gave us a safe place with amazing people, we can have a little giggle, a cry or even a good ol rant. Hedda and the haveners are angels!!! I'm looking forward to the FB group and yes it would be safer and better if it's closed. We can communicate more often, I don't have Twitter I never really got the hang of it. Lots and lots of love my dear Hedda Gold, my shooting star 🌠💗 PS, Cinderella is my favourite fairytale / folklore since I've been a little girl, excited for Wednesday.

    1. Hedda's Haven

      My darling Neressa, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, I hope she is doing so much better now. Everything you say about the Haven is true. I'm glad it has evolved into a family community. Ok, yes, I may have started the channel, but it would be nothing without all of YOU. I'm merely a figurehead, and I carry out what you ask of me. I'm more than happy to do that. I hope you feel doubly happy today as the folk tales video is "Cinderella" and I really do hope you enjoy it. I love you dearly, Neressa, and this is your online home. Once the Facebook group is up and running, this will be another outlet for you. I'll pop in from time to time, but the daily running will be down to the Haveners - and that means ALL Haveners. I can't wait to see it. xxxxxx

  75. Shenoa

    I call that shade avacado green ❤❤

    1. Hedda's Haven

      @Shenoa awww, you have great taste xxxxxx

    2. Shenoa

      @Hedda's Haven I love it!!!! My kitchen is the same colour and so was my wedding ❤❤❤

    3. Hedda's Haven

      You're right, Shenoa, it is that colour, and when the towels came today, they match - so I have avocado hand towels as well now! Love you xxxxxx

  76. Marina King

    Hello ❤️

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello Marina love! It was so good to see you in the live the other night, I hope you can make it to the next one which will be on the 21st December, I'd love to see you xxxxxx

  77. i'm me

    You made me smile thank you

  78. These Four Walls

    We hold each other up here in the haven. We don't tear down. We love, and uplift. It's a SAFE haven. We're all here for each other. And that's a blessing. I love you my dear sis, Hedda. Love to all the haveners. 💛

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Exactly, Jay. I couldn't have said it any better myself. I love you very much, my darling brother. xxxxxx

    2. Neressa Partab

      Yes 🙌🏼 lots of love 💗

  79. Kacha

    Hello Hedda! Oh I love the idea of olive green for the 'small room' as we call it :-) I have heating troubles too, it's not fun! I watch your video wrapped up as a taco in my fleece. For really cold days I have bought me a onesie (don't know how to write that) and I look like a ladybug 🐞 I think it's smart to delegate a possible fb-group. You can't do all! I just found out that we're going to celebrate the birthday of the bf (his birthday is on the 24th) so we always need to find another day to do a proper party and this year it will be on the 21st. I hope to catch the next live stream of course. Thank you for the video, you 'just' talking to us is really my fav. And - also important - they are up just before my bedtime and I'm always so glad to see you 'pop up' in my subscriptions and be able to watch immediately. They make me happy! And I enjoyed your singing in the live! Much love xxx

    1. Hedda's Haven

      We wish an early "Happy Birthday" to your bf from all of us here in the Haven xxxxxx I'm so glad you enjoyed the live and it made you happy. I agree wholeheartedly with what you say about the Facebook page - that will be the Haveners' baby. Lots of love to you as always xxxxxx

  80. Candice Young

    Hello my dear friend,,I'm glad to see u feeling and looking better,,,and I couldn't agree more about the livestream, it was fantastic, I'm so glad ur happy aboutit,,,its special what we all have here,that's for sure. As far as the Facebook group,,I also think it's a wonderful idea,,I'll be more than happy to be involved in some way,,but I'm not extremely internet savvy, so I don't know how to even make a Facebook group,but I'm willing maybe to help with it if I can in some capacity, so whoever's willing to start it,just let me know what's needed..and I'll do what I can to help . My ears perked right up when u mentioned Winnie the Pooh,,of course I'd love that,if everyone else is also,but im very biased about it lol. Oh I was gonna mention, if ur looking for a smaller Christmas story,Dr Suess,How the Grinch stole Christmas is a short book,and a great one. I love you my friend,❤😘💜

    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven ❤💜😘

    2. Hedda's Haven

      @Candice Young Love you too, sweetheart xxxxxx

    3. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven oh thank you, I think a Facebook group will be great as well, and I agree it would be best for everyone if it's a closed group also. But I'll help as much as I can,whatever I can do. No worrys,i loved the Cinderella story,,I'm excited about a Christmas Carol, that is alot for u,2,and a half hours,wow,I knew it'd be a long one,hope ur well by then,take care my friend, again I'm so sorry ur not feeling well, love you 💜😘❤

    4. Hedda's Haven

      Candice, sweetheart, I know you will be a huge asset to the new Facebook group. It will be somewhere you can all go to on a daily basis, and talk to each other, rather than waiting to chat when I upload a video. The more I think about it, the better I love the idea of it. It needs to be a closed group, so you can all feel safe and protected. Don't worry, I will be reading more Winnie the Pooh in the future. I'm going to read The Grinch on the folk tales video on the week running up to xmas. I've timed A Christmas Carol, and without breaks, will take 2 hours and 38 minutes to read aloud. That's mind blowing, so it will be a LONG live that night, just be prepared!! I love you too, very much xxxxxx

  81. Rea Snakespeare

    Lucky you getting outside, I never got through the door, but the bathroom, hall and both bedrooms have been "winter cleaned" ready for the holidays, day off tomorrow and "winter clean the kitchen and lounge on Wednesday, all being well. Well done for doing some painting, it feels good when you feel able to do a bit of decorating or another job that you have difficulty with sometimes. I live with 2 men (hubby and son) and I sometimes feel very lonely. That's why I spend too much time online, SEsels and live streaming sites, chat rooms, social media etc I intend to get more of a life in the new "roaring 20s". The Haven is one of the few places where I feel welcome, even liked, so thank you all for that. After a lifetime of being treated badly by people, used even, it's so nice to be somewhere where I can be myself and people are actually nice to me. I try to chat a bit, but spend much of the time just trying to keep up. Yes, please, a Facebook group is an excellent idea, it would be great to see people on a daily basis. I could be the CEO but I would need a 6 or 7 figure salary lol Feel free to add me there and on Twitter if you like. Re: the Christmas livestream, looking forward to it. I have an idea about that too, will message you later. We all fall short of perfection, some of us feel guilt and try to do better, some of us beat ourselves up about it, some of us apologise too much! Chat soon, love you lots xxxxxxxx

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I dunno about a 6/7 figure salary, missus, I can pay you in bottle tops LOL I think the new Facebook group is an excellent idea, as long as it's closed. I think we can all agree on that. As for you running it, it's not up to me but as I'm biased, I think you're an excellent choice. But... and here is the HUGE but... please, no one ask me to choose one of you to do this, or choose admins. Nope, can't and won't do it. It's like choosing who is your favourite friend out of a huge crowd of wonderful friends. Nope, this is down to you guys to sort out between you. I'm not driving this bus, I'm merely a passenger. I've timed how long it will take me, without breaks, to read A Christmas Carol. TWO HOURS & THIRTY EIGHT MINUTES. 2.38. eeeek. It's going to be a long live that night. I love you loads xxxxxxx

    2. Neressa Partab

      Rea you are a gem! We love you!! Cant wait to catch up on the next livestream. Here in South Africa we are approaching summer it's so hot and uncomfortable 🤪 I can't wait to spend a white Christmas of even a cold one sometime in my life. Enjoy the winter cleaning. Lots and lots of love 💗

  82. Candice Young


    1. Candice Young

      @Hedda's Haven 😊💜😘❤

    2. Hedda's Haven

      And hello to you too!! xxxxxx

    3. Candice Young

      @Daphne Marrable hi sweetheart 💜😘❤

    4. Daphne Marrable

      Hi friend!

  83. Daphne Marrable

    hello! Thank you for your endless dedication to us, my friend. Christmas will be awesome. :)

    1. Daphne Marrable

      @Hedda's Haven Same here, beautiful friend! <3

    2. Hedda's Haven

      I'm really looking forward to our first xmas together, as friends and Haveners, my Daphne. I love you xxxxxx

    3. Daphne Marrable

      @Kacha Hey, beautiful! :)

    4. Kacha

      Hello :-)

  84. Colin

    I missed the stream but catching up now. You have nothing to be sorry for, you have to do whatever makes things easier! Thankyou so much for this. It will be interesting if the Facebook page thing materialises! x Your videos/streams always give my days (or nights) a little happy boost!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello to you in real time, Colin, but hopefully I will for the xmas live on Dec 21st. If the Facebook group does take off, I won't be running it, I'm delegating it to all of you, to help it get off the ground. Quite a few of you want tin to happen, and I wish it every success. I'm glad that the lives and videos help you, Colin, that makes me happy xxxxx

  85. Kate H

    Hi Golda, Yom Tov xxx Sorry, I put my comment under the wrong video!!! I'm so so sorry to hear about your latest news my friend, it's shocking even though you've already been pre warned. I think that as humans we never really think that it will happen to us. Refuah sh'leimah Golda xx. You certainly are not a coward, you need time to process things like this. I wish you could also get emotional support too Golda, I know that you have a fab family, but a professional/ impartial therapist may help you cope better mentally. I know that there is piss poor mental health help out there but just someone to offload onto. It's been blow after blow for you lately. And poor Loraine, going through the hell that is chemo, I don't think I could do it, but I understand her will to live so very badly. I of course will keep my promise to join Twitter by Hanukkah xxx. You might be sorry when you get bombarded with my daily witterings lol!!!! Thankyou for cheering me up last night, you're a natural at live streams xx. I wasn't quite with it but I loved spending time with you and so many other Haveners, a truly lovely bunch xx. What a fantastic community you've attracted Golda xxx. You look after your precious self and take time out from making vlogs if you need to xxx And please keep warm in this artic weather xx Love you so much, your Chaya xx

    1. Kate H

      @Hedda's Haven I am so very sorry Golda. I'm not saying that some people deserve to be unwell but over the years at work it's saddened and sickened me that decent, kind and caring people like you seem to suffer much more than the selfish, mean and downright hateful bastards that care for no one but themselves. Sounds awful I know but why is my bastard of a father allowed to have perfect health when he's done nothing but abuse my mum.(& me as a child). Meanwhile she fights for every breath and everyone that has ever met her always says what a lovely, fun, kind and giving lady she is. Someone stopped me in Tesco the other day and asked how she was, neither of us have seen her since 1981, but she remembered mum. She's so frail, she's 5'7" and weighs 40kg. I used to weigh 65kg at 5'9", when I moved back from London I lost weight to 45kgs. Luckily I've put my weight back on but not mum, I really think that it's stress brought on by his emotional abuse, blackmail and bullying behaviour. If I told you what he's like I know that you would believe me because of your family history, but most think I'm exaggerating, until they meet him. He wouldn't visit mum in hospital because he didn't want to pay for car parking ( he has a blue card he uses, even though he walks 5 plus miles a day ) you can't use blue cards at the hospital. He has 2 mobile phones and refused to lend one to mum so she could talk to me!! He turns the heat down, he's stolen the batteries out of the smoke detectors and cordless phones upstairs, he's taken the fuse out of their electric fire in the lounge so mum can't use it, but has a heater in his "office "room. He begrudges every penny she spends even though she worked for years to pay the mortgage off. Not one flower or card or chocolate did he buy her on their 60th wedding anniversary!!! He,'s spiteful, crafty, not short of money and these are only the things I can print publicly. I want to leave the UK and go back to Israel but don't feel my mum is safe if I'm not around Golda. Sorry didn't mean to go on, just not right when you and Loraine are suffering so very much. You are always in my prayers xx. Btw did y see Leife Greenz apology to you in one of her latest vids with the baby?? I am going to join Twitter BUT am going to be very selective as to whom I communicate, ie only yourself and Haveners. If that's possible, cos I don't have strength nor inclination to argue with nudniks with an agenda xx. Oh and I've been having the usual chat with my ex and he promises that if Def Leppard are playing anywhere near to you in the future (I've told him to try to sort the schedule lol) I'm to let you know and u can have as many backstage passes as you like and you can then come with me into the wags and family hospitality box or make yourself comfy in their private backstage lounge which is always the same wherever in the world they are. Then of course you can meet them all, I go down to the dressing rooms and into the communal shower lol!!! They have a tradition of a pre and post concert shower together, always have, so I know where we can find them!!! You don't have to do that bit honest lol!!! They are all respectful and genuinely lovely " lads " who have never changed, although we all still miss Steve like mad ( his nasty dad, Barry, is still alive and well ). Sorry I've got off subject a little but please don't think that when you don't hear from me it's because I don't think and worry about you xx Refuah Sheleimah for you and Loraine xx. You're rendition of Simeh Tov mazel tov was a joy my lovely friend, I'd have joined in all night xxx. It was good to have happy news xxx, but I didn't think Klarissa was ever going to tell us the name lol!! Must finish now and do my Fanny Craddock in the kitchen!! Poor old Fanny, and Johnny of course, bless them. Didn't we watch some stuff back then he, he!! Although I loved Liver Birds, Bread, Good Life etc It's all murders now, hardly escapism. Speak soon. Love you very much Golda, your Chaya x x x

    2. Hedda's Haven

      My darling Chaya, it was wonderful seeing you in the live!! And I'm glad you joined in with my terrible rendition of Simeh tov mazel tov, I can't hold a note these days. As for me, it is what it is. When you're told by a neurologist that your spine is "knackered" that was the exact word used to describe my spine and the state it was in - after the first MRI I was asked if I'd been in an RTA, a serious one at that - then asked if I was sure I hadn't been in one, when I said clearly, no, I've had slight whiplash in 2002 but that's it, he organised a 2nd MRI to double check his findings, he told me then what to expect in the years to come, and one of them was that the nerves to my legs and feet would be affected, so I wouldn't be able to feel them... and he said, this will happen within 7 years - well, it went over my head at the time. 7 years was a long way away as far as I was concerned, and in my head, it was never going to happen, not to me, I'd ride the storm and prove them wrong. He also said the same about my hands and arms... well my left hand and arm are definitely weaker than the right, I do have lack of sensation there. But it is what it is, my friend. It was a massive shock, and I doubled over and sobbed my guts out because I was scared shitless and so frightened. I couldn't talk to anyone without crying. Plus, I've been keeping up with Loraine all week, and she is really suffering - what her sister said to her has stayed firmly locked in her brain that she won't beat this liver cancer. I could slap her sister, I really could. So all in all, it wasn't the best week. I still don't have any feeling below the waist. Jut as well I wear nappies. I don't go through any worse than others have to deal with, Chaya. Look at Loraine, and all other sufferers of terminal diseases. I'm lucky. The family say everything is fine. I've been offered 6 hours of counselling by the GP, using their counselling service. I thought, nah, can't be arsed. I'd rather talk to you, and all the folk in the Haven, who I know genuinely care about me. Please will you stay safe and warm? And let me know how your mum is doing? And don't worry about Twitter. Only do it if you want to. If your gut says no, please do not do it. Follow your gut in all things. I love you very much. From your own Golda xxxxxx

  86. Julie Harris

    Sorry I missed you dear love you and pray for you always!We ate going to have a foot of snow by tomorrow and it's very cold my fibromyalgia is acting up and I'm hurting but that's the way it is.Keep the Haven going I love all of you lovely people❤❤❤

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I'm sorry you couldn't make it, Julie love, and I'm sorry you're having to deal with fibro as well. My heart goes out to you. We love you too, and stay warm and safe in the cold weather xxxxx

  87. Crabby Cow

    So sorry I missed you !!!! Xoxo

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Don't worry love, there's always next time, Dec 21st, the "Haven Xmas" livestream, hopefully you can come to that one? Love you xxxxx

  88. Michael Turknett

    Great stream Hedda!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Thank you Michael love xxxxx

  89. Kate H

    Golda, I'm so very very sorry to hear about what you're going through now, I can only imagine how frightened you must be xxx. Whatever we're told we never really think that it will actually happen to us, part of being human imho. It's hope over experience I guess, but it's so unfair. Refuah sh'leimah to both yourself and Loraine. I could tell that you were upset and anxious on your last video. Thankyou for going live tonight, it's been a great respite from all the sh*te going on here, you always cheer me up and I know that it's at the expense of your health. It's one thing after another for you at the moment my friend xxx. I wish that I lived nearer, I'd insist on being able to help you in some way xx. You're always an inspiration to me Golda, always. You should be proud of yourself, I'm proud of you and so damn lucky to be able to call you friend and true mensch. I will of course keep my promise to join Twitter by Hanukkah xxx. I just get apprehensive when people say that it's toxic. I guess you have to use your discretion xx Look after yourself Golda, please give my love to Loraine, I'm sorry she's going through the horrors of chemo and I know that you're frightened for her too xxx. Life can be a sod at times to put it mildly xxx. Be kind to yourself and take time out when you need to xx Love you very much, your "old" friend Chaya xx xx✡💕🥰⚘

  90. These Four Walls

    💛💛 Thank you for letting me enjoy some time with you this evening, my love. And thanks to all the Haveners. Love to all. 💛💛 Chat again soon, my sister.

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I'll see you soon, lil' bro. I love you. xxxxxxxx

  91. Jiffy Mellor

    Love ya

  92. Kate H

    Shavuah Tov Golda xxx. A thousand apologies for not replying sooner, it's one of those weeks again. Even though it's been a little grim at this end I have thought about you constantly and kept you in my prayers my dearest friend xx. Then when I watched this I was more concerned than ever, even though you did your usual sterling job with your narration, you sound to be holding something back. Imho you sound very sad Golda and it hurts to see you hurting xxx. I hope that you're not feeling too poorly and are coping with this weather. Dimwit me thought you were live streaming at 9pm, when you clearly say 11pm!!! So I was sat here waiting lol!!, I get worse honestly ; talk about not knowing your arse from your elbow. So, G-d willing I'll be back at 11pm, love you lots, from a chilly Chaya xx xx xx💖

  93. Megan Duncan

    Hedda, I've been lurking on you for a while, but I'm never much of a commenter. (Nothing against you. I think it's just my introversion. I don't speak up much, even on social media.) But today I felt compelled. I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely adore you. You are such a sweet and calming soul and the world needs more of you. I hope you are well, as much as you can be. 💕 As a viewer, I especially love Spooky Session Fridays. I'm a bit of an odd one I guess. 😂 But I love all of your content. If you find anything in particular about South Dakota in the USA, I'd love to hear it. I live there, and I'm surrounded by beautiful native American culture, and it is full of supernatural stories. Plus, I'm interested to see what someone from another country may or may not be able to find. Sorry if I rambled too much. All my love. 💕❤

    1. Megan Duncan

      Hedda's Haven Oh, I'm elated to see your response! My apologies for a delayed reply and missing out on the fun! Reason being, here in South Dakota, we had a wicked snow storm two nights ago, and as I work in health care, I ended up working a 16 hour shift (starting at 3:00 in the afternoon USA mountain time on Saturday, with the storm rolling through already, until 7:00 the following morning.) I had also worked a 12 hour the day before the storm (Friday), and a 12 hour today (Monday). I have a day off tomorrow and will be doing some catching up on things, including the stream and video you have posted since then. :-) And sleep, of course, haha. Hopefully, I'll be able to pop in on a livestream one day soon while I'm not working! Or, at the very least, I'll be sure to say hello amd chat more often in the comments in other videos as well. 💕 Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. Lots of love and hugs back to you, Hedda. ❤

    2. Hedda's Haven

      Hello Megan love, thank you so much for speaking up and talking to me! And you haven't rambled on at all - I'm really touched, and humbled, by your kind words. I can promise you, Megan, I'm nothing special at all, I'm just me, and if you can come to the livestream later on this evening (it begins at 11pm GMT London time) I'd love to see you there, and get the chance to say hello to you. I don't know if you were here for our Halloween in the Haven, we all had a wonderful time. And you'll be able to see that I'm exactly the same, live, as I am in a video. I'm still mad as a box of frogs, and twice as daft. And you certainly aren't odd - I love anything to do with the paranormal - I could talk about it, watch videos about it, read about it, 24/7 365. So I'd be in good company! I will definitely look into South Dakota, and I'll bring something to the table for next week's Spooky Sessions. I'm going to research all the individual states, and unearth their ghost stories - it will be an education for me, and bring the United States to life for me. I love history, and I have always been fascinated with the native culture - I've always been very drawn to it, all of my life, as far back as I can remember. One of my favourite books is about Sacajawayah (I am really sorry, for not spelling her name correctly, I can't remember how to spell it) I also understand you wanting my perspective on what I find - I just hope I can share what I've found, and make it interesting for you and everyone else. I really do hope you can come to the livestream later. Sending you lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

  94. Linda Tannock

    Sorry to hear you've not been feeling so good Hedda 😔 Really hope you're doing a bit better now 💖💖 I get the nasal drip too. Especially when I eat. It's so annoying! I get it when I put on makeup too, for some reason, and my eyes water. Just what you don't need when you have makeup on lol. 💖

    1. Hedda's Haven

      You know what, Linda love, the only time my nose drips these days, is when I'm eating, or when I put makeup on. It will start not when I'm doing my eyes - it starts with lipstick. I thought it was just my eyes, so I thought I'd try things the other way around - lips first, eyes last. Nope, drip still made an appearance. I don't understand us having "The Fibro Drip" do you? It makes no sense at all. I hope you're doing ok, love, this cold snap doesn't do either of us any good. Stay wrapped up, keep warm, and look after yourself xxxxx

  95. Linda Tannock

    Some spooky stories in this one! Really enjoyed these tales 😁💖💖💖

  96. Gold Dust Woman

    Ok, Now for the other matters at hand, My Lady. It's hard for me to believe that any of the "True" Ghost Stories on these On-line platforms are truly "Real". However, I loved the fictional story!!! The one tonight was one of the Best I've heard in a while, Good Choice!! I have a question for you Hedda, What happened to reading the New Series inspired by "Supernatural"???? I was so excited to begin as you said we would and have been really disappointed that it hasn't happened. Can you please tell me why you changed your mind??? I love and appreciate you Hedda ❤😗❤😗

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello! Can I reassure you, that I didn't change my mind about the Supernatural series - not at all. I explained in an earlier video (I'm really sorry, I can't remember which one right now) I was contacted on Twitter by a person who told me I wasn't allowed to read any more Cerber, as I could get a copyright strike on my channel (she said she was actually checking up on people telling stories on the internet - I told her I wasn't monetised, so not gaining anything from reading the stories) She then told me that if I read anymore stories from the creepypasta sub reddit (I had no idea what she was talking about, I've since had to educate myself - I just found the stories and thought as it was on the internet, it was free for anyone to read) I would be in trouble. She said I had to contact each author, and if I didn't receive a reply, it generally meant a refusal from the author. I have messaged the author of the Supernatural series, and as of yet, haven't received a reply. This is why I haven't read anything from the series yet. I will message the author again, now Thanksgiving is over, but if he/she refuses to answer me, I can't go ahead and read their story as they could copyright strike my channel - and I can't allow that to happen. The Haveners come first. I hope this clears things up for you. I promise you, I did explain this to the Haveners in a video. I also had to delete every video that had an episode of Cerber in it. It really upset me - in fact, as I deleted them, I broke my heart, I just sobbed my guts out, because I put my whole self into each video, and I lost all the wonderful comments from so many amazing Haveners, including you. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen, it was taken out of my hands. I am praying the author gets back to me, because I was so looking forward to reading these stories. They're so good. xxxx

  97. respect yourself

    Oh Hedda... You sound so sad. I'm so worried. I'll be at the live stream

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello love, I'll see you soon, and please don't worry about daft old me. Looking forward to seeing you later xxxxx

  98. Gold Dust Woman

    Hello, My Dear Hedda. First off, The haunted states, I will only talk of my experience. My cousin lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for about 4 years and I used to visit him quite often, I can tell you New Orleans is famous for its Spirits and Ghosts, I definitely could sense a strange, and also exciting "Vibe" in many of the areas there. It's very hard to explain the feeling, The best way I can say it is, I would feel as if I wasn't alone, even when my cousin was with me, there was a feeling of "there is something else with us" and the really interesting thing was I could sense when this "energy" was friendly and when it was "Dark". It freaked me out the 1st time I went, but as I kept coming back, I kinda got used to it and I must say the whole New Orleans area is Magical and Beautiful! It's one of my favorite places. Also, I was raised in "New England" which is a word used to describe the Northeastern States such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont. And I can absolutely tell you Massachusetts and Connecticut are absolutely filled with Ghosts. I lived in both States and I believe New England was some of the 1st colonies, so the buildings are quite old. There are many different true Ghost Stories about the Buildings and the many different Forests in New England. Some Very Old, Creepy Houses as well...

    1. Hedda's Haven

      Hello again! I've read one story from New Orleans, about the La Laurie Mansion, and Madame La Laurie - what a terrible woman she was! I've watched videos saying she haunts her old home, as do some of the slaves she tormented so cruelly. I was just saying to Candice in her comment, that I want to go to every state, and see what I find with regard to all the famous ghost stories, so I can read them to you all. It will certainly help me get to know the United States much better, and learn more about the history of each state. There's so much to learn! You're obviously very intuitive, you can sense things around you, like you said, you can sense if something is friendly, or dark. I'm the same way - I feel my solar plexus go into overdrive, if something isn't right. I love looking at pictures of New England in the autumn, the colours of the leaves on the trees, are out of this world, they are so stunningly beautiful. If I had my time over again, I would visit the United States. I'll just have to do it in the next life xxxx

  99. respect yourself

    I would have you as my guest here in America anytime you want to come. Free room and board!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      awww, that's so very kind of you! Thank you sweetheart xxxxxx

  100. respect yourself

    I'm in Idaho!

    1. Hedda's Haven

      I'll see what I can find in Idaho for you xxxxx