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  1. KeysPlaysKeys Productions

    Star Wars part 2

  2. Jiboo!


  3. Lonan Benoit

    A movie series, lol sharknado, called baby geniuses

  4. GreenArrowOW

    Can you do Arrow, Season 5, EP 1, where he jumps out a window onto a helicopter?

  5. MaksAnimates

    Did you mean that part two was going to be in January 2020?

  6. Johannes Hörzer

    Wait a minute 4th january 2019

  7. Christopher Erskine

    Okay, I agree that star wars redefined visual effects but have you seen 2001: A Space Odyssey? I still can't believe that film came out in 1968.

  8. PetersonZF

    Do the Star Trek movies!

  9. The Salty Dutchman

    Still haven't reacted to Episode 3 yet, come on guys don't leave it out

  10. Daniel Gray

    Please react to Bad Taste

  11. Aaron Olson

    For the love of god, please do The Thing (1982) vs The Thing (2011)! The practical effects from the 1982 were amazing for their time, and still look great today. But the fact that the 2011 film used practical effects for much of the production, but then swapped it out for atrocious CG before release was appalling...

  12. XXX Gaming

    Legend fight scene

  13. Cathy Graham

    Please react to seasons 1-2 of Doctor who

  14. DandyGuy

    You guys should react to Twin Peaks season 3 episode 8... Pretty interesting stuff there

  15. Luke Shore

    Small Soldiers?

  16. Cybershroom

    Starship Troppers, when?

  17. Matchuga

    React to Kungfu Hustle

  18. Robert Guerra

    You guys should do a comparison of the Star Wars special editions and despecialized editions

  19. AwesomeMattG

    Dune (1984) when the new movie gets closer to release.

  20. The Cycling Flump

    Lot of the footage used was from the special edition. Not the "original" Star wars. Lots of the blue screen compositing was corrected with cgi especially in the battle of Hoth. Honestly not complaining, just saying.

  21. Salad Bowl

    The Looney Toones: Back in Action

  22. Warr Toast _

    "I've been looking forward to this."

  23. victorsixtythree

    How about an episode on Mary Poppins? A fun treasure trove of all kinds of animation techniques!

  24. Hunter Gray

    Should definitely check out the de-aging fx Martin Scorsese did to Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro did in his new movie The Irishman.

  25. Drew Peisner

    Hey part 2 is on my birthday! Sick present guys, ‘prece

  26. Brage Willms

    can you react to 6 underground?

  27. Radical Larry

    You should react to Superman returns, there's a lot of good looking CGI shots in there!

  28. Psoma_Brufd

    Please please please do Stargate...

  29. Scott Matthews

    Any chance of a “Stunt Men react to 6 Underground” episode? The movie is truly dreadful but the stunt work and action choreography is absolutely insane. Too bad it’s filmed and edited so poorly.

  30. Someone Somewhere

    In the classic trilogy the remakes with anakin as a force ghost

  31. danteelite

    Could you guys do the Old Spice commercials, the original awesome ones with Izaiah Mustafa like the "I'm on a horse." and "Look at your Man." Ones. I'm dying to know how those commercials were done! How much CGI, and how much clever trickery.

  32. Just Watch

    This is my favorite video you guys have ever made. I seriously can't wait for the LotR videos (not so much the Hobbit, lol)

  33. no spartan

    WAIT How did they do the death star explosion

  34. InanimateSum

    Unfortunately the sd card cases are sold out, but would love to see them return. Somehow everytime I see someone whip out an SD card case its like this rare Yugioh card that people crowd over and it turns into this commercial for the brand lmao I need to be that guy Corridor!

  35. The 6499

    Sense 8

  36. Reed Smith

    I was watching A New Hope the other day and I saw when Obi-Wan was teaching Luke the Force you could see the light saber move slightly off the handle

  37. Somebody once Told me

    Ra one, drive other similar shit boxes would make a really good episode

  38. SamFr1000

    Would love this to have been 200% longer. Great video though. Thanks guys.

  39. Jakob Hallsson

    Premiere can do that sound aligning thing as well. Just FYI.

  40. psychopeda23

    1:10 AKIRA!

  41. customheat

    Get Adam Savage is you do a part 2!

  42. Jack Kain

    React to 6 underground car roll scene

  43. Keenan McCarty

    Do Tron (1982)

  44. Greasy Chips

    Niko is always nerf John wick atleast.

  45. Ambi Dextrose

    Fuvk, this is why we all want the original theatrical release instead of the remastered ones.

    1. steprockmedia

      Serious. We actually appreciate the hard, painstaking, devoted work.

  46. Nathaniel McClaflin

    Hello Fellows. here I am talking about my boi DillonGOo again. Ya'll should check him out. I've tried to comment on every video sho ya'll can see this

  47. Steve Pokrajac

    Probably not gonna happen. But just finished watching the Harry Potter movies again. Would be great to see your boys take on it!

  48. Melty Mel

    If you want some really early really janky cgi i would recommend the minds eye series (the gate is my fave). Its some of the earliest full cgi movies and they are incredible.

  49. Alex Roberts

    Harry potter. Dementors

  50. TheTrio3331

    React to the really shitty VFX that they added to the original star wars movies, like the Mos Eisley stuff in A New Hope

  51. Katie Haley

    Have they done the Irishman yet in any of these?

  52. RMD Cade

    This is the most inspiring video.

  53. T_REX99 HayesPlays

    The original Star Wars are the best the ones that Disney are making are total crap they just need to stop but of course they want money.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  54. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    The troubleshooting for the original triliogy is astonishing

  55. JohnnyNismo

    I'm 37 years old and saw The Lawnmower Man in the theaters as a kid. It was mind blowing CGI back then. Still, I had a good understanding that the CG had a lot of room for improvement.

  56. Rommism

    The original trilogy was still and will always be the best of all incarnations of Star Wars ever.

  57. Soalz

    This is the video every film school student needs to watch, thank you so much for this video!

  58. That One Doesn't Count

    Next rip the prequels to shreds

  59. The Weekly Rant

    Friend of mine doesn’t like the look of the old films and reckoned the effects were rubbish. I’ve sent him Corridor’s way.

  60. steprockmedia

    I regret that I have but one SUB to give for this channel. Request: TRON, 1982

  61. Andre & Grim

    definitely you should do moana the scene where the water splits

  62. hazonku

    The feigned excitement on Wren's face over Clint finally having scene the movie they're looking at. Literally laughed out loud at that.

  63. Michael Duntz

    AT-AT rhymes with hat-hat

  64. Chris Spooner

    2001 A Space Odyssey!!!! They built a 2 story hamster wheel to simulate 0g environments....in 1968!

  65. julius anora

    Gemini man

  66. David Olsen

    I'm not gonna stop asking until I see ghost Rider in the thumbnail. So please react to Agents of shield VFX.

  67. Yves Heinrich

    Got me curious about the painting parts. If some of the backgrounds are painted, how did the artists were able to create light?

  68. Mastadon

    I love you guys. These videos are so bloody cool man. I would love to see Braveheart with perhaps Eric Linden or soemthing to help break down the fights, and explain how a lot of it was done.

  69. DeadArashi

    Have they ever looked at FF14 Kingsglaive? Would love for a reaction on it if they havent already

  70. William Dinkel

    @CorridorCrew do one on the effects in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas please!

  71. Gabe Kramer

    The new Dark Crystal! Maybe compared to the old Dark Crystal?

  72. Absolute Longplay

    This is what I love about old film making man. There is no creative solutions today, only computer button presses. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say.

  73. What’s A username

    Do a breakdown of early marvel movies

  74. Oracle YT

    No body likes you Jake

  75. Cris 1942

    You guys should check out the late show the weeknd "heartless" presentation

  76. B Bloomfield

    To truly appreciate Star Wars you gotta look at films of that same year and even after. The effort that goes into the shots truly is art.

  77. Андрей Лавриченко

    Astartes, please!

  78. Optimusprime809

    Could you analyse the CGI in Crisis on Infinite Earths?

  79. ImTrusty

    thanks i hate it

  80. MrJesus4132

    Y'all need to check out "Love, Death, Robots" on netflix

  81. Logan Gross


  82. Aneek Thapar

    my fav video yet

  83. diego g.

    I'm wondering why does a SEsels Channel made around movies and VFX effects don't use a 19:9 screen ratio or similar yet. There's a huge portion of people looking through this "new" aspect ratio and it's like looking a movie, a sweet twist in my opinion each time I see a video.

  84. victor hugo sanchez cordova

    7:45 part 2 came out in january and part 1 is coming by the end of the year??? 🤔

  85. Randsaw

    True Blood, they have some really janky effects that i would love to see you breakdown

  86. Will Mercer

    Would love to hear your thoughts on 1917, the new Sam Mendes Film.

  87. Incinerator 96

    Stargate movies and shows that would be awesome

  88. Tony, The Stark

    Damn this was technical as hell, but I loved it! Great episode, guys!

  89. Maclain

    This is why the originals looked so much better than the sequels. Practical elements when done right can look better than any CGI!

  90. Mahlen Morris

    My brother and I saw Lawnmower Man in the theater when it came out. We were actually impressed by the VFX; if nothing else, they were novel effects showing ideas we'd never seen before. But we also quickly concluded, OK, you can have great effects and still be a terrible movie.

  91. Ya Boi Celery

    It’s funny how the effects from Star Wars in 1970 look more real than almost every movie today.

  92. tomuk2505

    Anyone notice the stick that pushes the back AT-ATs foot to make it fall to the side? Got to admit the guys back then was amazing

  93. Zebopancakes

    6underground on Netflix

  94. VimWolf

    Happy Birthday to You isn't copyright any more, they finally sorted it out.

  95. Oliver Copeland

    that’s no asteroid belt... it’s a debris field

  96. Sean Rawlinson

    @Corridor Crew - You should review the fan made special edition The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited by Adywan. It took 10 years to make and improves many special effects that not even LucasFilm has fixed in their blu-ray releases.

  97. Why So Serious?

    Return of the JedE hahaha Jed ‘i’

  98. TheRobo Mik

    holy sh!t the painting looks so real that i just realize it after watching this video 4 real no sh!t

  99. Nevric gaming

    At 15:17 you can see they tip the walker with a stick