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  1. Ismail. H

    2:07 omg that scared the shit out of me idk why xD

  2. Jesus Christ

    You should check out the russian superhero movie "Защитники". It's director told that he was going to destroy Marvel but the movie turned out to be shit and now everyone hates it for awful CGI and stupid plot.

  3. Nathaniel Brown

    Did you go to Ben Lippen?

  4. Captain Jeoy

    Shit! I thought you were gonna fly to Canada with it

  5. maruftim

    *bravo six, going dark*

  6. Abam Bunga

    Raid 2 prison fight scene


    Why not you make tutorial for VFX ?

  8. Henry

    “Just do your best, and scream.” *_”OUCH”_*

  9. Riley Nash

    This video isn’t what it looks like... you should change the title to (what the speed of sound is) that would be more accurate

  10. FC360D

    I've seen videos with these kinda things a lot and they all look questionable and I'm glad to see a video like this that shows the first attempt at using 1 as it makes the other videos more believable :)

  11. Riley Nash

    You are the most unstudied and boring channel. Lol 😂 I’ve been at 200mph and honestly I’d be more interested in what a bullet looks like through air.

  12. Robert Hipolito

    Alright then you've convinced me, I'm *subscribed*

  13. Richey Jelagin

    I have a good series for guys to look at Netflix series "Titans S:2 Ep:13 ,8mins in you can notice so many VFX mistakes

  14. beirch

    8:00 Except that's not Christopher Lee doing the fighting; that's his stuntman. They superimposed his face onto him.

  15. Story Time

    College students presenting

  16. Sanath Hoysala

    You can check your the movie krish3

  17. Creedplay CP

    Man you guys work very hard on these videos

  18. Krystal Battle

    Please respond to or react to ghost Rider

  19. Creedplay CP

    2:21 you guys have so much knowledge about this

  20. Ray Sangma

    I'd like to see the scale of animals and birds next to each other. It's not often we see them side by side to appreciate how big/small they are compared to each other. Having extinct animals in the mix would be great as well.

  21. _-*mr fluffbol *-_

    The thumbnail is amazing.

  22. Dark Max


  23. maruftim

    Jenna: "It's so amazing!" *"because I'm speed!"*

  24. BigBounty B

    Jayba tha hoott

  25. Sonney Flowers

    Can you react to either the stunts or the cgi of the film Shadow? it's a Chinese film which is currently on Netflix and it has incredible visuals. please react!

  26. beirch

    I like that the middle guy is hyped, but PLEASE can you turn down his mic or something? I literally have to turn down the volume every time he speaks cause he's magnitudes louder than the two other guys

  27. Maciej Siemiński

    Check Jumper 2008 movie Scene from 1:23:15 with pasted girl in red Other effects are pretty cool

  28. Stijn Vries

    Wow this is really cool

  29. gustavs grauze

    Me being born

  30. maruftim

    wait... WHAT? Americans use "kilo" when calculating their electricity????

  31. eliza Kennedy

    1:22 “this is where the fun begins”

  32. Prince

    What is mile? Cousin of Nile? The Nile River? ..sorry I am confused.. is it something used in stone age?

  33. Si Mark To Pre

    he sound like squidward

  34. ban _water

    Wonder how ants feel, oh wait we are ants

  35. Iamsomeone

    do a clint impersonator challenge xd

  36. maruftim

    What are the fucking chance, literally had the handycam right beside me.

  37. Xonikz

    Alright, there's a product out there that actually works for fly trapping and you may be able to whip up a similar piece in Blender or whatever to print. Just google/amazon search "Bag Fly Trap" and pick a top-rated one. We use them on the property around the stable. They work in a very satisfying, disturbingly efficient, manner. Oh, and perhaps assign someone on the weekend to trash duty, 🧐?



  39. GameOver8809

    you should check out dark fate De ageing sequence

  40. maruftim

    wren literally swallowed the whole bacteria population in it... can't believe it..

  41. Tianli

    Oh man this is classic, absolutely love it! please make more videos like this!

  42. Daddy Fat Sack

    Ummmmm, this isn’t an iron man suit,lmao......Have y’all even seen the movie?

  43. Rajnoor Brar

    Transformers Revenge of Fallen: Forest Fight Davastators Wrecking Balls

  44. Samarth Hassan

    really Wren? return of the jede?

  45. Joshua Pedro

    4:55 fuck you

  46. Noodle Guy913

    Review Ready Play One

  47. PC Fantom

    Final Fantasy Advent Children First of all look at the release year and then analyse the quality of the animation for it's time, and do consider watching whole the movie as it's just awesome. do watch fighting scene at the end of movie, One Winged Angel, it's the best.

  48. Miguel Morales

    Glass art is cool

  49. xI-_Suic1de _-Ix

    Lol that’s not fast 130 mph I’ve gone nearly 300mph in a car

  50. rachel tindoy

    what abput one cintilion

  51. Nooblishcat 123

    Lay of the jeddy

  52. Wulpenstein

    Cynthia Rothrock vs Karen Sheperd in "Righting Wrongs"(1986) Is a pretty good fight scene

  53. twitch Dati

    In pubg you can hear it if someone shooting on you but missed

  54. Cas khatib

    That is a fucked up way to sponsor squarespace

  55. Achillesghejuggernaut

    You guys should check out The Raid 2 Kitchen fight scene

  56. [Deleted]

    Me; *sees lego movie's attention to detail* Also me: The rockstar games of film...

  57. J. Savage

    Can you do a goku and vegeta animation vs anyone, your pick

  58. Conlan Forsyth

    What an effective EEARRRRGH

  59. Dragongamer543

    I have the good version of the game

  60. WH-WJS BokA

    Now I get it wren, your tweet a few months ago, about someone "suicided". You're being blackmailed to create these kind of videos... are you a deep state asset?

  61. Electro Bro

    The Man in the tusito was oready panted yellow in the forst shot

  62. James Schoaf

    Lost me Jedeeee

  63. Snowdawg

    Who else saw Bornemouth and got excited

  64. Faizan Khan

    12:26 That hurt!

  65. Carl Karlsson

    Please react to Eight Legged Freaks!!

  66. Luka IJzendoorn

    You can buy one for $10000 the hacksmith said!

  67. TheBunsunburner

    Would you guys look at Love, Death, and Robooooooooots!!!

  68. M Marty

    This is the closest thing the kids these days will experience that is as amazing as Bill Nye the science guy was for my generation as kids

  69. Big 9

    I would be so nervous. I’ll take ten

  70. mike copeland

    You guys should do a blade and or Jason Statham and or Jason Bourne and or Tony Stark. If you do Tony Stark then someone has to dress up every day as Iron Man

  71. Big 9

    Can it launch a smoke grenade?

  72. maruftim

    Brandon looked like Elon Musk?

  73. Cirque-it

    So strange question... is this actually real? or are you guys using CGI to create these images???

  74. Çağlayan Kayhan

    There were so many opportunities for matrix refferances. :/ But great video, congrats Wren!

  75. Robin Yin

    The iPad scene, where it made a coffee, the I pad looks so fake

  76. nordenvonthule

    Congratulations Wren! that was amazing

  77. Krippysam Skrr3

    How have ya'll not reacted to "wholock" yet?

  78. Sam Tindall


  79. MkSavin Creations

    Same with Star Wars?

  80. Ravi Latchubugatha

    First two films are not bollywood but from south film industries called tollywood and kollywood

  81. LookCrazyRideFreight

    Changed it from a snarl yo a cocky annoying here i am look

  82. Roxie J

    Please react to the Sense8 fight scenes in season 2!

  83. Cyber 405

    I want the full movie

  84. Ravi Latchubugatha

    Those are not bollywood movies ffs

  85. Armenian Redneck

    What kind of Bob's and vegana, bitch lasagna, lower intrest rate, expired car warranty, microsoft tech support shit is this?

  86. Grinder

    Jackie Chan's pole slide. Do it.

  87. Arsenal RedArrow

    Gute Besserung Dean Nice Greetings from Germany

  88. Crystal Barton

    what are your opinions on the Pokeman movie and all of its effects?

  89. Elliot Crain

    There's a terrible clip (it's only a few seconds) from 6 Underground where the camera flies over a military cemetery and it is so obviously CGI. I expected more from a Michael Bay film with a budget of $150m USD

  90. Dennis Daniel

    I do not want to NOT be scared of spiders. I want to commit a genocide so bad on spiders that their descendants will have a permanent instinctual fear of coming within one mile of my house. Fuck spiders, there will be no compromise in this crusade.

  91. maruftim

    where have I seen this guy...

  92. ahsan raza

    Sam's so.....thin!!

  93. Johnberrys Official

    This is Vsauce&PrinceEA mixed together

  94. Jr Distorter2

    Hey can you react to lung fu hustle

  95. Robert Kamminga

    Just remember that you only need batterylife and not batteryoutputpower if you live in Netherland

  96. Richard Strage

    Wren just makes me happy, i cheered.... way to loud when he managed to hover

  97. Robert Kamminga


  98. Idocartoonstuff


  99. Dyndee XD

    All the sponsorship ads and subscribe shit in middle of the content is the very reason why I will never subscribe.