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  1. Foxy Wands

    They looks like Dolly Style girls in Drag version The 6 are so beauthyfuuuuull

  2. pipol champ

    Putangina pang baranggay lang samin yan eh


    Winner or not we are very proud of you marcelito pomoy

  4. Finley Piccolo

    Yo someone tell me why I have salty water coming out of my eyes

  5. K&C all channels

    Wow talent recap you have a million views because of marcelito pomoy..and you have a million views because all viewers is from Philippines.

  6. taesgucci

    ok but who is the knockoff mel b and heidi

  7. Sergio Ortiz

    They need to stop stunting. A child depends on them.

  8. Semile Lopez

    She is beautiful, I love like singing ..GOD blees ❤❤❤❤

  9. Hel Lugay

    Ftw where is the golden buzzerrrr ???


    Marcelito pomoy for.the win go go go

  11. TSB775


  12. Melody Matsumoto

    Marcelino deserve a golden buzzer....

  13. Stevie G

    Simon seems to be in a bad mood oh wait I forgot he is like that everyday I personally love the flute the sound it makes is really relaxing and I’m not even in band I’m in orchestra

  14. Ms. Brown

    Simon's worst nightmare bbbb back agian

  15. Rene Datuin

    Grace vanderwaal is the GOAT of AGT.

  16. abby reid

    Y every one hating on kendyle n she is as gud as wat ever she name .....jus b fair ppl cuz if u were she u wouldn't like these comment n u knw u r gud .......don't need no response jus my opinion😎😎😎 I love all of them cuz all r talented 💯✌😎♥️☄

    1. abby reid

      I jus love how diddy is honest n truthful no bias thing .....cuz it hurt d same to take a dream from some one who has work and fight d same because of bias thing ......🤣🤣🤣😂😩😩😪😪

  17. lucky me

    OZ > Mark

  18. Nelms 123

    Best ever

  19. Loca Luka

    Bwict wala bang bago!!!

  20. Anamarie Villalobos

    Kendall voice suck

  21. AKA Azturex

    This boy is amazing

  22. Kharylle Ederline Domingo

    Yeyy! LABAN PILIPINAS🇵🇭😍💙❤️💛

  23. Daisy Cervantes

    Simon are you in your mind? Only wearing costume it's already golden buzzer for you? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  24. Aiyedero Samuel


  25. Stori Neill

    That’s harsh

  26. Robyn Salaver

    I hope she has an incredible career. She's so talented.

  27. Joe Scorpion and The Inspectoids

    She has a better voice then Julianne.

  28. Daniel Lobo

    Maduro wtf

  29. JJ Agustin

    Howie, if you are saving your golden buzzer for v-unbeatable then I do not feel bad for you not giving it to Marcelito Pomoy...I am a Filipino but I want V-unbeatable to win.....they are very deserving...I couldn't accept they didn’t win AGT last year ...

  30. Shaweeangels YouTubeChannel

    Good luck to your next challenge Marcelito

  31. XxkristenandathenaxX Wolfie

    Roses are red violets are blue they were not nasty they were just really sassy~

  32. Jadens life.

    In my AP psychology class, we were learning about people who are autistic and even with speech impairment and blindness, he’s a totally different person when he plays the piano and sings. The term for that special talent is “Savant syndrome” I believe. It’s crazy how the human brain can work, never doubt someone’s ability to do something, you never know what someone is capable of, kodi lee is the embodiment of that.

  33. vandy168

    if he sings "Hello" in this stage it would have been great.

  34. Raegan Gailey

    Grace:makes a voice crack sound amazing Me:eeeek

  35. Nana San

    Amazing talent kodi lee 😍

  36. Claudio Mascarenhas

    Acho tudo de bom, cantam muito.

  37. Claudio Mascarenhas

    Gosto muito de ver esses vídeos.

  38. Claudio Mascarenhas

    Gostaria muito de ir aí assistir pessoalmente.

  39. Princes Anaya heart Khan

    Good luck marcelito, keep on praying..

  40. Claudio Mascarenhas

    Gostaria de vê-la cantando pessoalmente.

  41. ace Donmabilangan

    He must sing time to say goodbye

  42. Claudio Mascarenhas

    Que voz!

  43. Claudio Mascarenhas

    Muito show!

  44. Claudio Mascarenhas

    Boa noite!

  45. Hodan Mohamed

    Golden voice absolutely amazing

  46. Inday Lopez

    Marcelito Pomoy, deserve the Golden Buzzer

  47. Kristian Gjerstad

    what lil mosey doing here

  48. JL

    Alejandro Aranda is the 1st American Idol who put me into tears ...

  49. cruzn246

    First time I saw him I thought....Stevie

  50. Yellow Pillow

    But Berywam...

  51. Lijana Haziri

    Elanese is fake 😏😏😏

  52. Venus Oriño

    Proud pinoy😊😇goodluck marcelito pomoy

  53. Azlyna Yahya

    Hes the new blind singer **chearing**

  54. Arvin Simon

    That's a finoy talent and a i'm proud to be a finoy

  55. Transistor

    That's a hit. Reminds me of the 80s, Luther, Alexander O'Neill. Top job!

  56. kitrains frayre

    Yes agree he should of gotten golden. Buzzer

  57. Ben Hughes

    I’ve seen videos titled judge’s got talent, but she really has talent.

  58. lucky me

    El Gamma..... Nothing new!!

  59. Pavi Jayawardena

    God bless from Sri lanka

  60. Maria Gibson

    Thank you to the Lord mighty God Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit in Heaven for her amen

  61. Stephanie steph

    They aren't fantastic singers but just knowing what those lyrics mean to them makes it one of the most beautiful songs I've ever had the pleasure of hearing

  62. j reynoso

    He already used his trump card right away . I dont know if he could advance in the finals after this...

  63. jefrey epe

    I hope this is a fair competition..

  64. Inday Lopez

    Perfect ! Wow! What a golden voice !!! unbelievable it's really brilliant !👍

  65. Emily Pearce

    I hate Diddy

  66. A.P.H. H.P.A.


  67. Kaylee Reese

    Why did I watch this?

  68. norberto layog

    Oh so the golden buzzer is the idiots buzzer.. Dark side there is!

  69. AJ saddest

    You could hear the guitar starting to go out of tune because he’s playing so hard/good lol mad respect

  70. Rawna Simpson

    This dude deserves a solid gold buzzer 😯😯💘🔥🔥

  71. jenny belgica

    I like your voice I dol

  72. LE JOKER

    Fck u Julianne🖕🖕🖕

  73. Mirlind Sejdaj

    I would have played 'unravel' from Tokyo Ghoul

  74. ꧁ Porox ꧂

    I’m shy... he’s not... I wouldn’t be there if I could sing...

  75. Abóbora Abrangente

    Terry Crews is the best person alive

  76. Haide Cortes

    They were good😁(dancing) singing? Don't know😂😁😅😅

  77. Nächtkatze

    Hah Marcin zawsze zrobi taki show :D

  78. Alana Frazer

    At least the judges HAD A GOOD LAUGH AS WELL AS THE AUDIENCE!!!!

  79. Kenny Hillis

    Yeah cause it was rigged for him to win. His corny performances reminded me of Taylor Hicks and we all know how long Hick's music career lasted.

  80. Itz_me Snow_ Angel

    Zhavia didn't choose the four The four choose ZHAVIA!

  81. Ruby Sumpay

    Where's the one member???

  82. zennah esmail

    AGT is more on singing .dancing .but not too much related to that trick,or magic ..nonsense acting Not convencing too

  83. bunny lee

    terry 💦😜😘

  84. Itz_me Snow_ Angel

    Zhavia didn't win the challenge The four wants zhavia to win the challenge

  85. blkindians

    Lol these hoes cant catch a break with Simon.

  86. Nasim Ali


  87. lxvi

    Oke but simon was actually kinda rude to them

  88. Jimbo Tuazon

    Howie buzzed and ran away lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. D money

    I wish I can have a talent like that

  90. Joyce_ Asian

    🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 is here

  91. ella Ella

    Simon Cowell is Jewish and the most talented famous peaple are Jewish too

  92. Luna Shire

    I dont know why but i was smiling the whole time i watched this But i automatically from when he said "the night was still young" so he's gonna keep his golden buzzer like 😕

  93. Yoffytgvh Kfgbvh


  94. Pacific Islanders

    Here we go again Pomoy is brilliant talent But remember this is USA And even pomoy have brilliant talent and voted him it is impossible to win tha AGT You know why??? Coz they fucking crazy not allowed the asian in history of AGT Yeah they will put him to semi final to final to become trending in PH Right😂😂😂 anyway good luck and god bless to my fellow countrymen im proud of you bro😊 Makes filipino proud around the world Mabuhay ang lahing pinoy saan man sulok ng bansa.🙏🏼✌🏻♥️🇵🇭🇺🇸

  95. ray esposa

    i LOVE Marcelito :)

  96. samuel sam

    Zhavia said I know!I kown ! because she know she loses

  97. Elijah Knapp

    Howie has been a massive disappointment this season so far. Chooses Hans over the singer and dancers, then passes over this man from the golden buzzer. Absolutely disgraceful

  98. black jojo

    wow he is cute very hot he s my dream

  99. Tracy Kupa

    Izzy and Easton should go through please change your mind please

  100. Edina Ching

    Don makie