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  1. Lowkey_Mint RBLX


  2. Homemade Filmz


  3. The Joys of Jordyn

    This got dark real quick

  4. Zahab Lootfun

    this movie just screams “i’m not like the others” HAJAJAJSJED

  5. Rob Angel

    Is it normal that I also greet my friends like that 😂

  6. NeutralBanana

    Danny looks like the assistant manager for a chickfila

  7. Athena silver

    I turned on the notification. Am I a Greg now? If so should I change my name from my birth certificate?

  8. Chanda Groom

    Is anyone else aware

  9. Chanda Groom

    Paul Zimmer or Troy Becker guy deleted the “apology” on TikTok

  10. Elisabeth Olsen

    1.5/10 stars on imdb. Seems about right.

  11. Lanna's Missing Link

    If his dad was able to sell his company for that much, then they must've been more than doing alright before he sold

  12. jimpam hs

    why didn't they make the license plate click b8 OR CLIKB8?

  13. Magenta Howard

    Infomercials are white culture.

    1. Magenta Howard

      We all know Karen has every single one of these items.

  14. Matthieu Dirty

    Adam driver was the most convincing to me

  15. Monica Garafano

    i really like the red merch shirt you’re wearing but it scares me that the human in it has red hair. i do not like that ☹️

  16. grant the phoenix

    I'm good at watching pawpitrol

  17. RARE AND


  18. iiHotNoodle

    **squishy bones intensify**

  19. Mr. Bow tie

    Weird flex, but ok.

  20. Madeline Celeste

    watch 16 candles! another debby ryan classic ✨

  21. Dude Bro

    Spooky Boy is just Ice Nine Kills but rap

  22. QuadKiller 3312

    “Aw he doesn’t post in the shower” *5 seconds later* “DAMNIT” “FUCK” “DELETE THE APP”

  23. Yen Nguyen

    you should watch Lemonade Mouth!!!

  24. H. Yamashita

    i swear i saw another ad where the blonde dude actually came back with some milk and was sad that she threw his stuff out

  25. Gavyn Robillard

    Johnny Johnny do you mis me

  26. hannah k

    I feel like in another life Danny would play a love interest in a Disney movie

  27. BigMac - Official

    Nice ratatoing shirt😂😂😂

  28. Bonky

    Ahaha Pricky Whack

  29. VSCO Gurl_Gaming!

    Oh ok I guess I’m Greg now!

  30. Meme Officer

    Danny is just superrr funny i laugh all the time

  31. SU creator

    Literally when Terra is just staring off into space she’s like: 👁👄👁

  32. Nate Ashbrook

    Danny, it seems like you've never been in public school before. Everytime you're all surprised like "what did the P.E. teacher just let them do whatever? haha" or "the teacher just let them walk out of class?" it feels like you've never had your teachers snorting crack at 8am while pretending to teach

  33. Ella Rosen


  34. DapperOrange21

    Why was this my fav movie as a kid

  35. panda yah

    When you realise Minnie Mouse has a pet cat...

  36. Trash Bag

    Greg: "I'm truly Greg!" Greg: "No, I'm truly Greg!" Every Greg in unison: "I'm truly Greg!"

  37. Luis Sanchez

    Do one on riverdale it’s cringe

  38. Cocoacurrie

    Where I live prom is planned by the students and isn’t connected to the school, so the teachers aren’t allowed to cancel it or make any rules.

  39. Lotus

    I heard Lisa Ortiz and didn't know how to feel about that. Then I heard *Dan Green and Mike Pollock* and I'm just oh my god

  40. Mia Skillings

    Danny: this costed 20,000 dollars Also Danny: so I’m going to be spanking myself

  41. lasting happiness

    This is used to be my movie like 10 years but now it really does look cringy....

  42. Ruben gamer

    Not happening

  43. illaq and nini

    Congrats on trending bro

  44. Lemony

    0:50 (with captions) N I G G A S

  45. Rosie xo


  46. Easton West

    Then there's 2 other animated Titanic movies! The Legend of Titanic and Tentacallino! No joke! And they're EVEN WORSE!!!!!

  47. April Showers

    I feel like he’s holding his girlfriend hostage just for these videos

  48. j nicole

    0:50 LMAO there’s a school bus in the background imagine going to school at like 7 AM and you’re all tired and stuff and then you just see danny gonzalez dancing down the sidewalk while someone’s filming him

    1. j nicole

      The bean behind the slaughter yeah and?? i’m listening to it again cause it’s a BANGER

    2. The bean behind the slaughter

      This was 2 years ago...

  49. Greg, Greg Greg

    Greg, Greg Greg


    I think I'm PaRmEsOn

  51. Bill Cipher

    5:03 did anyone else see the T.V turn one and off when he said maybe kids see ghosts.

  52. idk_wat_to_put_XD

    Wait does he have a lisp-

  53. rosalind churchill

    fedoras are very prominent in 2000s teen movies i am not a fan

  54. Gunnison Jones


  55. Fluffs

    I know exactly who the game master is. I knew since the second danny said that she was deleting the videos. The games shes playing are all tricks to throw them off!!! The real game master... is Susan from SEsels.


    1:24 3:29 and I oooooooooop!!!

  57. That one Crybaby

    He tried to beat the original by Ayesha He could never beat it

  58. Chris McGraw

    Why do these kids have so many hats?

  59. Jose Castro

    I watch this in 1st grade

  60. Mia Loren

    someone has got to make a video about "starstruck". disney's forgotten gem.

  61. jesusinabikini

    Why is youtube recommending me this now? But not Danny’s new videos..

  62. cozy cuddles

    *imagine how awkward it was punching himself*

  63. Youtube Llama

    I'm eating an egg

  64. CarlDillynson

    Why are they all wearing dumb fedoras and beanies? Like, we get it. *sO qUiRkY.*

  65. Rudolph von stroheim

    Nobody will know that there is a 500S&W in this umbrella

  66. Rose

    I feel like sky-high would be a good one to rewatch. Apparently, it has some really dodgy undertones?

  67. That one Crybaby

    Im being serious. This Is Better Than Justin’s Song

  68. NotAPotatoISwear

    How have I never seen this video before

  69. This profile doesn't count

    All we hear is Radio rebel

  70. Misconception Of us

    I’m a doctoooor~

  71. Bohde’s Boat

    Collins Key is funny

  72. srishti hirani

    This is faker than my boyfriend

  73. Uh-OhItsSavage

    me: is that kid dead

  74. Piggyhero6

    Legit once my mom walks by my room: 3:56

  75. Spoons McGee Jr

    Nickelodeon has some wild movies, such classics like "jinxed" and "best player". Worth a watch

  76. Griffin Heeg

    lol 9:47 is Himalayas ok r

  77. Elijah Nope

    to be fair to the gym scene, that is what happened to my class on most days “it doesn’t matter, just be active”

  78. Soph Ratz

    13:20 Kurtis's poor unproblematic heart was literally broken at this moment

  79. israa haimour

    you are the best singer i ever saw

  80. Hedgpig

    I can understand not being the kind of person to get the question, but how hasn't everyone at least heard someone else say, "why don't you smile more?" There's a selfish desire among some content people to believe everyone is like them, and people who aren't content, or just have resting bitch face, are pressured by them to act a certain way. My personal response to that question is, "why don't you kill yourself?" But just shutting up and giving a great big fake as shit smile at the narcissist talking down to you is a much easier solution.

  81. Alone


  82. Brianna G

    I clicked on this video because your face looks like the ones from the movie “truth or dare” 😂😂

  83. Alexis Yoko [Alexander]

    Wait, the lady bat has the same voice as Pepper from Jane and the Dragon, am I right?

  84. Jaxon Millard

    Red heads ps4 controller isn’t even turned on

  85. Noah D'Iorio

    its Luigi board

  86. Kat

    I saw “I’m radio rebel” in the title, read it in the voice she did in the movie that I last saw when it came out, saw his face in the thumbnail , and knew I was in for a treat.

  87. Jap Jap Asz Asz

    You should react to airplane mode by Logan Paul

  88. Thomas Page

    nobodys gonna make fun of that lead singer? why his head so big? Why his shoulders so damn skinny? the hell?

  89. rebelxoswald

    So...are you gonna do the sequel and triquel?

  90. Katmaniac

    Sky high Sky High!