I created this channel when I starting making music back in 2006, since then it has evolved the same way my interests have and the content varies from music videos to cars, rap battles and interviews.

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  1. Vlad Pl

    Сan you get away from the cops in a new location or you have to prepare first?

  2. Furkan Koula

    The best video i‘ve ever seen ahahaha

  3. the seeker

    Great roads and drivers. I now will visit Stockholm as these fast tour guides have shown me the sites i want to see.

  4. Erlend Fjeldstad

    what if the police sees this clip?

  5. MRH Gaming

    Du kör som en fucking gud mannen. KEEP IT UP. A.C.A.B

  6. Mjeppe


  7. Daniel Dumitru

    This guy is perfect for the getaway driver at a bank robbery 😂

  8. Joequin Brown Sr

    He should have try that in America he wouldn't last 2 minutes.

  9. VMAN Viney

    yer right your gonna steal that mean while leave your modified evo behind wow f ya merc bang the evo

  10. Tarmi Ricmi

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, turn off

  11. Close

    Tractor sound 🙄

    1. Critical

      Enough comments saying that allready.

  12. MAAZAD

    Passenger seat baguette eating person has very shiny nails for a bloke! 🤔🤔🤔 😂

  13. Zia, Tvall

    Kan ni komma till Jönköping och köra runt?? FTP🐽

  14. Ben Fernandez

    If i ever rob a bank *I know who the getaway driver is*

  15. Doomzyy

    These cops are pussies 😂😂😂 looks like they aren’t even going 60 mph on the highway

  16. Doomzyy

    The “getting the car” bit was a little much

    1. Hannibal Lecter

      tbh idk if its fake

  17. Jerry Marquez

    1.4 k dislikes are the cops

  18. Doomzyy

    The “getting the car” bit was a little much lmao

  19. upin arms


  20. Tully

    19:35 i'm surprised he was able to keep steering after he hit the nos

  21. upin arms

    Fuck yeah fuck the cops

  22. Nicko Jonsson

    dags att göra en egen version av franska taxi filmerna ;)

  23. CatchinXBodiezz

    Sound pretty weak for a a v8 well.... its german

  24. j x

    Complete waste of everyone’s time. Well done little man

  25. Don Smy

    Love your work mate.....so refreshing to see total disdain for road rules. Here in Australia you can't blink without the police going full SWAT on your arse.

  26. RogueDivinity_ -

    Love the Cls 63 amg. I have one aswell (cls 350)... but he does his job 🔥

  27. Spiro Ioannidis

    Just wanted to thank you for the grand tour of Sweden. Looks like a very nice place. I look forward to renting an Audi preferably in black and touring the country at night !

  28. CAM 3RS

    Im surprised the m5 didn’t break down during all of that.

  29. Iuq

    I swear they added speed humps just because of these guys

  30. Sem

    George Floyd

  31. Dakkan

    Driver don’t need to leave seat to make girl wet

  32. My life My Rules

    A car can't drive 20 minutes with stopping twice...bad quality...

  33. Carlos Andrade


  34. C A P O

    Was it stolen or was it you that said that ?

    1. Critical

      No one said that? Watch the interview

  35. Big The Cat


  36. Teresa Payne

    Why not use your skill for something useful?

  37. Teresa Payne

    You think 15 yr olds with nothing to do this summer will stop and read your 'don't try this' warning? Irresponsible for sure. There are hundreds of roads where you could do this without risking lives!

  38. Teresa Payne

    We supposed to be impressed by this?

  39. EvilGamezTV

    Forward to 1:27 min unless you want to fall asleep before the video starts

    1. Critical

      If it takes you 1:27 minutes to fall asleep you need to be on medication

  40. Przemek Polaski

    8:38 Fiat 126p in Stockholm :0

  41. timtec3000

    A clever intelligent man, wasted being in prison.

  42. Aventus

    Holy shit the fast forward was so trippy

  43. Ravel

    Imagine sittin in the back seat..

  44. ol102jg

    what if i tell you that he can be traced back to his home address only by knowing the vehicle's make, model and a time stamp at exact location... every single, almost every, vehicle from approximately 2010 can be traced by its manufacturer...

    1. Critical


  45. Robert Pikari

    All that camera work is saying BS

  46. Frontline

    tik tok skicka tbx mig långt tbx

  47. Herizon Haze

    Kombi or Limousine?

  48. Magnus larsson

    Hela taxibranschen är helt slut.

  49. chimpfann

    dude you out ran some pussyboy renault clios congrats lmao btw i'm just starting banter its a beautiful car

  50. gfys 1975

    Look at me, i can out run vans and volvos in my piece of shit over priced volkswagen! To bad it sounds like a out of time weed eater. Not impressed.

  51. pinotrekvogel

    Just as sad as that ghost rider shit. Grow the f up.

  52. Jontex

    Egoism och idioti på hög nivå

  53. tetrikz

    The amount of people being fascinated and supportive of this dude is just mind blowing, lol.

  54. El Pepo

    Vilka riktiga jääävla pajasar. Sveriges största pissungar borde videon heta.

  55. CrackerGuy

    How dont you get caught by an radar?

  56. djyul


  57. TheyCallMe Doug

    Gymt! Grisar kommer alltid vara grisar även om dom har blåa kläder och bär Kuken på skärpet!

  58. Mohammad Chaudhry

    The guy in the passenger seat just casually snapping his 5 side tings


    damn this is 10 times better then need for speed

  60. Youtube Drobb

    Ppl that say your stupid 😂😂

  61. 2PAC Time

    Wenn sie mal erwischt werden dann seit sicher das kein Video mehr kommt 😂😂😂ACAB

  62. Wuan shapley

    Learn how to drift and you will do wondrous things in sideways situations...

    1. Critical

      You havent seen him? Lol. Check this out: m.sesels.info/video/video/oohlcHav36-KZqo.html


    Plot twist: it was ASAP Rocky driving, this video is why they arrested him

  64. s a

    Kan ni ha en kamera som visar hastighetsmätaren också?

  65. Immense Stamina

    I've been in love with Nissan since Skyline R32. The GT-R is my new crush. The type of crush that leaves you depressed and totally miserable cos you'll never get the chance to make that relationship a reality :(

    1. Immense Stamina

      @Critical Thanks for cheering me up. And you're right, it's possible. But I'm guessing under normal circumstances it would be a VERY long road considering where I'm at now with no real income. But things can change fast. Great video btw. That GT-R is amazing :)

    2. Critical

      Of course you can, it might be a long way but Im sure you can do it somehow!

  66. Emil Ekstrand

    Taught that van was going to ram him at the korsning

  67. Björn Christiansson

    Oh yes the way to do it ! I did this whit my race bike and whit no reason they chase my Audi 200 TQ and they got lost at 250km/h my top speed on my 200TQ was 315km/h and that night I was on cruise at 160km/h going from Linköping to Stockholm where a undercover Saad 95 and he did try force me to increase speed! But I'm was at 160 and so my friend in front. When we got closer to Nyköping we thought time shake this of and we both say goodbye to the cops! My profession is race driver did that for 17year. I like watching those videos 😁 I remember the 80s 90s 2000s and I never lost my drive license had it from day of 18 to present day. I did drive a BMW M5 dubble turbo and it was silly easy shake them of. I look forward see more in the future 😊 the 🇸🇪

  68. Lavekolm_HD

    And that is where "Drive it like you stole it" get's a completely new meaning

  69. S Eriksson

    Onko kiire?

  70. Dj Gordon

    This is insane I wouldn’t try this in America

  71. Ensar Lepaja

    Police „ah shit here we Go again

  72. stu b

    The pigs aren't chasing him! he is chasing them 🤣

  73. Ensar Lepaja

    They Kings are back😈😈

  74. Cvakirovski

    6.3 KICKDOWN!! 🇵🇱🇧🇦💋💋Bratko!

  75. Szmugler 22

    6:55 hahaha sama prawda !!!

  76. john vit

    Faster than law

  77. Fusion Lord

    God it would be an experience being in the car. Living in the UK I wish I could legit sit in the car.

  78. lol8463


  79. 21燃nouniko 痛み

    Aight so how the fuck did they get their hands on a police car 2 options this is fake or they stole it if they did their real ass goons and I fucks w them heavy

    1. 21燃nouniko 痛み

      @bouytt guyt yeah I don't speak arbic actin tuff in a other language I can do that too

    2. bouytt guyt

      مبروك علينه العدام يارجاله 😂😂😂

  80. Stefan Götte


  81. contitaxi

    Bei mir in der Stadt schaffst du keine fünf Kilometer, dann hast du haufenweise Streifenwagen,Zivilbullen und Ordnungsamt an der Arschbacke.

  82. Samuel Stalder

    Talk about NFS in real life. Why am I not seeing enough comments related to that?

  83. fazer affa

    gta fiveM be like

  84. fazer affa

    litteraly GTA 5

  85. Valdemar Nyman Östlund

    dödslängtan deluxe.

    1. bouytt guyt

      Så låt mig förstå. Bara för att några äpplen är ruttna, är hela trädet ruttet? Er retorik mot polisen är barnslig. Väx upp.

  86. contitaxi

    Ich drück mir echt die Kopfhörer rein und Lautstärke hoch😁

  87. Daakis

    Va fan har du börjat köra plast bilar också? Tyska är bäst no doubt

  88. Vajsjdvd Ejekfnfkf

    Snälla gör video med en AMG GT

  89. Chefonspeed

    Thats just risking other ppls lives. Not for me!

  90. JackLegend241

    It's funnier when you understand Swedish, hej Hej :)

  91. Harry


  92. karnkraftverk

    Finns hela låten i början?

  93. Kryptorius

    do they have license plates? xD

    1. Critical

      Watch the interviews

  94. Chris Martinez

    car sounds like he straight piped the mufflers but left the resonators on

  95. KevMx

    Respect 100

  96. Carlos G

    great so whatever country this is only has 1 cop patroling rd and they dont call back up. try this in U.S. you'll have a helicopter above u in 3 mins. smh