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  1. swaggahayes

    Don’t know what country this is but if this was England I promise you’ll be getting rammed off road

  2. Wayne Jako

    If this was Mother Russia: you'd be gay to have a RS4

  3. Nordan Shat

    But what if he got a red light? He would of had to stop. Cause it’s illegal to run a red light?

  4. Gabry Vento


  5. Gabry Vento


  6. Gabry Vento


  7. neezy

    anyone knows why there are sparks on the front wheel?

  8. Mavrixe

    well that was just fucking bad

  9. Montassar Chtioui

    Where is this place??

  10. BMW M Power

    Bad sound for V10

  11. Wolfgang Fruehauf

    Tracksuit adds 100whp

  12. Alex P.

    And then he remembered after pressing the throttle while swerving the steering: " Oh shit!.. It is rear wheel drive! "

  13. Damien Zijlstra

    Short but gold

  14. 010

    Do a lamborghini police chase or ferrari bmw m 140i

  15. Hugo Stenqvist - Elev

    r u busted or when comes a new video :p

  16. Dominik Bilinski

    Wtf I can't believe you can just do that and have 0 consequences xD


    I wish!! LOL American cops don’t play that haha. Especially in my area... They all drive chargers lol

  18. Cpt BEARDless

    Lol this is easy when the cops I your city drive volvos. Come to where I live. I guarentee you wouldnt make it anywhere lol

  19. Cpt BEARDless

    I want to see you do this in america lol. You ain't getting away lol

  20. robert pensa

    Forza horizon 4 Swedish

  21. Jonah

    Anybody know what he did about his plate? In America regardless of if he got pulled or not his plates would be logged and his personal information would be comprised enough to lead to an arrest or at LEAST a citation

  22. 40thStangGT

    Eating a sandwich doing 155 👏👏 🚗🚓🚨

  23. Walter I.

    Ghost rider car edition.

  24. 40thStangGT

    Better than a movie bravo 👏👏

  25. Kevin Selagea

    I wonder who'd win. This guy against ghost rider.

  26. Sex Hawk

    Shit have to wait next year

  27. Alex Flores

    That cop didn’t bother

  28. Alex Flores

    That monster pulls harder than when I pull my girlfriends hair

  29. Beaner Boi

    I always wonder what would happen if he runs out of gas

  30. Dilan Cruz Somers

    Need for speed underground?

  31. Robert Rosenberger

    I like how the lights seem to turn green for him.

  32. Beaner Boi

    My mans really escapes by going into a park, what a legend

  33. Oinky

    This guy drives like me in gta

  34. Darkside Loneliness

    This guy life must be has a full life.

  35. Alan Hughes

    I really hope that this guy either gets caught or kills himself before he either kills some innocent person or the cops whose job it is to stop MORONS like this.

  36. ele bee

    I was behind this car before he crashed and I had a good laugh 😂 Why change lane !!!!

  37. David

    When the police throw on their lights: In Europe = a request that you stop In USA = you’ve got about 10 min of running maximum before they kill you

  38. TSR.zeko. ,

    My man living in gta

  39. Swqpping

    Cop baiting irl

  40. JR Payne

    Stick to Audi

  41. Hu5kyy

    Forza Horizon IRL Jokes aside, that car sounds so god damn good 😍😍

  42. NovorSec

    Did he crashed on porpoise? Why he maneuvered when he could just keep going straight

  43. Sibren de Vaan

    What if some people cross the road? U cant react to that

  44. Roli

    Why didnt you stuck in the car?(without hurting yourself) You should be in jail.

  45. Kay Probst

    Is there any info on why this is possible there?

  46. e34_THC

    I think he was so bored he called police on him self

  47. S3 STE

    Love that shit

  48. Vasile 09

    This guy drives better in real life than me in Forza Horizon

  49. Langcaster Kura

    Damn, when can I get a ride?

  50. X X

    Everytime i watch these Videos, Stockholm is looking in my eyes like the complete World of "Need for Speed"

  51. Nazareno Pecora

    Video game man

  52. Mikolaj Nalewaj

    Seen these guys in Stockholm. Amazing drivers😂😍

  53. X X

    Its ya Boi Anomaly

  54. tulle1511

    Denmark 🙌🏽❤️

  55. Kamil

    And how could it end? You let go and then you pressed the accelerator mega firmly in a mega tight slalom.

  56. Jonathan Swindell

    You couldn’t purposely piss off cops in USA you’ll get shot for that 🤷🏽‍♂️

  57. Wyn Williams

    Damn that's gotta hurt their pride!

  58. BMW M_Sports

    that crash was easy to avoid

  59. Zewenzone Bjork

    When you playing GTA and you say, Okay i'm going to drive like normal citizen.. 22seconds later

  60. gary tivnan

    Amazing tunnel shot

  61. Subject

    Nigga you need to tell me where you got that NotGoingToJailSerum from

  62. Levent Ergün

    Taps the pole with a F80 M3, legend!

  63. Ashik Chowdhury

    Uk police sucks.

  64. Hgftt Gghkii

    This is GTA V?

  65. BMW E21 DRIVER

    If i Had two more, i would Put four thumbs down. Be proud of you, big Hero.

  66. Atze BerK

    You are a funny dude..greetz frim Germania 😜

  67. Piotr Kopeć LTZ 400


  68. SqLh murderscene

    petit virage à plis de 250 c est top

  69. Konrad Mikołajczyk

    So you crashed BMW M3 after police chase and decided "ahh fuck it goona swap to m5 v10". How this car accelerate that quickly with such a big balls and passenger enjoying his sąndwich in other video while driving Audi RS. Ahh yes i got it. Balls are heavy so you triggered chase with half empty fuel tank

  70. SqLh murderscene

    tu es un danger et un abrutis mais j aime trop rip la m3 pare contre..

  71. Tom P.

    Plscy oolicjanci z grupy SPPED by go dogonili... 5 lat później xD

  72. Paul BZS

    At least you made the driver behind you a good laugh bro.

  73. ItsiDutchyyTM

    "runs out of fuel"

  74. Sébastien P

    Brain dead

  75. BeamZ

    The way he taunts the cops by flashing his lights at him by the bridge

  76. Bunker 264


  77. Александр Перепечай

    Ебать ты чел!!! Яйца у тебя стальные!!!!Like

  78. Александр Перепечай

    Ебать жестко!!!

  79. Thatguy54

    So lit lol I hope those doesn’t end

  80. Nilssudesu

    *Sells car* I didint drive it fast, just driving to A Supermarket

  81. Jaden Reuss


  82. Cloud 9

    Beautiful car professional driver hope your okay from crash bro

  83. Nilssudesu

    All the dislikes are policemans

  84. Nilssudesu

    NFS be like

  85. Zorro Lorro


  86. Jakub Pałczyński

    What country is that germany?

  87. VASK-


  88. jampx07 novara

    Gta5 real life

  89. Can Oto

    Which country ??

  90. Bravo Tango Sierra

    She sounds so beautiful..

  91. The Shadow

    What need for speed is this

  92. King of the Cars


  93. dimiszie

    Are you like 15 year-olds or something?? how is it that a grown man acts like that? what is the point of this? proving that your 150k rs4 is better that 30k volvo while putting in danger other road users and the police officers that are just doing their job? i mean some of them have kids and husband/wife and if they crash due to this pointless show of money (because that's what it really is about, the guy doesn't even show any driving skills) they will be missed for no point.. are you serious? i know its thrilling and its fun but are you really so freakin stupid? and before you ask.. yes I love cars and no I'm not a cop!

  94. Szkot Mak

    Too much need for speed, mom said good that playing Games is dangerouse

  95. Matt Dane

    Fucking wannabe ghostrider. Do it on the track and dont bring innocent people in danger like this. So glad there wasnt a sidewalk next to where he crashed with a mom walking home from the groceries.

  96. Timothy Maurice

    Where is this ?

  97. ceo of racism

    gta be like

  98. Wściekły

    4:39 Police: Ok, on my sign... READY.... SET... GOOO!!!!!!!

  99. catalick converta

    be funny if the cop car had a b7 swap with a big supercharger

  100. DeadlyAlcohol

    Noooo guys!!! I think music is so unnecessary