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  1. Lambos and Puppy’s

    Cody said he was going to win but he didn’t

  2. TobyCraft

    cuz you asked, im from ontario, canada

  3. Xander Mandap

    Twinkle Twinkle Super Mario theme Housetop Saymyname

  4. billy kane

    Who else is getting sick of ty winning

  5. 라두TV

    Lucky Boys

  6. Tình Phạm Thị

    I like that

  7. Lorenzo Lopez

    Panda is from Japan

  8. Vhinz Zyandrei


  9. unyduck

    water polo?

  10. christian24james

    Ok now how is there rage monster in skiing

  11. elvis kam

    Smash this thumbs up button to make 🐼 face reveal. ⬇️

  12. Crystal Hess

    I whatcha Nascar dale jr

  13. Ethan McCormick

    Pistachio is my favorite though😔

  14. Paul Priewe


  15. Tatum Gillis

    But, 1 question. What did you guys find?

  16. EMMANUEL Rafael

    Im from the phillipines

  17. christian24james

    7:28 Garret had 2237ft

  18. Sol1ds

    I am the noob 😂

  19. Poseidon

    My friends are all lodge dwellers im the one whos afraid of the lift cuz of hights

  20. Ashish Rastogi

    At 0:27 I thought they were gonna flip the cupholder


    pls go to bermuda tryingal i dare u all mr beast did it u should to

  22. Elvira Rivera

    14 bounces

  23. its your boy g

    That is crazy

  24. its your boy g


  25. Ashley Tolsma

    I would play with Tyler because he is my favorite

  26. ImGhostly

    I was losing it at the movie section im a huge movie fan and have seen almost all of these and the one he got rid of i wanted to snap

  27. TheFalcon1152

    Why is Cory talking and not paying attention when he is driving and air craft carrier?

  28. santi pro

    A los comentarios y demen dedito abajo el que no entienda😛😛😛😛😛😜😜😜

  29. Alexander Lau

    this close to 69

  30. santi pro

    Laik al que le en tienda

  31. Ben Davis

    Dude perfect: *drives aircraft carrier* Reports 5 seconds later: man overboard

  32. Maddux Munnecke

    Corey cheated

  33. 🗾安倍晋三🗾登録者数200人めざす


  34. Roblox Roblox

    I’m from your mamma crazy old women

  35. Smuggles

    It’s been 2 years since I seen this I’m old

  36. MalakaiC111 Cripps


  37. trimbleboy476

    how much times can you get kicked i n the balls

  38. T.a.d Lantain

    2:11 🦈

  39. Fortnite bros J and r

    Do Zax trick shots

  40. Parth Khera

    Hey random people scrolling through the comments

  41. Lil’memer

    Cory: i am a shoe person Tyler: *Fud*

  42. Dylan Storey

    It make me dizzy just watching it

  43. Ethan Dohrmann

    ty looks like ruin in black ops 4

  44. JP 43

    I have always wanted to fly in a jet or fly one, Booooy this makes me want to fly one even more.

  45. XD GamingGamer

    IM just waiting dude perfect to get 50 million subscribers I want to see the design

  46. Jason Anestis

    Want to play Fortnite with me

  47. Ezequiel Medina-Salazar

    guiness world record idea highest jump on a pogo stick

  48. Tankfighter 705

    Do something with military tanks

  49. Hunter x Ender Landman

    Mouse nuts?

  50. Sankari さんかり • Gacha Life •

    I'm the only one notice that Coby is wearing Overtime's intro lyrics? Tall guy, beard twins, purple hoser. Dude Perfect in Overtime~

  51. Psychic

    Ok boomer

  52. Muhammad Farooq

    Im from Pakistan

  53. Rejen Dangay


  54. Retro_Ultra 1966


  55. Fanny Ogando

    Hola amigos

  56. Jacksheep 69

    what ever happened to bottle busting?

  57. Marvellino Gamer And Vloger

    There is a rope

  58. Kane Johnson


  59. Emma Oliver

    Tyler: this ice is so drip fam no cap 😅

  60. LuiseduEl pro 72

    Hackers :v

  61. Brandon Yang

    i was eating a hot pocket while watching the video

  62. Gabriel Epps

    panda IS DA WINNER

  63. Jacky Zack

    Totally:17 bounces

  64. Jacky Zack

    I met super Mario theme

  65. Jacky Zack

    1-Super Mario was 2-HouseTop 3-twinkle twinkle little star 4- say my name

  66. Gideon Livingston

    You’re going to roll the ball bounce off the pins and hit the other pins and get a strike Yeet

  67. ALPACAFUZZ bear

    The only thing about the rage monster that makes me mad is HEHURTTHEPLANT

  68. Jessica Boivin

    The blue angels flew right over us on the boat about 20 feet over us

  69. Jackson Willett

    How about editor stereotypes

  70. Srinath Narayanan

    make a new video please

    1. Mat Jak

      You've just proven the fact that your dumb, it takes time to sort out all the other new videos, like this one took weeks

  71. Samantha Herrador


  72. Retro_Ultra 1966


  73. Mario 5B


  74. Cosmic Mustard

    Knights of Columbus Dale!

  75. Jackson Willett

    Love dp going to tour

  76. Keely Rollins

    I love how the twins put each other’s masks on 😂

  77. XShadowGirlYT X

    Mom: can you turn of the lights? MEH:yesh Mom Also ME: throws card in the Light bulb

  78. Joshua Merrell

    I live in Sterling Colorado.

  79. Bacon Minecart


  80. Scooter Steve


  81. BookTuber Garrett

    Flash forward to now when Garrett is in metal detector battle 3

  82. Rylan White

    Staged, no way every person got a different sport with no repeats

  83. cooper

    can you do bus stereotypes.

  84. Alvin Nair

    Do hot wheels trick shots

  85. josepuntero 2007

    My best mark is 163 points

  86. Ethan Salazar

    I bet they wake up doing trick shots for fixing the bed

  87. Anne Bell

    Team shatter train

  88. Brooke C


  89. super_egern


  90. Daegan Caines

    ty said that it deserved a million likes but now it's almost three years later and there is 5 million

  91. Samhith Mikkilineni


  92. Aqua Jones

    18 bounces 1st:mario theme song 2nd:house top 3rd:twinkle twinkle little star And 4th song was: say my name

  93. charlieboy49.cj Johnstone

    Ho is the panda

  94. VTsasquash

    wicked cool video!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super excited for the next video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Brittany McAdams

    Hey I like your video’s

  96. daboss

    when are you guys coming to Springfield to do a cool event.

  97. Francisco Hernandez

    I love you guy's so much

  98. Gunslinger _Sean

    Anyone else think coby is the chandler of dude perfect

  99. Ryan Hou

    What was the little jet they flew around. The remote control one?