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  1. Taylor Jones

    Who is sparky

  2. Stephen Yu

    why most of the top comments was made by people watch this in 2020? anyone else found that.

  3. Niichiyo Ciego

    Hahaha that's so funny

  4. Guitarist Ryan

    How did M&Ms not make too 10??

  5. Mars TV

    Where's my 10 Bucks

  6. Animedoubletime Animedoubletime

    Subscribe get 10k and I’ll post pls

  7. Adam Spaceman

    What about hichews

  8. Samantha Herrador


  9. Saber 343

    8:27 why tf was he in the pantry lol?

  10. Mark Forte

    Tylers scream though - 2:24 - 2:32

  11. LivYaLife Champ

    Awesome video.

  12. Booby Rusandi


  13. Grant and Jordan Zaitz


  14. Daniel Zanders

    I just now realized the intro says tall guy beard twins purple hoser. I used to think it said tall guy weird twins purple hoser LOL 😂

  15. Brenah McAlmond

    My favorite shot was the bownarrow shot! Did you guys make part 3

  16. Lethal_Jace

    Team coby

  17. Makesi Misikei


  18. Apple Pi

    At the rage part everyone’s looking

  19. Tbomb 42

    Who is Jeff Toney “Mr T” on the door 1:41

  20. Faraz A

    Lots of the shots weren't even tough to do...

  21. MAMBA dai;y TV Ttv

    Cody why did you waste paper

  22. Grant and Jordan Zaitz

    Do a TRACTOR race

  23. MAMBA dai;y TV Ttv

    And I love y’all vids and can you put panda in more pls

  24. Biggie Cheese

    On the that girl thing when she said is that painted on the field I used to believe that

  25. Jrod gamz

    0 yard nerd rope eaten

  26. Noah Lytch


  27. Weegee Maker

    Lord of the rings is the best movie ever

  28. naufal zakri

    2:02 Spongebob in real life

  29. Biggie Cheese

    It’s nice to see there humble rage monster beginnings

  30. Grant and Jordan Zaitz


  31. Cherie Desreaux

    tyler is the best fisherman i hav seen on yt

    1. Cherie Desreaux

      or cody

  32. Atomicus Aquinas

    You forgot the "Have to find the perfect spot" dude! I feel left out! ;)

  33. Mukesh Rajkumar

    Garett is on a roll with his rocket model👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😋😋😋🙋

  34. Ngọc Linh Đào

    so PERFECT!

  35. Tim Roboski

    Bring panda back

  36. naufal zakri

    3:14 Look back man!!

  37. 8 Fanflower Ave


  38. Cristian Pecoraro


  39. Berry Bee

    Cody: Just happens to have a tazzer on hand?......😒

  40. Luke Mason

    I dint know that Freddie Mercury could slam dunk!

  41. S

    The best rage monster.

  42. Eric Ye

    Zero chance

  43. Jim Was Here

    Coby: you probably play paper football Australians: nope

  44. Kushal Sharma

    I live in India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  45. ShafTheGamer

    Imagine if someone with the flintlock went against the minigun

  46. Rui Cagas


  47. gideon sutton

    shoot ty won>:(

  48. Jacob Downie

    My high score is 50

  49. Team J.S. gang

    17 bounces

  50. John Smith

    When he said feel the rhythm feel the rhyme come on Cody it's bobsled time I felt that

  51. gideon sutton

    no one mad the barrel

  52. Dino Dude10160

    Texas Summer is like the equivalent to the 4th of July. I can say that because I live in Texas, lolx

  53. Alejandro Garcia castillo

    No entendí ni Berna No se inglés

  54. james colson

    Pay up Gar, i guessed first try

  55. Sergio Pacheco checo esquivel

    What's the song in the video?

  56. gideon sutton

    gj ty

  57. Mine Master

    New stereotype: toilet paper horder

  58. Cris Thirdee Endrina

    O no

  59. S

    One of my favorite rage monsters.

  60. Cris Thirdee Endrina


  61. Andrew Cardwell

    You guy should make a magnet 🧲 trick shot video pls

  62. Ahmed Amin

    The song name is tempo de celebrar your welcome guys have a nice day

  63. Chan583 PlayzRoblox

    Sooo Lucky

  64. Will Bodnar

    15-25 times a WEEK?

  65. Emma Vinas

    You guys need to try out for American Ninja Warrior.

  66. gideon sutton

    gar act like an old man

  67. Riley Pomales

    I fill bad that he peeed

  68. Cris Thirdee Endrina


  69. Roast Me

    Hey Cody that’s why they call it fishin not catchen

  70. S

    One of the best rage monsters.

  71. gideon sutton

    poor cory

  72. Gangsta my G

    Can we thank the editors for when they came with them the whole time

  73. Raymond Yoest

    I like dp

  74. gideon sutton

    is the hat rigged?

  75. Landon Carson

    the sandwich is from bandits

  76. Raymond Yoest

    Go Coby

  77. gideon sutton

    i like garrets chair best

  78. Esteban Fernandez

    This is how many times tyler has won a battle V

  79. J Holbrook

    18:50 Please slip and fall. ( throws mug *violently* at the wall )