hey guys it's me carson

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  1. Chicken nugget guy Fuffuls

    I mean Taylor Launter

  2. Garuto

    10:12 why no one did a joke that the cash machine is a cash toilet paper dispancer and then you are making your ass rich... I am disapointed...

  3. ΛZΞ boi PL

    9:21 to 10:23 and 13:14 to 13:29 is basically an accurate representation of gmod voice chat

  4. Crôw_pārāłÿzéð Āłéx_ðéāð

    AAAAh dat hot Ahhhh dat hot papi ;)

  5. Saydiyoulous


  6. Soviet Moth

    Look at all those headlights

  7. ooga ツ

    No one: Cooper during sex: ITS CUMIN!

  8. egonzo444

    Those fucking RATS!

  9. Tarek


  10. No one likes Jaystation

    Where still wondering to this day What the fuck is goofytown

  11. FroodleNoodle

    *ta homas pain*

  12. A.T Yeet

    7:14 The screams of the torchered souls in hell

  13. star

    I love this comment section so much

  14. Crokobos

    God the cringe

  15. Chirpy100

    I really wish our school let us put yearbook quotes!

  16. K Y 1 3

    Carson I’m edging

  17. Garett Perez

    Delete this

  18. Kentaro from Wii Sports

    Carson is literally the joker

  19. A Pedestrian

    Just freaking end my suffering

  20. Just a wheelchair

    any recently crippled pedestrians wanna ride?

  21. The Predator

    4:40 that scream though

  22. Sven The Dog

    *i cAnT stOp*

  23. TotallyNotHydra 2.0

    ok I’m glad they turned Michigan into hamburger helper

  24. Sahara Nasher


  25. AyeFelixHere

    My Minacraft username is officially La4che

  26. Geekist 277

    I was eating a popsicle while watching this

  27. Schism

    9:30 Ted straight up drew Ted Kaczynski’s fucken house

  28. exploccions

    im surprised that carson is still using fire fox

  29. The Friendly Bot

    Who would win: merciless sun god or big lion?

  30. Drew Wagner

    neshoba county ms is a real place

  31. AllyGamer 3452

    ok sammy

  32. Player5176

    *carson got a new badge!* Social By eating salad

  33. ERROR

    ChrisSkaer99: I'm about to start this mans whole career

  34. ERROR

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fakt that carson didn't have glasses back then.

  35. Riley Dowell

    1:07 anyone notice the anime on the screen there or just me?

  36. Black Rosemaries

    The most funniest shit I’ve ever seen on this fucking app

  37. Trexer ProcYT

    did he just said the N word and no one noticed?

  38. MacJubber

    i wish this video never ended like the McDonald's quiz

  39. Esra Jorkowski

    Aight, imma ait and sleep on that car.

  40. les lopez

    9:41 yeah we already knew that about me

  41. imp babe

    as soon as carson said dont eat during this video i was mid bite into my burger lmao

  42. blujaycub McCydss

    Salad Sa-lad Sal-ad *S A L A D*

  43. Christy Moore

    Damn didn’t know Dolan Dark had such a rough upbringing

  44. Hank Smashes

    i actually like last stand combined with the gummy bears better than someone like you in my opinion.

  45. X_ tron


  46. Shitty McShittingson

    Speaking about three inches my dick is being sold in Ebay. Get it while it's still erect!

  47. Santo29200

    Was that the sheika village music right at the beginning ?

  48. Malt Vinegar Bunch

    What is altrive’s pfp with the bomb mouse from

  49. Hudson Navarro

    What zoo was that?

  50. NichName

    Twomad and Tux carried this vid

  51. Dan Raul

    Before the big bang, there was the *SALAD*

  52. ronald mcdonald

    Imagine if Carson had 360 waves

  53. Premoo

    Why am I here?

  54. Love 4 Dead

    Y'all be sounding like turkeys

  55. David Angosto


  56. Retikai YT

    9:18 JC has good taste, the one on the left indeed.

  57. The epic Gator

    Transformers genji

  58. Bob Kownacki

    Carson: don’t eat while watching this video, it could cause problems **me, who’s eating chips while watching this**

  59. Majestic

    None pizza with left beef is a classic

  60. Lili Ana


  61. Sophie Gray

    "I have bad news for maybe all of your clothes"

  62. SerephSoul

    *ᶜʰᵉᵉˢʸ ʰᵃᵐᵇᵘʳᵍᵉʳ*

  63. Hazy Chan

    I would just say some of these are cursed

  64. ϯɾσψ ɓαɡασίနαη troy bagaoisan

    Can u do a face reveal

  65. Tr Williams

    Carson..Your not funny

  66. JustGamingJustin

    A legend was mad at 3:38

  67. sans included

    Carson Simultaneously does and doesn't have a neck.

  68. Rendynsyh_

    his first video in my recomendation tab,that's rare

  69. Ian C.

    Why is this age-restricted? *Watches entire video* Oh... now I see why.

  70. VD Films

    He clearly likes that !

  71. xd Frosty

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like shark boy Edit: I watched more of the video and I feel really dumb now...

  72. Snowyblossom55 owo

    i t s a b o y

  73. Ander Sullivan

    He Clearly likes it!

  74. Draco Borne

    I was in the middle of taking a bong hit when the cram bit came up. Needless to say I didn't get anything


    Yo he's totally into it

  76. Flaming Pizza Bagels !

    We all know Travis would be a damn good genie

  77. Tomas Gonzales

    This is why suicide exist, to get away from or to stop from existing that is your own choice

  78. Dingo

    how the fuck this 5million views

  79. Finley McDaid

    3:55 goldfish?

  80. Donut Destroyers

    Is it just me who’s seen ‘my dad sets up the wii’ And nutted

  81. Taczpat

    funn y

  82. CCGamingClips

    The map at 6:10 looks like a bull

  83. prizraky


  84. amber lily

    *S A L A D*

  85. Silverstripes Productions


  86. Alpaca


  87. Epic Gamer ÚwÙ

    Why has no one admired 4:18 lmao

  88. Wolfni Wolfy

    I saw you yesterday i think ;-;

  89. Martijn Rolvers


  90. I Dum


  91. jacketcriminal

    Hes so cute😍

  92. BOT GreenGuy

    ou’ve been a bit boring lately. You’re just really weird and fanatical. And I’m not into that. So that’s about it. shakes handsou’ve been a bit boring lately. You’re just really weird and fanatical. And I’m not into that. So that’s about it. shakes handsou’ve been a bit boring lately. You’re just really weird and fanatical. And I’m not into that. So that’s about it. shakes hands

  93. colsonkai tv

    just found out my gf likes a straight girl, thanks for making me laugh

  94. liquidblueyes18

    I can do this dance irl

  95. Toyota AE86

    Deja vu!

  96. Borna FP

    5:58 foward aeriel

  97. Edgy Midnight-tato

    Congrats. *_You’re a Bijuu Mike salad._*

  98. DoomZest

    Carson:Maybe this video will make me mon- SEsels:Stop you violated the law