For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by SEsels star and anime pro Reina Scully

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  1. Jazzy Schenck

    I love Shia. I miss even Stevens. Louis was my spirit animal.

  2. Ghost Xi

    Do one with Eminem...

  3. Dishier Wand

    “I’ve definitely had weed named Stargaze, not wings though” he seems so chill to smoke one with 😂

  4. joaa89

    I feel so motivated and ready for the future after this. I want more of that kind of people on the Hot Ones! Sharp as a knife even at the end of the line, respect!

  5. Jazzy B

    I need every timestamp of when zac eats a wing

  6. Aris Skylakakis

    This kind of hot dog is called a “Piroski”

  7. Dishier Wand

    Seths impassion was so good 😂 also the James Franco *Lingering Man* from Pineapple Express 🍍

  8. Turab

    I love how he's saying fuck and shit every second and says sorry when he burps :P

  9. Carmen Smith

    20:30 hilarious

  10. Jamie Fazio

    Is Sarah Paulson ever gonna be on this

  11. Aldakarb

    Gerard Butler please

  12. chloe Vogel

    are we not gonna talk about how he didn’t take one sip of water??

  13. nonesuch

    "Do you wanna watch me eat the whole thing, or...?" Yes. Yes I wanna.

  14. Spacenatic

    my theory is that seans wings are usually not hot, that's why it never seems like he's suffering

  15. mookhowarth

    Sorry 20 seconds is all I can take of this one

  16. Jacqueline MamaHiggz Higgins

    At the end Terry had me screaming at my IPad with tears in my eyes "HELL YEAH!!" Beautiful man right there!❤️🙏🏼☮

  17. EyeGlassTrainofMind

    Paparazzi need to be illegal already. It's socially reprehensible.

  18. Jamie Barraclough

    Anyone who leaves meat on the bone is a bitch. If you don't eat the whole wing, you haven't eaten the wing.


    But is it as spicy as Dota 2?

  20. Kafetti

    Coyote is Sean Evans and Charlie Day’s lovechild

  21. Joseph_T

    Durant so thin skinned. You track the emojis that ppl post on your twitter? wttf

  22. Livie J

    This is the best one I have seen. He ate every wing and and cleared the bone didn't just take a little bite he actually ate it and didn't even drink water nor milk and he's highly intelligent and attractive.

  23. aster mulugeta

    zac also starred in the high school musical series!

  24. Tyler Rousseau

    Tay money you should get her on the showwww

  25. Mansour TheGreat Mbye

    Dude looks like Rory

  26. Gianni Meagher

    We need Undertaker on this show!!

  27. Elliot Badakhshani

    is it just me or has zac efron gotten a little chubby? no hate

  28. QuantumS1ngularity

    This is the kind of girl you take on a couple of dates, she keeps saying those crazy things for which you can't be sure if she's been sarcastic or honest. You try your best to navigate the topics where you can clearly see some positive reaction, but she just keeps on seemingly putting you down and playing with you with stuff exactly like that "should i put it like... in every hole... every orifice?" question. You think this all has been a terrible idea and a monumental trainwreck and just when you think it's all over out of the nothing she goes "Would like to f**k me?" and you stand there in shock and praying there is a right answer to that question. I've had 2 gfs like this and i learnt one thing - there's always some emotional trauma behind this attitude and i think it's like a defense mechanism to now let people get too close to their soul. Hope one day she would get over whatever it is that hurt her that bad.

  29. Edi panget

    Is it me or zac got a little fat?

  30. Tori Hillegonds

    Also wtf Zac did a PERFECT impression of Seth Rogan??

  31. Chronicle Clones

    Real life cowboy

  32. K EE

    While I like Zac a lot, the whole platform of interviewing someone while they're eating is super annoying. I can't stand it and this is the first and last one I'll watch.

  33. CEG

    I love how he devours the entire wing! He literally sucks every little bit off the bone! Most guests take a little bite and throw it away, but Zac eats the entire thing! I don't understand why this segment didn't make it on the show. This was way better than a lot of the episodes I've watched on TV. Like. . . Jeff Goldblum? I love Jeff, but he didn't even take a bite of the wing! I mean seriously, his lips barely touched it! For me, it was a disappointing and somewhat boring episode. Kudos to Zac, this one was a good one to watch and should have made it on the show!

  34. Untainted Indigo

    Zac isn’t ageing so well.

  35. Jordan Smith

    zoe: get your shit together

  36. Valeria Quero

    That last golden globe clip🤯 damn I love this show so much 🤩

  37. Rob McCabe

    He should have let an autonomous car drive him back in January

  38. Tori Hillegonds

    Zac Efron is THAT dude. Fuck, he eats his wings like a real one 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  39. Mike Bertelsen

    5:22 it's so strange to hear Danish in First We Feast :D Been a while since I've seen Sean and Klaus make a video.

  40. Tani Hernandez

    Wish Kobe did this 😔

  41. Living Listed

    I feel so bad for Zack he’s got that ruddiness in his skin that looks like that with a history of drugs and alcohol, which he has. And what happened to his face? Fillers? Why?!?

  42. Juan Alvarez

    Okay, but that’s not Zack Efron

  43. Bradley Hunter

    *****What's happened to Zac Efron? He looks like shit these days. Drugs, food, stress?*****

  44. Barrett Ryder

    who did he marry that can take his dick six times

  45. J Feldhacker

    This was a great interview. Zac is a cool dude

  46. The Editor

    Also does anyone ever just shit themselves on this show?

  47. Gustavo R

    Tacos con la familia. Jesus Hace Buenos tacos al pastor. 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  48. Shadow ninja

    They need to get catfish Cooley on here

  49. BossManSays

    Has anyone called or text Aston and has he responded?

  50. J Feldhacker


  51. M Flotzinger

    I love how in every episode the guests appreciate the work put into the research! They must have had some bad interview experiences hahaha

  52. SheyD78

    This was great. She got a long way in before complaining, and really showed some character. Plus just so entertaining. Amaz!

  53. We Are Sparta

    A. I thought he was Vegetarian B. Why does he look like he’s fighting an allergy?

  54. Dara Taylor

    I'd love to see John Stewart on here

  55. Primus inter pares

    3:57 I have never seen a baseball game in my life and even i get that. Does hot sauce lower IQ or something?

  56. Laura Alvarez

    Chillest person on this show being a genuine friend 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  57. Cyril

    Is that a Rolex he is wearing?

  58. KingDukesy

    Jeez his face got chubby

  59. Chasith Udagedara


  60. Mikayla Glover

    are you telling me that tom cruise whiskey throttled his ducati in an awkward interaction with zac efron? i love life.

  61. Alice Everingham

    my favourite youtube channel😍

  62. Zach Buchanan

    I need The Rock in here

  63. zeke cole

    Some of Kristen's gestures and expressions are exactly like Jennifer Anniston's

    1. zeke cole

      Shes so competitive with her husbando

    2. zeke cole

      Omg she has a Settlers of Catan safeword

  64. Esmi !

    I love how I always get Gordon Ramsay ads on Gordon Ramsay videos !!

  65. Helena Mariano

    "What else do we need in there?" "Hot sauce" "You fucking donut"

  66. the prism

    Zac did not even have one SIP of water or milk until the very end. And went full on blotto with the hot sauce on every wing. Last dab smeared all over his mouth. Seriously greatest of all time.

  67. Filip ;;

    This chick pisses me off.Why does she act so immature.Its cool to burp like fully edgy.Grown ass woman.oh shes such a free spirit......No shes stuck at 12 years old and its pathetic.

  68. Daniel Leggett

    Looks like she would smell bad

  69. Ellen Arnold

    Best cure is drink more alcohol

  70. Brooklyn Pando

    Zac Efron is so underrated. He’s such a sweetheart, and always has been for everything he went through and I’ve been a huge fan since High School Musical and probably always will be. He’s such an amazing actor but gets stereotyped based on the roles he plays. I hope we see him in more serious roles again like Ted Bundy, because he’s a great serious actor!!

  71. Shane Tare

    i love Gabby so much

  72. Malik firmansyah

    in gordon ramsay you said that was stage bottle, in here you open that stage bottle, can u explain to us that hot sauce is safe and not expired

  73. valchris127

    That was my favorite episode! So hot!

  74. Carrot Top

    Can’t believe he got away with washing the sauce off his wing with citrus juices, what a pussy!

  75. raichan abdikar

    Now I trust him...

  76. Rastaman

    what happened to his hair game?

  77. Jo Poveromo

    I thought they were taking wax dabs

  78. djf2020

    Cosmo and Wanda eat Tacos

  79. Jae

    Seeing Scarlett Johansson during the quarantine :)

  80. The Editor

    The minute he said backpacking is ingrained in who he is I knew he wasn't the one for me. Still love him, though!

  81. Daisy Mcclanahan

    Get Rihanna on here ❤️

  82. This Guy

    Boil brats in beer and onions. Finish the brats on the grill and use the onions on the brat. 100% stone ground mustard

  83. thetransporter123

    Extra dab AND a big boy bite on each wing...low key greatness

  84. Mikayla Glover

    did Zac get stung in the face by a bee or is he on the juice for this new TV show of his???

  85. OJ Pistorius

    I love the Tom looks white as f*** but can speak impeccable Spanish

  86. D Michael

    He’s exactly how he was in American honey

  87. OJ Pistorius

    So you're going to make the black guy ride in the back real nice jeans Let's be real Christina should have been sitting in the backseat

  88. Kamari Godbee

    Can you get youngblud on the show plz

  89. D Denx

    How twilight turned to that?? Where is that bella hot one?? Welp.. I know nothing nowaday.. Quarantine bought me to ths!

  90. BlackJack

    Nobody: Apology videos: 20:34


    Who ever is watching this in 2020 knows that kobe died😭

  92. Random Joker

    Wow he took it like a champ lol.

  93. Linny Crocus

    Anyone else swooning over the wholesome friendship of Drew Carey and MGK?

  94. Santi

    8:25 she vibin vibin

  95. CH FIPPS

    I freaking love that he didn't stop!

  96. Shyanne Gardner

    really they are not chicken wings they are chicken nuggets im sure of it a chicken wing and a chicken nugget are completely diffirent

  97. kane tazz

    Get Joe Rogan please! We need this

  98. Lexie Madz

    Did Kristen even hear the first question correctly? He’s talking about bad traffic in LA and she’s talking about boxing.