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  1. First Last

    Alexander Graham Bell should be given more credit for his invention in Canada. He was a pioneer and achieved speed records more than a century ago.

  2. Michael Studio Films

    And this is why I still have a xbox 360

  3. CrazyTube Games

    When I try drawing it randomly draws horrible

  4. Zidane Steiner

    So he's ACTUALLY doing something to save the planet, yet Greta Thunberg gets person of the year...smh

  5. Ronald Nelson Jr.

    Is there a disc drive?

  6. Jamil Taylor

    Looks like Death stranding is becoming more and more of a possibility than ever now! Exciting stuff! Minus all the bad stuff.

  7. David Levesque

    Warehouse workers wish


    That's just stupid, if i want a PC i go and buy a real PC, not paying for a PC clone named XBOX

  9. PhillyDjHook

    I'm back from the future. SONY is still number one, over XBOX, with the PS5 and its better games.

  10. Straw Hat V

    Wtf waste of time

  11. Adymn Sani

    Have license will fly.

  12. P L

    Sooo am I the only one that heard "technically advanced"? Lol

  13. CruzR930

    Shout out to The 404

  14. Gabriel Bennett

    That's just a roadable autogyro. Pitcairn had one that could do that back in the 30s.

  15. 99thDimension

    35 Million dollars divided into 60 bags = $583,333.33 per bag. Listen here's the vig you give me 35 Million and I'll get you 120 bags of garbage for only 250 Thousand Per Bag .. big savings one time offer call me 555-5555.

  16. lI Benson Il

    Next version: Xbox Twin Towers.

  17. Kareem’s Comics

    The x fridge

  18. One Hundred IntroMediaGaming

    I swear you are the most Xbox hater in the world how do you still got my job Jeff. Just get credit with credit they hit somebody over the head supposed to be a not a Sony pony

  19. Jobos a hobo

    My friend bragged to me about how his dad is an electrician and had said it was safe and that mine probably wasn’t FYI: his exploded the same day and mine was safe

  20. Toleathel G

    Bro sword art online here I come!!!!!!!

  21. Kez

    You guys should call 4oceans and ask to use their ship, oh wait, its still docked 😀

  22. Baljeet Bhachu

    you will convrt collected plastic into new plastic goods that will return to the garbage.. Really?

  23. Deeken Wheeler

    Xbox SX

  24. FeRoOOo71

    It's not on sale yet, it's a review unit, it won't stand a day of normal usage, so stop shilling it to the normies

  25. Vit

    Pc better :D

  26. تصاميم ماين كرافت//mrtsea6 gem


  27. Orlando Alessandrini

    Xbox SX

  28. Delove Simone

    One second I hear yanny then I hear laurel

  29. Kermit froggo

    I know it’s waterproof and all but I still cringe so bad when it was going in

  30. Bryan Escalona

    I say let the company take they're time and make what they're going for.

  31. Omer Shomrat

    So... It's a chopper that can't take off vertically.

  32. bruce wayne

    Xbox- worst names ever

  33. sol star

    Drop in the ocean!

  34. Inge Arango

    Interrogada a años seres del espacio

  35. I am Human

    Tesla: Welcome to the club, kids 🤭

  36. The Lucky Packet

    How are they still able to do this without your hand interfering with it and stopping it from working? Don't your hand affect how the waves move?

  37. intothelonelystreets

    The background music is annoying. It distracts the user from focusing on the content.

  38. Eugene S

    You can't just melt a bunch of plastic into one, they're not all compatible with each other. They have to be recycled separately, how on earth are they planning on separating it? But I guess if it ends up in a landfill, it's still better than the ocean.... But then, if there's no economic incentive, who will fund it??

  39. ZideYT2

    Nice, now you can carry 50 boxes on your back while fighting BTs and reconnecting the chiral network

  40. Happy guitar Best

    Nice very big sound v8

  41. Sławek P.

    Very nice look. Minimalist, elegant, modern.

  42. niclas lindman

    Have Xperia1 and all Sony mobile had always get New Android really early I have Android 10 on my Xperia1 and January XZ Premium get Android10 . But say Change not find out how change without lose every playlist like to chose SEsels Premium then need say up so in that lose all had and need stsrt again and Wierd should not be a problem to Move App to new app should have a easy just get a Like Change mobile app send and app take all in so Should offer a Send all List to SEsels Music when SEsels Premium get this SEsels music anyway are no brainer if just Change Original app are to SEsels music why Complicate things when can only upgrade Existing app so be SEsels music when Not need Change Play music when work Great so Why not just upgrade Play music to SEsels music so Easy And Customer friendly when Not found s way keep lists have will get empty app and start from scratch that not really fun when had near 3 years so much music are Lot off work get all up when Not understand why not just Upgrade Play music do Smart easy way. Say rather smart in system tech degree and not understand why need to Terminate Play music to get SEsels Premium if not get Bill for both Why Complicate Things like not want me to upgrade should just be upgrade and Account have go over to New when have same Account in fred SEsels and Play music what problem should be easy Upgrade but Why need to Terminate Play music so Not exist to get SEsels Premium are Wierd when same account just upgrade to Premium should follow me To SEsels Premium automatic so just pay some more when Complicate things do it also in Other ways when not really get it resd and more do it just get more complicated and keep music have not possible and Must Take away account have so also in SEsels so That when not understand should I need change mail when Say up account are just that do terminate my SEsels account so get New exactly same everything but upgrade and SEsels music get in buy but totally empty both beacouse lose everything in my SEsels account also are 7 years in list and stuf have to this not have no more So not Upgrade when so Not Like to Put exactly same account and SEsels music are in and Play music all have same everything but impossible to get them be 1 when Play music and SEsels free get video 7f are so lose everything why Pay to lose all save when not change anything more that Pay more a month so log into new with same account all get empty 🤔😔👎👎 Wonder who Have Implode in head when Not In any Even Close to Logic or even Not Can Put s upgrade so get pay to SEsels also are Nothing but pay more should not lose anything why create s new app when upgrade old one done same job and why must empty my free SEsels to get paid one are thing lose everything to log in exactly same SEsels account just pay more to lose all are Much smarter just upgrade app already have or Move To new with a Memory or copy function can buy new mobile and do that and all old mobile are in new but if SEsels must empty everything to get paid version and lose all playlist also so get empty app so need Be like never had any off those Spotify start get more change so keep Free SEsels version when not feel like you want me be customer anymore beacouse should not be this complicate upgrade are Start that Smsrthead Move him do something else and Put s reasnobsly Good Programmer to Get s sullotion not Breake My all SEsels why pay if not Can upgrade my existing account and should Terminate Play scoping to get Yotobe premium It is in same account why need to Do this should just upgrade that have today to paid and when SEsels music are in same why not can use one pay for sltresfy all are in same account why must Terminate to get all in same account again Need Newpeople work on this when this should not be any Big problem why terminate to upgrade to SEsels to SEsels 👎👎👎

  43. Khan Industries

    Motorola really did do a fantastic job solving the folding crease problem.

  44. Sean Olley

    I have an iPod and I’m getting an XR for Christmas, parents don’t know that I know but I do excited

  45. Sean McDonald

    Phil walks like he has a bad back

  46. Luke Johnson

    Does it come with a cup holder? I will take 2

  47. Richard Chris

    How is the Xbox interface bad? I think ps4s one's worse if anything. Xbox have really polished it since xone launched

  48. Righteous Ness

    Wohh hang on there buddy.. series X is a pretty cool name

  49. Wilnie Nogra

    But does it have a cup holder?

  50. FatalFortuneZ

    I used the F O L D to destroy the F O L D

  51. BlackOut

    Total bs this is disinformation

  52. rasper 101

    My question is games that are coming in the future are they available only on this xbox or are they available on both xbox series x and the one s and x

  53. yungplex

    Yep CNET should give this guy a raise he knows what he's doing, keep up the good work.

  54. Haakon Bruun

    Make it posible to play you steam games on the xbox

  55. STC

    Video paid for by the CCP

  56. Knightphall

    And to be backwards compatible with every Xbox gen before it? You know....that might have me sold on one. There were quite a few OG XBOX and Xbox 360 games that I never played because I didn't have either, or there were games for both that never came to Steam.

  57. Vikash Bhalla

    This is not for military use,....hey let me show you how i can lift a rocket, jet oil and some ammo boxes.

  58. Derrick Tews

    so what about storms and waht not dont it get hella wavy out there? would the trash just go over it then?

  59. NPC 86740296

    Fake news

  60. Kodie Grant

    The Huawei looks hot but I'm getting the galaxy fold

  61. Peripatetic Proletariat

    Except, Xbox has no games.

  62. garrwtt

    the series x looks dope but i still think i’m leaning towards playstation

  63. Up-a-Creek

    at $35 dollars a pound... yeah right... and what do we do with all the cattle we are growing, sell them to other countries who don't produce enough meat for their population?... is this going to be a "Green" food that has to be subsidized by the Government like Wind Generators and Solar Panel?... and what about the actual Flavor... different cuts of meat from different animals have different textures and flavors... is Beyond Beef 2.0 going to taste the exact same for the next 50 years or how are they going to achieve quality control of mass production of various batches in different parts of the country or world, like Pepsi tasting the same no matter where it's made.... at the moment this is a niche elitist market with a lot of major hurtles to overcome... One of the biggest is blaming cattle for causing Climate Change and slaughtering millions of animals and replacing it with fake meat... you will be putting 10's of thousands of people out of work by closing down the meat industry... I think it would be cheaper and more environmentally friend to turn to cannibalism... and tastier... that would also solve the overpopulation crisis that is causing most of the Climate issues... Save the Cows and the Planet, Eat People... LMAO

  64. brann

    The military helped with the funding,but its not intended for the military....ok..now you know the real answer wich is not in this video

  65. margus kiis

    Using gyrocopter as base model is smart but why to design it so weird and complicated?

  66. MP crazyme

    My only question is will I be able to set it on it’s side

  67. Kortney Lucius

    Dope $500

  68. HunterShows

    Look at all that Asian crap. Asia needs to learn how to throw trash away, namely, not in the ocean.

  69. Adilio Peregrino

    Come here to Brazil and put it on the river tiete, Sao Paulo.

  70. no ka

    I think extended edge to the side looks much better than having notches on the screen or thick bezel on the top I would rather have that even on non-folding phones. I hope some company releases a phone with a extended edge with some features in it, maybe like high quality audio parts like fancy daps, a stylus, or a 360 degree camera

  71. Tommy Topham

    Now we just need 100,000 more of these unit around the globe and heavy fines for super liners caught dumping it . Ie. Looseing thier shipping license

  72. Adilio Peregrino

    Very good. Congratulations.

  73. Ace Entertainment

    The Xbox Series X somewhat resembles a power supply and a PC desktop at the same time...But whatever works best.

  74. Prabhu Bharathan

    Why not mass produce a covered trike like the Carver? Could be a traffic, space and fuel saver..simple math

  75. Seb

    Yes, and my choice is PS5. Xbox hasn’t been relevant in years when you could buy every single Xbox game on PC. Even the Switch outsold the Xbox One, it’s just embarrassing at this point.

  76. Gandhi Manzano

    If they don’t call the next PlayStation the Plasystation 5 then I’ll be crushed

  77. Kevin J

    Dude that comb over man is awful, just commit to that bald head

  78. Mea Ansel

    Xbox app and xcloud will make consoles obsolete. I'm going say this will be the last Xbox hardware.

  79. Me Flamgo Me Noob

    I have Google assistant and i am impressed👌

  80. Garth

    This is stupid why because they can still breath.. Stick them at 26000 feet and see how they cope..????

  81. Don Nelson

    Its just way too small. Even at the $400 price tag needs to be bigger.

  82. sasamykolors

    To have the nerve to say it’s a new controller is hilarious to me. Imagine if a brand new phone added a button to it after like 7 years

  83. kelly washington

    There's nothing wrong with humans doing physically demanding work in moderation for the accomplishment of the progressive human good. That's our history and purpose for these bodies. But I agree there is a use for these types of things in hazardous environments. I just don't think we should ever stop developing better people in favor of better imitations and would be replacements.

  84. marcio G.m. gueler

    u are a god Jeremy!!!

  85. Why RuMad

    Now lets see what Playstation has on the table, ive been a Playstation guy since the PS2 came out but this Xbox looks impressive.

  86. davi tram

    Introducing the Xbox mini fridge

  87. Raymond Lee

    So it cannot land on my rooftop apartment in the city? I'll have to pass on this

  88. Mei -mei

    Idc I’m into VR now

  89. Don Corl

    So if they have this can you imagine what the military has? They are 70 years ahead of the consumer!

  90. Thatboy DJ

    So this is coming out before the Scarlett? Or is that not a thing anymore?🤔

  91. Darby

    What do you mean it's not a big deal. Of course it's a big deal. As if no one wants to get excited about anything anymore.

  92. Roligt Studios

    The specs of the PS5 and SX seem to be on par with each other. If SX has a compelling lineup of exclusives (unlike Xbox One) I will buy.

  93. Aizen Sousuke

    The xbox series x should have pc vr support at this point since it looks like a PC tower.

  94. Bat Hunter

    looks like the car in Total Recal 1990

  95. Benjamin Brickner

    I might be just going to pc so I dont need to keep upgrading and I love mouse and keyboard far more but if I see the new console have full mouse and keyboard support then I might look into it

  96. Damn Von Bon Daisy

    Just got mine!!

  97. Bongo Cat

    ive never heard of this but i love it already

  98. Muuip

    Congratulations and thank you!

  99. Donald trump

    Imagine a boxing match or MMA match with two people who know how to do every single move perfectly because of neuro link ,who would win?