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  1. Haegla Info

    i thougjt this was supposed to be a competition

  2. Майнкрафтер Pro

    Хорошее видео

  3. Swan Donovan

    come on in to your hut

  4. Shahzad Ahmad

    00:36 Dramatic, C'mon open and hop in

  5. Daniel Topping

    Looks like a wisper gold wrapper the one on the thumbnail

  6. casualasphalt8gamer 666

    He is racing with Paul Walker in heaven... RIP dude you will be missed

  7. Apex Cold

    In my opinion that Mazda is the worst project car, it’s just so small and I’m not a fan of the lights. No hate tho

  8. John Lick

    I’m 20 2 years no claims got a 2.0 tdci ford mondeo titanium x £2190 for the year

  9. Dominic Wong

    if you need a handbrake or clutch kick to go sideways to be called a drift... no go-kart in the world drifts. and we all know that is untrue.

  10. Gurli Griz

    handbrake... oversteer.... did he just say takumi is oversteering? NONI?!

  11. jasetheace71

    Beautiful "land yacht" ☺ it doesn't even fit in a parking bay.....

  12. Jason Lavelle

    Half the money you want and can't buy the car you want, I can relate haha

  13. Luke 120080

    Did you actual pay

  14. Jef Cambré

    I like the jags

  15. Dave Goldspink


  16. Jacob Garaygay


  17. V4ULT B0Y1997

    I wonder how Alex would react to a Dodge Demon! And Charlotte is really cute!

  18. ZEUS


  19. Spanish John

    should defo have driven through the drive through

    1. misolou fout

      loved it

  20. Saint Laurent Don


  21. ConChimBayXa

    I know a lot of rich people and they all drive normal cars like subaru, honda, toyota. 😂, expensive cars dont make u rich, it make u poor, it cost lots of money just to do a service. 😂.

    1. misolou fout

      Tyler Hoover is currently hitting his head against a wall somewhere in America

  22. Arron Krish

    2:40 holy a 1997 sti in good condition for only 6k

  23. Stephen Warren

    Well, almost 1/3 of it is off-pavement but still on-road. 1/3 of your face while you are driving and 1/3 is moving pictures of the vehicle, from a REAL off-roader. 😂

  24. Spanish John

    how come ethan and jack have new macbooks and alex has the shitty old one lmao

  25. Spanish John

    wheres the aussie bloke u need to include him more he was jokes

  26. FreemanTwin

    Your Rolls sir

  27. red4age

    I still think a car manufacturer in the us should rebadge the jimney and sell it here in the us. Awesome video.

  28. Austringer Kun

    Rest In Peace Andrew we lost juice wrld and xxx and a lot More

  29. Jr

    I was really hoping for them to get the 944 😭

  30. Jacob.Calloway

    When your friend is a bully. 😂

  31. Gina Visions

    I like jack he's pretty cool

  32. B u d d y

    Mercedes: (not sold to them) Alex: *does that mean it’s not coming on then?*

  33. whatisdrugs

    Ethan really doesn't know fuck all, a ferrari for £5k lmaoo

  34. djmhyde

    1:46 back in the day they used to make limos of Vauxhall Carltons in my country (or Omega as they're named here)

  35. Martin Kemp

    I've got a Vincero watch. Survived a massive bang when I crashed my bike so happy.

  36. Kyle Joe

    “I’m to rich to pay” You my good sir have figured out life

  37. Angus Turnham

    I’d love that car because I’m about to get my license and don’t have the money for a car

  38. scatcat1994


  39. Riley Knox

    It’s amazing how much car you can get for your money I’m the UK

  40. Phil Bemji

    What a depressing place to be! Look at all those miserable London immigrant faces lol! VILE

  41. Dreamy

    Taking a dump is the hardest part.

  42. Pav1upt

    why not just a camping van with this engine? it would be more use friendly

  43. Scott Werling

    Another great video. Always look forward to your offerings.

  44. Tyler Appel

    Was that like a blooper at the end!?

  45. KruddyKamikaze

    Some mugs out there be actually be trying to follwo this advice.

  46. Jordan VanSlingerland

    18:45 how all americans think British ppl are

  47. Brandon Sweet

    I'm 16yr and have a 600cc sport bike because AMERICA!

  48. Hayden Cutrone

    I'm. 14 and I was go carting then I was able to over steer then correct it

  49. misolou fout

    Tyler Hoover is currently hitting his head against a wall somewhere in America

  50. mistermarin91

    Great mechanic

  51. daveslow84

    Loved the old fashioned English for the highway code reading 😂👌

  52. Suchar Sharma

    loved it

  53. boi

    loading 40%

  54. Wolfie Productions

    BMW e60, problem solved....

  55. Zachariah Woods

    Looks like a Reginald to me.

    1. misolou fout

      Geek point - the Bentley Eight came with a mesh bonnet grille. This Eight has the Mulsanne grille. Hopefully not two cars cobbled together!

  56. Frand Yellow

    Im sorry but a car like this will cost me at least 17k in iraq 🇮🇶

  57. MadamFloof

    I'll tell you now my seville is good. It's comfy but a Bentley will beat it. 100% a Mercedes are far better.

  58. Zakaria Saafan

    Why do I feel like it’s better than top gear?

  59. Danz N

    I would love to win an e46 as im driving a double write offed focus 😬😔

  60. Erevos85

    Poor Supra... Please, someone buy it and revert it to stock.

  61. Bertonecoupez02

    What song name @ 10:08 ???????

  62. mrmurphster

    Are the heaters in the car broke or wha?


    But is there a fridge?...❄️🍾🥂

  64. Johnson

    Here in Ireland you get a 1974 Rolls Royce for 7 grand

  65. Moua Xiong

    3:21 don't lift here cause if you do it can cause a spinout as you go up and then down the hill the weight of the car can be shifted to the front and the rear could lose traction.

  66. Sami Tekcan

    Goal is to get rich not look rich :)

  67. nathan kew

    I want jacks jacket

  68. حیراذ جاوید

    I don't want the car for myself I want to give it to my mother as a gift because since the first day she has sacrificed so much for me and I want to pay her back with this.

  69. elcriserds

    I need more skoda videos please!! . Ive audi a3 1.9 tdi 90hp and im very happy. Congratulations with your channel!!!.

  70. Dane Langenhorst

    Buy a Replica car

  71. Balázs Mihály

    I would love to win this car because my mk1 sdi octavia is getting bit old.. And actualy was looking around for a E46 Touring but this would be awesome too!

  72. Moua Xiong

    "Looking rich" so the car doesn't need to me moving just needs to look cool and look like it'll make you rich.

  73. ItzzLuke

    You can get an old Porsche for like 20 grand

  74. MrMarkusmulder

    It's okay...



  76. Chris Smith

    Plume of feathers near harlow?

    1. Chris Smith

      Yes recognise the car park gilston on the dodgey corner

  77. MB TV

    Hahaha, why am I only just seeing this

  78. Tsubaki57

    Dropshipping 7$ watches... This is sad.

  79. Noah Akb

    7:01 just an S15 sat there as you do

  80. Leon -

    The evo..the RSR killer *kinda* *need for speed players whoud understand*

  81. simon dave

    Next adventure, 1980,s hot hatch for under 6000 quid and turn it it around for a profit. Are you up for it, are you capable...

  82. RyanCarbo96

    Wtf the way you said durham 😂

  83. DorfenThomas

    Are those cars on road tyres?

  84. KingLaudrup

    Geek point - the Bentley Eight came with a mesh bonnet grille. This Eight has the Mulsanne grille. Hopefully not two cars cobbled together!

  85. Bailey Pate

    Please make more video with this 🙏



  87. Matthew Gardiner

    What happens to the cars once u have finished with them

  88. Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 Di Turbo

    Back seat posh toff talk made me laugh!

  89. Alex S.punkt

    but why?

  90. WatsitGamer8

    I would like to win this car because: My dad drives a 2013 prius

  91. Andromahlius

    Do your viewers a service and advertise another watch brand than this vincero shit. They're relabeled watches you can get for 5€ on Alibaba.

  92. Chris G

    Ah it’s actually annoying you didn’t look at Maserati there’s some nice ones in that budget

  93. Giovanni Orsini

    The way he said Italia... Oh

  94. groundwalker

    Moto rider of 2 years here. Always wondered how living with cars look like. Also winter commuting would be so much easier.

  95. Seb Williams

    When are you announcing that I've won this beautiful car? 😉😂😂😂

  96. Wood Ant

    My Uncle's mate had a Xantia 1.9 with this veggie oil un filtered, it never clogged, smelt like the cheap chicken shop down the road that you don't know if you're going to get salmonella from and ran more powerfully for some stupid reason😅

  97. Mobile Recordings

    Check engine = 90% EGR valve on diesel engine.

  98. Chris G

    Didn’t even mention old maserati

  99. Will Peasey

    I have a friend that works for Honda, turns out that some jazzes are being recalled for flinging shards of plastic at high speed at the drivers face when the airbags go off. Glad to know Ethan has one

  100. Jimbob Card

    The ka is hidious