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  1. Ryan

    1:48 Commentator should try and come for that ball as a keeper before saying anything lol. Tough one to judge and the decision to cover the near post was a good one.

  2. Mr. MattRuss

    Crazy thing after all these dropped points Chelsea are still 6 points clear in top 4

  3. Bruce Wayne

    Is Keane okay?

  4. Castle view Promotions

    Ade !!

  5. Mark Zac

    Kante doing is best Gerrard impression

  6. Bear

    Kante is not even on his feet when the camera pans 😂😂😂😂💀

  7. ethan perrin

    I’ve seen a lot of comments saying this or that is the problem. I think the real problem ( as a die hard united fan ) is saying there is only one problem. There are a lot of problems with Man U one being are midfield, I was hoping for Bruno Fernandez but it look like that’s off again, we need a strong creative man in the middle. I know those are not easy to find but we used to be so good at youth development. What happens to that. That is are second problem. We have no youth academy. The few young players we have signed have been flops. Chong for example had a high potential. Unfortunately we wasted it he could have been are answer to the mid field problem. Unfortunately now he’s nothing more than a bench warmer. Now are third and finale problem management. We have had a string of 3 terrible mangers. Starting with Van Gaul. If we can find a consistent 6/10 manager we would be amazing again unfortunately we’re stuck with ole. At best he’s a 4/10. So those are the man reasons we’re not as good as we used to be thanks for reading bye

  8. Sliver Seek

    Sheffield UTD play 2 up front, don't play 442 and are doing pretty well if you ask me!

  9. Void 007

    I preferred football in the 50s and 60s...very little many passes a player made in 3 months..players and coaches putting hands over mouths to conceal their intentions..players falling to the floor as if they had been shot...players earning enough money to finance 200 families for a month..corrupt owners...give me the days of Ron Harris,Tommy Smith,Stanley Matthews..who I saw play..Bobby Moore..much more skill today but over analysis and money have ruined the game..Ernie Taylor who,played for Blackpool in the 50s used to go off for a slash during a game and then go to the pub with the fans...sad times for football...VAR is only one of the first things which will also over complicate football..Joe Smith managed Blackpool for 25 years..2 years maximum now

  10. co lav08

    The theatre of mediocrity

  11. Colin James

    Bruno Fernandez deal off⚽

  12. Conor Halligan

    Anyone here after the Burnley game😂

  13. AmazingShr3y

    Breaking News: Bruno Fernandes deal off Brace yourselves fellow Man United fans for the Championship here we come

  14. Delicious Side FX

    First goal should’ve been disallowed for push on the defender as the ball was contested, aerially. As for the worldy second, phew!! What a blast

  15. Dylan Rees-Coshan

    What a nob it’s the team

  16. Norman Rand Wolfe

    For tomorrow I'd like to know how the transfers are going for the Crochet League (I'm really interested in knowing which clubs win the Patterns Award) and also in between the Cleaning Departments of Premier League Clubs if you don't mind... Retards!!! To be fair to Manchester United's board, which Manager would they be able to get if they fired Ole? Who, in their right mind would take on that sinking ship of fools? Just another unknown or someone with nothing left to lose. As for Bruno Fernandes... Manchester United should have had the balls to tell Sporting CP that £35 million was the maximum they would pay, and stick to it. But no, they launch themselves desperately into the market and are now probably going to pay £75 million for a player worth less than half of that, just like they did in the Summer with the CB from Leicester. Seriously, Manchester United should be thinking more about getting rid of all the Dead Legs at the club, Pogba being the worst offender, and putting in place a five year plan centred around young players with huge potential. And stop glorifying Alex Ferguson, he's responsible for the club being in the mess that it is... Leaving Moyes with a squad of "Cripples and Pensioners" and only £50 million for him to spend. However, Moyes is not innocent in this whole demise... I'd still like to know what he was doing in that "lost" month.

  17. Praxistest Praxistip

    Bayern Munich's Hoeness had him in is Mind, not that presentable for Hamburg (HSV), with his casual Style. Dortmund coal/steel City took him, and CEO Watzke is still in love with him. And now he is in the UK, Liverpool like Dortmund, love it.

  18. ToldYaBro

    Burnley fans singing Who are Ya at Old Trafford, how times have changed lmao

  19. Peter Arnell

    Give any other manager the same players and the same injuries they will give the same results. Those players simply aren't good enough. Seriously out of all of them how many would you keep? De Gea, Wan Bisakka, Maguire, Williams(potential), McTominay, Rashford Pogba is inconsistent and always injured. Martial not a good enough No.9.

  20. jamalgaming2019


  21. Dean Sullivan

    Pepe Reina saved Aston Villa.

  22. Euan Thomas


  23. Super Hans

    Empty seats, so many empty seats

  24. Andy Francis

    The theatre of dreamers Hahahaha..!

  25. We are the Veevers'

    Apparently there are only 2 good teams in Liverpool 1st team and reserves

  26. Steel Pulse

    Can't believe I'm agreeing with the two old Liverpool heads over Roy....this coming from a long life United fan. They see our problems from an objective point of view, where as Kean sees it from an emotional one. Paddy, I just love him.

  27. afiat anang

    Roy Keane is furious at everything

  28. not Ibrahim

    liverpool only have i think 2 players from 7 yrs ago playing today

  29. Zaim Kamran

    Biggest club in the world? Look at all those empty seats. 😂

  30. Wain Campbell

    So United loaned Smalling and kept Jones

  31. The Revster

    Sheffield unt need a couple of them.

  32. Andy p

    The manager is not a class manager .even frank lampard is 50-times better than ole .and david moyes was 40 % better . The player want wages but dont want to play

  33. Mike Brewer

    Ole stay at Utd-Liverpool fan😢

  34. MattTheOak

    Jamie sure says a lot

  35. James Doyle


  36. Electric Acid

    Who else is here after he became the highest overseas goalscorer of all time?

  37. papu prro

    Walker. Raheem has better acceleration but Kyle top speed is really good.

  38. Kieron Law

    Liverpool and Manchester are both great city's

  39. Matt C

    I'd have given the 2nd for AV to VAR and booked the guy for diving before he hit the shot

  40. James Wallace

    Even as a City fan I feel for Its fans. I remember warning Utd friends years ago that the set up with the Gaziers would eventually bring Utd down with their plans .50million every year paying your debt.Should Utd not get top 4 for the next few years watch what will happen.What you really need is a wealthy Arab to take your club on .With your fan base I'm amazed that's not already happened . As a northerner I always want City,Utd,Lpool,Everton etc to do well .Keep those London clubs in their place ie away from the top 4

  41. Ian Holden

    Tyrone minging

  42. DillyDyson007

    That celebration for the first goal sums Tottenham up. They havent scored in the league this year up til that point, yet rather than be hungry to get on with it, get more, get the season going at the 20th time of asking, no, must act out latest rehearsed cringeworthy set piece. This is part of why they wont win anything with these “footballers”

  43. Hector McGraw

    Shaw n McGuire r shite so over rated

  44. Shahana Alom

    I honestly think Real Madrid should buy cook as a replacement for courtois

  45. Chandra Prakash Bisht

    Hands down . . This is the best football video of this year by now This video needs some sought of award . . .

  46. DeeManSony

    Jamie “can I talk” Neville ‘shakes head’

  47. ManCity255

    As a City fan, I thank Burnley FC for beating Leicester and helping City become 2nd place again, and also for showing no mercy at -Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- Old Trafford and beating the red losers with ease! Cheers Clarets!

  48. Nicola Elam

    Wow! You are a remarkable young man Jack. I particularly like your explanations for new sailors and young people who may be inspired to follow in your wake. Best wishes from my family - we are now subscribed and look forward to watching your adventures.

  49. Angel Mcfadden

    West Ham are one of Liverpool’s games in hand.Frightening!

  50. Dan Jackson

    Man U, do not need to strengthen. The squad is strong! They just need be more.....united. And the performances and results will come.

  51. cheddar bob

    I wager Scotch and coke are nearby

  52. J L

    Keane proceeding to mock Lampard who has had a transfer ban and not the luxury of spending £85m on a human donkey that is Maguire 😂

  53. Deanz Beber

    The problem is paul pogba apparently. When he leaves utd will win titles again

    1. Colin James


  54. jig ed

    Rest in piss scum united pfff

  55. Nani Eke

    Roy Keane sooooo far up Ole's ass.. Any other person Roy Keane would have been singing for the sack.. He did the same with Mou... Now its Ole everyone is saying he needs time, and so far Ole has been the worst of the managers

  56. konnor w

    Are you f**king serious United

  57. Monty Gill

    Well done Leicester city

  58. pav Nar

    Stevie G ❤️

  59. Hugh Dennis

    Genuinely feel bad for James and wan bissaka, they are the only players who put effort in

  60. Hugh Dennis

    How is maguire worth £80 mil? He’s dogshit.

  61. P O'Haidhmaill

    Pure shite compared to Shane Longs

  62. Tom Fallon

    Fergie's team from '08 would absolutely destroy this Utd team in a matchup

  63. Jarrett Thomas

    its like these guys started watching liverpool after this segment was announced last week on the job bulletin board in the back of the studio "we better watch film this week!"

  64. caolan mcg

    Seriously, who would want to join a team thats just been beat 2 nil by BURNLEY at HOME ??

  65. The KidKiller

    Who on earth would want to to to man utd they are awful 🤣🤣

  66. Ryan Tdubz

    Henderson is a cheat he was clearly of his line should have been taken again

  67. Paul Dall

    Ole out, and Maguire is the slowest defender I've ever seen he's absolutely fuckn clueless

  68. Siraaj Uddin

    Mouses, horses.... It’s actual Hice get it right.

  69. bs L


  70. Anonymous

    Martin Tyler out.

  71. Jason Nicholls

    No 87/88 side was outstanding!

  72. Toyosi Oyejobi

    So that's how Martin does it!!! Great to watch. Sounds magical when you don't see them

  73. Imran Hussain

    The worrying thing for United is theare they paying these crazy high wages to??? As there is clearly no world class players in the squad. So out of desperation Man Utd destroyed their wage structure in signing Sanchez which then had a knock on effect with all future contracts. De Gea for example, he’s only stayed for the money. Leicester exploited Man Utd’s desperation and got £80 million for Maguire who is worth not even a third of that. I’m assuming this is all down to Woodward. Now they can’t offload these players as clubs aren’t prepared to match their wages, so they’ll happily go out on loan and run their contracts down and leave for nothing all at Man Utd’s expense. Any player looking to sign or extend their contracts will want close to what Sanchez is being paid as Man Utd are desperate so agents are exploiting it!

  74. FuuuckOffff

    Patrice Evra contributes absolutely nothing to any of these discussions

  75. Gareth Tucker

    Roy needs to be oles assistant

  76. Ninja Squirrel

    Marcelo showed he is a man of honour

  77. Rohan Scott

    Manchester United need to sign Leon Bailey the Bayer Leverkusen winger prior to end of the transfer window

  78. french fry

    Swear the rest of the pundits keep making for of united just to troll custis, who is clearly a man united fan

  79. Green Blossom

    Terrible player. This video is embarrassing

  80. Tony D'souza

    Looks like we are going for a 35 yr old would the signing of the decade..!!

  81. Nuno Martins

    Perez is an underrated legend

  82. Nuno Martins

    Vardy injured😭😭😭

  83. Gu Quinn

    Yes and better than Arsenal

  84. Nancytheautismgirl

    Oh well.. maybe next time . I support West Ham

  85. Adam Smith

    "Why have man utd never dominated in Europe". Cause there greatest team died on the runway in Munich threats why. Carragher saying sir Matt's average league position at man utd was 9th! He rebuilt from the wreckage of Munich and took us to 68...... END OF

  86. Gman YNWA

    United stuffed by Burnley hahaha brilliant :)

  87. Rob Moorhouse


  88. Wolf_Harry

    i swear jay rodriguez job is: score absoloute long range bangers against the 'top 6' teams

  89. Ynwa


  90. Z G

    Carragher needs permission to speak. Neville speaks when he wants. Whats all that about?

  91. Rezky Alfarobi

    He was totally i love Garry

  92. Charlie Boyce

    Why the heck doesn’t it show Allison run the full way up the pitch and be the first one to celebrate with mo

  93. Notorius Juan

    Love Tyrone MIngs

  94. dzung1969YT


  95. Ray Toner

    Emre can volley should be there

  96. Ruby Rowson

    Anyone else think the commentator is shite

  97. Anthony Courtney

    look at the gaps in the crowd. The fan abse has grown significantly since the money came in

  98. Charlie Boyce

    Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mo salad you little dancer

  99. Maad Wunz

    Settle down girls

  100. Conner Lowe

    Better than pickford