The Epic Rap Battles of History is a video series created by Nice Peter, epicLLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios.
Banner photo by Adam Hendershott

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  1. milcoll73

    obviously guy fawkes as the only way a communist could win is by sending their competition to a gulag.

  2. Sky warrior RBX - FE2 and more

    for the last 8 years this country’s been run by *A A A A A A A A*

  3. Sérgio Alexandre

    Season 1: "here, step in my shower" Season 2: "take a trip on my train" I love when he does that!

  4. Michael Rivera

    "gooood morning movie bombs! Good god how does EpicLloyd perform so well

  5. Daniel Huelsman

    Was that Joji on the drums?

  6. Ayan Mohsin

    Just one thing ERB With ‘except Heath ledger’ can you add Joaquin Phoenix?

  7. stefan swierstra

    This battle is such a close one i have no idea who would win but damn that heath ledger line was good. Good job ERB good job

  8. Xiaoyang Xie

    El chapo vs pabo escobar

  9. LucasCAPS

    Vlad won, but close. Neither was that brilliant.

  10. Tudor Renegade

    I guess Trump won the office.

  11. Eni Gjinaj

    Hillary won

  12. xBrandonx 18

    Terminator Win

  13. Daniel Huelsman

    I don't understand the connection between these two. What's the theme?

  14. WingDiamond

    There's a grunge/punk band in Seattle called (wait for it) ... B.ruce J.enner's P.enis!

  15. Sheldon J. Cunningham

    The best ERB to-date......

  16. Count Frost

    Scorpion vs ghost rider anyone?

  17. Rakean Syabil

    Man i cant stop watching this video

  18. milcoll73

    lets see erwin rommel v george s patton

  19. Sheep Knight

    Insane Clown Posse vs Mulder and Scully

  20. vampire Mathanator

    Shay vs Edward kenway

  21. TwistedMicrowave

    03:30 this is soooooooooooooooooo sweet, i got diabetus from it.

  22. andy

    you missed an opportunity "Those lines were like your last movie, fucking trash"

  23. sarthak chamoli

    This is really epic

  24. Danny Solomon

    " Jack Nicholson play you just fine But lately the class has declined "

  25. vinasu maaj

    I’m so happy that “We live in a society” made it into this 😂

  26. Redstone336 Mario909 Enterprises

    1:54 Gorbachev: If your name ends with 'in,' time to get out Stalin: Frick you, Garbagehell

  27. Treesus

    Paul Atreides Vs Lawrence of Arabia

  28. M&M Bois

    I have a suggestion Eminem (the rapper) vs M&Ms (the candy)

  29. Skxte Dayz

    Are we gonna ignore Pennywise's flow on his first verse?? 🔥🔥

    1. 6278 ,

      @Skxte Dayz BIG FACTS

    2. Skxte Dayz

      @6278 , when he hit him "Your Jon Doe im my dead lights/ you're about to fall from a new height" that flow was ill!

    3. 6278 ,


    4. vinasu maaj

      The goonies vs. The losers club

  30. Redstone336 Mario909 Enterprises

    Bill Gates: With your second hand jeans and your turtleneck iPhone: Really Bill Gates: With your own little spinning beach ball of death

  31. Che1424

    Clearly have some bias here because my name is Che.....but yea che won 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Robert Bennion

    Joker won this one. Penny"Unwise", he stunk.

  33. diamond saiyan

    Goku won all the way

  34. Reese Pasiona

    Can u do Harry potter and Ginny vs Ron and Hermoine?

  35. karla Hunt

    if they don't do Popeyes and Chic-Fil-A then I'm gonna be mad

  36. Rafael Hernandez

    This is my favorite beat that they made

  37. Nishanth Sivan


  38. Ar Vivo

    This battle was fire

  39. Lightning Lance

    I think we all won with this one 😂

  40. Shaun Conley

    NEXT: Tom Brady versus Johnny Unitas, then have Jim Brown step in and school them both.

  41. Rayansword

    The new ERB raps are getting much better I think they should consider a lot more not only what the fans think they should aim higher

  42. Rayansword

    Antonio vivaldi vs Beethoven

  43. Manuel Javier


  44. Rayansword

    Joker Vs V (Vendetta)

  45. Lightning Lance

    I know you guys have a formula and all, but this was the perfect time to break it with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and telling the audience to vote for him or he'll hunt them down or something like that.

  46. 95deviljho

    I thought the movie taken was pretty good guess its just me lol

  47. jemma simmonsfitz

    Stan Lee won we all know it

  48. Menelker

    Snake Plissken vs Solid Snake

  49. IT chapter 2 edits

    But yeah i vote pennywise

    1. Aeron Kerr

      IT chapter 2 edits I think joker won

  50. Mastermike8200

    Tolkein won, but you gotta give credit to 1:38

  51. Xeproco

    "At the end of the day you're a bat, and that's only half a battle." Dracula: Turns into a bat in the end. This only means this will have a part 2.

  52. Jordan Everett

    This triggered old memories I haven't thought of in literally 7 or 8 years.

  53. Stardust

    Nobody: Putin: You want to mess with me?

  54. Lightning Lance

    "I didn't say I was finished" yeah you did. You said you only needed one round.

  55. Hussain Lali

    I want this guy to play the joker

  56. Emerson Sutton

    Michael Scott Vs David Brent

  57. Arataki Kazuma

    McDonald's vs Wendy's ??

    1. Arataki Kazuma

      Oh yeah..... i just checked it a few minutes ago

    2. Aeron Kerr

      Arataki Kazuma It already exists

  58. MissDaisyBell

    They should do Bob Ross vs Mr. Rogers. Am I the only who thinks that would be great?

  59. kailash basu

    The lady was killing the bear.......

  60. Evan Kaehr


  61. Nicholas Carter

    Ok y’all. Let’s be real here. It doesn’t matter if you support IOS or Android. Facts are facts and some of y’all need to do your homework. As of Nov. 2019, worldwide Android is the most used OS by 75.85% with Apple at second by 22.87%. IOS is however more popular than Android in the United States because that’s where the company is from. Statistically speaking, IOS worldwide has never gotten to above 30% usage while Android has managed to grow from 50% since 2009. As an Apple mobile user, I prefer my iPhone to an Android personally, but preference is an opinion and it does not change facts. Can everyone put their elementary school insult back in their yearbooks now and move on with their lives? Seriously, it’s debates like that that keep us from progressing as a society. It’s a fucking PHONE for Christ’s sake. Get over yourselves and go have a fucking McDonald’s or Burger King or Wendy’s or whatever and move on. Have a nice day everyone 🤗

  62. Christopher Conley

    The goonies vs. The losers club

  63. Tian xu Ma

    This not that fun, hahahahahahahaha

  64. Utku Doğan

    Don Corleone vs Tony Montana

  65. teaxstains

    Harley Quinn vs The Enchantress next please



  67. Fuko

    Never thought I'd hear pennywise compare himself to biggie lmao

  68. Zakir Anderson

    Your outfits and makeup look amazing you sure went to alot of trouble for a shit rap battle.

  69. joeysurovy

    King Arthur vs Thorin Oakenshield Charlie Chaplin vs The Three Stooges Van Helsing vs Buffy Summers Krampus vs Baba Yaga Nicholas Flamel vs Madam Curie

  70. Jawa Gang

    3:32, look at his eyes, they look so weird.

  71. WonderedLime

    Stalin vs Hitler pls it will be interesting.

  72. Awesome Legion

    The beat is SICK!!!!

  73. Piper and Anabelle


  74. Joshua Lunsford

    Bruce Wayne vs Tony Stark

  75. Prince Fredrich I

    Trump’s and J.P.Morgan’s verse were fire


    If you see this....... Read More

  77. Arvin Singh

    Can We Have India Vs Pakistan?

  78. Gaurav Goel

    why is no one talking about "apar-tide-pods" my god that is deep

  79. Einflys

    Notorious B.I.G Jeez, talk about a Jojo reference.

  80. jonas

    My grandpa told me about Elvis Presley My dad told me about Michael Jackson Ill tell my kids about Avicii

  81. septipliergamer 2

    Billy from fallout vs The kid from happy wheels

  82. Alliyah Jane Caelestis

    0:47 doesn't that mean Adam is not good in bed

  83. Deez Deez

    Indiana Jones VS Han Solo Admiral Nelson vs Admiral Li Sun Shin

  84. somethingsomething

    This is still the most savage one. And my Favourite

  85. bheceo

    In the transition from Jim Henson VS Stan Lee and Disney clearly some production value has been lost.. The Environments aren't as in depth as they used to be.. I feel like they are just some background images with some moving parts to them.. Not a bad way to do it for your first season independently but I feel like the battles have taken a slight step back in my opinion

    1. Nepkolz ′

      This one the visuals are pretty good. Probably the best in this season. But yes, clearly changed a lot. Sometimes not all that good like the Dracula battle. But the battles still very good with the lyrics.

  86. actuallytom

    Dr House Vs Dr Strange!!!! Please, it has to be done!

  87. thejanusproject32

    Good god, that was BRUTAL. Holy shit. I can't pick a winner!

  88. ralroost einsnulldrei

    I fucking love his old man dance at :37 - it has been incorporated into my repertoire

  89. Ali Abdullah

    Eminem VS Slim Shady

  90. Jack Nation

    Pennywise won

  91. Dad !

    "i fought til i was actually free, willy " is that a free willy reference?

  92. Joe Campbell

    I want to see a round 2

  93. Jed Carpenter

    Before ERB ends, we need an Eminem vs M&Ms guest starring eminem with epic loyd , nice peter and friends as various color m&ms

    1. Nepkolz ′

      This could be a battle for a Flash In The Pan: Hip Hop Conflicts of Nowadays episode

  94. lauri karppinen

    Simo Häyhä vs Chris Kyle

  95. Hidde Van Der Kemp


  96. Solaire of Astora


  97. descent

    Ngl joker wasn’t good compared to penny wise idk I like the chill type of rap

  98. Indigo Games

    Ellen DeGenres would’ve definitely done this

  99. Ethr Sag

    How did Burr not get in on this battle?

  100. MrTeaSquiffy

    Let's all appreciate how slick 1:39 is