The Epic Rap Battles of History is a video series created by Nice Peter, epicLLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios.
Banner photo by Adam Hendershott

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  1. Linden Edwards

    My vote goes to the person dancing in the credits.

  2. Real Princess Marissa

    Why does Pennywise have so many teeth down his throat that's a rough swallow for anything you eat

  3. Zay Sensu

    Boba Getty wap

  4. Real Princess Marissa

    Just why does the intro sound like that gags

  5. DrTeknical

    I watched it once. Hated it. Will never watch it again, and wouldn't mind seeing these guys get their comeuppance for politicizing a formerly neutral platform of mockery towards all. I can forgive, but not forget. Especially since they totally cheated the Donald out of equal time. If he'd had as much time as Killery had, she would "really literally" be dead by now! (Rachael Maddow lawsuit reference so I don't get sued)

  6. LT/JPM

    Can someone tell me what the song in the background is?

  7. JokerBlazin '

    Round 2 motherfuckers

  8. Brian Piankowski

    Trump 2020

  9. Pickle Da Greninja

    Snoop Dogg won

  10. Megan

    P.S. Y’all are the shizzzznit!!!

  11. Linden Edwards

    Great to see Abe still ghosting after his Epic defeat by Chuck Norris

  12. Megan

    WHO’S NEXT?!??? Kellogg’s VS Post GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  13. Super Tree

    You guys should do Sony VS Microsoft or PS4 VS Xbox

  14. Michael Joshua

    The creators of wrestling; Vince, Ted, Bischoff, Heyman, and end it with the American Nightmare stepping in from the shadows. ;) you're welcome.

  15. jaimarc valencia

    "That purple suit, is somthing u, should only see steve Harvey's in" omg

  16. Seany boi

    I don’t know why but the line “ I hate that your sloppy” gives me the shivers

  17. Sam Hilbourne

    real debates should go like this

  18. Pompomatic

    In a scientific perspective, studying barnacle dick would not be an insult ( :

  19. madame merry-go-round

    This is easily the best one they have ever made

  20. ZeBliss oof

    3:39 "equal opportunity smack down in the sequel" smack both of em 2 times

  21. Rob Hall

    There was no need for the beat to go this hard..

  22. cgstreetersaddles

    Harly Quinn vs Catwomen

  23. This statement is false:

    "I'm out before you try to hold me and free your willy" Underappreciated line

  24. Michael Shepherd

    Jerry Springer vs Maury

  25. SoleChicken

    I'm just here to say that epiclloyd says yankydoodle in this and donald vs hillary

  26. This statement is false:

    Every now and then I go to an ERB binge watch.

  27. Hakan Hervenik

    Game of Thrones is an overrated pile of garbage next to the Lord of the Rings

  28. superman05

    We need a rematch!

  29. Lancelot

    Damn, Thanos just got his purple ass handed to him xD

  30. Jason Doherty

    Kinda makes me want to see HAL 9000 vs. MU-TH-UR, or The Red Queen vs. Cortana.

  31. Scombs 654

    "Call me Ed Sullivan, shoot you from the waist up" That was fucking brilliant 😂😂

  32. Jonathan Okafor

    My friend thinks still Thanos won 🤦🏿🤦🏿

  33. Zappa Walleghem

    Keep calm and kiss my coussins ass hmm not a bad idea

  34. Mark Yehuda

    The Coronavirus VS. The Bubonic Plague <---Next Epic Rap Battle!!!

  35. Lemon

    "These rap skills are not evenly distributed"

  36. Judge Holden

    If Ubisoft had any fucking balls at all there would be Far Cry: Winter War and Far Cry: Cuba Libra where you play as Simo Hayha and Che Guevara want a story where someone who has never had any military training or fired a shot in anger before turning themselves into an indomitable killer fighting huge groups of professionals and winning, can't really think of a better framework lol.

  37. Franxxisco VF

    **WWIII Starts** Germany: 0:24

  38. BMT115

    I didn’t get any breaking bad references until I saw the whole series recently and his whole rap is just show joke after show joke...

  39. unathi mag

    Muhammed Ali won

  40. Erik Holmes

    What about the dictators of the Baltic countries: Antanas Smetona (Lithuania), Kārlis Ulmanis (Latvia) and Konstantin Päts (Estonia)?

  41. unathi mag

    Martin Luther King Jr won

  42. Deanna Pehler

    stevie wonder whone

  43. notorious J.I.M

    Make one with Tupac vs biggie

  44. Gregory Williams

    gee, i wonder who they voted for...

  45. AMV's Kitchen

    john snow pls guys

  46. Anto Capannini

    Calvin and hobbes (comix) vs. Calvin and hobbes (philosophers)

  47. TheSaintNamedDerik

    "Im Cath, Im a cat and you're a rodent." Underrated line.

  48. Danny

    Who is here during quarantine?

  49. VanillaSwirls

    If the rap battle was continued a few more minutes: *Breaking News: “It seems 4 turtles were brutally murdered by 4 name sharing artists”*

  50. Danny

    Who is here during quarantine?

  51. Danny

    Who is here during quarantine?

  52. Danny

    Rivers was destroying the others until Robin Williams came.

  53. (S)-Riley Dunn

    Hoo boy, the comments. Don't scroll down, it's just a Tesla fanboy circlejerk. I've got nothing against him, just the fandom.

  54. Danny

    Who is here during quarantine?

  55. Kaiser Umbra

    Fun fact, the original bond books saw 007 as an English man, however after Sean Connery's performance in his first bond film, later books depicted bond having grown up in Scotland. And that slap between Bonds... priceless

  56. Danny

    Steve Irwin spits wildfires.

  57. Danny

    Quarantine ain’t so bad, it made me revisit ERB’s finest videos.

  58. Anto Capannini

    Pink panther vs black panther

  59. Johnny Rabbits Laughing


  60. Andras Kravcsenko

    peter the great?

  61. Tim Zvi

    Wow Donald Trump definitely changed from this one to the newest

  62. Austin Thekkanath

    Caesar just said how to defeat Shaka's horns maneuver. The Alemanni or the Franks had a similar tactic at that time but it was called the boar's tusk. So Shaka would get pwned by Caesar

  63. Mr. G0d

    Western philosophers sucks as fuuuccck XD Srsly for me East win :D

  64. Wrestling videos

    Pennywise vs Ronaldo McDonald

  65. Misfit Mania

    I find the got no wife line funny cuz Isaac Newton was gay and there were I think love letters found that he sent to another man

  66. Chewy Mustard

    Carona virus vs spanish flu

  67. Danny

    Who’s ready for Trump Vs Biden?

  68. Arian Afshariyan

    Just joker

  69. DarkStory Studio

    Antonio prohias vs Bob Montana ( he's the artist of archie comic's)

  70. Tristyn Waldeinsamkeit

    Anyone else notice that the cigar that Che flicked at Guy Fawkes was what set off the explosions?

  71. Kostas Vin

    Paganini VS Liszt? LUL

  72. Jiros

    I get the feeling that years worth of Australian jokes finally saw the light in this battle.

  73. Danny

    Who’s here waiting for Biden Vs Trump? I predict that Biden will sleep through Trump’s first verse.

  74. SparkZ- Red


  75. Jinx Vayne

    Bob Ross just sound like Snoop 😂😂

  76. MC Ente

    Negan vs. Trevor Phillips

  77. J Y

    ERB Idea Qin Shi Huang vs Tokugawa Ieyasu The Sailor Moon vs Sakura Avalon(Sakura Kinomoto) vs St. Tail Ernest Thompson Seton vs Jean Henri Fabre William Steig vs Anthony Browne vs Chris Van Alsburg vs John Burningham vs Maurrice Sendak Bear Grylls vs Miia(monmusu) Mike O'Hearn vs Hibiki Sakura Othniel Marsh & Edward Cope vs Max & Rex & Zoe(Dinosaur King) vs John Jack Horner Gustaf Crocodile vs SCP 682 TinTin vs Charles De Gaulle Katrielle Layton vs Conan Edogawa vs Athur Conan Doyle King Athur vs Artoria Pendragon vs Three Headed Knight(Monty Python) One Direction vs Afternoon Tea Time(Keion) Ladybug and Blackcat vs Asterix and Obelix Xi Jinping vs Li Syaorang (Cardcaptor) Gustavus Adolpus II and Christina vs Torbjorn and Brigitte (They are Swedish Father and Daughter) Sid Meier vs Klaus Teuber William Orange vs William Tell Anton and Rudiger (Little Vampire) vs Akari and Sophie (Tonari no Kyuuketsuki san) Nello vs Heidi vs Zeze vs Tom Sawyer vs Anne Shirley John Curtin vs Wilfrid Laurier vs Kupe vs Queen Victoria vs Theodore Roosevelt You Decide

  78. IS iT mE

    Bro why am I watching this In 2020

  79. MC Ente

    Daryl Dixon vs. Jessie Pinkman

  80. Sasha Broen

    2:41 “dip it in gold and make Mexico pay for it all” wow trump ur really racist

  81. C Sky

    Bill O' Reilly vs Jon Stewart

  82. FaZe The Incredible Hunk ZombieSlayer

    TRUMP 2020 YEAH!

  83. Curtis Ousley

    Go bots vs transformers

  84. Suhnye Gaynor

    Michael Jackson wonnnnnnn

  85. Austin Grant

    They should make one of emeneim vs machine gun kelly

  86. PattPatt

    Where’s trump vs Biden

  87. Ben O

    Ay man, why you diss B.I.G. like that

  88. PattPatt

    Where’s trump vs Biden

  89. Benjamin Oyarzabal

    “As hard as the wood that Oak gave your mother” Damn

  90. Shashi Bhagwat

    When you beat the final boss and you hear the intro theme music playing.

  91. nyar lathothep

    Neither won need a 2nd battle

    1. Versie Graham

      You're trippin wolverine won but I wouldn't mind a round 2

  92. Tahir Mohammed

    Poor Bruce lee got wrecked 😢

  93. Stephen Davis

    Now have I become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds -Bhagavad-Gita re Oppenheimer

  94. Jared Redding

    BATTLE IDEA: Jerry Jones vs. Jerry Reinsdorf

  95. Oscar Perez

    Anyone else wanted a bonus rapper to join and it be the zodiac killer?