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  1. Tha BeatBoi

    He looks high

  2. Derek McShane

    Lol, I have to change the tube on my bike tire too.

  3. Rodney Omeokachie

    Anybody else notice Ryan's red "deadpool-themed" AirPods??

  4. Um Bongo

    They are 2 sides of the same late night coin, perfectly balanced

  5. Adrian Hodgson

    When are we going to help America there in shit street

  6. Julie Wimmers

    Donald Trump is an A**

  7. Half-Blind

    didn't know Stephen is a good mime and good singer!

  8. BradleyDaltonART

    Well, he's got a good meth hook up in prison apparently.

  9. Half-Blind

    Daniel !! :DDDD

  10. Veronica Jimenez

    Someone please call upon the Vice President to invoke the 25th amendment for the good of the people.🙏🙏

  11. ricey Veli

    Everyone on that show seems to have alot of mental health issues not fit enough to look after there self muchless animals

  12. Juib Morrowind

    Pretty sure she doesn't eat junk food


    I am here looking at pewds with a 105 million subscribers. Like here if u are

  14. Sonalika Gupta

    Ole ole how cute u r v🙈🙈🙈🙈 Hey guys I m v and I m good boy.. how cutely he said this🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  15. Jason Cook

    It was totally disrespectful for him to not shake Pelosi's hand, so naturally she returned the favor by ripping up the speech. Wtg Nancy!

  16. Um Bongo

    Can we have more of these two?

  17. Mariel Davison

    Since Trump has droned on before about his "Anti science juice" position where vaccines are concerned I've been thinking that Speaker Pelosi for the love of God and all things Holy please do whatever you can to distract Trump once the Covid-19 vaccine is ready. We need Trump doing what he does best send him golfing while the rest of us vaccinate ourselves and our children. I thank you from the bottom of my heart

  18. l19f9

    Did anyone think the thumbnail was Bob Saget?

  19. milestone_ achiever

    He and Sean Hannity sound the same

  20. Nancy Lynn

    Huge thank you, Ryan and Blake, for supporting both Canadians and Americans (I'm Canadian). We need to work together to survive this!

  21. Ajax

    The bleeping was so damn annoying

  22. l cy

    unfortunately, there are people who work in the service industry and come out worse, not everyone learn how to be a better person from there. Also, thanks to covid, i do get to respond in kind to people rushing in and thinking take out only doesnt apply to them. So, yay, i guess?

  23. Sam Broderick

    If DJT and Pence were to ‘succumb’ to COVID-19, wouldn’t she be the 1st woman president? Just sayin’...

  24. Glen Coco

    i don't know why i love this video but i do

  25. Saxologic

    Swingin at the Haven!!!!!!!!

  26. A. Alexander

    Dude pulls a globe out of his pocket at 8:33. Another fantastic coincidence

  27. Paul Negrito

    Looking great Sir...but where is the dog?

  28. Sam Davinchi

    That oligarch was cool, A real cool guy, he remind me my russian friend.

  29. Rodeo Clown Obama

    steve is a left wing nut job, he adores obama and hillary, never made fun of them , he just isn't part of the resistance , he's part of their agenda, now you indoctrinated college kids can see just how pathetic this little man is

  30. Alicia Clifford

    🤨 I think Stephen is writing his own jokes now.

  31. J J

    First time I came across this video, so funny 🥳🤪

  32. X

    Emm, perky

  33. Alexandria Hensley

    This is the worst comedy bit I've ever seen.

  34. A freeze is coming


  35. gachaUwUbish


  36. Joe Woodfin

    NGT......"astrophysicist"....so expert in THEORY and story telling .THEORY IS JUST AN OPINION. I'm a theorist too....along with 7 Billion other people here. "Listen to science" and do what your government tells you! WAKE UP PEOPLE this guy is AN ACTOR!

  37. Frank Barone

    I was just saying to God how much I'd like to be a dolphin if I have to come back, when John said, "Dolphin's have had it too good for too long". Thanks God....... I guess that means no?

  38. Jus Killintime

    “Say hi everybody petter!” Son: “HI EVERYBODY PETTER!” 🤣😂🤣😂

  39. Michael Duran

    Oliver's show is the only one that translates to no audience. He genuinely looks comfortable without laughs and the show is still just as hilarious. If they don't have this kind of easy rapport, this could get brutal for Colbert.

  40. rungPHilo

    I'm just here to admire Ryan Reynold's handsome face and handsome heart.

  41. Susan Bidmead

    he made me laugh.thankyou!! all the best from Scotland ..

  42. Evan Moore

    Cuomo is definitely getting popular, but y'all should see the meme culture building up around Andy Beshear in Kentucky.

  43. Bedrock Breaker

    *W A Z O W S K I*

  44. Ronney Rendon

    She's so adorable.

  45. Star G

    would love to see more of jon! miss him

  46. Divyata B

    Now this is called a true cameraman ❤❤❤

  47. Sam Kn


  48. Mateo White

    Hahahaha but really tho

  49. Sahil Raza

    Stuart wasn't invited even here.

  50. c5th t

    so clever and real talent

  51. Dit Smiddle

    Just except the fact that they don't have any answers cause they are not doing any actual analysis on it enough to actually know

  52. Parker Dieffenbach

    Now *that* is songwriting!

  53. Clark Richards

    You appear to be melting.

  54. broms316

    I really don't like his show anyway but that was probably the most unfunny thing I've seen this year.

  55. MK KING

    Are U Running An Illuminati Show Or Are You An Anti-Christ.

  56. Beverly Vinson

    Americans love Their Late show comedians !! . Keep it up ...keep entertaining us . !! . Show us some of your wildest programs...WE NEED entertainment!! . Especially now!! . 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  57. Giles Stuart

    Malkovich, Malkovich Malkovich.

  58. Corey Long

    Dr Fauci is a good man. Ppl need to listen to every word he says. He will save us all EDIT:I apologize, I should say his words backed by the medical workers, and the people everywhere doing what is asked will save us all.

  59. silviarambles

    he’s the cutest, nicest person ever

  60. Tiger I. F. R. Tiger

    Americans are sick...even in such times they learn nothing...it would be funny if it was not so sad...first your government hijacks ships for masks...which were considered for german doctors and nurses...and after this chaos...America will go out and kill and rob other countries once again to make up their economic losses...this is when war will start...the 3. world war...sorry to say this really...but it is the truth...even if not all Americans are bad...your government is...and believe me...people around the world are ready...to fight back because they are so aware of what the U.S will do...as it is so easy to read you...I do not want to hurt anybody and say this in tears but this will be it...I HOPE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART...THE GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL ONCE AND FOR ALL SHUT DOWN THIS DISGUSTING STRATEGY

  61. TheSarahskaninchen

    1:43 it somehow looked like he said "sex", are they not allowed to say that? :D

  62. Nonnye n/a

    My mother was kinda June Clever-y, if the Clevers had been active in the Civil Rights and Equal Rights movements in the 50s, 60s ..well, up until now. She's big on musicals, and that's what her album collection consists of. It was not weird the day my sister & i came home from elementary school to find my mother singing as she vacuumed the living room. What was weird was she wasn't singing her usual vacuuming medley of songs from Camelot. My mother was singing -- in her best church choir voice -- "I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In". Because of that, it has always been one of my favorite songs. So, Mr Colbert, just in case you read your comments: Thank you for that!

  63. M Sherrod

    This is stupid. I don't trust or respect anyone who refuse to shake hands; use personal sanitizer or wash your hands afterwards.. I still see a lot of people engaged in PDA but no one is talking about that. Does anyone believe that no one is having sex or couples are not sleeping in the same bed. Where is the line between fiction and non fiction, myths and truths, sensible and stupid, practical and necessary.

  64. brad gibson

    I'm a Kiwi, new Zealand er. Although kinda left, I don't like Stephen Colbert at the best of times. His American humour is just not funny. And he was seriously taking the piss about corona virus, in an, unsurprising, unfunny way.

  65. MikePlusGaming

    Alternate Title: Astrophysicist talks about Biology/Psychology (Ps I'm writing this before i watched the video)

  66. Borneo Coolpad

    Why anobody never mention him as the next Bond ? Seriously.Just watch Homeland, you know he good. And he always be Majors Dick Winters to me.

  67. Alex Babcock

    Somebody owes this man an apology.

    1. Alex Babcock

      Actually get me the manager or I’m not shopping here anymore 🚬

  68. D H

    1:55 - 2:06 This is still an unanswered question til this day that we truly should know amid a virus

  69. Anna Gallina

    i love him periodt

  70. MikePlusGaming

    Bro he kinda looks like hes wearing a doctor who Halloween costume

  71. VttkLazer

    Ahhh thank Gerry meandering for desantos. Without it how could republicans win anything? :)

  72. truththatlies

    Dont do that 🤣🤣

  73. Rachael Injustus


  74. Corey Long

    I've seen like 15 ppl attempt trumps voice, Colbert does it the best 😂😂 I love it

  75. kenneth byrne

    history an VIDEO TAPE will remember Trump for wat he is Charlettesvillie there were good people on both sides

  76. Kate McMillan

    I love this without the usual audience and formality. It seems a lot more like two mates having a chat. Dan seems like such a lovely bloke. Big fan of Miracle Workers, and grew up with Harry Potter. Thanks for something not-Trump related Late Show fam, sometimes a break from that dumpster fire is nice :)

  77. Sarah White

    Thanks, Stephen and John!

  78. BiddNo Ro

    I hope at the end of this quarantine Colbert will just be in a robe.

  79. Coeuz

    That was a great monologue!

  80. Chris Oglesby

    Dogs and cats can get infected.

  81. MrMAC923

    I hope Colbert does that again this round. He has four years of trump saying stupid shit to play Trump or false with now.🤣🤣

  82. prince of animation hossain

    But how

  83. Susanna Senti

    Thank you Alicia Keyes! Been a fan since your 1st song! Blessings!

  84. Kat B

    Hey Joe, isn't your campaign manager the same person who legally consulted HARVEY WEINSTEIN? Isn't she the same person who is trying to shut down allegations against you?

  85. Anna Campbell

    I'm so sorry but Daniel Radcliffe just looks soooooo much like Harry Potter! ...do you know what I mean? Hahaha

  86. Vic D

    sooo funny

  87. Hvalpikk

    Alcohol and gun sales on the rise, nice, just what we need, a bunch of drunken gun toting, flag waving idiots shooting at conspiracy theories, shadows and doctors who tell the truth.. greatest country on earth you say?

  88. Chris Gentry

    Celebrity pedophiles are false gods.