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  1. Wake Up Or Die

    Bill is on the wrong side of the fence.

  2. Edwin Hernandez

    Okay but when can we have our life’s back?

  3. Coolbread Rye

    He seems like a pretty big failure to me. Not as big of a failure as W. Bush but still pretty awful.

  4. yahshu1

    7.56 billion people on the planet. 800k diagnosed with "coronavirus". That's 0.011% percent of the population of the planet have "coronavirus". And why does "coronavirus" have a patent?

  5. Dino Nuggets

    So it is like the flu but its just that we dont have a vaccine.... yet

  6. Walker noname

    I never really liked science but this is interesting

  7. I3rittanyLynne

    2 seconds in...Measles is not a disease.... 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Ben Holcomb

    What is money going to mean when people are dying from a hot it is outside and how cold it is somewhere else and how oceans are rising and how weather is increasing I mean how do people not see how the future is going to go it’s funny people thought of people before money than this world would be a better place

  9. ClawsNGloves

    The R nought number for corona is between 2-5 depending on the setting of infection.

  10. NotDannyM

    It was like the flu but it mutated.

  11. Nate

    ‪ Just an FYI....COVID-19/2019 is in the virus family called “coronavirus”. Influenzas A and B, SARS, MERS, and common cold are all coronaviruses. Each of them do in fact have various symptoms, but all have very similar symptoms. They all do vary in how they spread but are classified into the same family by shape and RNA makeup.

  12. Ralph

    Funny cuz ive had covid and it was literally just the flu

  13. Lester Plays

    Kid in 2050: what happened in 2020 Mom: we don’t talk about 2020

  14. SkarmX2

    Covid19’s R0 is way higher than that. Confirmed cases represent a lower limit of infected. Many are asymptomatic, have mild symptoms or are just carriers, and all won’t bother getting tested. Estimates put it at 80% of people who are infected won’t get tested. That puts the R0 at up to 10

  15. Time Bisvit

    So the flu but better

  16. CallMeK3nD

    For those who act like they can't handle solitary confinement or they don't care for covid-19, here's what I say. *Line em up and shoot em down*

  17. M Detlef

    They ALREADY DO have a GREEN option. You get a DOLLAR for slower delivery.

  18. IExTaSeE

    Flu: new year new me

  19. Dead Diamond

    When I go to school I stay away or maybe even get on the roof secretly

  20. Dead Diamond

    I only stay indoors

  21. Dead Diamond

    Ima big introvert

  22. Patrick Bush

    America I've been censored since the beginning of this crisis no one will probably see my response they've been lying to America from the get-go is it really important that you wear a mask ask any doctor or Healthcare professional stay safe America I love you all

  23. Dead Diamond

    I’ve seen this

  24. fledermausmann

    If they think 20-60% of us will get it, our only defense is not social distancing, it's STRENGTHENING OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS But no one knows how to do that I guess

  25. God

    Now go watch some anime inside you're home and never leave again

  26. Patrick O'Connor

    So it is the flu without a flu shot.

    1. Valen Goksir

      It is the barely weakened version of SARS, without shots

  27. Facts _Not_Tea o.o

    Me: reads the title Also me: WELL NO SHE-IT

  28. Lindsay Jael Herron Davis

    As an OCD germaphobe, I disinfect myself so well. I scrub up to my forearms with soap and water for 3 minutes twice. Sometimes as an extra measure use hand sanitizer too.

  29. undeadbobop


  30. David Gil

    I think my neighbor has the corona virus because there’s and ambulance

  31. Jodtz Sucks

    No duh.

  32. Steve cherry

    Vox if i get the flu i feel sick after 2 weeks when i first come infected

  33. Auckland357

    What is “the flu” then?

  34. GlowSticks

    ok lady

  35. Dead Diamond

    Hey I’ve seen this.

  36. Julian Schneider

    The R0 and the immunity argument are essentially redundant. The basic reproduction number is not an intrinsic value of a virus. It changes with the circumstances like immunity in the population and frequency of social contacts. The flu R0 would certainly be higher if these mentioned factors weren‘t decreasing it.

  37. OpinionsGetYouBanned

    It's not worse. In the same amount of time the flu has killed 3x more people than covid-19. I don't know where you got your degree but return it and demand a refund.

    1. Valen Goksir

      Its havent been a year, just wait bro

  38. Josh B

    STOP EMBALMING YOURSELF PEOPLE! You’re killing the planet.

  39. The chapter book

    Nothing won't change until we Gold people not (Black) stand up again the laws like the 13th amendment

  40. alphavivi

    Time Traveler: what year is this? Me: 2020 Time Traveler: ugh, i was going for a safer time but whatever *puts on gas mask* Me: *_w h a t_*

  41. DanielP533

    I love how they "oversimplified" that +1 difference from the flu to carona so that it looks more "appealing" and "dangerous". It's sad to see media companies posting videos like this to try to control us with little legitimate factual claims. Let me debunk most of the facts presented in this video for you. The first fact that they states was "The flu across AMERICA kills about 60 thousand people, however Covid-19 killed 34 thousand across the ENTIRE WORLD". This looks appealing at first, however re-read it carefully. "Across the world". This is a stradegy I like to call "metromizing" which is taking a true statement, and twist tounging it to make it appear fatal. Of course if you all up all the world fatalities of Covid-19 It will start to add up MORE THAN AMERICA.

    1. Valen Goksir

      It has only been 2 months, a 1/6 of a year, just wait bro

  42. Nelson.

    People look at what the Doctor Fauchi wrote his own words in the New England journal of medicine March 26,2020 were he say it is a mild flu look it up. Google it Wake up this is a world wide scam...

    1. Valen Goksir

      Its only 1 doctor doe

  43. Worm Man

    At least people are not turning into flesh eating zombies, yet.

  44. Codeic Namo

    KHORDOKOVSKY NOT khodokovsky

  45. MeTube Galvez

    sounds like watchmojo

  46. ActualSizeTV

    I'm not worried I mean look at China's Population of 1.3 billion and only 81,000 cases doesn't seem like it spreads that fast!

  47. Patricia Alastre

    So someone has to say it. Using the ghost in the shell movie as an example of yellow face is a great fallacy, and denotes the poor research this people did on this one, and shows that maybe they don’t research as well on other things. I read the original manga and saw the movies and the tv animated series, and let me tell you something, motoko was supposed to look American because she no longer had her true body she was a police cyborg, only parts of her brain remained, and her new body was custom made in the United States. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  48. T-Julius

    Stop supporting this evil everyone

  49. Abby Normal

    Doubters & world leaders: COVID-19 is just a "bad flu" COVID-19: Get ready for the 2020 version of 1918-19 Spanish Flu... Bwoohahaha

  50. Sharkrider 105

    Wow thank you for scaring me more A*******

  51. si o no

    Why the ads??? Why they getting pay and we are not

  52. Ellie jenkins

    Cronoa virus is just a big joke

  53. Phalanx Cuthalion

    Anyone got the links to the January and February Vox articles saying that the WuFlu was no big deal?

  54. Manu Gupta

    Love to Israel, more power to you! At least someone is taking back what is rightfully there with strength! The Land belongs to Jews and it'll be there's only!

  55. Pilo Rivera

    This is taken out of context. You should name it the seasonal flu in the title because there are various types of flu. Serious influenza virus is way more deadly and dangerous.

  56. Matt M.

    clear as always - thank you

  57. Derrick Haze

    This virus wouldn’t exist if humans were vegan

  58. Knia is Bored

    I like how I said on New year's bye 2019 hi 2020 and now I'm saying bye 2020 hi 2019

    1. Lady Alien- Freed From Area 51

      LOL! I told myself that 2020 was gonna be a great year and that it’ll be a year where I’ll finally be happy! Well, I got the happy part right, kinda. And for the good year part? I got that down too! There’s just things happening

  59. Freddy perez

    This virus really ducks. So many plans made this year and now they vanished. Just want this to be over already. 😟

  60. Mike Zerker

    **New recommendations are to wear a mask if out in public** If you have a mask use it, if not you can make one to use while outside. There are many websites showing how you can make one with household items. Social distancing and hand hygiene remain paramount. PREVENTION is still the way to make it through this Pandemic. I am a healthcare provider that works in a hospital.

  61. thatoneweeb 101

    Don't let coronavius distract you from the fact that SEsels snuck in 15 second ads 😒😒

  62. Grover Grandle

    Amen 478

  63. B- Beast

    I'm shocked. SHOCKED

  64. Jk Plays

    You got Demonotized.

  65. An G

    What I am curious about is, when this comes back in the fall... will it be twice as strong? Also those who didn't catch it now, will they have a higher mortality rate than those who did already have it once? I know everyone's always worried about the present, but what about the future of this?

  66. MotoMason

    Now let’s talk about H1N1. How infectious and deadly was it?

  67. Γιώργος Τσιλιβής

    need more data


    Слава РФ , слава ДНР и ЛНР

  69. Mehcom

    Shout out to anti-vaksine

  70. Fay Lin

    My friend says so and that is that . did u not read my comment

  71. the paper ninja

    Government lies

  72. james 1066

    Vox………..Is not journalism………. it’s far worse

  73. Simple Balance Astrology

    all of this ....that you described was already known since January..... this video is a bit too late.

  74. MoonCake I

    Look, I get it's worse and that it's near me in my city but here's the thing, I don't care

  75. Alexander G

    Excellent work Vox. Really good stuff. You're helping people understand this at a critical time.

  76. Kylie Fire

    Someone needs to put together a documentary series that details EVERY black town this happened to. This is the reason why black people largely weren't able to obtain generational wealth and political power. They paint these events as 'race roits' when they were really murderous rampages by white supremacists.

  77. mxfern

    This is painful to watch, knowing that we had at least 4 years to prepare and nothing was done

  78. Michael Horner

    Islands for the rich , to get away from the over populated main land of China.

  79. Just Bread Inside

    My uncle thinks if you get the flu shot it does give you a weak version of the flu so it does get you sick before youre immune to it

    1. I smooched my brother, but

      it does exactly that, except you dont get any symptoms

  80. Hayden C. Bobo

    Bro sadly even babies are dying from dis

  81. Donald Jenness

    Meanwhile, in Florida...

  82. PineappleJuice

    Title: coronavirus and the flu Me: hmm okay, this is interesting Intro: MEASLES

  83. Jelly Maguire Maguire

    Colonization. They left the islands worse off. Sure they gave the language, culture, etc. But these are "gifts" is not something that was asked for. These lands have their own before they were colonized.

  84. Alfredo Zamora

    98% percent of surviving why are people freaking out

    1. Anti Hypocrite

      Alfredo Zamora and that’s not what matters. This can be prevented so why take chances

    2. Anti Hypocrite

      Alfredo Zamora where did you get that number from in. America there is a 4% death rate Italy 10% Iran 7% etc etc

  85. The Insatiable Mr. Dong

    "It's not the flu" then why is it wearing it's symptoms?

  86. the Trash Man

    this guy will be rich soon

  87. Baymax

    I don't know if there are people who died because of seasonal flu until I watch this video.

  88. Roberto f Rivera

    Crime scene Island...looks like afganistan ...no way out....🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐴🐴🐴

  89. Mark S

    Funny how you didn't mention when @vox said it's basically the flu

  90. iconoclast

    "We need to change how we bury the dead" It's not gonna happen as long as the organized religion and the funeral home industry have something to say about it. It's a huge business trading in human engineering and the sale of fancy coffins.

  91. The Hillbilly Piper

    Was the Spanish of 1918 that killed millions not a flu ?

  92. Forced to take a picture with my wifes son

    This is chinas fault

  93. stolen movies

    The Quran says : . But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you dont know . I think all of this is a test for humans I hope we will pass it all safe 🙏🙏

  94. Edo Ragadna P Saragih

    Quality of big nation now. Wake up, America.

  95. Art Bot

    Why would ya show this - if we know this the economy will breach down and o think this video was not needed

    1. Anti Hypocrite

      Art Bot to spread awareness many still think it’s just the flu

  96. Januzai Ramli

    I remembed a month ago went people underestimated COVID-19, calling it just like the flu,the flu killed more people last year than the amount of people who were killed by COVID-19 & saying that the media is just exaggerating.Good times.

  97. Strawberry Cream

    I thought the Fox News ad I got was the video,

  98. Fran Stoker

    This is Sara Corbello I do it all the time

  99. Stephen Wade

    This only kills old people

    1. Anti Hypocrite

      Stephen Wade not true

  100. Ut1F70F Sin

    April fools!