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  1. Jeannie Seibert

    Sir Roger Scruton (RIP) was so lovely and brilliant and fearless and gentle and intelligent and... I don't want to appear to be gushing...but rest in peace you lovely, lovely gentleman.

  2. Dan Williams

    Does the left not know that the KKK & Nazis also love identity politics? Hitler saw himself as a 'victim' too. Seeing yourself as a 'victim' is the first step towards political abuse of others & violence. The left has become a religion. The violence is just starting. Identity politics is EVIL.

  3. Ian Evans

    51:59 - He was right about the existential crisis in Brazil, and the popularity of his sort of thinking there in recent years. They elected an ultra far-right leader, with many very bigoted policies. He's so close to having a moment of clarity.

  4. Ada Eze

    RIP to a great scholar. I came to know about him, unfortunately when he died. I started researching and watching so many SEsels videos about what he stood for.

  5. Kathrin Schwarzbach

    RIP, Roger Scruton! ein kluger und weitsichtiger Mann ...

  6. Ron Lynquist

    It has no future.

  7. John Donne

    'For our viewers [conservatives], if you've said something once it's quite enough.' Haha, yes, that is why conservatives do not chant, rage, and seek to speak over their ideological opponents.

  8. NakedMoleRat 43

    2 utter cunts

  9. joog730060

    They did not really answer the what can we do question, especially when the guy mentioned the behaviour of the BBC. I for one expect to see those with the responsibility foe education being immediately tackled on policy and content. No more or no job. The same approach being applied to the BBC and Channel 4 when they publish such bias tripe.

  10. Bruno Araújo

    RIP. Sir Roger is no longer here but his wisdom will guide the new generations from now on. Its really a great loss not only to the conservatives but to all mankind that lost a tremendous intelectual.

  11. grandepittore

    'The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness' J.K. Galbraith

    1. P

      But Roger Scruton wasn't a modern conservative. He was what Americans would call a paleoconservative. To him, economic considerations take a back seat to cultural ones.

  12. Rover

    Was this his last interview?

  13. Nivya Prasad

    Travel well, Sir Roger Scruton. You were a gentle giant and your thoughts will be celebrated by posterity. Thanking you from India.

  14. What up Trish Hello

    Rest in Peace Roger

  15. 301250

    There was the Age of Enlightenment, now it’s the Age of Obscurantism where Truth is suppressed and Falsehood, promoted. It is a rare privilege indeed to see & listen to two of the finest minds around up there on stage (conspicuous by his absence is Theodore Dalrymple!) both representing everything that’s decent & good about the British. Sadly, just very recently the world has been robbed of one of them, namely, Sir Roger Scruton, whose tragic death through cancer has made us all the poorer. RIP, Sir Roger.

  16. william johnston

    A pity he couldn’t have hung on for a couple more weeks for Brexit before popping his clogs. His thoughts are set to become more accepted.

  17. Lorraine Cleaver

    Rest in peace Sir, such a loss.

  18. M Gourin

    RIP Sir Roger 😢 an unbelievably great loss

  19. On The Offensive

    Rest in peace, Sir.

  20. 7shelties

    I was very saddened today to hear of the passing of the great Roger Scruton. Although I never had the privilege of meeting him, or even hearing him speak live, his brilliant defense of Conservatism help to shape my view of the world. Rest In Peace Sir.

  21. hallmark

    RIP Roger. What a great talk. My two brain cells were very titillated.

  22. Hitchslap

    RIP. A tremendous loss to the pursuit of knowledge but we are richer for having benefited from your insights.

  23. Rawan Tafech

    RIP Roger :(

  24. rewertzyy 1

    May he rest in peace.

  25. Hammerhead547

    Identity politics is how you get monsters like stalin mao and hitler, that is why it is so dangerous to us all.

  26. Anna Hunt


  27. Cfa Ciara

    Possible solutions: 1. Be a hermit 2. Refuse to play the game. Avoid the labels in thought, word and action 3. Protect the next generation from this crippling ideology 4. Don’t send your kids to university- this is where they get indoctrinated with liberal ideas 5. Speak your truth - the conservative majority will agree with you. 6. Take the red pill and see how identity politics is manipulating society to create division, hatred and chaos - the perfect condition for marxists to thrive and take over 7. Be a Christian and accept the natural order of creation where there is hierarchy and yet acceptance of the unique role we have. Christians may be persecuted now but they have the peace of Christ. 8. Reconstruct forms that ask for their chromosome XX or XY rather than gender

  28. Cfa Ciara

    “They are using trans as a battering ram..” Who are “they”?

    1. Cfa Ciara

      Marxists? Freemasons? UN? Liberals? The authors of the cultural Revolution?

  29. The Intervention

    What its defenders dont understsnd is that Political correctness - on examination of the precepts in the ideology - is a *misguided* way to deal with social injustices . That so called SJWs ( ie who arent in fact warriors for justice ) demonise straight white men - straight men who dont wear dresses that is , given the endorsing of the transgender ideology hoax - claiming to reject generalisations yet casting pernicious ones agsinst these groups - betrays their claim to be about inclusivity to be a lie . And the PC motto is ' be careful with words' - yet cast slurs against the ' oppressor group ' with wild abandon - but of course everyone should *know* they dont mean ALL . The self-appointed tribunes for any group also in fact do believe in generalisations in that they purport to be able to talk on behalf of their ' own ' . There is a bad csse of the twig and the plank in the eye in the PC view. And of course generalisations *are* generally true : any group can show the bad side of human nature often just in different ways. The tribunes are doing what they accuse the leaders of the ' oppressor' group pointing over there blaming the others as the only reason for a people' s circumstances - distracting from how your ' own ' can oppress and abuse you . Yes PC idpol tenets *ARE* those of fascism , which means 'bundle (of sticks )' ~ 50 plus years of PC ideology and things have *seemingly* got worse re social relations by it exponents own reckoning : they say 'theres more to be done ' - intending to persist with the same mentality : there is the saying doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result is a sign of madness . ' PC gone mad ' ? PC *is* madness . But things havent got worse - theres just been a perception deception : just because peope were free to put up "no blacks " etc signs, since laws were repealed the few who would do so just became more subtle but the majority never endorsed the prejudiced attitude . Manners suffice for social relations and building relations are two way endeavours - based on trust and respect Using a notion of race - referencing certain factors by which to catagorise people for this - is merely one way humans can demonstrate the capacity to be tribalistic - which doesnt have to intimate heinous connotations in itself . And PC race activists are not advocating ' colour blindness ' : they want to simply blame any discrepency in circumstances between groups as the consequence of the " oppressive others " A general division between groups is because "birds of a feather " is the case : as long as its not legally enforced it *isnt* a problem ; where people pursue ways which diverge from the mainstream - AKA not ' playing the game ' - this will have a *self* precluding effect on peoples chances - its the consequence of the very diversity PC encourages ! Choice involves sacrifice - fact of life . PC perpetuates tribalistic mentality - with an antagonistic attitude , tacitly accusing all those of a group of being complicit or endorsing what a few or an elite are culpable for : *prejudice* . It foments a bad faith attitude between people simply based on identifiers. if you deem the " others " as forever the threat its logical to keep away from them hence division is compounded - and with hostility : self fulfilling prophesy event. PC is not advancing the *principles* of justice The lament in the PC narrative is not that the game is bad simply that the wrong side is winning / losing. What might be deemed indicative of privilege simply makes sense relative to the predominant culture or populace of a particular nation . In particular regard to race and immigration the PC ideology intimates a ' sins of the father 'agenda : people will rightly get defensive. People can be critical of immigration without blaming immigrants . The PC view on it distracts from addressing why people leave their homelands and why a nation needs people from abroad which enables divide and rule exploitation . If you look at the world as " us n them" it should logically be deemed worse when your " own " mistreat you - and where a person is misreating their " own " its strange to expect them to give special consideration to the "others" . Typically the self-appointed tribal spokespersons of PC - who are egomsniacal narcissists - and , as such , despite claims of being 'proud' of their 'identity' are in fact not comfortable in their own skin and really desire *everyones* approval and validation - hence the dubious accusations of 'hate / offence ' - seek to manipulate the innocent through misplaced guilt and dictate to and control those they claim to speak for ( their " own " ) all for self-serving ends Virtue-signallers can risk being accused of ' protesting too much '. PC *enables* divide and rule exploitation - world wide PC ideology is hypocritical self contradictory and disingenuous in regards to its proclaimed ambitions - the thinking rendering these hopeless in its *own* terms. PC ideologues seek not to promote principles of justice but reckless revenge ; not respect but deference : Dont be decieved : PC is poison . And on the point of economic class, the obstacle to advancing socio economic justice in democracies is not only - and certainly *not* ALL - rich people - there's not enough of them for starters and its prejudice against people just because they are rich : it is also working class people either because naivety - duped by the myth of meritocracy - or simple meanspiritedness voting for parties thst are 'all about the money at any cost' - the cost being peoples dignity and lives : scandalous. RESPECT working class status . The feminist paranoia that - only - women are being cheated by ( male?) employers is distracting from the *daylight* robbery of working class people - men and women ! The gender *earnings* discrepency is accounted for by the different choices the genders generally make and choice involves sacrifice : 100% more women than men get pregnant. It is ILLEGAL in Western countries to pay people differently based solely on identifiable factors unrelated to a job ! In certain industries eg entertainment - its about market demand for a particular person That certsin jobs which are done mostly by women are underpaid can be addressed without gendering the issue The wealthy narcissistic feminazis obsessing on the gender pay gap myth - who have likely inherited wealth and married wealthy men - are those who happily endorse right wing policies that see people made destitute - but of course , the people "aren't trying / working hard enough " - disgusting Social issues can be addessed in a GENUINELY INCLUSIVE way that does not demonise or sanctify any (persons of a ) group. So for eg anti gay attitudes is merely one expression of the bad attitude *all* people can have towards others consensual sexuality - including gay people towards other gay people - whether themselves in or out the closet . No one celebrates others sexuality : celebrate and promote *honest* sexuality . Trans issue ? The agenda should not be to ' affirm ' anyones gender / gender self perception : The fundamental problem is we often give *undue* relevance to gender - which denotes our potential role in human procreation process - in many situations that hassles us all in some way : its often not much more relevant than our blood group day to day . So - design toilets etc to afford individual privacy /safety without making assumptions sbout people based on gender - regardless how generally true any generalisation might be

  30. Jagrat Shukla

    About loathing ur culture that douglas talks about exists in the east too...its the other way round here....people go to spend holidays in Europe to relish European architecture but look at theirs with disgust

  31. mslapompe django

    How could you not love these two utterly charming truthful people -- all i'd say is that they both need to calm down a bit and not be so panicky about everything.....I'm sure things will turn out fine--let bad ideas run their course.

  32. Kathy A

    Great to know while watching this that Corbyn was rejected spectacularly!

  33. Mikhail Franco

    Lionel - here is the conspiratorial cabal (I use that word deliberately), which took the lesson of the failure of class-based Marxism and formulated Cultural Marxism to deliberately undermine the social cohesion and civilizational foundations of the the West: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_School There is a direct line from there to the post-modernism and deconstruction of the 60s' French intellectuals, which aimed to replace the concept of 'truth' with moral relativism. They comprise a philosophical movement that has taken higher education into captivity, in order to brainwash future generations.

  34. Ezra Ionescu

    Holy shit, I love Roger Scruton so much.

  35. Paul Rogers

    Wonderful stuff. Just wonderful.

  36. Frank Molnar

    Lionel Shriver's "Social Insanity'' is to other's a "Personal Reality"."In the one contains the other",James Baldwin.Male and Female are constructs. Gender is a non-static continual evolutionary process. I'm sorry you don't understand this Lionel.I really am.It's your loss,I guess.

  37. Frank Molnar

    The Market agenda is to divide and conquer.Pillage and plunder.There is no better tool to divide and conquer a populace than Identity Politics. It's a Market achievement.

  38. Paul Varn

    Oh that this magnificent evening also had the triumphant conservative Boris Johnson victory bringing the beachhead of Brexit within view. See what you brave men have done in your little presentation six months earlier. Well done faithful servants. People heard your voices. Watching this I can see why Trumps like Boris and what contributed to his win: sesels.info/video/video/ZqFpbW2w14ixnpk.html The Progressive Leftists just do not know how to produce likable people and who wants to vote for dowerbills?

  39. Jeremy Lister

    The Harvard situation prompts a thought. What is the truth of race and intelligence. On average does a black person have the same mental potential as an Asian person? Without a very large experiment over 25 years you can't know. Entry scores suggest significant differences, but what is the truth? Me? I'm as thick as a bag of rocks and quite happy thank you.

  40. David Essam

    The conservative marching chant: What do we want? Minimal change! When do we want it! In due course! Is the change good? Let us go check ... Should we revert? MAYBE!

  41. Happy Pancake

    For an MEP, Farage has little understanding of EU law or EU immigration.

  42. Kathy A

    Lionel, get off Orange man bad heresy. And for you to be so stupid that impeachment was valid makes me wonder why I’m reading your book. Come on Douglas, give Trump a holler.

  43. British LA

    the rejection of historical education has caused everyone to doubt or denigrate the quality of their modern life. the social madness and political deception of our time are being inflated and prolonged by our increasingly powerful western legal systems which have eagerly married themselves to the liberal progressive cause. a culture of perpetual litigation means money for the lawyers and a sense of empowerment for the 'afflicted' minorities.

  44. Lawrence Bottorff

    I as a left-voting American, I have been secretly waiting for a type of conservatism these two men seem to grasp and embody. However they still don't have a solution for the one main ongoing crisis of modern conservatism, namely, the clash of High Tory versus Thatcherite Tory. HT is to some degree monarchist, espousing a sort of Retropia. TT is to some degree New World Ayn Rand in a bad parasite-host marriage with HT. (Kiss me again, says the troll, and I'll become a princess!) These are completely incompatible directions and mindsets! At least in Germany they've attempted a quarantine of the Ayn Rand trolls by giving them their own party, i.e., the FDP. But what deeply wounds today's conservatism is boorishness, which, unfortunately, is a gimmick conservatism has begun to use almost exclusively. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were boors, so was Thatcher, and now the king of the kulak peasant chieftains, Donald Trump, has run this ruse into the ground, setting conservatism back immensely for the foreseeable future. Conservatives like DM and RS have lost control of the debate, as the nefarious elements in both the misanthropic Left and boorish Right slap together one straw man after another to attack and destroy. Political discourse today is all about media professionals staging sensationalist red herring spectacles, one after the other. Meanwhile, the bygone Downton Abbey manorial world is looking better and better. It just needs leaders.

  45. Pengalen

    As a "white" American liberal (I put it in quotes because it is descriptive but not an essential part of how I think about myself), I do think racism is a bigger problem than it was when I grew up in the 80's. However, I think the primary problem is racism against white people, and especially white men. But that's probably not what most of them mean.

  46. Political Philosophy- The Great Books and Chapters

    The top 10% of British society who own 55% of the wealth- as against the bottom 50% who own 9%- will love idiots like Harry Cole. Just listen to that sneering intro.

  47. Embecmom

    Identity politics... confused the hell outta me when he called her Lionel...also..ads every 2 mins...

  48. Alt Narrative

    Love Doug. Class act.

  49. Antti Liu

    The boring lady stops her houskeeping at 4:40 and thats where Douglas starts. You're welcome.

  50. amylonelygirl2

    Just wow!

  51. houndofzoltan

    Douglas keeps voicing thoughts I've already had: this time the adoption by Britain of American race problems.

  52. maria49236

    Trans "women' are men who continue to bully real biological women just like they always have. Now young girls & female athletes are being simply erased by every trans (or just someone saying he identifies as a female) athlete they compete against. It's one of the biggest hoaxes bestowed on people in 2019...

  53. Your Momma

    Their test scores are good because they study the testS for years. They remember the answers. Look at how many Asians fail in the first year of US university I've lived and taught in Asian universities for 20 years.

  54. Your Momma

    What a load of shit.

  55. Laszlo Sandor

    Around 20:00 - Everyone! Just stop calling categories "communities"!!!!

  56. clownworld

    I disagree this is white liberals only. There are plenty of racist PoC out there.

  57. Sean Mitchell

    Property and rental prices have risen so much over the last thirty years that the only real distinction is between people who inherited property and those that did not.

  58. Thisisnotmyrealname8

    Here's a taboo question. At what point are calls for physical restraint (violence) warranted? Everyone wants to talk a big game about killing baby Hitler, but when it comes to giving an ultimatum to the obvious fascist, who are turning to violence, organizing, and censoring when possible, in our midst we're stuck trying to have "conversations" with them. To my first point, maybe, we need to have that conversation in public, so the line is at least somewhat indicated.

  59. Lennart Forsman

    Try Daniel Hannan, he can describe the good and necessary of conservatism perfectly well.

  60. p Ww

    But they did flood the Lords with New Lords...

  61. Alan Crandall

    It’s OK to be white. It’s OK to be male. It’s OK to be straight. It’s OK to christian. It’s OK to be conservative.

  62. Aaron McGuire

    I love how murray sounds an awful lot like jordan peterson, but because he is gay and not a straight white male, the left is terrified of condemning him. oh the pathetic contradictions of leftist, crypto-fascist idiots. Its no accident that entire western world is run by conservatives and will continue to be thus until the left grows up and abandons their silly little obsessions and identity politics.

  63. c ward

    I would NOT FLY in a plane piloted by a black man -- or worse - a black woman

  64. marsnr1

    I really like the shame rant from Lionel Shriver, only she ends her rant with "you're being used" to the woman who just asked quite a neutral question about where the disdain towards Western culture comes from.

  65. Benrex 777

    Men don't read female novelists? What a thing to say! Rebecca Gablé and Ursula Poznanski wrote my favorite novels. They are tremendous. When I buy a new book I look at the genre, the cover-art and the summery. Obviously I notice the gender of the author, if the name is a common one or if there is an image, but for me this is just as important as the country they are from or the education they enjoyed. --> Background Knowledge on the author.

  66. Mark Dyer

    Today's typical political activist does not work hard for a living, or pay taxes. Nor are they 'patriotic'. These people are, typically, privileged CONSUMERS of other people's taxes: including those of lowly-paid immigrants, who they claim to 'represent', and fight for. There is a gross hypocrisy at the very heart of 'social justice'. To Jesus, it was typified by the Pharisee; who he described as "whited sepulchres" and a "viper's brood"!

  67. Deb Lew

    "To be a harmless individual and to die having harmed nothing" is totally different from advertising oneself as harmless. The latter is a form of narcissism and disdainful virtue signalling

  68. saltburner2

    Since this was filmed we have had a general election, as a result of which one might hope identity politics will get its marching orders.

  69. Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    Thankfully the SNP has gained heavily this election telling England just what it thinks... let us be able to choose.. Why should we have to ask fucking Johnson for his 'approval'? I'd be on the boat to Ireland if I could. But being disabled me and husband are skint die to him only on carers allowance.. £66 a week of which £40 is taken of my benefit, so in truth he only gets arround £25. Anyone in my shoes who voted tory... I don't get you. Every 3 feckin years I have to prove my conditions are real, even with my GP everytime writing I will not get better more likely get worse. It's a fucling joke. I wished we'd left in 2014. But no people believed the lie that the only way to stay in the EU was to vote no to independence. I hope that when we get our independence we eill be able to save our country from threats of new "human rights' laws which scare the crap out of me. Scotland is a very diverse country.. ever person makes it more beautiful. I don't want to be governed by London, especially a Trump arse licker like the Tory front bench.

  70. Mental Lentil

    Two great minds .

  71. emre akkoc

    Someone should timestamp Nigel Farage

  72. Slartibartfast

    Émile Zola's J'accuse is probably one of the first examples of well known literature pointing out the insanity of groups.

  73. Ron Edwards


  74. Stu Mas

    Not the result The Spectator was hoping for, I guess...?

  75. Stu Mas

    *Is Chuka Umunna policing this debate?* ...He's even got the flashing blue light!

  76. Tsnore

    Is Boris the Spider conservative?

  77. cervantes01

    Way too many adverts

  78. Angela Harvey

    I so agree with Douglas Murray. We cannot even say that there are biological sexes any more. Women will lose their jobs just by trying to say they are a females because of the biological characteristics they are born with. It will be interesting to see the rise of lawsuits in future by those that were allowed on drugs to transition as children.

  79. Laurie Coates

    What a splendid debate on common sense, something sadly missing in todays society

  80. robert mann

    2 many ads.( shit ones to boot)

  81. Tiggy Wilson

    1: 17:07 a question is asked by an English Northern man basically predicting the fall of the Labour party during the UK General Election - Lionel Shriver responds with an answer about American Politics. She does mention the American Democratic Party have "cooked their goose"... so some comfort that she was listening but perhaps didn't recognise the accent. Otherwise, a very interesting tallk. Douglas Murray should have spotted the accent.But, perhaps he did as he asked the Labour chap to "don't agree to lies".

  82. Cemetery of Choice

    It's possible that the trans thing has taken off the way it has because there's sort of a Leftist arms race to outdo each other in manifestations of "tolerance." How else could an otherwise normal-seeming human being have no problem with Drag Queen Story Hour? The only reason to not be appalled is because you want to display how Tolerant you are. One of those drag queens insisted that he does it so that kids can learn that "it's okay to be different." If that was what you wanted to teach, you'd have somebody come in who had a disfiguring injury or medical condition -- something they genuinely couldn't help having -- and have the children learn that just because the person looks different doesn't mean they're scary. (There's a guy who does something like this with his utterly hideous deformed dog.) No, the grownups are all trying to outdo themselves in showing how much utter bullshit they're willing to swallow. The latest was a PROSTITUTE doing Story Hour. Next up: acknowledged pedophiles molesting children openly during story hour and this being defended. It's almost like that scene in C. S. Lewis's "That Hideous Strength," where the tools of the evil spirits are trying to break Mark Studdock down and get him to embrace what Mark began to characterize as "the crooked."

  83. Cemetery of Choice

    There's also this new sort of "economically oppressed." Think of the people whose primary problems are -- from an objective standpoint -- that they lack marketable skills and don't know how to handle money wisely. They're poor. And they're poor because -- duh --- they have no marketable skills and what money they get, they piss away stupidly. Look at the backlash against anybody who suggests that they could take any independent action to better their situation! I get piled on all the time on social media for saying that we need to teach poor people marketable job skills and how to handle money. "Oh, you blame them for being poor!" Well, no. I say that the reason they're poor is that they were never taught these two ways to escape poverty: to have a marketable job skill and to manage what money you have wisely. And I have zero street cred, as it were, for having once been one of those people. In my early adulthood, my then-husband and I were so broke that I would scrounge the streets for soda bottles to turn in for deposit until I had enough money to buy something to eat that day. There were days that I would eat ice cubes because they were the only thing I could get that I could chew and swallow. I'd drink hot tea to try to make myself feel less empty. The two life-changing things for me were learning how to cook with dirt-cheap ingredients and that you MUST. PUT. MONEY. IN. SAVINGS. Absolutely life changing. Liberating. The two most useful things I ever learned. And for wanting to teach others those things, I'm castigated. But listening to this discussion I realize that there's a lot behind the vitriol. One, of course, is that people won't remain on the Vote Farm if they're no longer dependent upon your political party for the handouts they need to avoid having to save money and use what money they do have wisely. But there's also the idea that I'm robbing them of their Victim Identity. If they're not pitiful victims, then they have literally nothing else to fall back on. And there's the fact that the source of your Victim Identity must be something inborn. If you were capable of escaping it -- say, by having your Mexican-American friend's mom teach you how to cook tasty meals from flour, corn meal, beans, rice, and lard -- then it's not your precious identity any more.

  84. Cemetery of Choice

    When I was in China with a group of Koreans and Westerners, we showed the film "Bruce Almighty" to a group of Chinese college students. (Yes, I've led a fairly surrealistic life.) When Morgan Freeman first appeared on screen, the Chinese students started laughing. I looked over at one and she snorted, "God is Black?!?" It was then that it struck me that I'd not encountered a single American who had batted an eyelash over a Black man being cast as God in a movie intended for a mainstream audience. Nobody. Then a few years later there was The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. In the 1950s a Black man would have been lynched -- literally lynched -- for speaking like that Black man was speaking to an audience of mixed-race women. Instead the ad went viral for capturing what women wanted in a man. I just want to bitch-slap people who think that we have this huge problem with racism in America.

  85. Cemetery of Choice

    RE: US racism against Asians. I do a lot of research digging though old newspapers and saw a headline from maybe the 1920s -- "Jap Marries White Girl."

    1. Lieshtmeiser

      It would be interesting to know if Japanese imperial aggression in Asia influenced that, Japan had occupied Korea in 1910.

  86. arktana

    Love Douglas, Scruton is boring and an idiot. Wish it was someone else talking to Douglas.

  87. Two Doves

    I am disappointed that Douglas Murray couldn’t admit that there is a “good old boys club” in the dark web of SEsels interviewing where they mostly just interview each other rather than also interviewing women. I don’t know if men in general will ever accept women as intellectual equals or as equally talented and worthy of their attention and camaraderie and as a close friend. One will never see a man purposely disguise his name to look like a female but women will always feel the need to just use their initials to make themselves appear to be men to avoid being ignored by men in the marketplace of ideas, entertainment, medicine and business. They talk a supportive game but continue to band together to help each other and avoid allowing women into their “clubs”. Also didn’t the antiVietnam movement die because the Vietnam war ended?

  88. Dave

    To Lionael and Douglas thank you so much both of you for this video and other efforts to bring common sense back into this world and by your efforts allowing society to overcome this 'madness' that has descended upon us by minorities. Totally agree with everything you say and was cheering and shouting "Yes" as I listen to you while painting a room.

  89. Problembeing

    Frustrating that such a serious, poignant and important discussion is so frequently interrupted by so many irritating and much louder adverts. I understand you’re a commercial enterprise, but they’re interspersed seemingly at points where you’re engaged and midway through a stream of thought, often halfway through a sentence and every few minutes it takes you out of the discussion, miss something, have to rewind and play again. I like to listen to these things with the lights off and contemplate before I sleep which is impossible with this. I think placing ELEVEN adverts cutting through these two highly regarded speakers is not only incredibly irritating and disrespectful to your viewers but more so for the speakers. Sorry for the rant but I think having so many adverts slicing through such a discussion is not doing me or you any favours, except you get to reap the advertising revenue 11 fold whilst failing both your audience and your speakers. I’m thoroughly disgruntled as the actual content is remarkable and brilliant and I’m just frustrated and saddened that after you’ve no doubt charged people who attended a fairly sizeable wad of cash that you see to think it acceptable to trash it for finding out a few more pennies. It’s excessive and counter-productive. I appreciate it’s am hour and a half long and valuable content, but it’s a real slog and infuriating when it is so abruptly and randomly interspersed with adverts decibels louder which slams you out of the environment that the valuable things being said are lost in the peppered anger induced from it.

  90. Douglas Sirk

    those leather noises are delicious


    If this talk resonates with you why not go and read Joan Didion's sharp, insightful piece "The Women's Movement". Only 10 pages long she adds such wisdom and gravitas to the considerations of Murray and Shriver, supporting them both. Altho written in 1979 the idea that the women's movement was more about revolution than women's issues...women were simply named as the new "revolutionary class"...is well described. Equally she shares with Shriver sympathy for the women who lost themselves in the "movement" into unhappiness and sense of loss. The long decline in women's happiness in general(as polls show) was starting when Didion was writing and as she asks herself: was the women's liberation movement the cause or the effect? Check it and her out; this essay is easy to find on the internet.

  92. Joe Francis

    What happens when a civilization stops being Christian? And specifically, Catholic? What they're talking about happens.

  93. Princess of water

    21st century "feminism" has NOTHING to do with women's rights. These are not feminists, they are just angry feministas guerilla who think they are better than men. I am woman and I don't consider myself feminist. I don't care if that offends someone. So tired of terror of the radical Left.

  94. Princess of water

    Only POOP can be non-binary. It's neither feminine nor masculine. Poop is X. 💩

  95. Justin P

    I love watching this 3 years later

  96. Andrew Powell

    Nick Cohen is such a shallow man, disliked by so many people for 'making stuff up' , a right wing trouble maker that will ultimately fail in the end, because Jeremy Corbyn has left wing legacy that others will continue onwards. Nick you cannot stop this, the cat is out of the bag and we will see you in court along with so many others.

  97. Mark Schulz

    "The ethics of social service, the ethics of self-sacrifice, is what is destroying the world today. Who is supposed to sacrifice, and to whom, according to the conventional theories that we hear everywhere? Are the incompetent supposed to sacrifice to the able, the parasites to the productive? Obviously no, the able and productive have nothing to gain from such a sacrifice. It’s supposed to work in reverse we are told. The able are to sacrifice to the incompetent, the productive to the parasites, the thinkers to the mindless, the healthy to the afflicted. In other words, the common denominator is that the successful at living are to be penalized because they are successful, in the name of rewarding the failures, who get rewarded because they are failures. You could not invent a more anti-life code of morality, and the only practical effect it can have is to strike down all who succeed at life, and thereby drag down the whole human race, as you now see happening all over the world." - Leonard Peikoff "Capitalism vs. Socialism. Which is the Moral System?" (1984)

  98. Trippy

    If Miliband had won in 2015, the economy would have grown more simply on the grounds that they wouldn't have spent four years mucking about with a divisive referendum and Brexit.

  99. Joe Pee

    The architecture of medieval European cathedrals is very impressive but not really beautiful or elegant. No surprise a lot of people want to travel East to check out the temples and mosques.

  100. miles lawrence

    Repeating slogans is a sign of low intelligence...Brexit means Brexit, Get Brexit Done, Leave means Leave, Do or DIe, We're all in it together. ring any bells? Labour caused the financial crash....another exercise in dishonesty by the smart conservatives out there.