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  1. Ashwin Mascarenhas

    This bish flexing with those truffles 😭

  2. Cody M

    Today on "Binging with Babish", Andrew Rea is making lasagna, which is Garfield's favorite food. While special guest, Brad Leone joins Rea in the kitchen.

  3. 24LionHearts

    I'm japanese and I find this weird. 😑

  4. Lackin Thebox

    Nuts over meat I’m dead

  5. s moon

    잘끓었다 존나 맛있게생겼내

  6. Majo Glez

    He literally made the mexican dream burrito at the end


    Can I live with you ?

  8. Rift Dragon

    This pleases the N U T

  9. Fish Smell Bad

    Not even 2 minutes in and I'm crying.... Shit

  10. wolverine

    Looks absolutely Delicious :)

  11. CwMaxis

    You faild the meat is crab meat

  12. Alex Castellanos

    3:03!the coffee spilled

  13. Karan Goradia

    Babish becomes our babushka

  14. Decimus Maximus

    Is it just me or does his logo remind anyone of Micheal from vsauce?

  15. Oh Naw

    Who tf would disliked this video?

  16. Isaac Choukroun Guindi

    Eric Andre is everything boomers fear about Millenials incarnated

  17. Casey Brown

    Love this recipe! Making pizza at home better than or equal to almost any restaurant. Found that you need to let the dough sit for at least 2 hours after pulling from the fridge to get a real good stretch so it can thin out. Also this recipe will make three 14in pizzas and the crust will be super thin just like NYC style. If you only split dough into two 14in pizzas the crust is to thick for NYC style and it comes out more as a traditional “thin” crust pizza IMO. Maybe I’m not apportioning enough dough to the crust to thin it out? Love the channel, keep up the great vids!

  18. Smiley

    I prefer the casual attire

  19. Kujo Jotaro

    Babish said: crumble some blue stuff *Heisnberg enters the chat*

  20. Polar Pomeranian

    How to make anything asian Kung fu and the word chinese in front of everything Me: my mom just calls things what they are My mom: yeah your failure

  21. JT Coulter

    I live in buffalo and some restaurants make you wait longer if you ask for ranch with wings

  22. Robert Simon

    You should make the jajangmyeon noodles from Pucca.

  23. Everymations


  24. EpicBros 6551

    that is ground beef and not sausage ffs?

  25. Asad

    way tooooo much stuff in this bread. its actually not a classic shawarma.

  26. Tarin Roberts

    GBBO themed desert would be great. Preferably a Paul Hollywood recipe

  27. The Dark

    Instructions were unclear, Ended up summoning a Dragon with feathers

  28. Nathan Lehrke

    Who is cutting onions....... im not crying.............. you are. This is so moving.

  29. Beatriz Clemente

    I totally clicked on this video because I was hoping you'd make pastéis de nata, was not disappointed!!!!!!!!!

  30. Tim Souvlaki

    Don't stop my man! I remember a British entertainment franchise Carry On... ;-)

  31. Mistakenshadow

    We need the chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos.

  32. travis leach

    Congrats, 5:47 in when you sit down to talk I had to stop watching. Too personally touching also having a wife with terminal breast cancer.

  33. Carmen Chiam

    You have to make the egg sandwich from Bird of prey!

  34. Anna Fed241

    Ok that was really cute

  35. vitor fogaço

    Any food being associated with louis ck makes it disgusting. that dude is nasty

  36. Ramadon Steve

    Im so fucking hungry that last burrito looked so good

  37. Dartanyon Carr Jr

    Blue cheese taste like dirty shit

  38. Vallorn

    Truffle on a big mac. You absolute madman.

  39. Arlon Mattos

    Has Babish ever cooked that whole meal from White Chicks?

  40. Jeff Carney

    I am being treated for cancer. I don't know if I will live or die. I will find out soon. This story was quite touching. Thank you.

  41. Aseel H

    I’m sorry I’m so terrified of corona virus i read carnivores as coronavirus

  42. frog Frog

    Make Harley quinns breakfast sandwich

  43. Slav Chanka

    Sorry babish, I can't watch this video... Hits way too close

  44. Toxxic Bunbun

    My father died of cancer when I was 14 2014 he had leukemia. And didn’t want us to be around until he knew it couldn’t be calmed down ...I grew up in Louisville and it’s (just like everywhere) has its bad and good parts but I recommend going down bardstown road or the highlands beautiful sights and wonderful food!

  45. ok im done

    He has big iron in his hip

  46. Kevin John

    Me talking to my family: i want sumbitches Parents: you need help

  47. Duu-Dungg-Tack

    짜파구리 S2

  48. Iodine Cerium

    5:04 i'm curious of what "punk rock anthem" he's listening to

  49. renogiza -

    in asia we do not put the seasoning into the noodles until it has been thoroughly drained, otheriwise it just gets washed away, watching you pour the seasoning into the noodles while it was cooking made me cringe so hard since you just wasted all of its flavor. also, the meat is supposed to be cut into roughly 5 x 2 inch & 1/2 inch thick strips, this gives the seasoning more surface area to penetrate the meat and also helps cook the meat faster.

  50. Sam Warrior

    The end is why I love Babish so much, make cooking more fun and it make you just want to rock out when cooking,

  51. Mr McSpoopy

    Wow, a meat store with Nutella

  52. Nuclear Phaze

    Saiki approves

  53. Johnny5's

    Why are they all the same person😂


    I never thought id feel like this watching binging with babish good luck everyone and my prayers are for you

  55. B00ST10

    Krabby Babby Subreme

  56. walt350z

    In my feels. This is awesome

  57. Thats Meat Man

    Am I the only one who raised an eyebrow when he said he “forgot” garlic to guacamole

  58. Zack Pritchard

    Damn Babish you are awesome my mom is going thought chemo for ovarian cancer and you made her cry happy tears

  59. Philippe Cloutier

    This whole video is truly touching. Im not crying you are

  60. Nine Roots

    Whaaaaaat !!? Banish is front Rochester ! O.O

  61. RRooooooNNNN

    Didn't his brother get the memo, when someone surprises you with a new Tesla Model 3 you're suppose to break down crying and snottin on camera. :P/ Great video man. :)

  62. MrBasketballMD

    Benis by Babish

  63. Sven P

    What a douche

  64. Brittanie Chantel

    I'm making this recipe, but gluten free at this very moment, WHY, WHY IS GLUTEN FREE SUCH A BITCH

  65. TheMourad747


  66. BG74


  67. Dank Gamer

    Man I was so used to the English version on CN the Japanese sounds weird af

  68. MacLaren The Kid

    Hey can we talk about this please

  69. Al's Variety

    3:35-3:55 *LOL*

  70. James Martin

    "Want to see my ax? No? Okay maybe later" "His name is bug, What's his last name? Spray?"

  71. 911ep500

    This hits home with loosing my mom to cancer at 23

  72. KC Lizard

    Looks like he didn’t check for wabs

  73. Al's Variety

    *This is The Way*

  74. PraXis

    You are a fantastic person for doing all of this for that family. We need more kindness in the world and you are doing exactly that.

  75. David Miscaviage

    Wow, I wished cancer on an idiot and it worked!!!!

  76. T3chKn1ght

    4:54 I thought he said "freshly grounf *Human* " and I thought "Damn, he's going all in!"

  77. PFinger Guitar

    This is beautiful, you should all be proud.

  78. andrew wesselhoff

    So how about if you brined the turkey before making the Roulade

  79. kriss atic

    This guy look like sub urban

  80. Daniel Heckstall-Smith

    Title made me say "What the fuck?" out loud.

  81. broc mullin

    Well now I’m a full grown man, crying at 9:30 in the morning....

  82. Bingo Bongo

    God this is pretty emotional I thought Babish said cheese sticks not steaks 😩

  83. Madfrazzer

    That's physically hurt me.

  84. JuxDeLux

    Her laugh is infectious. Id record it for forever. ☺️

  85. Viva Korea

    A spoonful of sugar should be added in Zajang.

  86. Jimmy Irwin

    My absolute favorite sandwich.

  87. jyo suckas

    Great video Andy, your mother was a very nice and thoughtful person and am glad to have known her. -Josh Y

  88. Hommer Thadeu

    2 minutes already dropping man tears...

  89. Yaduvir Seeruttun

    How much hot for oven?

  90. ahaaa aaron

    Me:how many garlic do you eat in a year My korean friend: YES

  91. Alan Gaming

    Binging with babish:making sea salt ice cream Roxas: now I can make my own

  92. Hoody K

    he specifically made you think he had cancer so that you would click on him giving even more fat people money

  93. Cody M

    Today on "Binging with Babish", Andrew Rea shows you how to make a direwolf bread from Game of Thrones, with special guest Maisie Williams.

  94. Leane Yohan

    Oh God I hope he never makes Minny's chocolate pie from 'The Help'.

  95. Sarah Hamilfan

    You and Jess are so cute together!

  96. Jinx Abuser

    Just wait till Babish founds Food wars

  97. WolfieTheAnimatronicWolf

    I ship it

  98. CatOfTheCanals

    What a legend <3 Like honestly. I want nothing more than for Babish's success to grow so he can continue to be as awesome as this

  99. 맛있는휴식 [Cooking with huesik]

    This is a respectable recipe. ^_^