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  1. Dave T

    why isn't anyone talking about those Raycon earbuds not shipping to Canada??

  2. Roblo x Or The_SqoudOfSquids games QUARANTINE

    0:07 **when i get my first copyright strike:**

  3. Sumayyah H

    It's a valuable or valued commodity and doing the opposite would cost jobs. You see you can go to the shop and buy somthing with oil or coal. Its tragic but integrated into our value system. Or maybe it's just we dont like change. Abit like the Saudis.

  4. Haris Daniyel

    I like these kinds of experiments This kind of stuff also happens to me Contact me insta harisdaniyel

  5. shirai ryu

    Anyone else remember being a idiot and putting them batteries on you tongue

  6. B41 Games ツ

    What is the song u use to show of England

  7. Aws Najjar


  8. Jasvil sheng

    Can you try with a microwave :D

  9. Abdelilah Hmidani

    You're the best

  10. Carmen Alvarado

    I think

  11. Carmen Alvarado

    Baby Jesus was not on Nile River it was moses but Jesus was born in Nazareth

  12. Sebastian Castellanos


  13. VALLEY

    Cunt resistor is just one that doesn't work at all

  14. EagleOfGod

    Hey that full wave bridge rectifier came up in my exam. Wish I had that shirt 😢


    Bruh if he died they will say "he died by being soo smart"

  16. merican rebelzz

    Replace the radiator with a windmill. It has free energy and also cools you engine.

  17. Slightly Stupider

    doesn't the electric chair output about 25 100 watt bulbs hmm

  18. Diggy Doo


  19. DeusEversor

    Fast forwarding through Current War xD

  20. XXGG/Dylan ruan

    Despite his flaws at being stupid at safety he really does care about our education.

  21. Tim Nilsson

    But HVDC is an another matter and quite beneficial.

  22. Finn Dzanko

    Is it just me or the molecule looks like Mickey Mouse with x eyes 😵

  23. Mike kochendorfer

    Why not put a flyback diode on to save your relay?

  24. d'edsi

    Looks like the Egyptians were powering giant dildos

  25. Carl

    "AA battery" why not 2A battery??

  26. sowwhatwhen

    When they start transmitting in gamma rays I will start to worry

  27. Dracula 911l06

    When I mad at Roblox 2:46

  28. nathan Mcmahan

    6:40 I actually did that when I was a kid



  30. Scorpion 1-9-7-6


  31. Z3ro

    does your cousin live in harry potter's house?

  32. 柳岑焉

    博士,是他人的產品嗎?,他人的產品也忙到累??。 很无聊,,,??。 世界上很多都爭取諾貝爾獎荣,雖然有很大变質了,但,人人都想荣譽,,,SO。

  33. Isayro Zoodsma

    I do love the part where the fan caught fire you could hear his reaction: sh*t fudge sh*t, sh*t sh*t sh*t, faq sh*t, sh*t faq, *airhorn* aah faq, sh*t (inaudible sh*t?) how does this work- *bwooooo* sh*t. Altho, thank god he didn’t burn the house or apartment down.

  34. Hazzatron_

    Even if fake I feel bad for you

  35. Guitars keep me sane

    I wish he was my teacher

  36. Edgar Dube

    1:40 you just said I like u too a 10 year old

  37. Nadi _

    1:23 i thing it dosent hurt because the lightning dosent makes much Temperatur on your finger but on the metal???

  38. Aiden Morgan

    You’d think that every time he shocks him self he would learn lmao

  39. Fish Craft

    0:06 lol turn on captions hahahaha

  40. Meme Restonker

    "I hope you looked away if you are sensitive" Me who didnt look away:HSHEHSUWIQKQ DKDOWUWVKDDUDTS

  41. Mark Does Random!

    Safe and reusable Mehdi: Drills holes in hand

  42. Aman Rehan

    *I'm at my cousin's house*

  43. Mark Does Random!

    The fingers in 3:19 are funny!!!

  44. Videospiel Noob

    Dude be careful around electric

  45. Tom Mae

    Loving the thumbnail

  46. Ħדוȯ

    mehdi really cares about us more than his life, that's so nice

  47. Droid King

    i tried this and got 56v ac. my grounding must be ass

  48. Horizon

    The earth is flat buddy.

  49. Piano Reeves

    Styropyro: "I suck at electronics" ElectroBoom: *"FU**! SH**!"*

  50. abdohallah mohamed

    These modified games are actually funny and challenging 😁😁

  51. hedgerowclose

    Even soundwaves can change your DNA according to Russian research. Non ionising electromagnetic waves can damage DNA. 60GHZ waves get absorbed by oxygen, which in the process changes the spin of the electrons and makes a vibrating rotation of the whole O2 molecule. Some say that such excited oxygen can not be absorbed in our red bloodcells, leading to breathing problems.

  52. 小学生

    Hehehehe look at my ball.. cheesy you

  53. Mia Rodriguez

    i like the bleeping in this video so funny

  54. Peter Medvešek

    What human body conduct better ac or dc current ?

  55. crist tamiel

    After reviewing the packet, MIT last month announced that an investigation had determined that Lewin, 78, had “engaged in online sexual harassment in violation of MIT policies.” The institution cut ties with Lewin, removing his online courses and lectures from MIT OpenCourseWare and its MOOC platform, MITx, and stripping him of his emeritus title.

  56. donovan elliott

    not all thiojoe videos are fake

  57. genexesis wolf

    Make sure it doesnt beurn on the bottom and add as much meat to your taste and wow there is a lot of poisonous gas I guess it time to searve

  58. Morillo Castro Julio Cesar Jacob

    0:42, why youre fighting with a paraguayan?.

  59. استاد قدوري

    how many peltiers watt to cooling room 25m sq , please answar

  60. Tommy Vercity

    isn't shocking yourself constantly bad for your body in some way?

  61. Martijn Kuunders

    You should put the most full bridge rectifier on you're microwave oven transformer

  62. priorityone89


  63. Rover Koot NL

    Fosil feul is just the best

  64. Danilo Marques

    Hi, could you create a solar panel and explain how does it works?

  65. Akash Singh

    If you guys are wondering how magnetic field is a shadow of electric field do let me know I'll make a video on explaining it :')

  66. legends of correlia

    i love seeing all the raycon ads while using my airpods pro

  67. Meme Restonker

    What's the song at 0:36

  68. Ibad Ali

    I was dying to death because I was laughing soooooooooooooooooooo hard

  69. Edgar Dube

    When he goes to heaven god will make him the god of lightning

  70. nathan Mcmahan

    I would have just given you a ballast

  71. Rocksfir e

    i doubt you would lose even 1% of your base even if you said what you really think of Trump. clearly Trump is wrong on so many levels and while the one bulb hes talking about is bad....it's pretty much out of consumers hands. the one he wants people to go back to is such a terrible idea that it just makes him look dumb as fuck. most bulbs are LEDS because they save power and they are near indestructible.

  72. random knowledge fun learn

    You are an idiot sir. You have no idea about what human body is capable of doing. Its all about practice and making yourself immune to any damage dealer by taking adequate amount of damage overtime. Me personally i was thrown away about 5 feet as i touched a naked wire with 220 volts approx. Now this happened when i was 9 years old but over time I started working with my dad who is an electrician and has the ability to touch 240 volts without any damage to his skin and overtime I have learned the ability of controlling electric shocks. Now I am 23 years old and i can touch 240 volts hopefully more than that with just a minor sensation in my fingers. But at the same time if I touch someone else with my other hand that person can feel a great shock. So try to learn before you speak. If you don't believe me please contact me and do visit me personally. If i fail to show you what I said I shall pay you 100k US Dollars. Thank you.

  73. RYSY 123

    Man im sorry for your things

  74. Omar Rama

    Haaaaaaa... Tesla would be somewhat pround.. Will Tesla?? (Yeah, Tesla will, i have never seen an electrical engineer like you, you show the real danger of electricity, when i was children, i have touch the live wire two Times i also touched the the neutral And the live wire. IM happy that im still alive.) You are such a STAR for this.. [Electricity hates me..]

  75. Michael Kevin Millet

    Since you have a masters in failure, can you train me?

  76. GoodKram

    That was a super awesome video. Thank you so much for doing it.

  77. Steven Eckard

    0:29 “ I’m what you call a professional dumbass.” 😂😂😂

  78. EyeAnimate

    Roses are red Violets are blue Your pants are burning And so are you

  79. Da' Memes

    The start of this video is fucking art

  80. AND 1558

    0:40 Morse Code Lol 2:50 Another One

  81. Steven Kennedy

    When you turned on your Tesla coil and your phone started malfunctioning my phone does that but only when I'm charging it

  82. James C

    Hahaha haha 🤣🤣🤣

  83. Yusuf Ahmed

    How did he achieve such perfect timing?

  84. destroyer 2078

    I did have a pair of onn bluetooth earbuds but the battery finally decided to puff up and i want to know why that happened

  85. That One Paper Bag

    Sees title *Starts riffing thunderstruck*

  86. Gabriela Radian

    @ElectroBOOM can you please explain the European Outlets And The Nice Plug types? Also love ypu're videos!!!!

  87. Ryan Benson

    0:05, how is the entire light down?

  88. AND 1558

    I ant frikin watch this cuz SEsels said "This Content Is age-restricted" ahhhhhh

    1. AND 1558

      Well i solved it cuz i used Xiaomi Browser lol (SEsels r dumb(pls Don ban me))

  89. Brandon Le

    I have learn to burn my ass with lived wired

  90. puppet news

    Did he have a seizure

  91. Mobzöller the Meme Guy

    Can’t you just turn it off??

  92. Andrzej Gajowniczek

    ok man, how to connect this camera to a simple PC computer? or maybe an FPV board? is it possible? I'm trying to make a drone with a cheap thermal camera that would be able to trace temperature of the body in order to find people that are sick in the crowd. Can you help me? at least a link or something

  93. József Nagy


  94. Yui B

    full bridge rectum frier

  95. vicXD16 roman

    Wen it's spinning fast it looks like reverse flash and that dark flash trying to battle it's so COOOOOOLLLL!!!!!🤯😆

  96. Yuriell _

    when your dad is an electric engineer and you ask him for toys and play with him: medhi: sinister laugh

  97. jess jesse

    Lockdown = used worldwideto placed5g celltowers ! 5g = radiation cancer tumor adhd hartfailure stress headached memory lost ! Read dude ! Technollogy are satanic liars !

  98. Weerawatch Suriyo

    He is one of the genius and dumbest and funny person ever lived, I think he is not even afraid of being shocked to death LoL 😂