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  1. dar atención

    Best most interesting WW1 museum in Kansas City Missouri in a beautiful historic facility with gorgeous monument overlooking the City. Everyone should go if possible! Plus the Kansas City itself is an awesome American City.

  2. Dave BongoSlide

    It is funny how there enow allowing us to slag them off as all too late their trying to catch up a little late to stay alive, but trying to make pensioners now pay a license is their doom, and I'm sure they will revers it but the fact they tried should mean there end, after all, all the world gets BBC free, wy set us aside in their bias, let them continue to get funding from EU as they still do not get, they have become the enemy of awakened and woke humans,

  3. Wewd aaaAAH!!

    He kicks a bear, a GRIZZLY bear, and is surprised that it fought back...🤦‍♀️ This world is full of idiots...

  4. Crom

    Jesus this is worse than Brexit. Will keep you all occupied until 2024.

  5. Cathy Morrone

    Capitalism strikes again. Watch how fast it ruins the country it owns. The socialist society is falling in our lap. In solidarity comrades! To all the brave socialists, communists, and anarchists around the world wonderful work!

  6. Nissar Nissar

    Please could a impeachment for Modi of India?

  7. Imjust Bait

    He grabbed a lady’s private parts why is he still in office

  8. Deep Vibes

    She is the Wonder woman

  9. Jeffrey Engel

    "Germany" had no interest in fighting WWI. It was "Willie's" idiotic inability to get over his megalomania. He was the Trump of the early 1900s. Total narcissist, he fired Bismarck who could have *easily* dissolved and neutralized what had happened in the Balkans. This is not a defense of Bismarck who was a harsh guy and no angel himself. But Wilhelm was a dilettante and in letting go the guy who had virtually kept peace in Europe for 30 years, he opened the door to others bending his ear to use the situation in Austria to look like a defender of "order" and a European hero and the Russians as expansionists. Just read the "Willi-Nicki Letters" where he and his Tsar cousin both play dumb with each other about military buildups at the borders and the "inability" to call off the dogs. It's all pathetic. WWI was pure idiocy. And the Allies were no angels either... what did they think would happen with their colonialism and imperialism, and demanding other nations not be allowed to expand as much? Trying to suggest one side in WWI was more honorable than the other is like saying the murderer who shoots his victims is better than the one who suffocates them.

  10. Dr. Lex Winter

    Gods that woman is ugly, as ugly inside as out too it seems from her nastiness.

  11. OptimusRenick

    This guy was definitely last in the school showers.

  12. John Yasco

    Yankee clown president

  13. Ahmed Elkamel

    I applaud him for that at least 👏

  14. pazu_

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  15. Irene Rodrigues

    Todos eles estão nas mãos de Deus

  16. Albert Moore

    Try half a glass of lemon juice and honey daily.

  17. cristop5

    I'm sure there was some insightful discussion here, but it was drowned out by the voices in my head saying over and over "just two cis, white males talking".

  18. Asteraceae

    Yall stop caring after the baby is born tho

  19. Sven Granzow

    Endlich der Regen Nachteil der trockene Boden nimmt kein Wasser auf und die krokodile

  20. Ganesh God

    "Political gain". Is trying to ruin the 2020 election not also for political gain? American politicians are some of the most crooked and backwards in the world. They will do anything to sabotage and damage each other's image and the whole time claim it is for the people. People seem to have less and less to do with it.

    1. Ganesh God

      orbojunglist it’s petty politics. Just trying to win by default instead of having intelligent policies and trying to relate to your voters

    2. orbojunglist

      Afaik, Biden investigation suggestion was WELL before he was running for 2020, the way it stands you can just get someone to run for election AFTER they have been investigated (or even suggested to be investigated) by the current administration and you can claim said administration needs to be removed because it's 'election interference' looong before any knowledge of them running.

  21. Matthew VanScoik

    I've watched a few interviews with Andrew and he seems to carry a hell of a lot of water for the arguments and sensibilities of the sjw

  22. Ivars Maple

    Jabba The Hut Naddler

  23. LJW1912

    Day four highlights? Test match cricket has changed

  24. rhondamg

    They both will continue to go great things. They love and enjoy reaching out to the people and causes so often forgotten. Prince Harry has always expressed anger over the media and how they portrayed and killed his mother, and now the attack his wife. I do hope that they stay connected to his royal family. Meghan is not a home wrecker,people. Harry has his own mind. They are both great ambassadors. They can't do things differently? Give them room to find their joy . Archie's will enjoy both worlds. Celebrate that!

  25. Tony Hawkins

    He blames the media for his Mom dying & attacks on his wife made old wounds new again. Simple as that.

  26. Jed Maegraith

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the british Prime Minister

  27. cesar vargas

    Republicans are blind and hearless.

  28. bobbg

    Let's say I embezzled 100k from a company I worked for, when by law is that a crime, during, after or when its discovered? It's a crime known or not the act was the crime. Nothing you can say will change that. Any judge would find you gulity. And any evidence would be admitted into court. The simple fact Donnie dipshit blocked anything shows he had facts to hide. Honest people do not hide the truth or cover it up by blocking investigations.

  29. Ganesh God

    also, that Hakeem Jeffries is a terrible speaker. Has no pace and seems almost illiterate

  30. Ganesh God

    The democrats all want to act righteous, as if they are doing the people a favor but they are only doing it to gain power. They are just being manipulative and taking advantage of a situation like they claim the republicans have.

  31. llamu dos

    Sell your wine to the USA maybe>?

  32. John Deo


  33. MissAvier _

    I wonder how many Elon Musks and Tulsi Gabbards that have been killed due to pro choice?

  34. Jan Enderwitz

    The poor animal was injured and probably in pain so what does this idiot do? Tries to torment it and then kicks it. Then he is annoyed that it tried to defend itself by attacking him I do hope that idiot was permanently injured by said bear.

  35. johntrevy1

    Ahhhhh, the Pro Pre-Birth idiots at it again. Protect them in the womb, afterwards they are fair game.

  36. Wendy King

    Here we go critiques, let’s see!

  37. Suzie E Antrobus

    About time 🙄

  38. N H

    Wow, you really have to look at your own face in the mirror and see a clown if you say this man is anything less than NOBLE and talking FACTS. Lol.

  39. Niall Cochrane

    The more the dems try to take down trump, the stronger he gets - why can they not see this, they have no case and the american voters will turn on them just like in the last UK election

  40. Raoul's Channel

    Putin made it very clear that Khabib’s behavior cannot be tolerated in professional sports.

  41. John Miles

    What a wooden interview i can get splinters just watching , secondary school standard.

  42. Friendly Fronds

    Films are not history lessons.

  43. jennifer stewart

    Poor andrews misdemeanors😠WTFRICKENFRICKS Lets not forget jimmy Saville The missing Canadian children

  44. Serge Rambert

    Germany was trying to dominate Europe ... Who knows ? Germany had little to win at a global war. They just tried to maintain peace...

  45. Ayşe Oz

    Yazık ya

  46. Pablo González Fernández

    Im actually surprised the bear acted so calmly while the guy got near him.

  47. Isobel Mclean

    Praise God!

  48. TheVideoGamer

    Why did he even create in The first place

  49. Juan Villegas

    He was a fantastic player to sign in PES Master League. RIP

  50. cryp mkt

    Those on the right need to realise there is absolutely no point trying to reason and find common ground with the left. The left has declared war. The right will either engage in the fight, or die. That means being even more ruthless than the left, if they hope to win...and the left is utterly ruthless. I don't get the impression that the right really is, anymore, which means there is only one obvious outcome. As for social media, that is the left's killing field. If you are dumb enough to venture on it, you deserve all that you get.

  51. Anarai Ye

    It seems, Harry is just expensive souvenir Meghan got, not a husband . Just an expensive souvenir for Meghan to show off at Hollywood parties

  52. Halcyon

    As the interview goes on a Nigel reveals his passion, he gets younger and younger and his eyes really sparkle. People with passion are priceless.

  53. SteenyStuff

    Well said, sir! Thumbs up for the greatest President ever! President Donald John Trump. If he were going to be President for LIFE, I'd emigrate to the USA. P.S. Hoping Mr Trump gets a third term on account of the Demoncrats interfering so grievously thru his first term.

  54. longbow archer

    borders, waters, laws ….. take control boris

  55. Lloyd Smalley

    Imagine that you kick a bear it attacks you. You idiot

  56. Kenz The Noob

    Saving animals.using plastic bottles

  57. Patricia Shaw

    Can't beat a good English wine well done.

  58. ๓๏гɭยภ ђยภՇ

    I thought America was better than Canada cause you guys have freedom in your constitution. It seems like we are all it you guys got a better leader than we do here.

  59. Peepee Poopoo

    Man someone could’ve bought it

  60. John Bone

    Pro life generation? Death penalty? Death is death. Let everyone have a gun. C'mon America. Hypocrites.

  61. Silk Worm

    How's that separation of church and state going?

  62. Muhammed Jas

    People its a fakee home ww3 is on the wayy soon.

  63. ๓๏гɭยภ ђยภՇ

    He better call Saul.

  64. Muhammed Jas


  65. Kenneth Vine

    Lets have Bercows head to play football with he needs a good kicking for the way he acted in parliament going against what the people voted for

  66. John V.

    that poor child... it's heartbreaking to think how he or she was just left there alone in the kitchen so daddy could bang his paramour & cheat on the child's mother. Don't get me wrong. That's certainly not to say mommy is a prize either or in possession of any more common decency and/or parental instinct than her jackass hubby considering how blatantly unaware mommy obviously was to the possibility of causing permanent damage to the child's ears. Not to mention the gambit of other woeful endings choosing that particular and most drastic means to an end could lay to bare sad indeed

  67. PUBG TV

    не забудьте это милости Аллаха после пожара будте в правильный путь

  68. colin minhinnick

    SUN shows "highlights" - its all DEMOCRAT ramblings. they have not produced an ounce of evidence.. its all BUTT HURT .. we get it, they hate Donald Trump ...but that is not reason enough to impeach the President of the United States of America.. they've opened the box now. so anytime there is a Congress controlled by different party than the POTUs, they can simply impeach, waste taxpayer's $millions and a year - where they could have been doing things like run the country - on something that will go nowhere and only strengthen the President in November elections.. 4 more years! :D

  69. Wolfie

    Adam “underage boy hotel meets” schiff

  70. o7 unknown

    Chinese nw year france australia 🤯🤯🤯

  71. Pearly King

    I and the majority of UK citizens are Brexiteers!! Why should we pay the Brussels Brainwashing Corporation a REMOANERS licence fee?? Well I haven’t. PERIOD.

  72. Vault 154

    Everyone with even a semi functional frontal lobe knows that the impeachment is an absolute farce. Trump hasn't been charged with any high crimes and if you actually read the transcript instead of listening to these treasonous scumbags, you'll see Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong, and i don't even like the guy.

  73. Luke Byrne

    I thought it was a very disappointing film, to be honest. I enjoyed Dunkirk a thousand times more!!!

  74. stephen vail/iow

    America. Democrats on their way, like Corbyn, to the wilderness. Sad in a way - but true. They have been working their free ride ticket for 7 years.

  75. Angel B

    March for life❤️

  76. makara80

    "Most social justice activists are really good people" Hmm. I see _very_ little tangible evidence to support that specious assertion. Instead, even if were possible to extricate the cancerous far left from this loose demographic one is predominantly left with typically self-absorbed, under-achieving, under-employed middle-class white folk farcically unqualified to pontificate on most social issues. In other words the archetypal nobodies desperate to be _somebody_ via any and all means. If only to accumulate power and influence through deceitful piety and faux moralising.... In reality then your average, theoretically 'non-far left' narcissistic social justice advocate doesn't give the remotest toss about the various minorities they rabidly profess to champion. Really.

  77. colin minhinnick

    while Democrats want 9 month full term abortions and essentially legalise infanticide, Trump stands up for the unborn babies.. ! well done

    1. Silk Worm

      That's not true at all. Before a baby can survive on it's own (as in without a mother) it is using her organs either with her allowance or not. If not an abortion may be carried out. If you disagree, it's fine as long as it not forced on others.

    2. kahuna3901

      You are an idiot if you actually think that.

  78. goovialisticprofunks

    They’re going to try to drag this out until Election Day and no answer will come of it. Lame.

  79. Ann Dee

    Chunky Buster...... Your comment is Soooooooooooooo petty!

  80. Hyper Skill

    Too emotional. 😢

  81. István Vicze

    FAKE date in upper right corner 2019...

  82. simonrichards150

    Imagine putting the rights of a small cluster of cells above that of a living woman.

    1. MissAvier _

      @Silk Worm no sorry @simonrichards150

    2. Silk Worm

      @MissAvier _ talking to me?

    3. MissAvier _

      Doesn't even makes sense how did you come to that conclusion?

    4. Silk Worm

      That's my reasoning, but there's a stronger legal one. Illegalising abortion would create an inconsistency where using someone else's organs without their consent would be legal. The implications of that would be too dangerous.

  83. Mey

    Poor koalas :( 💔💔💔 I feel so bad

  84. Carlos Osborne

    She clearly knows how to speak English but she got triggered by something that the people in the car started clearly, and we will never know what it was. I love it when people inmediately make conclusions and crucify the spanish lady

  85. Oh It's Just Michael

    I love this speaker, he comes across really strict. You wouldn't want to mess with him.

  86. kellypaws

    Ironic, when Trump is the best walking argument in favour of abortion ever.

  87. AFUlu

    When you are in need you are asking help from God!!!!

  88. Fergef DDdfdd

    Iran promise if americans don’t leave Middle East they will regret bombarded

  89. Kyle Ferguson

    Et tu Brute!?

  90. Roy

    Great job trying to build a hospital, although I would have converted train carriages to hospital units, removing the seats and partitioning the sections with beds etc, then rolling hundreds of them into the city from elsewhere...

  91. Sheepless N Seattle

    💙💙💙BERNIE SANDERS 2020 💚💚💚

  92. Dave Evans

    Lindsey has decided to turn his back on the constitution and put political gain above the USA.

  93. azeem jan

    I hope Donald trump get presidency again , he is the only one who's going to let this country destroy , no one else could do this job better than him . Hats off to patriots who definitely going to select him again

  94. Mario Galan

    Idiotic but understandable. Hope they didnt suffer repercussions.

  95. Oscar keevash

    What is this nonsense

    1. Silk Worm

      Mr Trump. The routine

  96. thms mrshll

    Spoiler. The best bit is when the interviewer pretends to get the Kafka reference and fake laughs or 'flaufhs' as they call it.

  97. Dave

    I don’t know about this facet of Mr. Farage and I have additional respect for him. I’m an American and I am interested in the air war of WWI, and I found this film 1917 done very well showing the horrors of trench warfare. One criticism I have on the film is they betray the Germans as Star Wars stormtroopers, they couldn’t shoot and hit their target, but if they could in this movie, it would be a short story. April 7th 1917 the US Congress declared war on Germany and yes the US wasn’t ready for this war and it took time for us to get up our army and to buy an Air Force from France and Britain. But I know the entry of the America hope fuel the Tommies in their devotion to drive the Germans out along with the American doughboys which my Grandfather was one as the Americans became more involved in the war. I greatly enjoyed this interview.

  98. Hi I'm Ava

    He cares about these unborn kids but not the alive children he’s locking in cages and separating from his family, he’s disgusting

    1. Silk Worm

      @Dirty Harold do you eat meat? For a creature unknown and so unwanted by as a person by anyone, would their death mean anything at a period of their life that they won't remember? What is exactly lost here? Having a baby really isn't easy.

    2. Dirty Harold

      @Ben Smith Yes, killing the unborn is a laughing matter.

  99. John Bone

    America still has the death penalty in some states. Just saying.

    1. C R

      @Almost Free A choice between a woman having a harder life or the murder of an unborn child is no choice at all.

    2. Almost Free

      @colin minhinnick Trump is playing God. Shouldn't HE get the death penalty if he forces Women and Partners to have children? Even though they would suffer and thereby affecting the children's life as well?

  100. Mimi