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  1. Helman Manjate

    That wheeze at 10:51 tho😂

  2. kjdnyhmghfvb

    1. Hasan's baseline = here for it! which pretty much means your results will Never be accurate even with every deviation and curve. I know this is going to be Jumping. (Jumpin! Jumpin!) 2. Interviewer pretty much pronounced his name right, points for you sir.

  3. Nidhi Bhat

    "can you break down the science of how this works?' THE BROWNEST THING YOU COULD SAY

  4. DAJOKER808


  5. Jack Albright

    Yeah, I still support waterboarding terrorists. They murder innocent people and deserve a lot more than a little bit of water in their lungs!

  6. Yaz Morales

    Janis very important

  7. Krispi

    LMAO Drake is nice bc he wants in your pants hon.

  8. Angelina Way

    2:03 hecking rOASTED

  9. MyFriendsAreMyPower

    Elmo's impressions of Abby made me laugh really hard for some reason!

  10. dinho uk

    No Barbra, no Donna, no Tina, no Cyndi, no Mariah, no Whitney, no Janet.... 🤔

  11. Mackenzie Colvin

    The prop guy sounds like Kermit the frog and I love it

  12. Nicole Vautour

    "I am here to annoy you!" Love the Count.

  13. lindeemonamie

    VANITY FAIR - PAY ATTENTION! We need to keep this going for as long as possible. This is quite honestly one of the most fascinating things watch ever.

  14. Malemnganbi Ayekpam

    "He's a little bit lighter than he usually is" ....yup saw him at a youths conclave ...he is as white as paper

  15. bmthbunny

    Is it just me or does she look like a cross between scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry? In 2019

  16. Peter Dacius


  17. Total Fitness - Dance & zumba

    Lady gaga? Cher? Kyle minogne

  18. Shafi Sediqi

    Macros in excel hard lol dude u dont study much i...... know......how not to make a macros u r right its hard lol

  19. Blue Pencil

    10:51 that wheeeze-

  20. dogs cats

    12:44 your welcome

  21. Cadenza C

    she's so mature. just the way she carries herself and interacts with people compared to most teenagers, it's just insane. i absolutely adore watching her interviews because she's just so wise beyond her years <3

  22. Christopher Cervantes

    I love Abby as Cookie Monster!😍😍

  23. Dave Daniels


  24. Maci Dismuke

    Dude. I got a higher score on the SAT than Hassan. Day. Made.

  25. Monica Solano

    I love how they all just go after Ernie even when impersonating Bert haha 😂😂

  26. Jeremy Chung

    This is way too good

  27. The Three Musketeers

    "spurgt" "svaret" "du vejer for meget"

  28. Noodleneck Bean

    The count really went off on earnie and I'm kind of here for it

  29. periurban

    Good tips.

  30. Zahra Narnia

    Why am I enjoying this so much??

  31. carol channel

    Count really came for Ernie *IM HERE TO ANNOY YOU* Dang


    Can't really be taught, have to experientially make it happen

  33. Smiley da fox

    These are some good boys

  34. Mr. Nodnarb

    Okay you actually did your job this time SEsels Recommendation HQ

  35. David Alesson

    Expectation: only a select group of people will be the first to know about her death Reality: all of the internet will be gossiping about it 5 minutes prior to her death

  36. Matty H

    Didn't know how much I needed an adult sesame st. show

  37. Yazdee gavz

    Even he is high he is so honest👌👌👌

  38. MrPat55

    I mean no offense to this new actor of the count, but it sounds like he is trying waaay too hard to sound like Jerry Nilsen the original voice actor of the count. He sounds nothing like him. :(

  39. Owen Denzy

    Cookie monsters impressions were on point 👌

  40. Annice Sophia

    So I'm a white girl but I totally feel the hair comment 🤣🤣 I look like a kpop child without doing my hair right

  41. Rafi Ahmed

    This guy is incredibly funny without even trying.

  42. borna hranjec

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  43. jaime emiaj emiaj

    Spanglish is a low identity because they try to show "mixing two languages feels Cool" but the only thing is killing languages.. bad raising ..

  44. Moon

    I want to eat her snackles

  45. Joseph Olufson

    Bruh when Elmo tried doing Abby...the laugh he did was priceless

  46. Ashi Aku

    I didn’t realize Elmo was so shady

  47. Joshua Efron

    I really appreciate The Count's dedication to the craft.

  48. Clayton Bigsby

    lou is so funny!!!

  49. PAULO

    bear grylls: *watches the starwars movies* "ive been in this situation many times actually"

  50. Jennifer Spencer-McCausley

    You never get to a level where you don't have to be nice to people anymore.

  51. PAULO

    if only people new his show was more dramatised and exaggerated than any of these movies...

  52. Paul Mantell

    RIP Caroll Spinney (aka “Big Bird”).

  53. G H

    The count is savage hahaha

  54. Megan Ripley

    It makes me so happy that John Mulaney is so well respected by other comedians. ❤

  55. lilmil

    1:10 says the person who isn’t a good rapper

  56. lilmil

    Surprised MGK is still alive

  57. ASH PAT

    Brilliant responses as expected.

  58. Ndidi1st ✨

    Really like this guy! Will watch anything he does ❤️

  59. THE 808

    Who the [email protected]#k is Abby..!?

  60. Vaneeza shah

    "10 year old Korean Boy" Why did i imagine all the koreaboos begging hasan to do a bowl cut...

  61. indibindylou

    I love that Cookie Monster tries but still has his growly / gravelly voice.

  62. Eimy Encinosa

    NDFJKFFK god i love him so much i was laughing so hard throughout this whole thing omg especially the whole dax thing bc i listened to the podcast a few weeks ago & this was just..omg.. i’d die if i was in his position

  63. Idk Anymore

    RIP Big Bird :(

  64. Miranding

    2:58 omg she IS Mandy Moore

  65. S

    Just wanna thank the internet for all the Hasan Minhaj content we’ve been getting lately. Brown kingggg

  66. ForeverSana97

    Omg yesss happy he’s on!!

  67. Inose Sio

    when you're an adult and this is basically everyone behind your back

  68. khala kay

    Dang that was intense! They seem like mean friends 😢 especially with Link

  69. Anthony Downhill

    0:10 *Hey roco*

  70. jerry queer


  71. Tim H

    They're all unrealistic to Bear because nobody is staying at a hotel.

  72. jenn k


  73. DomDom Juju

    I'm sad that Michael didn't get a chance. He'd be a favorite for a day in my book

  74. TheChaosSmite

    My appreciation for The Count just increased exponentially. We still love and stan, 100%

  75. Raja

    God this is so cute I still remember when sesame Street was in Philly before it moved to NYC. God I feel old n im only 23 lol

  76. fist_with_a_beard

    More like a douchbag detector

  77. Karan Bhellay

    Best one yet!

  78. Alishba Javaid

    Show us how your hair looks without the gel coward😂

    1. Cloud & Terrace

      Show us what you look like without makeup coward

  79. Amyle R

    Rip Big Bird

  80. Fin Shark

    10:23 There was no solid knowledge or pictures about the bodies that were injured so dont criticize the artist who spent so much time doing that makeup just off of words.

  81. Hassan Mesti

    I’m super happy that she’s happy now ✨

  82. FoxGlove

    Mr. Waternoose

  83. Bryan Silva


  84. Stephen Chase

    This channel, Vanity Fair, has been earning almost 988,200,000 worldwide SEsels video views!!

  85. Patricia

    Adam has the most lovely voice, I’d love him to narrate an audiobook. Am I the only one?

  86. Jasper Jamm

    The detector administrator loves him lol

  87. Nawal Fazal

    I honestly don’t think that Hasan is that funny

  88. Stephen Chase

    Cookie did the best impression by pretending to be Big Bird!!

  89. 69,420 subs with no videos challenge

    I was ready to hate this and then I discovered it's impossible to hate Sesame Street.

  90. Rocky Hernandez

    The Count is a savage

  91. Matthew Wright

    I don't think women understand that we as men also have unrealistic expectations to live up to...they come in the form of Bear Grylls. So I really don't wanna hear anymore griping about how hard it is being compared to Barbie.

  92. Luna Stardust Fairy

    "up nose" Whats your bank number?

  93. becca moses

    “Elmo is Elmo! Greetings!” im cackling

  94. Jerald Butternubs

    Abigail sounds like a crackhead when being Cookie Monster

  95. John Brock

    I have no idea who this dude is

  96. John Pappalardo

    "There's only 3 black people here. Find him." 😂

  97. 20Sarah04

    Ngl, Youngblood was one of his best movies 😗✌️

  98. wolfblood356

    He should of played braveheart , woulda been an actual Scottish person

  99. Kelryth Ka'venusho

    It sounds like they are making fun of each other.

  100. NintendoGamer789

    Jeff bezos = Jeff kisses