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  1. Renee Lemay

    Just stop at a truck stop to shower....

  2. Anja Schollum

    Thanks guysz

  3. Pops and pop culture

    Vegan apple?

  4. Mike Hofer Music Try my music ministry

  5. Tallulah Battist

    Why is it red - poisonous

  6. paulw252

    I do that trip 2 times a year in a shitty toyota. I dont stop to sleep though . . .

  7. captainkiddiepants

    The zoom on that camera tho

  8. yuka a

    you guys i really loved this series :') so proud of you!!!!! cant wait to see more x

  9. Viraj Mulay

    Apples are vegan....dumb

  10. Marsca R

    No audio. Whyyyyy

  11. D S

    You know you can sleep in the car with it on right!??

  12. Belinda Fisher

    Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how they are going to get back to LA. Are they going to leave the van in New Jersey and fly back home or drive all the way back 🤔

  13. Khadija Taleb

    U have to be seated in a seat belt while driving I whent on an rv drive and we weren’t allowed to stand up but guess what I was sleeping in the bed and eaten ng and going toilet and everything while driving


    The dance session towards the end had me break dancing too😂. More of these vids please. Love you guys to bits (Kyle too!)

  15. shadowkitty0099

    I enjoyed this series more then the recent Shane Dawson series he does it was so fresh funny and full of fun

  16. Kaleb Estrada

    should've stopped in texas 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ idiots

  17. Josh Stoll

    What’s James Charles actual voice

  18. Ayah Saeed

    i loved everything about the series i say it a LOT but the twins stopping weekly videos was truly for the best when you see the videos they’ve been uploading these past couple of months. the quality of these videos are amazing and they bring out such good vibes I’M PROUD OF THEM

  19. Steves lover

    Also this bum just kissed Ethan like bitch move you bumm🖕

  20. Sarah Harsla

    This looked so fun🤩

  21. Renee Lemay

    I thought you were going to live in it for a week or something, not a road trip.

  22. Tarie Hove


  23. Aizlynn Burton

    Legally they cannot check your vehicle unless they have an actual reason and they had no reason to check the van

  24. Khushi Wankhade

    We loveeee y’all!!!! Love from India. More love

  25. Jim //

    Yeah you guys need to sleep

  26. TheTaken King

    Always sleep at a walmart or front parking lot of well lit truck stops. NEVER rest areas, or backs of truck stops, there is extremely shady shit that goes on there. You can almost always sleep over night at walmart.

  27. Ashlie

    That driving law is a driving law not a state law. It stands everywhere.

  28. Sally Andrea

    how are you getting home though??

  29. Claudia Watts

    The people that disliked the video were the people that were stuck in the traffic 😂

  30. Kenzie Shuffelen

    6:36 Ethan admits he fell asleep to prove what Grayson says at 6:54 😂

  31. fmunoz1210

    Omg I made almost the same drive from Kentucky to CA with my husband, brother in law and my baby which was 7 months at the time with only 1 rest stop in Colorado in a time frame of 1 1/2 day. .

  32. NameStealer

    Anyone else realize that they have hydroflasks

  33. Melissa collier

    That is a law in my state but I've never heard of it being forced unless you were driving way to slow

  34. Anja Eksteen

    0:36 wow roles reversed

  35. Jeweleah Inman

    I hate when people comment what Ethan and Grayson say and don’t time stamp it

  36. Leslie Zamora

    #3 on trending!!! ❤️


    Ok buut that *ZOOM* though. What camera do they use?

  38. TheTaken King

    I do this about 3-4 times a year with no hotels, it’s REALLY not that bad. Against the rules i guess, but btw LOVES, FLYING J, PILOT truck stops all have ridiculously nice showers(9 times out of 10) Like really, for 10$ you get a nicer shower than one that’s in a normal hotel. Also i do this in a ford excursion, y’all have a driving mansion....smfh

  39. seala booket

    They look so happy and are having genuine fun! Oof all the feels... 🥺❤️

  40. Journey Cramer

    why i feel like gray doesn’t like kyle🥺

  41. Kayla Fourie

    I absolutely loved this video. I lovee seeing you guys happy, and doing what you love. It makes me sad , when you guys dont get views, even though your happiness should not depend on views, and i really hope it doesnt anymore

  42. Maxine Elias

    Whoa for once Ethan woke up first 😱

  43. Madison Kellee

    Colorado is so prettyyyyy

  44. nutsynatsi

    Oh yeaaah 💡 that IS the same Kyle in Jonah / Nick Antonyan’s vlogs 😂 ive been so curious 😂😂

  45. Tricia B

    I live in Keystone. Y'all parked in our conference parking lot. Its free to park there. Keystone isn't a "town" everything you see, is in some way owned by Vail Resorts or another resort. That's pretty cool y'all were here.

  46. Grace Brummell

    I could watch this video a million times it was that good and entertaining👏🏼

  47. Madelyn Vendange

    What the hell did Siri just say “mhm” I DIDNT KNOW SHE DID THAT!!

  48. ElyT. 2.0

    I love this

  49. Thomas Clark

    Fuck off is that a small van

  50. Renee Lemay

    Yeah road tripping in the van, not really living. It was a road trip but fun to watch!!

  51. Xx JamieDogger Xx

    ‘’I don’t wanna stand on a rattlesnake!’’ ‘’WeLl I dOnT wAnNa GeT fRiCkEn AbDuCtEd!!!'' 😂😂

  52. Nigator Master

    Not even cold 62 f° u morons

  53. Apekhchya Shrestha

    I wish they had talked about people who lived in that kind of weather with no home or van to keep them warm, and also mention that the privilege that they have to be able to do this. But regardless, it was a very entertaining video and I think they can now confirm aliens exist.

  54. Sebastian Pazos

    Me living in Illinois watching them freak out about the ice roads and I'm like wait I forgot not everyone gets to experience record breaking freeze temps

  55. Jinger 12345

    E-'living on the road vibes' G-'just tInY HoUsE vIbEs'

  56. Lizzie Shoihet

    When they are complaining about it being 30°f but that’s normal for Canada❄️ It’s way colder right now it’s -12°c which is 10°f for the Americans🥶

  57. Kenede_Mae

    Ethan is literally me “helping” my man with his projects 😂

  58. Jessica Waiolama

    I'm so glad you guys made this part into one video it made this very enjoyable!! I'm excited for whatever you guys have next!

  59. Pearl random


  60. Han cal

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  61. Araccs Music

    Can you go comment on this new video for me I just dropped this one a different vibe go like it and comment on this for me 🙏🙏💪🏽

  62. Yee Yee

    Wtf? I live on the KY/TN border that’s nuts 🥜

  63. Dawusu Kpadeh

    I actually really enjoyed this vlog!!!!

  64. Mariam Nasr

    Is no one gonna talk about that they will have to drive all of that back?

  65. Tori Otamas

    I did this drive when I moved from Philly to Cali!! It's so beautiful but damn does it get frigid at night😅 props to you for doing it in winter

  66. James tao

    They had no reason to search your car. That was illegal. And you Guys were completely innocent. Fucked up

  67. Emily Corona

    THIS is what you call content.🤩

  68. My Name Jeff aka Evelyn

    This just brought back memories to all the times my dad drove us to Mexico and we used to end up in rainy days or very hard rain damn it’s actually fun to see people like u guys doing these things very humble!

  69. Gerardo Pena

    Gotta Admire the video editing, the scene was absolutely amazing👌❤

  70. Lizzy from Disney

    I’m from Kentucky

  71. Vincent Mendez

    guys big bear is not in NorCal, its only an hour and a half away from LA. lol i live near big bear

  72. finla v

    This will be me and husband after Christmas. Every year we do cross country to Cali! I would say Nebraska and Kansas has the most boring drives less scenic.

  73. My Name Jeff aka Evelyn

    We saw an alien LMFAOO

  74. Code

    8:20 that zoom tho!

  75. Ashley 9656

    The hell is a vegan apple 😂

  76. Sedra Muhtar

    I developed a phobia of all bugs that are near me in any way and I became a germaphobe bc I had lice last year.. 😭 and I was afraid to get back in the shower for a month. Worst time of my life no doubt 😒

  77. Nathaniel Tonnessen

    So they posted the video exactly a month after

  78. TurboTastic

    30:30 - 30:33 Close your eyes. Your welcome😂

  79. King Charan

    So according to Grayson dolan there are types of fruit like vegan nd non vegan....

  80. Kayla Polizzi

    So where does the camera man sleeps now that they are home

  81. Diane Rivera

    Idk why the whole time they never decided to get snow chains

  82. kete peaches


  83. Kayla Polizzi

    So the James man where does he sleep now that you are home

  84. Karissa White

    here's a tip from a person that lives in a place that it's -30 from October to April. GET A JACKET. Thank you for your time!

  85. Jessica Medlin

    When they said it was hailing ... in the winter, I cringe...

  86. Journey Cramer

    when ethan was explaining how they live in california and they’re from new jersey, i was like yeah ik but then i realized that this is some ppl’s first video of theirs

  87. Nohelia Verdugo

    I think this video has the most beautiful thumbnail ever. Like, seriously...😲

  88. B_ Rebel

    Imagine Kian & jc on a road trip with the twins... that'd be complete bonkers.

  89. DJ DJ

    I didn't watch the video, wasn't interested. But, people have been doing this for years. It's crazy how all these stupid videos that are ruining SEsels are so popular. Society feeds off it's self. One person does something then everyone else has to fit in and do it to.

  90. Maria DeRoche

    Their reactions to a cold shower sent me😂😂😂

  91. Miss Paige Lee

    I am from Kentucky 🤣 there is nothing to do here soooo hope you had a good time lmao

  92. Ashley 9656

    Watching Ethan flip out over a bug made my day 😂

  93. DarrynBemr

    Did anybody noticed @ 1:47 that When dude in the yellow Jacket called up Siri, She was like “mmhmmm” like she an Actual person😂😂

  94. Livie Productions

    with you guys taking more time in your videos i'm enjoying them so much better

  95. Michelle batty

    Vermont was the only state I didn't drive in.

  96. Journey Cramer

    just realized that there’s no more “we’re back!” or “peace!”

  97. alli

    yayy missouri!!!

  98. Jessi Ramirez


  99. Ashlyn Prunster

    Eating something or chewing gum while driving is good because when you chew it tells your body that you need to stay awake so you don't um yea chew gum while driving P.s love youuuu❤

  100. Alexisgama 101