Magic tricks, DIYs, Lifehacks & Pranks! ;-)

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  1. Isabella Casanova

    I have a tiwn sister

  2. Kashmir Rose P

    You don't have supplies so you can't do this at all teach us to make supplies

  3. Jewel Riggs


  4. Avisa Akbari

    when they were picking up the toast, the toast was too hot, but when the were eating it, they were picking it up with their hands. that is so weird. why did they make the video like that?

  5. Bree Thompson

    How do you do this stuff

  6. Nataly Perezleal

    6:27; how will no suspect anything when there is a phone with a charger sticking out of the notebook

  7. Mayas - art

    I'm a twin IRL it's really annoying but shoutout to me i guess lol

  8. Shaheed_2020 gaming*** Faze

    Yep Yep


    I have a Twin sister but she is 6 year< and I am (9year


    ** 3:01

  11. marwa mahmoud

    Oh my gosh

  12. Mark lister Hernandez

    That was a good idea 😊 and good enmergenc things

  13. Bree Thompson

    Your DIY things making me want to do them too

  14. jaymii lee


  15. mehar dhaliwal


  16. Jorge Hernandez Medina

    Even there back to work going pop. O

  17. kimlambert49

    I can see her HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Raids Abubacar


  19. Raids Abubacar


  20. Ashia Collins

    Those tricks are so cool

  21. kimlambert49

    What if he is not whereing a hood!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Salma Ortega

    Troom Troom :Let's hear whats happening Me: damn she is going to Get slap bye the frinkin door

  23. Gail Liwanag

    I love the dog food hacks cause we have a dog🐶🐶🐶

  24. Melissa Reese


  25. CHristina Rios

    i have a twin

  26. Alan Wu

    I never enjoy boys being torched

  27. lee gee

    Did you notice they say demon it is devil

  28. Mark Homewood

    I min Bff is zoe

  29. Fallon Williams


  30. Mark Homewood

    My best frand is zoe

  31. Rozina Bundeali

    My brother and sister are twins

  32. Wap Wap

    I love the the Green because it's healthy

  33. Fafou Francois

    This is easy😁

  34. Aishe's World

    Yes her name was ianshedan and i am aishedan

  35. CocoGirly Gamer

    Two of my cousins are twins (not identical luckily) and me and my best friend are really alike. We even pretended we were twins when we were younger, cos we both had the same outfit. 🤣🤣💜

  36. Sky's Roblox Gaming Arena

    Are you seriously using a bra? What if men watch this? Or even Little boys?

  37. Jake Reynolds

    I’m a little kid That watching and my name is Ava

  38. Sky's Roblox Gaming Arena

    1. What is a build move? 2. Why didn't you tell us what was in the fricking potion? 3. Hot glueing bread seriously?

  39. Jasmina Cox

    A baby mop i love it 😂

  40. Wap Wap

    Whenever would you prank people on the show

  41. Erin Tarasenko

    The car sick one does not work

  42. Hi It's me

    All these are bad

  43. ferike farkas

    i didnt like it okay?

  44. ferike farkas

    8:11 when girls try to be cool

  45. panda bear sugar

    Actually I like the dog back pack because if you lose the dog, they bring the dog back well fed.🙂

  46. Penelope Singh

    My favorite 😀

  47. M Jp

    Thé VSCO girl is supposed to have a hydro flask

  48. panda bear sugar

    I love everything!🙃

  49. panda bear sugar

    Idk whay i like🤣

  50. Alex and Lily Mader

    I love angel so much because they help people who are poor in those and they help people who get stuck in places and angels are really kind to you and they're really nice and if you lose your candy it gives you another one and it's super kind and I love angels

  51. M Jp

    Sorry I’m VSCO

  52. M Jp

    I’ viscounts and I have so much scrunches I can’t wear anymore

  53. Tiffany Bennett


  54. Alex and Lily Mader

    I want to help a poor person that's why I choose angel

  55. ferike farkas

    8:50 0:35 IM A BOY!

  56. Alex and Lily Mader

    I'm on the light side

  57. Briana Gutierrez limon

    Pls make a part 3.

  58. Ken&Kels World

    Whatever video you’re gonna do I’m gonna see if I’m gonna like it or not

  59. Alex and Lily Mader

    I love the angel

  60. Karen Sagisi

    Zombies ,ewwwwwwww🤢🤢🧟‍♂️🧟🧟‍♀️ I pick a vampire 🧛‍♀️ nice

  61. Jamie Hilton


  62. Angela Letchford

    Why can’t you just use your real voice just do that

  63. Misty Thomas


  64. Earl Thomas

    You guys those are fake crafts

  65. Mai Pha

    This video promote illegal hacks, for kids . Report it everyone.

  66. Danny Pate

    Every girl is unique me: I’m special :>

  67. Pamela Molina


  68. Danny Pate

    A tango in the kitchen why not

  69. Danielle Krouse


  70. Michie 12011

    Hey kids

  71. Michie 12011

    Who wants to hear there voice and know there name - - - ! Like if you do

  72. Annetta Morgan


  73. YouTuber All iraqi

    ممكن عرابي بليز🙏😄 اني كتير كتير ❤ بحكم ستمرو نحنا معاكم 🤗😄

  74. Kamrun Nahar

    why did you hot glue food you could use a edible glue

  75. Vanessa Pfau

    I hate you more than anything

  76. Unicorn_Miraculous 767#party

    10:31 is more like a life hack than a prank if you didn't put sand bc it makes ur hair look shiny

  77. Kelley Williams


  78. Sabita Khan

    So funny oh my God ❤️ ❤️ oh my God

  79. Kamrun Nahar

    you didn't tell the recipe of the potion Sims mania

  80. Kayla Ewan

    Well....I would drink the dounut one all of it because it must be tasty 😅😅😅😆😆

  81. Tran Vu

    Ok um... your kinda copying Rebecca Zamolo

  82. Danielle Pietz

    I’m a mix of both

  83. Siwei Li

    please make a part 3 !!! :(

  84. Diamond Queen

    I would rather to do everything right! Like if you want the same thing 👇🏻

  85. Amaya YPSILANTI

    twin siss

  86. Kendice Henry

    Hi i love you all😗💋💋

  87. Unicorn_Miraculous 767#party

    My sisters are twins

  88. Danielle Chambers


  89. Domia Mbewe

    I love your video

  90. Carmen Lito

    Everybody is stupid and whoever channel whoever they made it out of I hate everybody in the channel

  91. alfava01

    Do something kids can do

  92. Carol Luhm

    This should be called how to get your bf to break up with you immediately or stories of an unfaithful gf

  93. Daphne Bertram

    Them:👠 Me 👠👟👢👡every shoe in the world

  94. ngoctthu nguyen

    I’m gonna be and angel 👼 because I help my whole school do math and reading you know how I do it I beg my teacher and I’m super duper smart