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  1. Kitchen with Azmat Bano


  2. M1co29

    Doesn't work, patched on the latest update

  3. Dina Zaidane

    OMG U KILLED MY FRIENDS GRANDMA (she's a pig) 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀

  4. Mantis Toboggan

    the guy doesn't realise piers lead to bodies of water........ not pits.

  5. Corven Dallas

    Best Breakfast in the world in America lol

  6. MadSquirrel Josh


  7. MadSquirrel Josh


  8. Admiral Tonio

    Other youtubers:Hello guys welcome back to my channel Gordon:PaN oN gEt tHat noIcE anD HoT

  9. BlλckMesa

    it takes work to hide those wrinkles

  10. L Gee

    Girl in pink: "I can't smile anymore" Me: Well, with that fake lips, of course!

  11. Nick Niko

    Gordon Ramsay sounds like a football legend lol xD

  12. John Fidler

    Hang up your jacket. That was a racetrack nightmare. What makes a Frito pie great is the simplicity of it.

  13. Esther Luciano

    I feel like every Hell's Kitchen contestant should watch this video...

  14. Meher Khan

    The ghost isn't showing itself because it knows who Gordon ramsay is

  15. arekku kun

    I feel like me drunk is steve

  16. Alexander Howis

    I wish she'd film in landscape

  17. Abdul Raheem

    Kheer with vanilla and cloves I guess😂

  18. Nixon in China

    Its grease from the hood

  19. Alexander Howis

    This guy loves his kids

  20. Super Hedgehog Unleashed

    sammy looks like the grandma from moana

  21. rex conner

    mie tiaw

  22. b holmes

    Born in TEXAS........................OHHHH HELL NOOOOOO!!!!!

  23. Bkd Vndl

    “Next to a fuckin mess” lmaoooo

  24. Alex Meredith

    "Whenever I eat at other places, I think we're better than ninety percent of them" The ninety percent are the other restaurants featured on kitchen nightmares, and the ten percent are the few you have bothered to go to that are actually better than yours

  25. Jeremy Ewers

    "Gas, back on" turning point in the saga of the ribs.

  26. The Dino

    Gordon Ramsay: 5860. That’s just like COVID-19.

  27. defooraap

    Honestly, who came up with the idea to make the discription text end with "Needless to say, Steve-O came"? It was Steve-O, wasn't it?

  28. ThA DoN !

    Wow that’s great!

  29. Woodweight78

    RomRom gramsay

  30. ___Von___

    From there -- literally -- pan down !! Ha Ha Ha

  31. Michael

    Cowboy burger part 2 😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  32. Yu Jin

    I feel like being at Six Flag....

  33. james barnett

    this makes me fucking sick.

  34. Zakia A.

    Proof that Gordon Ramsey is a good person.

  35. Julio Leon


  36. Don Hill

    Anyone who feels bad for Bryan needs to watch the full episode. This dude literally only says what he "thinks" he's "supposed" to say in a given situation. Bryan's problem in life is that not enough people have treated him the way Gordon does.

  37. Michael

    En un capítulo de pesadilla en la cocina se pasa una hora burlándose de que la hamburguesa es muy grande y que no la puede morder y hace lo mismo? Esto será como la Misma mierda del spam si lo hacen los otros están haciendo spam y huy malditos spamers pero si lo hago yo no es spam son baners y está bien porque lo hago yo. Esta es la mejor manera de conocer y encontrar gente estúpida creída y mediocre todo en el mismo pack genial por el cocinero cerdo le doy un treeee al cerdo por saber mover escrementos y ponerlos en un plato

  38. Kate Caliw

    In the Philippines, when a side of the rice does not cook while the other side is cooked, you may either pour hot water to the rice and warm the rice cooker until all sides cook or you may put salt on the top of the lid. Otherwise your mother will give you the most painful pinch of your life. Whahahah

  39. Its time. MelyndaGarrett

    I would like to add mushrooms.

  40. drsaawanpudi

    Ur love for cooking and passion for taste is obvious in ur attitude towards your food. Thanks for this video

  41. Ananda Poudel

    I am your biggest fan. I am not that good at cooking but I love cooking. Hope I can meet you one day.

  42. Matt Rosenthal

    slo mo of her yelling is low key majestic

  43. Kayla Dunkley

    I like how he's nots afraid to touch anything

  44. Buffpanda09245 Hi hello

    I thought it said Alabama not Oklahoma

  45. Diego Bonci

    How to cook shit

  46. Its time. MelyndaGarrett

    Yes we need to 👀 in the pan. 🤗 Daughters are quite.... Looks amazing Gordon!

  47. Casanova Frankenstein

    Folks in Georgia don't swear all that much, especially if it's a military person on camera. For more obvious observations go ahead and follow me or go fuck yourself.

  48. Rikin Thakkar

    Now that’s an avengers level threat


    My friend : gordom is out side Me making microwave pizza: LOCK HIM OUTTTT

  50. mikesmarcell

    In what world is the first recipe considered quick?

  51. FoodFrugal

    Great tips! Always super satisfying to watch you cook!

  52. lorianne Mullings

    His family must eat really well.

  53. Paco Salomon

    Gordon should try making a torta de tamal or a torta de chilaquil

  54. Níu Vlog

    3:25 Indian music and 6:07 Thai music 😂😂😂

  55. Loomian Gamer

    1:01 you see that smile disappear real quick

  56. lyxa animates

    once a good man, always a good man.. *gordon is best man*

  57. Min Kook

    lol that sudden transition at 2:40 though

  58. sea foam

    "Add about 4 tablespoons of milk" Pours an ocean of milk on the bowl

  59. Eli Jones

    How the hell did he cook bacon so fast?

  60. Zerrie=Everlasting

    Can't believe these people, first food hoarders and then straight up lying about mice.

  61. Jennifer Busato

    I love butter chicken with sweet potato noodles instead of rice

  62. pabauza

    Does that fit in anyone's mouth? I don't see the point in making something that tall.

  63. - Clammy

    Grease from the hood bruh

  64. Julia Trim

    Eggy bread was my ultimate childhood dish! You've really elevated it and I can wait to try it!❤

  65. Gío_ Hígh.cøn

    In jamaica anything boiled then fry then as dumplins" a great ... any Jamaica's here ?

  66. A L

    Did anyone else want to see him slice in that cheesecake to see the inside and also take a scrumptious bite? 😅🤤🥴

  67. marco mendez

    Ramsy for president

  68. Sunless Artist

    I can’t stop watching this video because of how disgusting this is

  69. Aaron Mamo

    Anyone know what watch he's wearing!?

  70. Jaz Peacey

    Cereal + milk beats every one of these recipes

  71. Sarah Jane O b

    This looks so easy and nice I’m definitely trying this 😍thanks Gordon

  72. I am a Bot

    Tilt the phone

  73. Emeliko

  74. Emeliko

  75. Spectre CC


  76. Carlos Peniche

    I wish I could just see the anger on Amy's face when she hears more about Gordons success she probably cat hisses lol

  77. Daniel Nguyen

    Gordon’s just chilling out on a little stump by the fire cutting hit meat up

  78. Ally Kimball

    I have a challenge for you Gordon, I have an auto immune disorder that triggers and makes me violently ill and threatens my life when I consume dairy, egg or nuts. I’d like to see if you could cook a full meal from appetisers to main meals to dessert without using those three ingredients. Full disclosure I’m not being mean here, I genuinely would like to know, is it possible... because I love watching your cooking videos but it honestly makes me want to cry a little 😄 hope you can take it in good humour 👍

  79. Eli Gomez

    I heard huacatay, lo que lleva el locrito de zapallo.

  80. Thomas Lund

    Cheese on toast

  81. xpf

    Sorry but you jusr don't cut basil. It's a sin.

  82. Thomas Lund

    Egg butty

  83. Thomas Lund

    Bet you could make better Fish and Chips

  84. NormMacdonald Clips

    I gotta watch this full episode

  85. _1mcamron_

    You are not right somebody will have a 🙂 to a 🙁 because of you

  86. Mauricio Valdez

    Fish Eggs with fish cum is considered a delicacy. Smh

  87. Yuqi Duan

    "looks like chicken, taste like shrimp, or shit." well by definition that's molecular gastronomy

  88. Jennifer Busato

    I've never had lamb....

  89. Thomas Lund

    Its Fucking RAW

  90. Thomas Lund

    Ramsay You LEGEND

  91. NEM3SIS !

    Gordon Ramsay is the type of person that would make me eat something I hate.

  92. Fagiolo.scaduto -


  93. Saverio Torre

    Ci sono più ingredienti in sta cosa che di pesci nel pacifico

  94. Cindy Rosales R

    No Mexican flavor at all, just sad

  95. Cactus comedy

    His voice sounds like bare grills1:42 I don’t know if I spelled his name right lol

  96. Braydon & Dante Productions

    I wonder how many diseases does he get a year from touching every thing

  97. Minato Namikaze The 4th Hokage

    Bars that got Eminem Shook Bats Rats and Ally Cats

  98. Paul Smirk

    I got a funny feeling in my tummy after seeing the Bella Twins

  99. Spartan 23

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  100. Medyum Artemis

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