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  1. Flak Yie

    Fitz is Maori?

  2. devorah de los bosques

    this game is just collecting dust rn lmao

  3. Nick Moudilos

    where can we play this game?

  4. DuStY

    What mic does poki have?

  5. Nomandies

    just sounds like logic *edit thanks for no likes*

  6. Redhood vs Gaming

    That enderman was Swagger hiding in game

  7. Phi

    this video is from a time where discord needed advertisement tf

  8. Comical Core

    I have come to the conclusion that Fitz is just a 50 year old woman with a voice changer. from the things he said in chat to not noticing the very obvious way to breach into the window on the screen.

  9. marcelinus liemevien

    fun fact : if you close your eye at 5:57 it sounds like they're trying to fuck

  10. M3L0ッ

    2 years on 7.5 mil views

  11. JackTheGerman

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is Fitz blushing at 11:53

  12. Giovanni Perez


  13. kennedy ben

    i don’t wanna see your face

  14. brent Amorsolo

    *technoblade joins the game* Me:yes finally something interesting

  15. Coisas aleatórias

    Sad that this game died....

  16. Liam Brennan

    That’s not Indiana Jones, it’s the A Team

  17. Heaf


  18. x WolfOfTheWild x

    Missed the chance to call him mootwo

  19. m4atty.r21xd

    capri sun. not capree sun. CAPRI SUN

  20. Theodorbror

    Fitz your Swedish is very good...

  21. Kingkid619

    This is straight deja Vu after watching Swagger Souls Channel and then stumbling upon this one

  22. YoLa

    The hesitation in placeing the bed!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. khai

    I feel bad for that poor greedygod guy he's teaming with people that has aids

  24. Bucky

    0:28 that sounds like something Trump would say idk

  25. Snow Fox Games

    9:50 lol no it's not cause apparently you can give a cat vodka and throw it and your fine

  26. Slasher XX

    poki made everything so fking weird xD

  27. Andrew Jones

    What fr game is this?

  28. Mr Greenguy

    I'm gay and here to fill the quota

  29. Alim Rul

    7:55 thats joe rogan

  30. WolfGaming sickcuunt

    I read your comment and I dont believe you at all you deal with this guy the worst way possible instead of sorting this out in private quarters you make a video giving him shit about his mental health problems and suicidal tendencies it's horrible

  31. Goldenpants 123

    Wait this is that also fitz guy what a fucking criminal

  32. Zak Jet

    That video is kind of wholesome in a twisted way. You can hear true passionate anger in Swags's voice as he started to yell at Mason. He really cares about that boi and you can hear that when he says "extreme fucking danger"

  33. Stealth Slayer

    S C H M E E T

  34. Vino sitas

    its like they're 1 soul trapped in 4 different bodies... they play off so well on each other. i wouldnt want to stop playing with them as my friends xd.

  35. D3 Electrifi


  36. Justin Belmonte

    8:18 That King of the Hill is awesome!!!

  37. Josh Whittingham

    Mark is white as all hell

  38. Damian Clay Toberos

    They should do this with bee and swagger

  39. The Russian Smurf

    14:39 "Let's find out some sheep" - New Zealanders when they feel horny

  40. Keagan Wozniak

    Vladimir Mouton

  41. xd JackFarr

    8:15 he said: how are you my name is library in my for love...

  42. Slimmy Jim John 21

    ur so hairy

  43. Brad Brown

    Fuckwitz is Fitz's full name

  44. JoeBo

    Uhh what is the shader called ?

  45. Zenai

    Mason is the punching bag of the group 😂😂

  46. Yama Zakie

    Anomaly in the thumbnail

  47. xd AimbotMac

    2020 anyone?

  48. Jonathan Varghese

    They predicted lizzo 4:27

  49. Levi

    Been a year since I saw this and I’m not disappointed that I lose

  50. GhostlySmurf101

    I want more of these

  51. K- Jinx

    You're the hanger to my fetus

  52. Me

    Everyones saying the feel bad I just wanna see the video fuck post it on pornhib if you have to

  53. ThatsMy Uzii

    5:06 and robot man! beep boop

  54. Definite


  55. ZammyWammy :D


  56. ZammyWammy :D


  57. Josep Moreno


  58. ThatGuyOmega

    "I wonder what LSD would do to the mind of a child" Me in the corner taking LSD because it was prescribed to help my depression

  59. Tia Jade

    I was babysitting Jay and Mason 😂😂😂

  60. ochromo XO

    I watched a 29 minute ad in the middle of the video yw fitz

  61. Tavious Ray

    You should upload again queer

  62. PreppyVFX

    Which shaderpack does fitz use?

  63. Zyloa

    Fitz was sweating when he struggled to put the bed down and sleep bc he thought poki new what it meant and the meme

  64. Robert Hastings

    Pope Francis: "Say sike right now" lol

  65. Phillip Mejias

    Also fits more like also fatz lmao epic gamer insult😎😳🤟🏼

  66. Aidas Pecukevicius

    Sheep Chance Adult White Sheep 81.836% Adult Black Sheep Adult Gray Sheep 5 % Adult Light Gray Sheep Adult Brown Sheep 3% Adult Pink Sheep 0.164% Baby White Sheep 5% Baby White Sheep 4.0918% Baby Black Sheep 5% Baby Gray Sheep Baby Light Gray Sheep 0.25% Baby Brown Sheep 0.15% Baby Pink Sheep 0.0082%

  67. Enrico Drawe

    13:22 he is high af xddd

  68. Fayte Revive

    Do this in vr

  69. Anthony Perales

    Definatly? Definitely I think you mean

  70. Urcheese

    You lied to us

  71. ElDaR

    What is the name of game

  72. Arthur com H

    Kryoz literally has a M4A4 | Howl...

  73. Arthur com H

    *i literally typed "can i get an hallelujah fitz" to watch that video again, cuz it's so good.*

  74. What Up Daddy O

    I listen to your podcast while Melbourne floods

  75. Jacob Manning

    its sad how no one on fitz's stream knows what cheese looks like

  76. Braeden White

    Just fuck her

  77. Jack Dagniggles

    What happened to swagger's mom ?

  78. DaRulerOfMoney -FNAF


  79. Kaylea jane

    That grey sheep isn’t rare.

  80. Pitek TD

    3 238 332

  81. Deez Nuts

    Wait wait wait I have been watching u for a year or so and didn't know u where from NZ

  82. Splash

    Youre also fitz?

  83. AmGonnaSuccYowDicc

    Racc is becoming swagger wtf

  84. Jake Toth

    Need more now

  85. J DIZZY66

    The sellou i mean second channel would win duh

  86. Sayid Sheikh

    Defiantly we should talk?😂😂😂

  87. Toffee Bunny

    Well I’m South Korean now

  88. Bluedemons 2007

    *HOES MAD*

  89. Toaster Bath

    You are fucking gold mine of comedy

  90. Pete

    i have never ever heard someone say shut the fuck up pokimane

  91. xXCoffeeCopter11Xx

    Nobody: Fitz's donations: Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her Sex Her and remember don't be racist.

  92. hoodini waffles

    Flash back to when mason starts running after throwing the cube behind his head at end of vid

  93. Shibe

    Wow much encouragement

  94. crispeta con queso

    Dude wtf,That one sheep was Watersheep he even apear under the rain,Lore update?

  95. Properized

    ii like how im also from new zealand.. i feel you fitz..

  96. Imtemoose

    6:06 DELISH

  97. Lvcky R6

    Fitz’s frat impression is very accurate of certain people in the military lol

  98. Imtemoose

    I can recite like 85% of this video

  99. Kobe Breaker

    When it said we’re gonna play a commercial I got an ad come up

  100. Oldschoolhockey

    Now Racconeggs is the rarest. Selling out in less than a minute. God damn I set a timer and everything and still didn’t get it.