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  1. Tiarnan .2006

    What happened to this series? 😔 😢 😭

  2. Damir Celarc

    Ur laught IS worse than logan Paul rapping your nose

  3. Janus Wahner

    love that he hesetated to say the n word

  4. Trenton Harter

    Now it has 1 mill

  5. BassBoosty Boi

    What’s the type beat name at 0:00 ?

  6. Connor Da bus

    1:50. It would be really weird without editing because he’d just be awkwardly dancing to nothing

  7. Goodsavagedestroyer

    I have call dax and then he text me so that I could just text him KSi laughing at him

  8. Patrick Stokes

    Once I got in the game what is Germany I want to play the game but I couldn't over my Xbox back window

  9. Mason Kish

    Vidal is close when I am watching he has 932k at the 14 dec comment the date and subs of Vidal #subtovidal

  10. Fewy Tv

    Ngl I used to hate Ksi but now I respect him and his sooo funny and idk how but I watch his video more than Logan’s

  11. GHSpaghettiHoop

    Did he just use the wii...WITHOUT A WII STRAP

  12. Henry

    Ricardo Milos

  13. ERLEND storm 123

    The last guy is from oslo im sitting in oslo right now

  14. Arshvir Jillich

    I fucking lover your laugh

  15. Aige

    Lmao Dax Is so funny .. JJ nice video.

  16. TrestonHD

    1:20 ''Go twitch, haha'' lol

  17. Incognito

    I remember this and I would wake up 6 in the morning to play wii sports when I was 4 and mainly boxing, bowling and tennis they were mainly the game mode in wii sports I play

  18. tofu ninja

    My phone slipped when i here dax aghhhh

  19. Logan Creed

    Pause at 11:10

  20. Fizzy Mohamed

    This girl makes Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas look like nothing

  21. Bot Boy

    Niko was in the ring again Ksi!

  22. Mad Brad117

    I wonder if the other Sidemen could hear and were like “😐”

  23. Chancino

    doe on the planet i died

  24. Bradley Sanders

    Joe ksi is right don’t think like that yes he. Is going to knock me out come on joe weller

  25. Ωmega Sharow

    *Waiting for KSI reacting to LF Zenkai Beerus in DB Legends* :p

  26. Javier Borjando

    Tbh he looks more dead when woke up

  27. Michael Miller

    KSI should Go After Morgz After Jake Paul

  28. Theo Williams

    4:15 can make anyone laugh

  29. Jacob Woods

    Ksi still needs to do the KsiXvega porn

  30. Egg & Soldiers

    I wish I was black

  31. Crimson Blade

    You do realize you won ONLY because he lost two points right? If he hadn't hit you while you were crouching, you would have lost.

  32. Anissa Schenatto

    Instead of Shannon and Harry fighting against drugs, it should be drugs fighting for harry

  33. Humayun Gazanfar

    way Logan Paul is so sucks.

  34. Humayun Gazanfar

    you know if I need to get boxing again on Wich fat lo😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  35. GG games

    When you hear "fam" you think is serious but ksi is like "REDDIT" yea.........


    I'm in Germany right now. I can track people by their names. So I got you JJ.

  37. Lorenzo Conte

    8:32 lol

  38. Denzel Boka

    someone leaked your music

  39. TTV Rainm0

    no homo😂

  40. TTV Rainm0

    absolutley fucking love you JJ

  41. Chrissy Fritz

    A forced vegetarian watching them eat their favorite fast food...... mosochist tendencies wii😫

  42. Elliott Hulme

    Oh yeah yeah

  43. ET Shyguy

    Ksi body looking like juice wrlds body

  44. Meme Boi

    When you see the person that catfished you 4:11

  45. Blazej Laczmanski


  46. Modusline

    2:18-2:23 set 8 kids when they try to be african

  47. Zed Fortnite And More

    his face tho

  48. The Jza

    It’s funny, 2020 is nearly at an end, and this Deji still ain’t got 10 mil 😂

  49. Oli Daccus

    Seeing this video again in 2019: nah jj hasn’t Realising it was 10 months ago: 😌

  50. Cynical Boi


  51. Johnathan Rosillo

    lmao you really gotta do one now since it actually did get 1 mil

  52. Infire Ramen


  53. bell end

    JJ: I took some drugs , medical drugs , not the Harry kind {laughs} me:😂

  54. Emir Hamzic

    Ksi: what airport are u flying from? Dax: its lax!

  55. Joseph Ship

    You are better than logan

  56. Young Tekop

    Damn his pants saggin 4:43

  57. Jeon Jungkook

    Boss russki is racist

  58. brada


  59. nun muncher

    I love how this song comes out and people still don’t give any shits

  60. Mr miro

    Ksi I'm Coming for you bitch

  61. Love Bäckström

    9:04 he had a boner

  62. Joseph Family

    4:55 then gets it wrong lmao

  63. Young Tekop


  64. Dominic Toplikar

    Ksi shut up logan Paul wants a rematch

  65. gideon ani

    of course ksi won

  66. Jake Burley

    Watch the new little board video please

  67. Christian Ramirez

    Can’t wait to see KSI beat the shit out of Jake Paul, who agrees ?

  68. Kodak ZACK

    So if ur fat for all ur life does it mean you have been bulking

  69. Joseph Family

    Watch how he fails a racism test

  70. zirconium


  71. khaledx2

    i am confusion

  72. Ahmed Elmogiera

    "Her name has an exclamation mark"

  73. Fortnite Clips

    Tbh that’s look really gud

  74. cool gaming

    Can you tell logan to shut the fuck up and just stop saying I FEEL LIKE I DIDNT LOST

    1. Mhm

      cool gaming he has

  75. Anjew O

    Waiting for a response to logans appeal being denied...

  76. Madison Games

    I hate KSI he is trying to brag but he don’t know how Logan didn’t take a L KSI did KSI took a L for acting like a 2 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. XxShadowScythexX

      Logan lost

    2. Jeff Spencer

      Madison Games Logan lost lol

  77. KIANO

    5:56, yeah but not the Calorie challenges

  78. foopyu nooui

    Ksi:" I LIKE THE GROUND " Also Ksi: making a song down like that while you falling from the sky

  79. Madison Games

    F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you F* you

    1. Jeff Spencer

      Madison Games ur 9 shut up

  80. Banana Fruit

    Poor kid literally going on omegle when his mum AND dad r home. Tbh it's obvs a bad idea but still respect to him

  81. Double A Ron

    4:29-4:37 11:27-11:39 😂😂

  82. _rayne_

    3:50 😂

  83. bobz _tb

    The kiss app tho

  84. killer panda

    11:06 when u realize you shit yourself a little😨

  85. Cooky :3


  86. Stone Puncher

    When there’s a school shooting and the autistic kid thinks it’s a party 7:55

  87. EC

    he put doji in the description instead of deji 😂😂

  88. Sxlu

    And dis is gonna be da last video hes gonna upload untill 2020 Possibly 2021

  89. Mama Beau

    trust me, rematch and logan will win.

    1. Jeff Spencer

      Mama Beau he has his rematch and he lost

  90. Jake Trejo

    Bruh his hairline more famous than him

  91. Kahn Girde'

    I like daxs passion ngl


    7:39-7:58 😂😂😂 my reaction

  93. Dan LUFC Yorkshire

    The beer advert was it’s slogo

  94. Victor Priego

    December 2019?

  95. Doing My Part

    4*8 *YEAHHHH*

  96. siva UV5

    Logan paul is a sore loser

  97. Jamjumps V10 gaming

    Your a loser bitch ksi

    1. Jeff Spencer

      Jamjumps V10 gaming wrong

  98. Jamjumps V10 gaming

    Your shit ksi

  99. EC

    Dax: this is gonna go down in history Also Dax: hit me up with how sparring works

  100. Mason Mugariri

    I’m to funny