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  1. McKakao

    2020: Still not activated Windows

  2. Jayvien Colon

    What if JJ made a podcast that overtakes Logan’s 🤣🤣

  3. Mehrangiz Bahronova

    Fuck u !! Who u think u are!! Bruhhh like I wanted u to win but I regret that bruhhh

  4. Zig Zag

    13:25 Gib trashes all of Jake's Yes men.

  5. Tar Ni

    You b I c h

  6. ChipotleBoy

    Why’s my man wearing two watches😂

  7. Liam Gallagher

    This is why you dont f*ck with nature fam😂😂😂

  8. 4gility - Please Subscribe

    Hey I understood the botching line!

  9. Sena Buabasah

    There's a racesest kid in my school that says all black people have big foreheads

  10. School Shooter

    3:00 Bruhhhh

  11. Josh Boswell

    1:01 that kid kind of looks like Liam Gallagher in the early 2000s😂

  12. Krish Parmar

    Anyone wanna give me the recipe x

  13. Rupert Taylor

    Dax is a hell of a rapper, Tory lanes music sucks ass, claiming to be the best, but probably doesn't even come in top 50, it's also easy to make someone apologize when you roll up in a truck with 6 guys, Tory lanes had no chance in burying dax in a diss track, especially when Tory can't rap lol.

  14. forbiden Clan

    Anyone else think JJ's outro picture looks like a baby tryna take a shit

  15. Tomas Toder

    Ksi I’m not scared 5 mins later. Ahhhhhhh

  16. vFinesser

    If I get 20,000 subscribers off this comment I will do a poll of whatever you guys want

  17. Gosaga120

    Deji had 9.94 mil when KSI uploaded this video... Now he has 9.95 mil... Good job Deji!

  18. Sour PineApple

    jjs gassed over this guy trying to do rap God at 150% speed who's skipping half the verses, man I'm 13 and I can do it

  19. Reverndeep Singh

    8:55 "leeeeed" hahhahhahhha

  20. nonowah10 yt

    Who wants him to come back to this 5 years later

  21. Ich weiß nicht

    4:23 my Playstation

  22. Blackfire BOSS

    Ksi was reats why did not do rap from beat

  23. Stephan D

    Why do you have a $600 hair dryer LOL

  24. NuXe_Allianz

    That Looked sooo tasty

  25. Mixta Vitae

  26. BANE__USED Gaming

    When you see someone having sex

  27. Dyeded Lyrt


  28. Eren can minecraftfe Demo

    2:29 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Eren can minecraftfe Demo

    2:08 😂😂

  30. Why not?

    But why did the officials make that comment about Logan only losing because of the deduction? If it is factually incorrect? Who is right here?? Help me out.

  31. AB! RA!

    Still waiting Ksi & celestia vega porn🤣

  32. CodeNextlevel plz

    One question go FUCK OFF Alright then,

  33. Big Mistake

    WWWIII : fucking war the hell out ksi ; WWWIII : WaitWhatWhoa III worddsss

  34. Fardin Fazil


  35. Megasons3 Plays

    Tiktok isn’t blowing up... it’s been losing popularity since April 2019. It blew up in October 2018... please (I don’t like tiktok lol)

  36. Sanaz Rezaee

    This made my day 😂😂😂

  37. Rehab Atcha

    I love your vlog.

  38. aron rex

    I'm taller than memulous and I'm 12 yrs old...

  39. Bandit

    U should really activate that windows

  40. Seezar XD

    2020 yay

  41. Dillon McDougal

    kind of copying lazer beam...

  42. Kermit The Frog

    JJs seductive dance on full throttle


    9:50 Jj literally the only black guy who can't dance

  44. LJV2

    *It’s sad to know that his Chain is probably more expensive than our homes*

  45. Hussam Habib

    12:33 when ksi orgasms


    What if ksi didn’t win the rematch and they got another draw that’s a mission failed.

  47. Lucas *_*

    Tutorial on how to walk up stairs: Step one Step two Step three Step four Step five

  48. Azraf Ari

    Wassup IS DEJI

  49. Azraf Ari

    no one actually no one the Oh yeah yeah yeah guy fans : still havent changed my name

  50. Alex Tsianakas

    This was exactly one year ago

  51. AlphaAnimations

    That intro beat of your tour thing is lit

  52. Masonfuntimes Forever

    Bro u are super funny haha😆😆😆😆

  53. A French Person

    A vacuum cleaner lmfao 😂

  54. Kon maroulis

    Ksi seriously what is wrong with your nose ?

  55. Jay D

    How tf are you doing a song with trippie

  56. SK-GAMING 18

    Feel bad for simon🤣

  57. Caiden New


  58. JZ Susano'o

    I only have one question. How in the Sam fucking Hill do 5 million people listing to that laugh daily?

  59. HoangGia Studio

    16:08 he laugh two times same

  60. Avatar Yasuo

    6:50 best part

  61. Tomi obadimu

    Ksi is handsome Keep the bandana

  62. Hayden Sommers

    Ksi is a legend I swear 👊🏻 😂

  63. Sophie’s Life

    Wtf KSI ur laugh is sooo weird 😝😝😝

  64. squigga man

    nobody fucking cares where you came from

  65. Legend of Nibbaheem

    Ksi literally bottled a feature of 21 savage by doing this video


    ohh ye ye reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anyone back in 2020 ;]

  67. Eniola Ayodele


  68. Farouk Alkaisy

    14:43 the best intro ksi has done.

  69. Hama Tv

    Any small youtubers? If you are on subscribe when I get to 500 I will do a giveaway

  70. Hama Tv

    Any small youtubers? If you are on subscribe when I get to 500 I will do a giveaway

  71. M1 squadz

    If tom stockdale started to make music and albums he will probably blow like if u think im right

  72. NitroGalactic

    KSI: carriers UK SEsels scene DanTdm: Wassupppp 😂

  73. Toric

    Does he realize that he doesn’t actually get salt on his food from this

  74. Rivs

    6:11 don't mind me. Just bookmarking my favourite part of the video 😂😂


    Jake: *walks over Joe* Also Jake: *almost trips over ring's protection corbs* (sorry I don't know what they're called so please tell me)

  76. Ix-NiC0_ -

    Activate Windows!!!

  77. Goust7800 c0ming

    JJ way did you put your self though this

  78. Scooch77

    10:13 That guy actually fell to his death while doing one of these

  79. mynamejeff

    Play 12:33 till the end of the video and close your eyes

  80. Pateli Cassidy

    Jj be looking extra thicc since the fight

  81. Navor Trap

    Who’s here after seeing JJ and tripperedd picture post on Instagram?


    At the end what if u have epilepsy

  83. Iphone12i

    Im eating beef while watching this

  84. Han skrt

    Mom can we have SpongeBob Mom: we have SpongeBob at home SpongeBob at home : 11:08

  85. Goldcut 3

    8:20 song?

  86. Filip Hrvacanin

    its sad that he thinks he is a good rapper

  87. Raif


  88. Razzmatazz

    Your tongue looks like ham

  89. Razzmatazz

    Your tongue looks like ham

  90. jonny carey

    Is it just me or is it wen jj laughs he just makes u laugh


    5:13 Whats the song called??

  92. Ace LillQ

  93. Ace LillQ

  94. Ace LillQ

  95. Zapatozi

    1:48 This is how Daniel LaRusso won in Karate Kid.

  96. Advanced Gamer

    Sub to my channel

  97. Robert M

    Everyone shut up up KSI is better but but Logan Paul is crap KSI is mad he is the best German

  98. SOLDIER 0705

    Deji's gonna have 10 mln subs in no matter of time, 2020: +1k...

  99. Corey Jones

    Can’t wait for this tune