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  1. The Lame Memer

    every good film has a sacrifice, and Stranger Things is no exception

  2. kin pin

    Is this show only streaming in Netflix UK?

  3. ghogue61

    You are a funny man. You were also great in the movie "The Invention of Lying".

  4. beau jacobs

    ‘My opinion is worth as much as your fact’ Sad but very accurate

  5. NightBlossom Audios

    God I had so many moments where I couldn't stop laughing! I absolutely love these two! Best dynamic ever!

  6. Random Person

    When I was little and dumb I legit thought that they were the same actor

  7. michael markham

    What's going on with the morons rioting is a perfect example of gullible idiots burning down the cities they live in .

  8. Timothy Lay


  9. Raymonde Teolar

    Tokyo is the narrator cause she is the reason why all the gang died 😂

  10. Kenneth Colon

    I didn’t realize that Sherry Pie didn’t appear in this shot

  11. Frost Fever

    I good motto I personally follow is: If you don't think you're stupid, you probably are. Since I think I'm reasonably stupid, I must be a genius.

  12. Jakub Kondrat

    Rip legend you will never be forgoten

  13. H. L.

    He’s a poor man living in fear.

  14. Alexia janis

    You know what I just knows if Suzie didn’t make Dustin sing hopper wont go attack and billy won’t have died and eleven won’t have lost her power

  15. elakkiya elakki

    Dustin fans hit like

  16. Christopher Thomas

    Comedians spitting more truth than politicians and media. This is where we are.

  17. Jake

    Ironically he talks about truth and espouses a world view that conflates modern science with abstract truth. Oh Ricky, we need to sit down and have a 16 hour chat.

  18. Layla YouKnowMe

    Pls bring the show back

  19. Joseph Stalin but a good one

    None of this theory would be correct coz why would neflix share it

  20. Zachary Vargas

    Of all the woes dustin had with girls until season 3, I'd say it was worth it if it meant having this scene and this song

  21. Steven Mancera

    HBO got the mother of all Dragons, we have the Mother of all Bitches. I fucking love her character

  22. Douglas Dishroon

    In less than 15 years, 9% of the earth's human specie will be dead. In 60 to 100 years, every single living human on earth will not exist. 0.00001% of us will be remembered in 100 years. One time folks. One time at bat. A single stroll around the block.

  23. Sean Harvey

    "Do you know how stupid the average person is?" And an auditorium of average people clap. Sure - Ricky is totally right. But the humor comes in on how most people don't know it's them he's laughing at.

  24. Larry Terry

    Jordan fanboys too busy jerking and slurping to see how OVERRATED this chump was, and look how he ran the bus over his teammates. How can you be goat and reach only 6 finals? Hell Kareem has 6 rings and 6 MVPs and the career scoring champ. So Jordan fanboys quit slurping Jordan and come up for air and spit.

  25. DEDSEC17

    Love it

  26. archisaurus

    Right ricky. Pick on the bible belters, have a laugh at their expense, but no jokes about the liberals who think that men have periods. Fuck you. You’re a coward

  27. Gün Rodoplu

    This is the greatest interview that is not an interview!

  28. Bob MccKenzie


  29. Occam's Chainsaw

    The comment section is more humorous than the video itself

  30. LouisianaJesse

    This guy needs Jesus!

  31. Sabrina Johns

    Now I’m just hearing deevid 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Sabrina Johns

    I love how most of them are just Moira and Alexis 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. CODEY

    *Side character needs a side life Netflix: Gay,take it or leave it

  34. Bea G.

    I kinda knew they're going to end up together at the scene where Carol's about to give birth and Monica becomes so sensitive about babies while talking to her mother and Chandler interrupted the call. That was so sweet.

  35. Thanos Mighty

    When morals are replaced by lust and obsession

  36. KevvyLava

    The average person isn't stupid...the average FAMOUS person is fucking stupid.

  37. Movies Time

    Cant believe she gets wet without goin into water tho n was Like "i want to bang this guy" ASAP D-FK😐

  38. SpaceGuyGamer Productions


  39. Mitchell Wassam

    But I dont fucking want any guitar lessons!

  40. Sarah Benson

    Giant balls...... And a tiny cock! I think I peed my pants😂

  41. young boy DJ 223S


  42. miss dee

    I just love when that guy says I dont fucking care was such a mood🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Aaron

    One of the director from Money Heist revealed in a interview that there is no Money heist without professor.. So may be he won't die.

  44. Uncle-Jo Video Vine

    check me out yooo sesels.info/a/F_2sYO1xyc2eg7DiL28tfQ

  45. Brittany Taylor

    I love their singing voices together and it’s so sweet and it’s stuck in my head

  46. jeff smith


  47. Je Gr

    This is why I never go on the internet

  48. Rafael Acosta

    Im not sure about this guy

  49. Bella Ancheta

    “EW DAVID” has been playing on repeat in my head for the past month...

  50. NintendoFanatic 2001

    I hope they don't remove these movies because that would be losing my trust and they are amazing art of animation.

  51. Mel Puente

    Chandler & Monica. Ross & Rachel. Joey & Rachel. Those are the most important ones.

  52. Bree Enos

    OMG l love it!!!!!!!

  53. Dapper Don.

    Hard to hear the accent because he’s not even American

  54. Gina Laverty

    I’m not crying you are! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  55. Charlie White

    That wink at the end 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  56. Liveackto

    Love it. Mo would be sick in top boy. Underrated big time. His future is bright. 😆👌🏾

  57. Joe Mama

    Who else besides me is tryna smash Mrs. Wheeler?

  58. Hannah ☀️

    The word David has lost all meaning

  59. The Wholls

    I think what Ricky is talking about is identity politics.......!!!

  60. Dilan_ 33


  61. pofwon

    God daym 36 hour's

  62. Dan

    She touched his grass and now he has a reaction?????

  63. Dimitar Lyutskanov

    Can anyone please tell me the name of the song/track at the end of the video. The outro I should say? 😊 thanks

  64. Kristy Persaud

    My favorite actor is Paul Rudd because he is handsome and very cute charming sweet I love to meet him I am a big fan of his

  65. MrTwenty6point2

    "More important to be popular than right", he nailed this one. Post truth era seems like a good way to put it. "they don't look at the argument, they look at who's saying the argument, oh no I don't like that person". I can appreciate and respect. Good Job Mr. Gervais. Also love how he told all the celebs at the GG to just accept their award and get off stage, nobody wants to hear you on your soapbox.

  66. Kristy Persaud

    My favorite movie is clueless and cher Josh are so cute together this was first time watch it really great movie cher and Josh are so happy couple

  67. alex

    Lol I'm about the same age as Emma

  68. Kythra Kel

    I wish we had another season to see Monica and Chandler trying to take care of the babies, would be so cute <3

  69. David Wilson

    I wish I could find this version of the song on Apple Music 🎵

  70. kiIl-chan

    Ricky: you can have your own opinion also Ricky: if you want Brexit you need to drink bleach

    1. Chick Sage

      I don't think he ever said that second thing.

  71. Aleena Prasannan

    If you see any 'guru' with a multi billion business empire, you can safely assume that he/she is a fraud. No gurus who are in search for enlightenment would be selling their knowledge. Travel to Himalayas and chat with to those yogis who own basically nothing. Their only possession is their knowledge and they'll share it with anyone willing to listen.

  72. wayne Last

    Well someone’s definition of fact can be different. Some scientists believe you can faster than light but most dont. Not much evidence to go faster than light though. Same for some Christians believe the earth is only 6000 years old. Someday they will prove you can go faster than light.

    1. wayne Last

      Hail Sagan yeah I know all that but there are some that believe more science is possible.

    2. Hail Sagan

      There is zero evidence for faster than light travel. As you gain speed you gain mass. When you reach the speed of light you'd have infinite mass which means you'd need infinite energy to move you which is impossible.

  73. Justice Mirasty

    Boyle: *dreaming about Jake* Terry: Boyle *wakes him up* were you dreaming about Jake again Boyle: why did you wake me up I told you never to wake me up !! Me:😂😂😂😂 0:00-1:18

  74. babykate519

    i’m not gonna lie...the bow and arrow thing is bad ass

  75. Kole Smith

    0:12 hahahahaha

  76. Nuke China

    Tell the other side huh? We heard you the 150th time dude. We get it.

  77. Agus Flaquer


  78. Roberta

    The editing makes everything 200% more satisfying

  79. • B E L U •

    My favourite part of Season 3

  80. Lucky Goose

    Even after 2 years of no labels the Brexit would go through. Because the ones that would of drank the bleach with out the label would be the remainers. Fuck em.

  81. StrYke_ Solar

    2:42 is that the shadow monster on 11s head?

  82. Erica Marilla

    Absolutely love this show. I may be 37, but there was something hilarious in hearing Jim Pearson swear.😹

  83. VS2015 M.

    omg he's savage!!

  84. trixapete

    Yet he's on twitter and Facebook 24/7 🤔

  85. Vaan Guintu

    The vomiting ritual by Gus couldn’t have been taken up by Walt because he wasn’t there, though

  86. Michael Bryant

    one aqua titty one pink titty

  87. Simon Randall

    Im sorry but this just isnt technically funny.