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  1. Emily Jade Little

    I always lived the menchie the cat polish but it was always sold out when I had money 😭😭

  2. Amy S

    I got the advent calendar with your code and had the cranberry tea today. I’m loving my tea calendar.

  3. Micellester Gabriel

    okay, cristmas without the h. we see what you did over there crazy cat lady 😂😂

  4. Tamara Walker

    Loved the brief screen time for the tea from David's Tea advent calendar!

  5. A Ward

    My "Grape Lightning"! You saved the best for last! I really hope you go with that name, Cristine. It already soared to the top... of the Holo Tree! I think that name is "just so" for the color! It's beautiful, like you! Love you ALL! Hugs from Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Alaine with no h

  6. Homicidal Squirrel Girl

    I see you Ben. Have a miraculous Festivus.

  7. Emily Whiting

    Menchie the pink nose cat had a very pink nose that she never she never let anyone touch Why oh why did I make that 😫😂

  8. Meghan Kinney

    Need to make a tree topper with the Polish Mountain peelies.

  9. Elizabeth Crossley

    Festivas for the rest of us

  10. Walking Dead Girl

    Cristine has reached a level of weird with this video that I can never reach. Bravo lady Bravo.

  11. zoe horn

    Christine: be careful if you do this at home .... literally no one will put nail peels on a Christmas tree 😂😂

  12. Cara HR

    Holo festive Buffalo Bill vibes

  13. Seven Of Eight

    Oh no....I’m drinking coffee while watching this weeks video👀

  14. Κάτια Μαυροκεφάλου

    1:57 Everytime Cristine says "Sit back. Relax." I always wanna add "Relapse." (Camisado) ... P!ATD reference, just me here? 🤣

  15. Brandy Williams

    This is why I like you so much, you don’t worry about the money, you care more about your fans!! ♥️

  16. Rhys Moon


  17. Julia Abernathy

    Yes remake the cat polishes!!!

  18. Rose B


  19. Celtic Lulu

    Yes!!! Remake the cats polish! Mine is almost gone!!!

  20. Kandiss Kelly

    Lol Christine I tried not to watch this video but youtube made me while I was washing dishes and my other video ended and I'm not mad tbh lol

  21. Velvet Cat

    i have some questions about youtube money btw. especially how views work. do i have to view the video to the last second without skipping anything for you to get a vew from me? when i get two adds playing in a row and i skip through one of them and watch the other to completion do you get no money? or money for the one i didnt skip? im super confused. i really am trying to choose the youtubers i give add money. i would also love if i could withhold views..

  22. BlazinBeth PheonixGirl

    Is there anyone else that kinda wants to buy that peelie bag? Am I creepy? Is this all just insane? Yes.

  23. Ren Kuchiki

    wait Cristine was in SEsels Rewind... At the very end right?

  24. Liliane Bessette

    You have the David’s tea advent calendar too omg I’m so happy white cranberry bark was in it

  25. Roxana Fernandez

    Please please please consider recreating Menchie and Zyler’s holo polishes with Holo Taco. I’m not an OG subscriber, but ever since I saw their pink and copper holos I’ve been trying to find dupes because I’m too late for the originals. I’d much rather support you, and your cat children, if I have the option and the means.

  26. NN åv-n

    i have seen all youre videos so i have seen al

  27. Sophia Lin


  28. Brandee Lynch

    Its weird to me that Jenna Marbles is older then Cristine lmao

  29. Ninako Shizuka

    Please remake the cat holo nail polishes😻😻😻😻

  30. Adina Kish


  31. violet jones


  32. Twitchy Witchy

    I will always remember the year I got my electric Barbie Jeep...and then accidentally ran over my best friend the next day. CHILDHOOD!

  33. WittyPractitioner

    No you were right, the popcorn thing is still a garland

  34. Ms So

    Christine, that is disgusting and gorgeous all at the same time...lol. Love you, girl. 😂

  35. MrCarrottCake100

    What's on your other hand?

  36. Mary Reale

    “Incase your new here....please don’t leave” 😂😂

  37. Bamboozled Person

    Beyyn: dont eat raw pasta Cristine (with no h): *eats it anyways

  38. Hey_Itz_JBEEE

    Me: * has seen these nail peeling for more than a year now* Also me: normal, totally normal yes, mhm

  39. Gabby George 012

    she has gone insane someone call the cops

  40. Mya bazan

    those 323 dislikes are the peelies cousins that didn't get put on the tree

  41. Alexis Samano

    you know every time I think I’ve seen it all cristine surprises me every time

  42. Aparna Y

    Yes please remake the nails that menchie one is especially adorable

  43. Kira Hole

    U should do a holo hydroflask

  44. Mary Aguiar

    The funniest part of the video was watching the not-yet-pierced peelies jump like popcorn 😂😂

  45. Liliane Bessette

    Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

  46. Vanessa Lage

    I clicked the “like” button because you told me you don’t care about it :) it’s like how I don’t enjoy complimenting people when they ask for it

  47. Ninako Shizuka

    OMG cristine you're just like me - whenever I decorate the Christmas tree I use the hooks as earrings and put Christmas ornaments on them and be my own Christmas tree - I am so happy that I am not the only one as crazy as this -let's be crazy insane together

  48. Marina Cox

    8:25 i. Suprised she didnt start wraping menchi as a joke.

  49. Corgi Pupachino

    you should make a nail polish dedicated to BEYYYYYN, Menchie, and Zyler

  50. Mya bazan

    am i the only one for absolutely no reason that the peelies would be soft si i was mad confused when she had to stab through them

  51. xtinneee

    Aries and Libra are sister signs though lmao.

  52. MiMi :.

    Only SEselsr I can stand watching while currently being treated in the ER lol 🙌🏼

  53. Pip Squeak

    Cristine!!! you look holoriphic!!!!! ❤️💿

  54. heliagrey

    You’ve heard of nails on a chalkboard (if not, stick to the end of the video, you will... XD) now here’s nails on a Christmas tree!

  55. Addie Davis

    I looooove star wars

  56. cescles

    I think a cool way to keep the peelies would be to make them into a large piece of art. Maybe take some foam board, sort the peelies and glue 1 peely from each type of nail art onto the board. (maybe in a color gradient?) Then you can just replicate it with different peelies down the line.

  57. Tori B

    How about a holo taco polish mountain XD

  58. Brandice Nicolle

    You look like a booty guru! Your makeup is so pretty

  59. AimenTheAlmond 360

    I have a question. who actually clicks out of a video just to dislike it?

  60. Molly WhyDon'tWeVocals

    Wouldn’t it be olodays because you don’t like h’s?

  61. Raven Eye Production

    YEY BEN! Happy festivus! 90´s humur at it best!

  62. XXSisterPlayzXX

    1:43 why did you flip me off like that

  63. Jay Dizzle

    I want to know what Christine drives.

  64. Chelsea Divel

    12:54 me 😭😂

  65. Mia J

    So totally off topic, but I discovered that there's a Menchi's frozen yogurt near my house and I totally freaked out and got some frozen yogurt and couldn't stop myself from explaining to the owner that the whole reason why I wanted frozen yogurt when it's supposed to be snowing is because of a SEselsr.

  66. Amnyxia

    I had this video on while I was working on some art and I heard Death Cab come on and I was like :O

  67. Tasha

    Not gonna lie I asked for the Holo Taco Holoday collection set for Christmas

  68. Rhode Island

    cris no-

  69. Crystal B

    I wish she could have somehow made the polish mountain peely as the star on top =)

  70. Annie

    Okay but am I the only who wants Cristine to remake the cats’ polishes?? I bought the original Menchie polish and am almost out, so I’ve been saving the last little bit XD

  71. M U

    She snapped. First with the makeup and then with the peely tree. Cristine stans too much for this world.

  72. CarpeDiem

    Am I the only one who's hesitant to watch her new videos because if i do, i don't have any interesting videos to watch anymore? I'm the only one? Okay..

  73. Velvet Cat

    i like your videos cos you do not beg for likes <3. you are one of the few people i whole heartedly can support. i love that you still work. i love that you are educated.

  74. WolfGirl 123

    *Why the hell haven’t you made peelie bag merch*

  75. Katie Kosiek

    Who said trees need to be green they can be halo

  76. Laura Branta

    Who remembers the olde peelies

  77. Shiniblebob

    Chronologically arrange your peelies and put it in frame as a collection. I’m scared the ones in the plastic bag will all chip away over time.

  78. Arwen Singh

    As someone who drinks at leas two cups of tea a day, I spiritually connect with that tea calender

  79. Themariogames

    This is actually a Troom Troom video in disguise

  80. Paige Perfrement

    Cristine is my Christmas holodays spirit beauty guru

  81. Dani ;3

    Her tea that Ben brought her said December 14th and it's the same day she uploaded this video! Props to you because that was Q U I C K

  82. Lp Baldwin

    For Christmas 🎄 I want an Avocado 🥑

  83. Ocean Gravy

    I asked for Holo Taco 💿 🌮

  84. Silent Bethlehem

    *Merry Cristmas, Cristine, Ben, Menchie and Zyler*

  85. K i t s u n e

    next year: decorating my tree with tea bags

  86. Denise H

    Merry Christmas Cristine!

  87. Late Night Owl

    The execution is actually not that bad!

  88. Amanda Scherer

    *should we bring back the cat polishes* YES! But that look tells me you're already on it... Also I'd buy a shade like your holoday Frankenstein nail polish

  89. Yasmine Waleed

    I remember discovering your channel when my cousin mentioned a youtuber that plays porn music every time my cousin’s father walks by..

  90. Hollys Kinda Amazing Channel

    *MAYBE BEN HAS A BIGGER DRILL* Woah Cristine, Cristine Woah

  91. Rachel D

    Yes!!! Please remake the cats polish!!! Yaassss

  92. PresleyRoxy

    My Holo Taco package arrived in the mail today! I absolutely love everything I got. From the packaging to the product it is all beautiful.

  93. lrpennington13

    Normal people math 1+1 = 2 Christines math one peelly + peelly = two peellys

  94. Fuchsia Vicencio

    Why no peel off base coat

  95. Georgia

    Cristine: What have you done with your decade? Me: Growing up to prepare to leave my childhood behind😭

  96. Nany Ardila

    Does she know she is supposed to fixed the branches around?

  97. Lily Bug

    ah yes. the *Cristmas* tree

  98. Sabih

    No one: Cristine: peely bæg