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  1. Ok Buddy

    I genuinely hate Logan but this is wholesome as fuck

  2. Jenifer Hilf


  3. Kevin Ramberg

    what it the girl's instagram

  4. luka vashaymadze

    he was as lit as he is now

  5. Nathan McCabe

    Logan your week

  6. Ya boy Snipes Quick

    February 2020 almost March and we’re watching this crap

  7. Jack Higgins

    Rip The best dog ever Kong🐶🐶🐶🙏🙏🙏💐💐😢😭😭😭

  8. Trustly

    Wtf is that

  9. BerryUp

    i’m a ksi fan, but damn this song hit different

  10. Alex Boys

    You should get a bird that looks just like maverick and call him/her maverick son/daughter like if you agree

  11. Bugatti Dimonid

    go Iogan paul 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. B

    5:02 Jakes face when Logan said no 😂😂😂

  13. Sara Sallivan

    his arm is a fucking goat

  14. Cristian lucas

    The beginning looks like Jack ass.

  15. X 7 1

    This song remind me of something😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  16. Mudassir Uzair

    Why didn’t he vlog in van belzarians party

  17. Billy Hughes


  18. Jane Doe

    Lmao Logan and jake are getting better

  19. Alaina Izenbart

    Why do I kinda ship💀🤩

  20. potatosaurus 75

    So let me just tell you I am new to this channel. So please don't blame me in the reply section for being dumb okay because I am new to this channel on the only video I have seen from Logan Paul before was the color blindness one. So I just want to know why Logan Paul is not wearing those glasses anymore, I thought it changed his life

  21. Jako

    Bro I don’t know why he would get mad, I mean if I was him and I had cheated and then she cheated on me I would have been like that’s fair and I’m sorry

  22. Eli Alexander

    Glad u put vontaze my dawg in there

  23. Janio Perez

    Looks like Logan finally discovered short form media a la David Dobrik. Works way better for him.

  24. therobloxgameryt

    Ben je Nederlands?

  25. Jenifer Hilf

    My uncle is going through California so yyyeeeaaa...

  26. sassy Assanah

    Oh my good wowwowowowo💪🏻💪🏻🥊🥊

  27. Marc Otaku

    Gotta be honest im just here to read comments

  28. Autumn Van

    I really miss when Logan was always so happy and enthusiastic and he still is but you can tell he is heartbroken about his animals that have been with him for basically ever. Big Puppy did not know she did something bad and if she knew what life even was she would be very sorry. Maverick and Puppy Kong would've wanted you to stay the Plate smashing, Merch cannon shooting, Beast you are and they even though they are in heaven causing trouble and being Savages they will always be with you Kong Zooming down the hall you walk through and Maverick on your shoulder wanting you to make meth. I Love you my brother <3

  29. Andrew Plays09

    Mavericks last days...

  30. skullgamer 1771

    It’s Mario from on my block

  31. Nikhil Bhima

    Can anyone explain to me the Jake and Zayn beef ?

  32. BOI XD


  33. Zak Krajnc

    Why do you love him that good he killed your life

  34. Angelo Cook

    Hi u high guy if you gsd guy d you utter to ury try tdee dry yes dry tdd DDT gas guy yes duh us fyi gas guy gas go FAA hip us fyi gas go hi HD fox book daa I FAA DIY FAA go KFC go USA DJ ya up

  35. Muted Horizon

    Get Caesar millan you’re famous

  36. Aaron Martinez

    Did anyone really forgive him?

  37. DaTerminator195 is cool

    So fucking fake, I wish they would at least say that so the people who think it's real are not tricked.


    Wtf i just realized Logan was having dinner with Anthony Joshua

  39. Calum :D

    Logan Paul sucks balls

  40. EXTRA

    Yo logan do what's going on with you and airrack is it Yes or no

  41. Diego Gonzáles

    Why a 3? What it is? Someone explain me

  42. ishtar

    lol this is like the dumbest crap ever...YT stop showing me brainless people pls!!!!!



  44. Alexander Kasdorf

    i am a Maverick


    I had a dog since i was 1 month old and she died when i was 12 and that hurted the most as i ever hurted i mean shes name was indra a dog she saved my life once i was out walking on the road when i was 6 and that dog saved my life she took me home idk how and why i was put there but i just were out there and i got saved by a dog

  46. TheRagingGamer

    This Got a hella lot of likes and i do agree

  47. Samir Huseyinov

    Enes batur

  48. Joe Burch III

    when he said he missed talking to maverick😭

  49. Autumn Van

    I miss this, now Logans sad and has facial hair (i love you puppy kong and Mav)

  50. Frederique

    I was actually just searching maverick and logan because I used to be subscribed. But didn't expect this. No one deserves to lose their pet in such rough way.



  52. Marie Hughes

    5:26 why tf is he bare feet with fkn glass on the floor?!

  53. Alex Henning

    I respect logan for bouncing back from l to l to regain some relevancy. His line to ab was sick too.

  54. Dillon jelly

    U didn’t even take an l and u still going fire

  55. Angel Izaguirre

    let the poor kid stay

  56. Dillon jelly

    Guys it sounds sick in 8d type in gong broke 8d and then listen to it

  57. Brooklynn Adams



    the guy falls then someone laughs

  59. EricDoesStuff YT

    Get back over here shrek

  60. itz ognjen

    Mike's girlfriend is a girl who fucked 500 times. I wouldnt have a girlfriend who does that...

  61. Douglas Arrieta

    I got a jake paul add on this video lol

  62. DB81



    Who is maverick

  64. Silas Tom

    Why does lana look 15 years younger than her boyfriend

  65. Yadav Hurricanes Cricket


  66. Boba Fett

    No one gives a shit if you’re here after the rematch

  67. IceThrall

    I see everyone is getting more than 1k likes... I want so see how much fame this comment can get. watch me just sink to the bottom

  68. Rebecka C

    Miss the “spook you” and “got ya!” Clips 😂👌🏻 These were the Golden days

  69. dc_cookie Cat

    Logan the eagles are the best team

  70. Jack Avery

    4:32 ♥

  71. katrina Castro

    Jake's beard is so UGLY

  72. Manueltjuhh

    10 mil views btww

  73. Arne Hansen

    You want some Gucci's ?

  74. courtney roth

    Everyone shut the frick up like all of u act like "oh my gosh I know everything about this breed" like no u don't shut the fuck up.

  75. aleyna akpinar

    The way she looked at them walking away broke my heart. I hope she’ll be a good girl soon 😔

  76. Mike Redding

    Marshal Law is coming to United States PREPARE!

  77. RaZr Alloe

    Logan's content has gotten so much better.

  78. Debbie Peddycoart

    Poor baby

  79. Lindsey Demers

    I love this kid omg ♥️

  80. Jaiden Swygert

    Fight Katie vlogs

  81. Arne Hansen

    Bro I got you You're GuccifaceJakob 👌👌👌👌

  82. Feb Cafino


  83. Toby Race


  84. Ekam_ gamming

    this was good

  85. P Diddy

    Next time on Logan Paul Vlogs : " Well guys , the army called ...." 😂

  86. Cisco Esparza

    Logan domt worry your at the bottom right now with losing kong and meaverick now and there is no way it can get worse so keep ypir head up and it can only get better from here

  87. Sakiah Wilkerson

    Y’all need to train her mor and be hard on her until she gets the concept

  88. Datt Mamon

    When Logan was talking to the Parrot and said he missed Maverick 😢 And also when said it was cheesy for what Mike said at the end 😂

  89. CHRISgames06

    Yo this is firrrreeee

  90. Eric Gilbert

    2:38 “ u guys are all really pretty” 3:03 “im 17”

  91. Victoria Martinez

    fuck jake paul honestly

  92. Elaine Baisley

    Wrong the earth is actually a giant flying turtle and the creators are a few mystical elephants stacked up and watching over us (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

  93. Turboskull

    Logan: meets dog that killed maverick and plays wit him Maverick: am i a joke to you

  94. Redneck Creeker


  95. MrSeFee

    I thought it was real till patty came busting through the window

  96. Fatlad

    his yt got hacked by an indian hacker

  97. Bey Brothers

    Logan: says inspiration speech Viewers: just jump of the cliff already

  98. Feb Cafino

    Maverick had been in your life longer than this fucking Mike who just like to use you and leech on you for fame.

  99. Feb Cafino

    This Mike is not sincere. Paul please keep away from this kind of people. He is a leech. please please stay away from him. He can’t take care of the “things” important to you. How hard it is to take care of a bird..

  100. Hugo Gómez

    R.i.p Kong 😭 you will be missed!