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  1. Jakob Sung

    How is NLE a lakers fan he comes from Memphis 😳

  2. Christina  Jones-boozer

    I love your outfit though!!!!!!! The host

  3. Travis Buter

    Tony keep doing your thing with the vlogs over @ life complex💯💯💯👍👍👍

  4. Nakeisha Maddox

    Man we so alike

  5. Brandon Salyer

    Corny as fuck

  6. Spetz

    So just how old is joe from complex

  7. King Trevon

    Hate em fan chill out wit all that dick sucking 👎😷fs he not top 5 lol 😒

  8. Moon Boy

    Will y’all ever give Dame a shoe that isn’t ridiculously ugly? He really took a fat L signing w Adidas. While Kyrie and Giannis shoes are flying off the shelves

  9. Brian De Jesus

    TBH joe Budden a real one he can’t understand why a mediocre artist gets such attention. Mediocre art and he has 0 awareness of business. Yatchy sound smart to other dumb niggas

  10. Thermal D T-1000

    When tony Mui didn’t the get invite to the nba all star collection to do some broll on this years lineup ; bum ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Kalah Martin

    Dang I heard him swolling mighty loud at 11:27 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  12. Sunny Darko'

    Ak got Mustard and Poo particles in his beard

  13. Amani Bruce

    See how comfortable Gates is with his Queen on his side 👑

  14. Hope Sherri

    good sounds great about evolving

  15. Jay Bass

    Damn, she said a lil too much "it was all him this time, no writers, not that he needed help" 😑🤐

  16. ava eva

    the grand essential to success in your life is *AUTHENTIC v i e w s D O T C O M* it is all about cash, money, fame, you can get views, likes, subs, comments etc...

  17. Too Hyped

    dame definitely thought of stone cold Steve Austin when making this shoe

    1. Unofficial NBA

      Major facts

    2. Getanehe Haile


  18. astoldbysd

    They both made that 8k back in a blink of a eye

  19. Melanins Cool

    Ak bitch ass always throwing shit in the game. I’m starting to think he’s a hoe for real. Nobody wants to jump straight to their incarceration stories puwssssy

  20. Kaylyn Alexander

    This way different than the breakfast club interview it’s like a totally different vibe

  21. Indra Taylor


    1. Indra Taylor


  22. Qbuilds

    When mbappe received his card back his reaction tho 😂

  23. Luke _521

    42K dammmm

  24. countys32

    My man Will Smith looking younger than his CGI character from Gemini Man.


    And that’s the bottom line.............

  26. abhishek akshay

    I never felt so broke before

  27. Gino Josepa


  28. Chaotic Rudy

    Probably the first ever time you see NLE in a T-shirt

  29. Porterval


  30. the DLB

    music to be murdered by

  31. Slayin Records

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  32. Slayin Records

    Kevin gates and drake are a great couple

  33. Karen Bellamy

    Very wonderful! I want to hang with Kevin, dropping Jewels Daily!

  34. TYP CAM

    If you’re reading this you’re a blessing🙏🏽 Keep going🙌🏽 I remixed Lil Baby song “Sum 2 Prove” you should check it out🤷🏽‍♂️🔥

    1. Too Hyped

      awwww thank u

    2. Maf Prity

      TYP CAM

  35. countys32

    I wish Neymar and Messi would learn to speak English, if they did they would probably post bigger numbers on social media then Ronaldo.

  36. JuniorR

    Dame is 29. My age. So I can see why stone cold was his favorite wrestler

    1. Maf Prity


  37. D Gaht game

    17:57 👀👀 👇 if u know y

  38. christopher mcpherson

    No way In hell mgk beat eminem.he got destroyed but his rap devil track was dope I admit

  39. Travis Beard

    Was he basically saying at the end that he doesnt have an asshole?

  40. Stephon Lawson

    Oh shoot its a rat Edit:its just a joke chill 🥶

    1. Maf Prity

      Stephon Lawson

  41. Drizzle Drew

    He love asking her if he can or should say sum thats respect

  42. JuniorR

    Lillard 3:16

  43. Keke Lou

    I LOVED this interview‼💜

  44. C Mills

    So does he have ghost writers? Great interview though . Love Gates

  45. Rick Kroll

    Joe Budden is such a bitch

  46. Stephon Lawson

    Those shoes are fire and lit and coming from a big sneakerhead that doesn't like NORMAL adidas 🔥🔥🔥

  47. The Egocentric Predicament

    This is straight up 🔥🔥🔥 especially for those people between the ages of 23-30.

    1. Too Hyped

      uh ageism alert

  48. Complex

    The Dame 6 "Stone Cold" releases today, a day before the Royal Rumble!

    1. Too Hyped

      yay we so exicted

    2. Maf Prity

      If you see this gonna Rich.

    3. LIL Gofi

      Complex 🔥

    4. gdavis2bn

      Might pick these up since I like both Stone Cold and Dame Dolla.

  49. I DragoN

    I hate that dudes face

  50. Jaeden smith

    A collab i didn’t know i needed

    1. Jaeden smith

      Too Hyped facts😂

    2. Too Hyped

      nah you knew but didnt have in mind till now

  51. aesthetic

    Wow theyre so powerful

  52. Siya Mbawuli


  53. O 2x

    It don't differents

  54. Dalisa Hang

    *Goes to checkout Cashier:So your to- Ronaldo: Gives credit card And almost forget the card

  55. Coco Cash

    I love them 💕 this subject matter is beautiful 😍😍😍 btw you’re not crazy Kevin everything said is very true ♥️ Dreka is a high priestess lowkey

  56. Tony Mui

    Name fixed, my bad y'all. I have fat fingers...

  57. Lrx- Dollar sign

    Why is everyone liking this

    1. Maf Prity

      Lrx- Dollar sign

  58. Tachira Charles

    Sak Passe 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 🇭🇹

  59. Dj Soundz

    Scareface house in white

  60. 4hunnid .a

    But he dont got the nike sb “Wu tang” joints though neither the blackout 11 samples.

  61. andrew a

    This dude is either starting at the floor or eye fucking the host...stay off drugs.

  62. Szepeshazi Kristóf

    Only 15 comments

    1. Maf Prity

      Szepeshazi Kristóf

  63. Jayden Romero

    Dame time

  64. WiseJr 11

    Damian joins the video You spelled my name wrong

    1. Too Hyped

      broooo i hate when people spell my name wrong

    2. Maf Prity

      WiseJr 11

  65. Indra Taylor


  66. Nirav Gamer


    1. Maf Prity

      Nirav Gamer

  67. The Chimney God

    Chimney hoes

  68. TyrellFM

    rip dj

  69. Sharika Pruitt

    Ok Gates!!! He is walking on his higher self and Dreka is a Goddess! Amazing what happens when the divine masculine and the divine feminine come together. Love to see my people vibrate high and practice spirituality!

  70. Dimitrije Tucović

    It's Damian not Damien.

    1. Maf Prity

      Dimitrije Tucović

  71. Michael Heyliger

    7:50 when she said I'm Grenadian 🇬🇩🇬🇩🇬🇩 I felt that lol

  72. louiemadeisaiah

    Kevin & dreka be talking like they straight full of shit but really be talking some shit

  73. Mac Pereda


  74. Uzair H7


    1. Maf Prity

      Uzair H7

    2. Uzair H7

      Nirav Gamer really 😂😂😂

    3. Nirav Gamer

      Uzair H7 ur first

  75. Garett MacLaren

    this the coldest shoe on the market

    1. macario sakay

      @Moon Boy and so are you lil boy

    2. Moon Boy

      these r hideously ugly old man

    3. Too Hyped

      @Maf Prity eh debatable

    4. Maf Prity

      Garett MacLaren

  76. Mac Pereda

    Why is Damian name spelled wronng

    1. Maf Prity

      Mac Pereda

    2. Darius Floy

      Mac Pereda it’s called his nickname

  77. Uzair H7


  78. Tricky Fair


    1. Maf Prity

      Tricky Fair

  79. Michael L

    Gimme a Hell Yeah

    1. Maf Prity

      Michael L


      Michael L hell yeah

  80. Mohamed Hattab


    1. Maf Prity

      Mohamed Hattab

  81. Graopiea


    1. Maf Prity


  82. Josh Stone

    They starting to look alike 🤨

  83. Darcie Banks

    Billie: I like them chunky Me: *billie you need too do a colab with moto moto*

  84. Toya Demouchet -Palmer


  85. Jay Gudda

    Erica badu and Kevin gates great convo

  86. Moodié Geytasno

    Mashallah my brother start the home intervju with Al Fathia 🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️ and that voice inshallah may Allah bless you @KevinGates

  87. muq3r 3rd

    R we gonna ignore the fact that that host know alot of shoes

  88. Bhekisisa Mbingo

    WTF FUCK! Diddy doesn't wear the same pair twice. and im here in this God forsaken shithole of a country wondering what the fuck am I gonna eat!!! coz there is nothing to.

  89. J. Brix

    @The Hood Shrink Podcast: We are collectively ending generational curses through difficult, yet necessary conversations. A place where one can safely discuss their traumatic life experiences without judgment. I am your safe place, Butterfly Brix. Let's begin our healing journey. If you’re struggling with inner peace from the past and current traumas, you should be in tuned. Shoot us an email if you would like to be a guest. @[email protected]

  90. Allie Dutton


    1. doliio volay


  91. Tfrm11 BS

    My man has 35k pair of shoes and he wears converse smh

    1. doliio volay

      Ross don't know if he wanna be skinny or fat.

  92. Cynthia Ingram

    Martin lookin like he's ready to buy a few pairs and go!!😂😂😍

  93. Usmalik B

    8:44 how did takeoff switch positions wth

  94. Logen Fletcher

    Wut he do park in handicap spots n not get caught 😂

  95. Logen Fletcher

    Criminal my ass

  96. Jackson Lowery

    Lol ak was so mindfucked at 25:38 when Kev was talking ab his gradmother 😂

  97. Ruti Araya

    Love you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

  98. Quan Gee

    I need me a Dreka!..

    1. aesthetic

      Then you need to be a kevin you cant get a woman like that if youre not on her vibration level

  99. Bhekisisa Mbingo


  100. Tanisha Williams

    omg i would love yo meet Ro$$ , he such a manly manly something this world is missing !! straight Bo$$!! love you rick!!