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  1. Оксана Пузыревская

    Two fat cows...

  2. Tyrese Bukenya

    Simon really saw them legends come and go

  3. Галымжан Косумов

    Это задница господа

  4. Craig Davis

    Beautiful Rebecca

  5. Фурик Мурик

    Эти девченки неплохие деньги заработали поступком))

  6. Nathan Wong

    Twilight One Direction. 4ever Stan

  7. Bruh Ilovelarry

    I can not believe he has a kid with cheryl

  8. Randy R

    Am a lifetime Beatles fan an i love this cover.

  9. eden baruelo

    Howard and Jason's voice is soothing.

  10. jelin c.

    132million people have watched this.. they are super famous i think.. everybody know their faces now.. lol

  11. Josiane Faustino

    Isso que eu chamo de desequelibrio,mas tentaram😔

  12. Ashenpaw Animates

    90% of comments: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH 7% of comments: Harry’s dancing 2% of comments: Louis deserved a solo 1% Liam sang too much

  13. Pinku 101

    did she have to turn it into a break up song I mean don’t we have enough of those already not to mention it doesn’t go with the tone of the background music

  14. Pinku 101

    Everyone stop watching these singing competition shows they’re all fake and staged there is nothing in these shows that are real

  15. stush222

    Oh um well 😐 I kind of think they have potential but they need to work to get the potential and they kind of need to work together more

  16. Lujan Prado

    Louis at 0:11😍 (in the rigth) 0:19 0:40 0:43 (the second in the 1st right row on the right) 0:53 with the white shirt, black shorts and red beannie 1:01 ( touching his beanie behind the boy with blue beanie stupid boy I can't see Louis for his fault) 😂😂💙 Love him so much

  17. Jen Nika

    4:19 god damn I miss those chants.

  18. Gaming With Nicole

    “Hi Im Abby” “I’m Lisa” “And together we are a waste of time”

  19. Alyka judilyn Avila

    My God !. .. she said who are you .. wtf!

  20. Ornamental

    no one: 1D manager the morning he quit the band: 0:57

  21. Maria Victoria Arroyave

    Yo soy el comentario en español

  22. Jenna rose rocks


  23. epram73

    Aa sceemeeeeee!!!!

  24. Mya Dunn

    I wonder what happened to him after he molested a kid

  25. V.L V.L

    Взяла и врезала ей капец)

  26. Jimin and Chanyeol's Wifeu

    I think Abby is the sister of Jessica Soho lol

  27. iVenge

    M E N T A L R E T A R D A T I O N

  28. Carson Does it all

    I cringed when he said clap yours hands

  29. William André Alves

    Rogerio Borges de Sacramento MG envolve-se em genocídio de Franca SP

  30. Bittu Dutta


  31. Cris Buu

    No cantaban tan mal quizás si se hubiera preparado más.

  32. Mehmet KISAKOL

    132 milyon izlenmiş . Alt yazılı olsa bizim Türkler keşfetse 1 milyar olur bu kavgayı severiz 😂

  33. Sylvie

    No one: Niall: AAAAAAAAAAA

  34. Aparicio Azeves

    Que belleza

  35. Claudiane Monteiro

    Não entendi nada

  36. Nerina Romero

    Alguien esta aca para llorar?ahre

  37. Freda Jordan

    Wow, woooow, This Lady is just as good as Dusty. A very extraordinary Lady with a great voice.

  38. Feridun Boyar

    A dream come true for that boy.....the same intro like GM and EJ...... i whish i was there on that stage

  39. david webb

    read it ''max payne''.. need to replay that gem.

  40. Christine Dennison

    Great version

  41. ItsMeBeth


  42. Benedict Rodrigues

    Tbh I don't know who she is too

  43. Nurse Terra

    I still don't know who that judge is, so Lisa had a valid question there 🤷 but they were both very annoying. Abby went onto do some very questionable photos for the world to see 🙄

  44. kss pqf

    Note how the lyrics of the background song say *I'm gonna start a fight* right when she proceeds to hit her face

  45. Никита Звонок


  46. Grade


  47. Fabio Saccon

    Gli ha rubato il panino, l'ha scoperta e si é incazzata !

  48. 雑草


  49. 5680 1389

    This is what inbreeding produces.

  50. Khalid Jatta

    A video of when it’s understandable to dislike

  51. Kevin Godding

    So what happened for him after this is he still working in the bakery or did he become a lawyer 🤔

  52. Pandji Nugraha


  53. Anagrace Santos

    ...and thats how it all started.lmfao

  54. Daniel Salazar

    Jajaja Despues salieron y comieron y felices de nuevo

  55. Suho EXO

    They look like an drug addict. 😂

  56. Elle Jae

    That was stunning. Loved it, Matt!!!

  57. Chris Chrisnata

    "My sister is her cousin" Need to go back and forth through higher dimension, perhaps we'll get it.

  58. Ursula Ann

    Cheryl u punched a toilet attendent in the face love...just as chavvy as them girls but a bit of fame makes her think she's special

  59. Nathaniel Seth

    I thot he said like a silverblade

  60. Anood Esa

    وتذا ؟ 😭😭😭😭😭.

  61. BeerChuggingGamer87

    Tone deaf I meant

  62. BeerChuggingGamer87

    When people are gone deaf

  63. Marlise Alengila

    He can sing 🎤 I know how he feel I can’t dance until he did it he was so much confidence now

  64. J.C

    she punches her at 5:01

  65. Lorena Rigüela Aroca

    Que vergüenza de hombre.

  66. Katie Wong

    Do they have NO STAGE PRESENCE?!

  67. Janine Mills

    To see her grow from the audition to the final was a joy. Her voice is amazing.

  68. Ksenia B

    One of my favourite songs combined with the best boy bands ever. Makes me emotionally unstable every single time I watch this.

  69. alaa Waleed

    اكو عرب بالطيارة 😂😂😂😂

  70. Annie C

    @ 2:55 - 2:56 Simon looked like he already knew their performance was going to turn out poorly... right from that very second.

  71. Norma Kalchgruber

    Great Joe!

  72. Norma Kalchgruber

    Much respect and admiration for George Michael and Joe McElderrly.

  73. yaser adarbeh

    ولا فهمت اي إشي من التعليقات😎😆

  74. Microwave PRO

    Why are they trying to male them dance on a singing show?

  75. Michel van de Pol

    Simon cowell: how to make fun of retarded untalented idiots

  76. Nothing Don't Mind me I Said Don't Mind me!

    What did they sing Tho? I Heard shaywong

  77. Atomic flash

    What a loser

  78. XANGEL 77

    Listen hier 🔥👇🏻 sesels.info/video/video/qqV9bonamoeDeKY.html

  79. Lol Lol

    His dancing is pretty good though <3

  80. Arvian Eka

    Bahasa inggris e apik kok

  81. muhamed555

    Why not Lisabby?

  82. Tiahnee Macchio

    eesunt she lovely.

  83. YAAEM9779

    His full name is : Michael believe it or not Lewis


    I love this guy omg!!!!! 😍🥰

  85. biggs

    Hilarious 😂

  86. John Secret Spirit

    She's funny

  87. Nestor Tupak Beteta

    "Zayn, when did you start thinking about the composition of Pillowtalk?" *Zayn links video*

  88. Алина Крюк

    I really miss them🖤

  89. Isabel Morinigo

    The look on Simon's face says it all.

  90. Evies fun Channel

    Omg just stop talking and get on with it they’re embarrassing their selves

  91. Evies fun Channel

    I dunnnnooo

  92. Mar

    This little boy wrote Watermelon Sugar wthell

  93. Mar

    My talented boiiii

  94. Tiakitai Runanga

    Can't take criticism, can't sing and can't throw a punch

  95. nor Damia

    Bo bo you knot singing

  96. ZeX

    Appy = IQ 73 Lisa = IQ 68 Mental retardation is clearly obvious on these two.

  97. PlayerChef

    i dont understand this but nice reference from alabama

  98. This is SPARTA

    She would have looked cute doing a Madonna song