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  1. Hisham Alsadi

    Ethan should have left Harry alone, its in his blood after all....

  2. Apoorv Vashist

    Imagine the water dripping down on Josh was in fact JJ's piss. Mad.

  3. Thunderboy 101

    Harry: sniff sniff Me:harry theres no drugs in the air

  4. Someone 1234

    North Sentinel Island part 2 sidemen hide an seek?

  5. Ector Aguilera

    Cant tell if it’s cold or hot during the video

  6. Rinchinnyam T

    so basically tobi is very lucky and ethan is unlucky

  7. Roman Mazur

    tobi still a legend

  8. Ryan Ali

    4:45 voice crack hehe

  9. That g smalls

    “I was doing a poo” a wise fat etan

  10. XD Bisu

    Yeah , drugs does make people crazy

  11. Devil Hunter

    JJ what a legend he always make me laugh man

  12. James Fraser

    SIDEMEN AIRPLANE HIDE AND SEEK HARRY: seeking JJ, SIMON, VIK, ETHAN AND TOBY: hiding JOSH: Guys I’ve managed to get outside and on top of the plane

  13. AMA

    17:20 the facial reaction fits in so well with what JJ said earlier

  14. anjum X

    35:47 is Harry saying “Astaghfirullah” 😹

  15. Kaylee Yap

    Actually nah I was lying

  16. Kaylee Yap


  17. marr y

    No one: This comment section: *"Is that bird laughing at me ?"*

  18. Luuk Stelder

    Stop doing hide and seeks for gods sake

  19. Chee Xuelian

    I love the hide and seek videos the most

  20. Kai Hezukeo

    7:32 *u know what im thinking whats simon's doing*

  21. itsFaced

    They put the pictures in the order of the people getting caught, so it kinda spoils it

  22. Chestor

    JJ: i am not on drugs Also jj: is that bird laughing at me?

  23. Majin BuuHole

    The sidemen should do hide in seek in a forest

  24. Sean Baltazar

    lmao noone laughed at true geordies roasts

  25. Girish Tamilchelvan

    5:19 harry sniffing for ket

  26. Joshvir Narula

    Can someone tell me the outro song

  27. SHG

    Fort Boyard

  28. c0d6m8

    Ksi’s girlfriend: “he’s probably out with his hoes” Ksi: 35:12

  29. WindyG

    “Absorbing the chemical reaction” -Ethan 2020

  30. longestshot6


  31. Benji

    What are jjs shoes called

  32. Callum Games/vlogs

    Dont know if it was just me but when the camera switch to josh there are two white eyes behind himm

  33. Flews

    vik - ‘i spy with my little eye, something beginning with c’ me: looks at tobi

  34. Juan

    That voice crack 4:46

  35. jus12chat

    The light at the end of the tunnel X the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow = Vik

  36. Harry Hooper

    So it’s kinda scary how I can look out my window and see spitbank fort where they are filming this!!!

  37. kristan gittens

    Baby's is so God dum cute

  38. Angel Al.

    Did harry actually say astagfarallah at 35:43 ??

  39. TBD 101

    Am I the only one who realised the hype man was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey?

  40. KenZo

    u can tell simons diet is trasssh lol

  41. Pointless YB

    20 minutes in and he still hasn’t found anyone 😂😂😂

  42. shantelle brodie

    no way this was all in an hour

  43. Matthew Hulliger

    these hide and seek videos need to continue

  44. William Valentine

    The sidemen glow up in growth and content is mad

  45. jus12chat

    The only reason why the $100 road-trip was so crappy was because Josh had to customize the van

  46. CxylumN -_-

    18:54 JJ sounded exactly like it’s dax

  47. Polygon


  48. Jekabs Zemzale

    harry is ksi but in harrys body in this vid

  49. Roman Mazur

    tobi is hands down. a legend

  50. Dxnny

    22:35 JJ: Hmmmm maybe not Bird: Hahahahhaah JJ: Yo is this bird laughing at me Bird: Nooo

  51. Daniel Cremin

    Watching this exactly 1 year after this was made Jan 27 2020

  52. Daniel B

    Would have been funny if vik got up onto the toilet after Tobi

  53. Armaan Panday

    It's all fun and games until the bald nonce does it in an unfriendly way...

  54. Filip Grip

    Why do ksi have green teeth at 41:05

  55. Armaan Panday

    It's all fun and games until the bald nonce does it in an unfriendly way...

  56. Unge KunstKlokke

    FYRE festival flashback

  57. Josh Torrance

    Vikkstar is a bawbag

  58. Harry Floyd

    Is that in Portsmouth

  59. Alex Johnson

    RIP Black Mamba 😔🙏

  60. Nicholas Narayanan

    creepy josh

  61. Sherry Muhammad

    Whenever water is involved - Tobi: "I can't swim bois"/"not going there"


    Sidemen: Play hide and seek JJ: Well this seems like the ideal time to relax in a hot tub on the top floor.

  63. Omar Mohammed

    8:12 * me tryna make cereal at 3 am*

  64. Ikonik Kidd

    To Ethan (never act in a scary movie with those squeaky shoes they are complete bait)

  65. Blueflamez BMF

    *Hears alarm* Vik: ZE GERMANS ARE COMING!

  66. MAx Koning


  67. Alexandra Bunyi 7

    JJ: Let's not do a Michael Jackson and hang it over the edge LMAO

  68. Daan Radi


  69. Elektrik-YT

    Why does Tobi look like your drunk black uncle because of the way he wears the hat

  70. Fardin Fazil

    19:30 Well what a perfect time to pause

  71. Boomboy h

    13:08 Yo no kidding josh looks like something out of the conjuring movies..... Or worse

  72. Jason Singgih

    Do a patient test with the sidemen

  73. vikk is soo fat he didint fit a box like he did last year

  74. R50 TYY

    26:40 saw a shadow run past

  75. Grass

    rip kobe

    1. kaan

      what has that got to do with the sidemen

  76. Faris Ardakani

    19:40 Harry: JESUS, JEESUUS

  77. Nova-Maniac

    14:25 makes me come back and watch again

  78. Snoopyavn

    10:14 😂

  79. Fate Python

    can we get a rip for eathan

  80. Faris Ardakani

    16:32 Harry’s scream is iconic

  81. Marty Nguyen

    wait till they’ll watch this video 😂😂😂

  82. KeatenDaPioneer !

    5:54 Harry was looking for Anne Frank

  83. Eldar :D

    This is their best video yet

  84. ItsMarley

    1:30 did anyone else see Simon as Joe Weller for some unknown reason

  85. Cholele vlogs

    8:00 W2S in balls HAHAHAHAHA

  86. do a hide and seek in ibiza but do take harry cause he will be the first found

  87. Harvey Miller

    vik: the germans are coming also vik: proceeds to say it in a german accent

  88. • DYSTREX •17

    Best channel in the world by farrrr🌍❤️👌👑

  89. Amiel Faker

    Ethan: they're tastier when they're younger... FBI OPEN UP

  90. Danish Flawless Gamers

    29:54 Ethan has baby Yoda wallpaper. Love it :D

  91. Alice Smart

    RIP Kobe ❤️

  92. A Fanboy

    Does this channel ever pin comments

  93. tom rye

    this is banter

  94. Niamh Costello

    Where is this

  95. XenixSX

    JJ just vibin

  96. Sam Short

    i love that its by the isle of wight, but doubt the jj knows that

  97. luka Zero


  98. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Who else thought that Harry fell in the water cause he said “ahh” and then ksi stats splashing water 19:16

    1. Tómas Emil Hallgrímsson

      Go away bot

  99. 3DB

    The boys big private island and heli

  100. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    JJ: Im not on drugs i swear Also JJ: Yooo water bed ahahaha yo it’s so watery