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    I’m watching after the ravens clinch playoff spot and clinch division

  2. Drake101Pl ays

    Where is cam

  3. cuco jr

    I say bears

  4. K1d

    Man I hate the Cowboys

  5. Oscar Patiño

    Brown is underrated he could easily be a starter

  6. El güero

    lol Titans to make it to the Superbowl? Why because they won 4 straight? The last 3 games were against teams with records of 6-7 6-7 4-9. Haha wow so impressive, they would get smoked by Baltimore. Not even close.

  7. Oliver Bennett

    broncos was the best

  8. Billy BOB

    Still suck and he’s not playing anymore.

  9. Ty 187n

    I’m a chiefs fan and even I think that there were a few missed/bad calls but damn does it feel good to beat these cheaters

  10. Landen Weaver

    Why would jets fans even come to This game

  11. melvin moten

    Ingram needs to put together a reel for the networks.

  12. Eric Wing

    Rams win if they give it to Gurley 20+ times

  13. Schwartz User

    I love that followup work from Alexander J. too. After ball is loose and notices it, he immediately pulls that Texan away from the ball so he has no chance of recovering. Dude is a defensive baller!

  14. Wynner3

    So happy to hear Miles Boykin's name mentioned. Enjoyed watching him play for Notre Dame. This guy is hilarious.

  15. The Funnybones

    You know your team is bad when a 6 yard gain is one of your highlights.

  16. Finest_ IN_USA

    Bears 14 Packers 0

  17. Fredi Martinez

    Still think Lamar is a better running back that’s what I think don’t have to agree

  18. Celebrity Channel

    He wasn’t that slow his rookie season but man now he’s slower then a 10000 pound lineman

  19. Aiden Gray

    Bills win 28-7

  20. Kody Martin

    The 49ers fourth touchdown wasn't shown.

  21. Decent Panther

    The refs were crap

  22. GeorgiaBulldawg Killa

    Vick is the man. :)

  23. Nereyda Infante Pacheco

    Bring back Michael Jackson his was the best performance of all time that’s a fact

  24. UnLuck3y no more

    This is my favorite super bowl commercial

  25. Lane Hunter

    Seahawks 27 Panthers 10

  26. Jeremy Thompson

    Didn't the LA Rams have a black player too named Kenny Washington or am I mistaken?

  27. John Moos

    Has a Hawkeye its " NO BIG RED" as a Bear its "NO PACK NO" GO HAWKS GO BEARS.

  28. #TeamJuJu


  29. #TeamJuJu

    Without any head butting in the locker room I’m proud of the Steelers after that terrible 1-4 start

  30. John Moos

    Is Greenbay gonna beat the bears. "No Pack No"

  31. Katara Sásii

    The Bagles don't stand a chance! lol

  32. Moe Moe

    Bengals going to win their dignity back for the season if they pull. a W

  33. Robby Taylor

    I get that they are good and lamar is a beast but they have only played what 2 good teams

  34. Jesse Williams

    Buccaneers-33 Lions-17

  35. Regifloat

    Eagles play of the week should’ve been Boston Scott’s fakeout

  36. Lowriders 1218

    Raiders win 38-7

  37. Sleez Boy

    One of the worst decisions for a Superbowl Halftime Show

  38. Babila Dinga

    Imagine Steve Smith was still on the ravens. That wild ass locker room would be even more fun 😂😂

  39. Yamila marcos

    why there´s no people in the stadium? ?

  40. UnLuck3y no more

    That game was gay

  41. Ali Nourmohamadi

    This is boring af ! Please change it to katy perry, lady gaga , Beyoncé Bruno mars !

  42. Thiago Lima

    Alô Rock in Rio. Um dia com esses monstros seria top demais! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  43. Devon Reaws

    the way the chiefs are playing the game....are starting to look like a ledgendary team..

  44. El güero

    All 15 could have been from SF vs NO. Sanders throwing the TD should be in there

  45. chava Martinez

    It's human nature. If you really love doing something and they ask you to train someone to take your spot , incase you're not there, you kind of put up a wall and defend your position. It's nothing personal it's that you really love doing that job.

  46. Jegito MMA

    I'm a Pat's fan but Lamar Jackson is just so fun to watch.

  47. B Gnow

    Bills gonna win in a tight game

  48. Jaccobtw

    Chargers haven’t lost a game by more than seven points this year

  49. Garrett Henderson

    I don’t think your score predictors know what they are doing

  50. BackToBasic21

    Yeah put him on the cover!!!!!!

  51. Iconic Hoe

    Katy is, without any doubt, a pop icon.

  52. Jack Mosca

    whos hear to watch the game?

  53. Clifton Rainey

    Anyone else just going back now we're 11 and 2 to see where we've come from?

  54. Joseph King

    Really Cheatriots fans moaning about refs really makes me laugh, plus Chiefs had double penalties and yardage called against them than Pats, anyway NE have themselves to blame 8 attempts to punch it in from the Red Zone, giving up 3rd & long yardage multiple times. I should know better than righting Belichick off (he plays chess while other coaches r playing Checkers) (but his D cant save NE's offense) Anyway probably for the best, do Pats really want 2 c Old man Brady get hurt bcoz that Ravens D at home is vicious Ravens vs Chiefs AFC Conference Finals, Seahawks/49ers vs Saints/Packers/Rams in the NFC Conerfernce finals! Im predicting an all bird SB, with surprisingly a shock result, Seahawks beating the Ravens to the title, even tho the Rams done a job on them last week, u just never know which Rams r gonna turn up week in week out! Kind Regards Snowplough bitter still Phins fan (dam Dolphins Giants & the big one against the Bengals lose them both might get no.1 draft pick, don't screw it up like u did against the Eagles, we need another Marino to rebuild)

  55. GoingBackToThe1980s

    Great day for John Elway, a guy who took a pay-cut to bring in some more players under the salary cap that year. @2:31:41 says it all, the look on his face as he holds that trophy.

  56. Sloppy Jalopys

    Patriots are mad cause the ref was standing in front of the chiefs coach and couldn't see the play call

  57. John c

    I was hoping up to the very end that the final clip would star Goff

  58. Tyler

    Why do you hate the eagles so much

  59. Aaron Cox

    Im only here to see if george kittle made the #1 spot

  60. DUBBZZ _223

    In a die hard 9ers fan but I cant say I wouldnt be a cardinals fan if I had to go for a different team

  61. Jason Mitchell

    It's entirely possible the bum ass bears beat the Packers but I highly doubt it. All this hype about "3 game winning streak" who'd they beat? The giants, the Lions, and the cowboys... c'mon, the Giants are trash, the Lions are worse, and the cowboys are disintegrating from within. Trubisky is gonna get shook in this one.

  62. Iconic Hoe

    Such a powerful performance

  63. herb wade


  64. Andy David

    13:22 I don't know why I find Kevin Burkhardt's call of this play so funny

  65. Orlando Garza

    Two awesome teams,one awesome game.They both played like super bowl contenders.Best of luck to both teams they deserve it.

  66. Jayden Anderson

    Wouldn't it just be kick returns

  67. king chief123

    Browns been cooking them with obj and landry this season

  68. Spencer Martin

    this is exactly the evolution of the NFL. The voices and the fact you can see their faces AND hair(s)

  69. AlmightyyPack 1


  70. Nesrill Holley

    Just watched Bruno mars 2014 super bowl concert better than

  71. Josh Ryan

    Lmao... The ravens arenumber 1in the league... This guy sucks

  72. The Bmore Ravens

    Too funny..nice work!!!!

  73. Jackie Tan

    Rams year round baby !!!!!!

  74. Sergio Perdomo

    6:1o RIP

  75. Beaver16

    4:13 "90 YARD TOCHDOOOOWWWN!!!"

  76. Julian The goat

    Where the bears at? Bears got like 10 good catches

  77. SaintsGoated 32

    Ravens VS Bengals 24-23 Ravens

  78. Gods Nature

    Titans fan here💯 how many Super Bowls can Lamar lead ravens teams can get in 5 years? Keep in mind this his 2nd year🤔 This new era NFL looks dam good. They keep drafting around Lamar and mark Andrews. Add a big time safety 💯

  79. Xx NASH xX

    Great work from the o line too tho

  80. Steve Abitante

    Patriots Win Blindfolded Here 34-7

  81. Devon Thurston

    All time defense, but a lot of interception returns ended up giving the offense a terrible starting field position.

  82. Benjamin Ferrara

    The 49ers are totally 3-13

  83. Xavier Master HoBby kid


  84. Jerry Adamczyk

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  85. Disan Martins

    Que música legal!

  86. Benjamin Ferrara

    I like how he gives the Pats a L in Miami when we destroyed them😂

  87. Fortnite Goat

    Anyone liking the under ?

  88. Tim Whiting

    More than half of bakers interceptions were missed by our receivers.

  89. radnukespeoplesminds

    they could have atleast dressed up the musicians like the spongebob uniforms maybe add an aquatic touch

  90. Rowland Buck

    1:15:40 Face guarding shouldn’t be PI. The receiver isn’t even touched. Stupid.

  91. Steve Abitante


  92. Kevin Hernandez Jimenez

    Cynthia is the type of person to say: “I have Ravens beating the Bengals 21-20, I know it’s a close game but, I feel like the bengals can stop Lamar Jackson.” 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. The Gamer Topping

      I have the Bengals upsetting the Patriots 23-20. I'm probably the only person, but I'm taking a shot in the dark

  93. Nick Badry

    Every analyst needs to pick Dallas to lose every game. Ugh Dallas can lose this game and win next Sunday and the following week and win division

  94. FaZedubs15 Rug


  95. Benjamin Ferrara

    Wow so far he got the Bengals right

  96. Nick Badry

    Rams are running the ball and winning take note Dallas run the damm ball!

  97. Independent Serious Tay J

    *people are seriously STILL downplaying this*

  98. Jeff Horne

    These two are sooo likable! Thank God Ozzie drafted him 🙏🏻!! Mark Ingram is the motor for this rolling machine !! GO RAVENS🖤💜🖤💜

  99. YunG DRACO

    I never knew the Philly special was actually the Chicago special 🤯