Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.
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  1. Random Wire

    Oh god

  2. Julius Kysar

    Biased rubbish. You can do better, Tom

  3. James L

    RIP earphone users.

  4. Nick Cunningham

    I'm watching this right after finding out that Warner Bros copyrighted MeatCanyon's Wabbit Season. Btw, it's now officially canon that Bugs Bunny is a rapist

  5. Kotri Lv.199

    they can, but they have too much real life to have spare time learning them

  6. calvingreene90

    The worst part is that the massive government spending hurt the economy rather than helped but at least in this case the resulting infrastructure is worth the cost.

  7. Sophia Walsh Long

    God being "tu" actually carries into English. You know how in the Our Father we refer to god with "thou"? Well, "thou" isn't just the old-timey "you"-- it was the _informal_ you in previous versions of English, cognate to "tu". It disappeared (from most dialects) when the posh started addressing everyone formally, and everyone else copied them; but it stayed in prayers.

  8. Talios Hammerfist

    The best secrets are displayed in the open.

  9. error sans

    Algum br assistiu essa poha

  10. RedJay Pictures

    What happened to this classic youtube stuff? I miss it

  11. Qrafter 7113

    I can't hear the high pitched noise

  12. Squishy tacos

    Uber eats has been taken to a new level

  13. fade king

    Yummy space bread

  14. Jack O'Donnell

    Holy quality, thank you for your continuous work

  15. DreamCanvas

    It's a good thing that, insofar as we understand neuroscience, trivial editing of memories, personality traits etc. is likely impossible. The brain doesn't really have neat data storage; rather the brain shapes itself in response to various stimuli. And anyways "copyrighted works in memory" aren't in a stable, concrete form. Though, in all honesty, I don't doubt that unscrupulous copyright holders would *attempt* to charge us for remembering certain works; if they could.

  16. crisp1e

    I found the Odd Mac loading wheel O in AsbestOs odd. I see it as the town trying to compromise or some with terms with their history. I honestly don't think it is a good look, yes they did't know about the bad they were doing at the time but it does not change how it has effected people today. Changing the name would be great healing for the town after all the damage that was done, you can be proud of the hard work of your ancestors but also not be proud of the circumstances.

  17. Mysterious Man

    one of the way to cook break

  18. itowickedcrack 16

    3:37 me when i get my lunch out and everybody wants my lunch

  19. David Bitran

    I use python to bodge 😁


    They probably consumed a very unhealthy amount of radiation

  21. Ryownium

    Make space ice cream like the episode in Phineas and ferb

  22. Guyさん


  23. nasseib musbah

    So who searched for this?

  24. Magnesioferrite yeet

    After the video ended an ad played trying to fear monger saying how criminals are stealing your info and it was just the funniest thing to me

  25. Zapcross World

    Beep boop beep bop

  26. LJ

    The schools in my area thankfully bring in fresh air and have fresh air makeup units that constantly bring new air inside.

  27. Human Personson

    Travels oversea to take a 3 minute teapot video

  28. DragonofEpics

    What’s the purpose of advertising to simulated people? What can they buy in Life other subscriptions to Life?

  29. Hemkesh S

    Is anybody else getting this video in 2020?

  30. Ephemeral Q.

    that thumbnail tho xD

  31. DeeJay LJ

    1:34 They were polite of course, they're Canadian Stereotypes am I right?

  32. Ian Hardiansyah

    [Tokyo Giant Underground Tunnel] - Standing by Me: Henshin - Complete

  33. Pika Plays

    Imagine how far this thing could’ve travelled in just minutes

  34. That Guy

    then whats a creek?

  35. Things N' More

    You madman¡¡¡¡¡¡

  36. ItzyaboiCarter

    Thank you Tom, very cool

  37. Xane Cosmo

    It's 2020 now,

  38. alexxxth

    Here in Peru Coca Cola sell bottled water ("San Luis" brand) but it's just treated water. Nevertheless, it's always the most expensive option, even among genuine mineral water bottled in the Andes (e.g. "San Mateo" brand, which is owned by Backus). Backus isn't perfect - they essentially have a monopoly on beer here - but its products do tend to be fairly priced. Every brand Coca Cola comes up with or buys just goes straight to the 'lowest possible production cost & highest possible retail cost' model, leading to dodgy products that are expensive, an image that hurts them in the long run.

  39. Jacob Wh Khu

    Copyright infringement is more serious than war crimes nowadays

  40. throwback19841

    As an IT professional, I have to point out, that unless you are using NTP, your time is inaccurate, no matter where you are. And even then. Only atoms tell good time.

  41. Snow Man

    What about musicians who have been getting their music copyright-claimed even though they composed and performed the pieces themselves? I'd say as long as that is allowed/happening, the copyright system on youtube is indeed broken, Tom

  42. Himiko toga

    Cool let me try it on myself

  43. Temple guard

    Final space season 3

  44. Barnaby Pine

    I think i just did them

  45. n3wbskillz activate

    I don't use apple by choice.

  46. Someone who is not an asshole PERIOD.

    But why though?

  47. Mysterious Robloxes and more

    How to make a food for Gordon Ramsey:

  48. Alex Gibeau

    tom scott burns hoodie people clap

  49. midivilplanet

    *Bloopers follow this sponsored advertising* Alright you got me

  50. LockSteady

    True Story: I took mushrooms, and went from 10 years of struggling with german (deutsch) to dreaming about it and thinking in it, like as if it was my mother tongue. I'm now fully fluent after a decade of fruitless struggling.

  51. Cody Greenland


  52. Viztep

    Reminds me of something they did in the GDR. Some regular citizens would volunteer to investigate suspicious people by becoming their friends and getting to know them, and they would report to the government.

  53. Eric VandenAvond

    When I saw the virtual boy, I felt that.

  54. steelydev

    Look at a satellite image of Taranaki. Looks kinda like part of the Mandelbrot set. Right?

  55. Royal2181

    When I saw the captions say “Colour” I was proud. 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

    1. Royal2181

      And much more. 🇨🇰🇫🇰🇳🇿🇲🇸🇹🇨🇹🇻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  56. Sim Jans

    So the rods from god were proposed to be made of tungsten because it's super dense. And it wouldn't be as simple as just dropping it because it's circling the Earth at orbital velocity. You have to slow it down substantially for it to fall back to the ground. That's a lot of deltaV (aka propellant) because it's really massive.

    1. Sim Jans

      Also the Rods from God don't technically classify as a weapon of mass destruction, therefore technically not banned by the outer space treaty. However, it goes against the general spirit of the treaty.

  57. The real Sansybo

    Id like to make the argument that this is in fact, a normal video

  58. Cody Greenland


  59. FunkyPixie

    i went here last year.... i loved it

  60. Snow Man

    part of me wants to see this copyright striked to prove tom that youtube's system is actually broken

  61. Casual_Ice_Consumer

    2:45 Dead people want to vote? Imagine Slave-owners from the 19th century still voting in our modern elections.

  62. H3xad3cimal Dev

    3:25 :( Your Tom Scott ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you. 20% complete Stop Code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED

  63. A is for America

    I want to see what a bullet would do in that environment

  64. Casual_Ice_Consumer

    1:42 "They'd drop in a product placement or two" "Your After account will never send promoted or paid-for messages" So, which one is it?

  65. TheDoctor50

    Idea: At the device's setup, give users the immediate choice between a locked down app-by-app system, or a more "advanced" shared-file system. Pair this with increased technological education (safe habits, teaching people what not to do, etc.), and a balance between security for most and features for those that need them could be struck. When the most common exploits today rely on the lack of a user's knowledge, increasing their knowledge is one of the most effective things you could do.

  66. Dash

    Wtf I couldn’t watch this without sitting next to my open window

  67. Richard Gray

    Great. Comprehensive. Understandable. WOW!

  68. Dogan2

    Never have video codecs sounded so ominous

  69. Red Gamer

    Coming back to watch this ten years later... 2020 gang

  70. Pilexstream

    Yummy radiation

  71. Joseph Bennett

    If you think that underground trash fire is impressive then you'll really be impressed with the coal mine fire that has been burning since 1962 here in Pennsylvania in the town of Centralia. to this day it still burns and there's no way to extinguish it.

  72. imeuropa

    for actual security the best vpn is tor

  73. JETHO321

    This is the oldest looking younger guy I've ever seen. Or youngest older person???

  74. Owen Kozinski

    Dear god this painter guy is obnoxious

  75. 0MindSwept0


  76. roleat

    How about clean the water?

  77. Cody Greenland

    If you hear someone make a glottal lateral, perform the Heimlich Maneuver.

  78. MyriadIsSynonymousWithNumerous


  79. Dragon's Red

    Many similar places I went to at the Grand Canyon here in AZ with my kids. I let them lay down and look over the edge, walking down trails into the canyon only 4 to 6 feet wide with sheer drops of hundreds of feet at places. Looking back, it terrifies me to think about them being there but at the time it was indeed very much "living". I was also proud of how casual but careful they were.

  80. imark7777777

    So only 10 more years to go in 2020.........

  81. Fancypants McVomitshirt

    I think 50 years is a bit harsh. Some artists are only "discovered" long after they publish. I think 70 is fair, from the date of publication or creation. Extending copyright long after the artists death is stupid though.

  82. Justin Rhamanohar Broward County

    gets CORONAVIRUS 😂 im sorry i had to 😂

  83. Richard Armstrong

    Why not just use highway traffic

  84. Dziordan1

    so this is where they shot Moria scens in LOTR

  85. Jim Taylor

    As a Brit' and lover of Tea; this's strangely satisfying news :-) .

  86. Shevik Anderson

    Mr. Scott, you have continued the work that Alfred himself ordered.

  87. Itz Cozza

    Been a fan of your content for a while now, only to realise at 2:47 that this was in my home town and I didn’t even realise... my mind is blown.

  88. Andrew Curtin

    *is just watching his cheeks in the wind*

  89. iota-09

    Update from 2020: youtube is showing signs of slowly dying off of bad decisions even with an improvement to the algorithm. Perhaps in the future we're going to get google isn't even a thing anymore, although SEsels isn't google, but just a very tiny part of it

  90. Joseph Leatherbarrow

    This is so wholesome.

  91. 탱탱이

    알고리즘 지린다

  92. Zachary Reed

    If I get my government stimulus check, I'm going to buy freeze dried urine.

  93. biggles258

    Nice one! Subscribed 👍

  94. General Grevious

    You have a galaxy brain.

  95. Michal Walks

    Every word in your monologue has been used, one time or another, as lyrics in a song. How would you feel if you got a copyright strike and your account deleted with years of work gone because of this? Well, the same is going on with false claims. I have to tune out as this is an advertisement.

  96. Sloth7 Sloth8

    Why and how would it be like this in the future

  97. zachos 2000

    "there is an enormous distance between what the law says and what the world is doing", this is a seriously good quote, might be completely obvious to some but it's so very true, definitely one of my top 10 or top 15 favorite quotes I think... Hmm actually are quotes also copyrighted?? Can I quote people freely?

  98. bill19282

    i think it should be upon death instead of 50 years !!

  99. Hyper Diper

    Everyone is talking about space and that piece of garlic bread...no one noticed the forehead 😂

  100. Dank Citrus

    more like: how to get hung in 2 minutes laughs in american