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  1. digigarb

    Was there! Starting to feel old! lol

  2. Jojocall

    well that was shit

  3. A Clever Name

    When Vettel won the italian grand prix in the only other italian team

  4. trend trend

    Despicable cheater

  5. Alief Fauzan thecat

    Question, Why is this on my recommendation? It's 2020 and i'm in my house doing nothing

  6. Love_ Angel0483

    The road is so confusing.

  7. Ramfis Vega

    The best unbelievable driver 🙏🏻💕

  8. Train Travel Channel

    Thumbs up to the middle finger, [email protected]!

  9. miguel ponce

    Max senna amazing

  10. Nick Talbot

    Why are the announcers sitting so close together given the whole reason for this virtual race?

  11. Jorge

    Repeated movie: Prost in 5, 6th... and wins at the end.

  12. Nixer Doyle

    That was an excellent result for a guy in an 'inferior' car who flat spotted on Lap One.

  13. Nixer Doyle

    X: This type of SEsels comment is trite. Y: Yup.

  14. Vishnu dahatonde

    Appreciate this. Sure its not the same as watching a live race but it does help quenching the thirst.

  15. Superjonno03

    Who are the commentators?

  16. cupidstunt22

    Crash Willhappen barging people out the way then blaming them!

  17. Jack Danger

    4:20 “…and claim a very, very well-deserved victory…” Well, that hasn’t aged poorly at all.

  18. dweezler

    Montreal Screw Job is one of my Favorite Seb Radio moments. "No, no, no. Not like this. No, no, no."

  19. Mona Sayyad Gafoor

    Can we please have the 2011 Indian Grand Prix next pleassssseeeeeee

  20. Zac Youngson

    They couldnt find more hype music to go with it?

  21. Bruna Delicinha

    I was so little when my dad took me to the Brazilian GP in "93" to see fellow countryman Aryton Senna race. I remember crying😭 for hours when my dad told me he died while racing in Italy. Descanse em paz Aryton.💋😢 Racing is racing whether you're racing in the lead and lapping cars or racing to try and get your lap back. Mwah!💋

  22. Herman Esau

    "Ferrari's back, Ferrari's back!".......... 😬

  23. Harish Rajagopalan

    Hi, What is the name of the song that is playing in the background?

  24. eudofia

    Mein Gott muss das sein? Where is Brazil 2019?

  25. Jeff Mattel

    Way better than Bottas. He is basically another Charles Leclerc.

  26. Emmet Norrell

    Kid- do u like pineapple on pizza Daniel- I’ll eAt it

  27. Brunno Doria

    Viva Senna!

  28. Singgih Bp


  29. Finn Griggs

    With the Coronavirus can we get this as a race replay or any 2009 race

  30. Gaucho

    Nelson Piquet should have won the race and the 86 title

  31. VBHB


  32. Philippe Michel Vidori

    1. Philippe Michel Vidori

      no one beats Villeneuve in 1981 with a Panzer Tank as the 126ck was !

  33. Minh Võ Đình

    B L U E F L A G !


    I smell vtec

  35. rullyanto wibisono

    When F1 actually fast. And drivers actually racing, no computer assisted. Good old days.

  36. Alejandro Cañas

    Lance: He just came back on the circuit like an idiot!! Radio: What happened Lance? Lance: Let me show you...

  37. David Price

    3:22 Auto-tune

  38. US 20 Riders

    Great race! Such bad luck for Mansell!


    So funny in all of these you can tell Kimi is just like wtf are we doing here

  40. Diegoo Tort

    1:36 Red flags everywhere and he still at full speed, is this your idol? Xdxdxdxd

  41. Ashton Chan

    1:32:48 😂 😂

  42. Brent0285

    wait hold up why isnt this on tv? i could literally sit with a beer and watch this all day 5/5 way better than league of shit fortnite anything

  43. D R

    Looks very martured the way he handles the press unlike how Max did! Best of luck Mick!!

  44. Shinigami

    1:32 .. Number 7 should be Number 1. That scene has played out countless times, driver crashes, seconds pass, cars weave through the wreckage and move on, and by the time the medical team can get there.. it's far too late. But then there are those times when there is a real driver that happened to be on the track that day, at that second, just behind the car that wrecked.. that is willing to throw away lap times, any chance at winning the race, and possibly even their own life to save a fellow driver's life. Even though it was just a practice run.. Senna would have done that regardless.

  45. Ethan Han

    Martin at Tyrrell Ford is reminding me about the lost Stefan Bellof

  46. Nilanjan Ghosh

    Someone remember 2001 Brazilian gp,

  47. Toko Kelontong

    1:32:32 thank me later 😉

  48. Guille Gomez

    Formula 1 needs the great Vettel

  49. Sabertooth1908


  50. Arry Koo

    Stroll doesn't drive because he has private driver

  51. Keep Me Waiting

    More HD classic races pleeeeaaaassseee!!!!

  52. Mike 0891

    108 assholes

  53. ozyman writer

    The graphic for leader-board at 33:50 showing a top five who combined would win 12 drivers championships! A race of champions indeed.

  54. Johannes nathanael

    That real?

  55. Nexu Jin

    It's rather canny how much Jos Verstappen looks like a doppelganger for Max in the footages use @3:38

  56. Sprxt Gaming

    Yes. History will be made with only half of a season or less

  57. Iceman

    Wickens/Da Costa should’ve been racing in F1

  58. Nixer Doyle

    This is the perfect race to undo some of the Senna revisionism that has occurred in the last decade. Alain Prost thoroughly deserves to be put back in his rightful place as one of the all-time greats.

  59. Matthias Borremans

    Ferrari approves this strategy

  60. Andrew Harrison

    rejoice for ground effects

  61. Kelvin thomas

    Christian honor trying to consolidate. Albon: aaaaahhhgggghhrrrrrr

  62. Isaac Stephen

    Toro Rosso may not have a airplane but they do have a torpedo

  63. Vito Antonio Young Dutari

    Red Bull seb > ferrari seb

  64. Igoflex

    Du bist WELTMEISTER! 3:55

  65. 山中りり

    i want a loop of Seb's beef with the FIA when he placed the FIRST! sign infront of his machine from Hammy's bravery,courage at its finest❣️

  66. TineFangaming

    COME ON SEB IT'S MONACO Honestly what are you saying? Monaco or Baku 1:07

  67. TineFangaming

    honestly we are not the champion as ferrari?

  68. MrYoumitube

    17:00 Watching manual gear change on an F1 car is what men are made of.

  69. Syphon Toastie

    “Why is Leclerc faster than me as a rookie and why did he score more points over season 2019? I request inspection of his vehicle” “Seb both cars are identical” “This is not possible” “Seb he is a better driver than you and you are a has been. Suck it up you pussy”

  70. Sam Klein

    GO, SENNA!! GO!!

  71. Salici Purser

    Alexander don’t say sorry I’m just glad he’s ok

  72. Raphael Drou

    perfect lap but i still prefer montoya in 2004

  73. Elijah Ward

    Neither of the azerbaijan qualifying crashes?

  74. The Gamer till the end

    Nobody: Literraly nobody: Kimi: I was pointing up to the planes

  75. Yong

    Season 2020: A seasonless season

  76. Plinio - Michigan

    #1, cheating in 94 and helping in Ayrton Senna’s death, something that was charged on himself later...