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  1. MrArgonautico

    Norris se ríe del comentario de Checo, sólo que... Le ganó la posición y quedó en el top 10, Norris quedó 11, por ese rebase. Esa risa es de ardido!!!

  2. Giovanni Petitti

    Davide Tonzilla. Grazie 👏👏👏👏

  3. Veloce Supreme

    I'm next champions

  4. ezay

    Don't get me wrong, the racing is awesome, but the commentators make me wanna cringe. Also the fact they're still racing at 25% race distance is ridiculous. Has potential, but this is getting screwed very had.

  5. Renaud Van Eeckhout

    2:53 Oh, a Jolyon Palmer teaser for today <3

  6. Veloce Supreme

    I'm next championship F1Esport

  7. Luis Bot

    Valsecchi che parla inglese è il top😂

  8. Klonpilot Hawk

    This game is so unrealistic...Ferrari didn’t manage to beat themselves

  9. Alex Teodor

    Tonizza won Ferraris first title in over 10 years

  10. Geert Matthys

    I want that Italian guy to commentate 2020 F1 videogame 😆

  11. Priyansh Vyas

    Okay. Should've broadcasted this on tv instead of that boring F1 sunday race.

  12. Apratim Kumar

    Grazie ragazzie to Tonizza🎉🎉

  13. J MB

    fortunately we have Tonizza! but the question is: what the fuck is Laurito doing there? recommended with no points

  14. Jack 27

    Tonzilla you are the man

  15. Taleef Tamsal

    At least Ferrari's winning a championship again.

  16. Maximilian Nguyen

    Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz Britain 2017

  17. oliver mason

    Who loved Abu Dhabi

  18. HF1C Barni

    At least Ferrari won in eSports

  19. European 1994

    rasmmusen has a better race pace

  20. Abdul Rahman

    Nobody: That one commentator: woooooaoohh

    1. Ivan Aguirre Eade

      “That one commentator” is the 2012 GP2 champion.

    2. MRTracing

      Yeah, Valsecchi does that.

    3. ACuteBoi

      If you're wondering he's Davide Valsecchi, 2012 Gp2 champion if I remember correctly

    4. BananaTrolzz

      Davide valsecci

  21. Pewdiepie’s Merch

    I enyojed every moment in F1 series

  22. SamGamerOfficial

    *Tonzilla* from rookie to champ! Amazing!

  23. BoogProphet

    What game do the esports even happen on?

    1. Rasmus H Andreasen

      Mario Kart

    2. SamGamerOfficial

      F1 2010 obviously

    3. BFB-DanceySteve

      Knack 2

    4. Hippo Hippo

      Forza Motorsport 7

    5. Actual toaster

      Mario kart wii

  24. Freak 3579

    Laurito got carryed sooooo hard holy shit😂 Team Championship btw

  25. Giacomi 08

    1:40 Bereznay has got nice singing skills

    1. Striteczky Attila Gameplay

      @#JMHU ez tényleg igaz.

    2. #JMHU

      @Gellert Buzogany Ne! Csak az X-faktort ne! Pláne nem egy eSport versenyzőnél!

    3. Gellert Buzogany

      He participated in X Factor in Hungary a few years ago.

  26. sBinalla

    Love it

  27. Léa


  28. Henning

    Senna 2019 🌟

  29. 5K subs before Christmas

    Who else loves *FORMULA 1* 👇 Im trying to hit 4K, any help is appreciated

    1. oliver mason


  30. XentriX 11


  31. Julien Dechanet

    Congrats TC for asking the Great Train Robbery question. I was waiting for that one and you delivered

  32. Matthias Cerebri

    What a miracle: Ferrari comes into E- sports that year and they win the title

  33. Alex International-Boy

    1Mth view

  34. Francesco Cecilia


  35. Nanananan

    The one we’ve been waiting for!

  36. Pavel Belyakov

    Сенна лучший . Таких как он больше не будет.

  37. Prathamesh Chitre

    Michael: *sits and enjoys chaos* 3:11

  38. Peti csatorna

    Damn, Kvyat looks so young

  39. lellino salotto

    Grande tonzillaaa❤️❤️❤️

  40. Yurishiryu

    The Last race was disapointed

  41. Fabio Contier

    Codemaster F1 is expensive, it is full of errors and the company does not fix anything, enters the forum and nobody serves you. bad company. To get the rights to Formula 1, it would have to be a big company, not a mobile gaming company. F1 2019 I regret buying it.

  42. hayden parry

    Brendon are you OK are you OK are you oke brendon

  43. Corrado Falco

    Such a strong and brave bunch of pilots: I'd never drive with 20 pair of shoes around me. I thought chemical weapon were forbidden in F1!

  44. SlimeKing SKG19

    matt is reporting weather forecast? LOL

  45. Ivan Mitev

    is that hamilton final run q2 purple middle sector 27.016 ?

  46. Christian

    longer distances and more accidents pls!

  47. Dreamy

    Pierre Gasly looked kinda cool here

  48. chandan satheesh

    Just showed that the top companies have better cars

  49. Jacob Fachrians Teuku

    yeah yeah yeah, try best mode with renault or toro roso,

  50. Daniel Matthiesen

    Bottas' car sounds hectic, aggressive.

  51. chocombo gaming

    I hope we see f1 drivers compete in this once a year for a day 😂

  52. joe coquerre

    SAINZ P4/KIIMI P5........!!!!////SAINZ should replace VETTEL AT FERRARI....QUICK....!!!!

  53. Dreamy

    Ocon and Magnussen need to watch this video.

  54. crime face law

    I'm a Mercedes (Lewis fan) but lec deserve this win, great race!

  55. King for Games

    Williams 👎👎

  56. Thesharpshard Aviator

    2:02 Leclerc crashes and then hamillton crashes and show him how its done

  57. Spam Me

    Ralf always comes across as bit grumpy. But you gotta say he's a straight-talker. Very honest, most of the time, and without the posturing of some other ex-drivers.

  58. joe coquerre


  59. Dynamite Corvette

    Is it me or there are a lot of red bull crashes?

  60. TheEmeraldChickn

    2:13 jesus he removes that tyre with his bare hand

  61. Diego Willyanz

    Senna the best

  62. henri wolbrink

    When will you add the ORANGE stands? Keeps getting more and more realistic.

  63. adonieva

    Every overtake is not at turns the job is did for the car not the driver

  64. widz1611

    Put Bottas in weak team like Williams, he will be max on 20th position. F1 doesn't make any sense..

  65. Zanox 5377


  66. Zanox 5377


  67. nasima akter

    The redbull is still the best Sounding f1 car right now!!😍😍

  68. 0 sub with 0 videos

    Hakkinen is a legend

  69. Hugo Pfeffer

    Can someone enlighten me? I'm not a big consumer of F1 content. Why every innovation is banned by the FIA? Ofc that some are dangerous like driver a 300km/h car with one hand but I don't understand why ban better car stability and extra break...

  70. Snaakie

    And then Red Bull caught Ferrari cheating... 😂

  71. Adrian kim Leow

    Drivers must enjoy racing and with a good relationship. Cannot find another team in F1

  72. Adrian kim Leow

    Hello Dank . U watching F1 color cars without having volume turn on.. hey.. in your world only silver , red , and black. Don tell ppl you watch f1 ever in your life time

  73. Fevo


  74. Charming nowhere to hide

    Put Ricciardo in a better car. Everyone wants to see him winning

  75. Bruno Danese

    Nos cur Autosport making videos about Rubens with stories taken from this video

  76. Potato Head Komang!!

    its scary how a driver so talented like hulkenberg cant even have a seat in f1

  77. Yannick Leyhr

    2:41 me and my gf in the bedroom

  78. bogdan mihai

    0:12 Stroll being Stroll ... fucking idiot

  79. Suppertimepuss2

    Maldonado was like "VIBE CHECK!"

  80. Efteling Fan33

    New fastest lap in F1 I did a time of 1:15.230 in F1 2011

  81. Boris

    Nothing is clear, but interesting

  82. Muhamkrishnan Arumugam

    Lewis congratulate. Terima Kasih .

  83. Fast Haz06

    3:58 Sector 9

  84. Andy Janssens

    Back in the day when yu could call it a battle! AJ’s

  85. crxdelsolsir

    Why does F2 spit flames and F1 does not? Looks oddly similar to why a real race car does not snap and crackle as much as an AMG, Abarth, Audi RS series etc. More directly, the AMG snap crackle is induced and a fake.

  86. Ciprian Tanana

    Hmm....everyone forgot Bottas in German grand prix. Stroll😝

  87. Elison Suci

    You ok? "Yeah im ok"


    Боттас забыл посигналить Грожану)) Bottas forgot to signal horn for Grojean)))



  90. C9 Viper

    Yes my man has made it to F1

  91. Josh Daly

    I like how the car freaks out when it's in the pitstop

  92. Ben Ly

    Even the highlights were boring. Come on FIA!

  93. Kamrunnahar Khan

    Why does f2 cars spit fire ?


    V12😯🥺😍 V10🤪😬😝 V8😌😊😁 V6 eletric🤔😒😴 V4future🤭?.......….

  95. Alex Ferdean

    Are they using the same car setup??

  96. Nathanael Bramwell

    the sound of that ferrari.... Omg....

    1. Nathanael Bramwell

      the mclaren sounds even better

  97. FOXY TV

    only expect lando to start laughing like crazy in the car and literally almost stop on the track.This guy is gonna be a world champion guaranteed.

  98. cameron Alkins


  99. MrHudy7

    The best race in hybrid era

  100. 工藤新

    the night race makes backfire beautiful!