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  1. MaydayNhlXBL 10291O

    I love love ❤️ your channel

  2. violet roiz

    i cant relate to any of these, I love spiders, I sleep with my feet out, and I'm not afraid of the dark.

  3. Lynniana Williams



    Copy cat

  5. regg kook

    Boyfriend 😋

  6. Scott Laffey

    All of you rock at doing your part like when lilly is wearing a red hand

  7. Williams world Franco


  8. regg kook

    123 go s favourite thing is: Texting friends and

  9. Shahida Puspo

    love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩


    ** 5:20

  11. Ninki Minjaj

    Ok but they Full on ripped of Jian Hao's photobomb scene...

  12. Hattie Thompson

    Who notices that she sqezed it on perpos on the sandwich. One

  13. Star Shoot


  14. Madison Jennette


  15. Yara Ghoul


  16. jerome coverdale

    Me screaming thinking of spider is right there on my leg and my mom is like there's no spiders

  17. Nayelis Estrella-calice


  18. Steve Dunn


  19. princy prince

    I like wiki can you please send me a hi

  20. Keona Gonsalves

    Are you guys russian. Love u all a lot

  21. Rajab Zaheer

    Kawan and lily so cute 😊

  22. Chris Gordillo

    There fake hacks

  23. Carlos Rodriguez

    who nows that your a fan of 123 go

  24. Mohammad Jahid

    Ugh 4 hours late

  25. Luke Skywalker

    Kevin is a savage he almost hit Lilly with the hammer Lilly is lucky that Kevin got scared

  26. Lisa Nini


  27. Rebecca Alabado

    who comented back tome?

  28. lim family

    You copied jinhao tan what are you doing Copyright

  29. Eema Eem

    The kiss scene shocked me

  30. Darkforces817

    I thought her phone was broken

  31. dukun xing

    Them:No PuT THat DoWN Me: laughing so loud

  32. Rebecca Alabado


  33. Manha Kashaf

    Nice work 👍👍👏

  34. Rebecca Alabado

    hear come lillian my dauter ygtrifguyhgroifguhjr

  35. eesbean66

    I do

  36. Jayda Khatun

    That spider is so big

  37. Md rajon

    So funny video ha ha ha nice

  38. Sonika Walia

    Don't lie, who's been a fan of 123 go before coronavirus

  39. Gacha Gurl

    Boi wtf

  40. i am a weirdo Who was named gaby

    I don’t know what’s worst the fact that they copied or them trying to be funny

  41. Ava Henry

    Hear someone talking Stops and looks out nothing Here the door open and shut Me: welp I am dead tonight

  42. Tina Kundu

    Your video is good👍😊

  43. Tiffany Johnson

    Me too

  44. potterhead

    Why dont u just use a belt

  45. Tiffany Johnson

    wowwww you made my day😙

  46. mishya ahmed

    Who got scared while watching this video's spooky moments??🤨 don't lie

  47. Casey Mancuso

    These “hacks” u don’t even have to do bc Ugandan just do what u do regularly

  48. Ava Henry

    Me: in the shower singing home alone

  49. Sumera Khan

    123 go

  50. Vianney Galicia

    That prank was funny 😆 wait you did Lana and you to sofia

  51. Indra Pargash

    I want to hear teirh real voiches

  52. Robin De Leon

    Sze%saeafsdd3drd4ssdrdr412345678910111xd3dd*cg*xxx Yes ok deetsfsfe4erdfddf 100

  53. Anna’s WORLD

    The bloopers are even funnier than the official video 😂🤣😂.

  54. Javier Moran

    Yup I feel the same 😂😂🤣

  55. Roberta Burks

    Prime toy don't hit the Bell buttonI had to describe to a headache so I had to put the Bell button the little big old fat 😫😫😫 hahaha thank you big universe big you fat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂already watching your channel I'm about to the how I delete your channel huh huh tell me now I want to delete it tell me your number I'm going to text you

  56. Kaiya Worthy


  57. Jennifer Henry

    Didn’t wash her hands. I don’t know why. Cause the sink was broken.

  58. Roberta Burks

    That's why I didn't subscribe

  59. babla nath

    Wow. nice.

  60. Rupa Koladiya

    I will never subscribe or like your videos

    1. Rupa Koladiya


  61. Christian Cathanes

    8:13 they spelled it wrong

  62. zannatul ferdus prionty

    Hi 123go

    1. zannatul ferdus prionty