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  1. Cunaldo✔️


  2. Boris Hernandez

    robbie doesn’t even listen

  3. marksman209

    I can’t believe Robbie is saying just let him score come one Robbie seriously?

  4. Tr R

    as long as mustafi is not playing, i'll take anyone lol


    i´m from brazil, and I can assure you guys pablo mari is not even close to arsenal´s level. He´s an alright defender for the brazilian league, but nothing special even here, he´s going to be dreadful in the pl

  6. B W

    Arsenal and others are fallin' When't lads from Sheff'ld come callin' On't par wi the best And beatin the rest We ampt got no fear of fallin'

  7. Hatem Mona

    Happy birthday DT!!! And congrats on the cup

  8. GlennDITM

    Normally I would say "Wtf?". Not anymore. If Edu likes a Brazilian player I am all in.

  9. The Deviant Developer Podcast

    AbrahaM - not AbrahamS...

  10. Jim

    I remember when he played for nac Breda a few years ago, he was one of the 'experienced' players of one of the worst teams I've ever seen. I'm absolutely perplexed he is now signing for arsenal, I hope he does great but I don't see how he will be better than holding, mavropanos or mustafi... I'm not joking, he was woeful in the 'airadivizzy'

  11. femilovechild

    Robbie, you are so wrong on this.

  12. Pure Originz

    Haaland to Arsenal confirmed

  13. adarsh shetty

    It's like 2 babies shouting at each other

  14. Roman Polish

    It was rash as hell.

  15. Faiz

    Pablo Mari to Arsenal: Average player for an average club

  16. Danny Zuko

    Another one?

  17. MLF Bling Bling

    Cheap transfer again....🤬🤬🤬🤬

  18. jaryd12345

    I agree that you can't just let him score, you gotta do SOMETHING. But it was 100% a red card. He pushed Abraham over. The only way it can be a genuine attempt to win the ball is if you play at the ball with your feet.

  19. Always Blαzєd

    "IT WAS RASH" - Robbie 2020

  20. Huan Lian

    how many f words?🤣

  21. Shaily Preetham

    Robbie is retarded af

  22. Adnan Sayyed

    is robbie high or what ??.... dummest podcast of aftv.... like u genuinely think that .... luis should have let tammy go nd expect mustafi to cover him on goal.... ask any manager robbie... they'll laugh at your face...

  23. jack burgess

    Robbie bro ur waffling on Luiz. That idiot messed up our whole game plan and Luiz had no choice.

  24. Akib Chughtai

    Robbie shouldnt talk too much to DT after the blud bruvvas final looooooool

  25. Nikos Dimitriou

    DT is right.END OF.

  26. Indextrading EB

    If Luiz had a little more IQ in the situation , Abraham was wide and running out of room the only thing he could do done is foresee the shot and slide in , he got the slide in horribly wrong , if he used more IQ he could of telegraphed the shot and made the crucial block but he went in aggressive and made a foul ..

  27. Kgotlello Mashaba

    Lemar ?

  28. Sky Y

    Do a poll on Luiz Robbie. Come on.

  29. John Akucci

    Don Robbie today is Dog Robbie

  30. Davy Wassell

    Had to skip the luiz red card argument cos Robbie was talking absolute dribble... DT got it right!

  31. Dawgman 14

    Robbie you are completely wrong about this one , that was not a red card

  32. Hamza Rhoubi

    Ugly T-Shirt Robbie

  33. Aaron H

    Amazing AFTV didn't see this coming in their Fake News Daily! They only report fake news to get the clicks. Pablo Mari was not a big enough name for this fake news wankers to report.

  34. SuperConnie

    Pablo Mari Villar

  35. shaheen rafi

    Thats why robbie's team let DTFC score 5 goals past them. Didnt try to stop the attackers and let them score for fun despite having 11 players on the pitch 😂😂

  36. Olympia J

    Don't agree with Robbie on this. What do you expect Luiz to do?

  37. Ville Tilus

    Pablo Mari is 69 overall

  38. leo_messi_surfing n_sneakers

    Why didn’t Luiz just try and slide tackle Abraham🤷🏽‍♂️he was goal side of him just slide and see if you could get the ball

  39. h9xxy

    moms id have sparked Robbie talking about luiz kmt

  40. SuperConnie

    Name one left footed CB who was successful in EPL.

  41. Raymond Malianga

    You are both right guys. It's one of those situations where you can't make the right decision.

  42. Eight9Tech

    Too rash? He was trying to prevent Abraham from scoring ffs.

  43. golfinguna

    SO WE ARE NOT SIGNING HIM ??? WTF why advertise that we are signing him when we obviously are not.... Some guys will do anything to get their videos viewed.

  44. Fernando Silva

    Big up for Robbie for the knowledge on Brazilian football

  45. AJ Togbe

    Robbie he has not had three red cards this season !!!!!

  46. Chinmay Kulkarni

    Need Ol' Dickie Pepe to start firing to make up for Laca

  47. Steven Sterling

    People are writing him off already, He‘ll defo be better than any Cb they have right now..

  48. adavy

    DT is right on the Luiz tackle.

  49. Osarobo Ehigiator

    Agreed with DT. It was a professional tackle. He was left with no option. It was a legitimate tackle. Some ref could have kept him in the game. Fouls in the game is unavoidable. Auba tackle was not a goal scoring opportunity.

  50. Alexx Allert

    Robbie is talking a load of crap 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Toshborn

    Robbie please watch this back and see that u just weren't listening

  52. Captain Jokah

    Robbie is the reason why there is rants on ArsenalFanTV because he winds up the people he interviews then smiles while he does it

  53. DatGuy OneOsix

    Wow Robbie now we know why your AFTV team lost, use no passion and aggression and let the other team score 😂

  54. Marcus T

    Robbie speaking utter jibberish here. David Luiz is a rash player yes but he couldn't of done anymore there

  55. peter muturi

    Robbie I totally disagree with you about the red card. DT is right

  56. G Willz

    no mattr who like os dislikes granit the guy is a warrior xhaka is a warrior

  57. binga del feruzi

    52:30 Martinelli in goal 🥺🥺 DT whyyyyy🥺🥺🥺🥺

  58. Frank Willz

    Well put together Robbie !👍🏿👍🏿

  59. Jerex101

    Robbie... DT is right! it was never a red!


    Robbie I'm disappointed 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  61. Bob Buji

    No wonder DT team beat Robbie. Robbie is just being argumentative.

  62. Sidnan Dedic

    With DT on this one.

  63. TheAsianOmg

    All that money coming in now come on Robbie get some Invisalign f it you’ll get hella naan bread and some BUNDAsliga

  64. Sky Y

    Sorry Robbie, i agree with DT on Luiz.

  65. Abhishek Dangol

    Robbie out 😂 David Luiz tackle was genuine bro

  66. Sidnan Dedic

    Smith DT on this one!

  67. sazz gooners

    Auba for you mad!!! wat are they smoking?????

  68. wesley keet

    Martinelli was 6m, wages 10k pw and is probably worth 50m after just 6/7 months. Brilliant business! I'm sure this Pablo Mari deal will turn out to be a great as well. Will probably be on 30k per week so even if he's ordinary we'll be able to get rid quite easily.


    Nobody: Nobody on earth: Robbie: luiz has 3 redcards Everyone: pass the blunt bruv

  70. AdamBinLaden 1886

    Robbie, you're wrong and don't want to admit it. DT is spot on, he's definitely gonna be shoving these comments in Robbie's face :D

  71. 3 FIVE

    Tbh why have we not moved ozil on and keep hold of ceballos? Most games Ozil just drifts around with not much purpose and if its not going well for him then he becomes very negative this can impact others on the pitch, he's not worth the wages for the "odd piece of brilliance". Ceballos however is hungry to play, positive and super creative going forward, I know who I'd rather have in my team.

  72. king po king

    193cm is 6 foot 4 not 6 foot 3.

  73. Shatter Machine 99

    He shouldn't be another Mustafi that's all

  74. Invictus_trax

    Ofc luiz should have let him score the goal, the game would be a 3:2 win with 11 v 11. Doesnt matter if you concede a normal goal, or a penalty goal. There was no chance to stop that goal.

  75. Saj Singh

    How many cheese burgers u had today robbie? Any extra jalepenos?

  76. luki luca

    I love u robbie but u dont know wa ur talking about 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ if he let him score I know u wud be on here going why did he let him score 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  77. Mohammed Hassan

    He is seriously good, I was watching the game against Liverpool, he is that standard of van djik.

    1. Reiss Sato

      Let's hope so, that would mean we have 2 Van Dijk standard CB's when Saliba comes in

  78. Sidnan Dedic

    SORRY ROBBIE But Luiz has only had 2 red cards in his whole Premier League time

  79. Reiss Sato

    £7.5m is a good calculated risk, save that money for Upamancano


    Dt is right. You just can't let a striker score. He wasn't rash

  81. NCG 15

    He will just be bought for depth in the squad and him being a loan means we are signing a big name cb in the summer hopefully

  82. z Tom

    Woop woop! A Centre Back!!! 🤘😝 Hopefully he's another great find from Edu. Any decent CB added to the squad was our top priority so that's excellent news. 👍 Now, would a Lemar loan, with Ceballos probably leaving, improve us going forward? 🤔

  83. G Willz

    thats the reason red card was given bcoz it was david luid simple

  84. Toni Knezovic

    What season is this jersey from?

  85. Gabriel George

    Those first 18 minutes were gold 🤣🤣🤣

  86. HS_Skipper

    ngl the situation luiz was in chelsea was gonna score regardless now he’s got a 3 game suspension....

  87. Michael Dewar

    . Martinelli Saka Ozil Pépé Xhaka Sangare Tierney Upamecano Saliba Bellerin Leno Martinez, Kolasinac, Mari, Guendouzi, Willock, Maitland-Niles, Nketiah Sell: Torreira - Wants to go back to Italy. Aubameyang - Let Barca have him for 40m otherwise he'll go on a free next Summer. Lacazette - 7 away goals since joining, but he's world class... GTFO. Mustafi - No need to justify this one. Loan: Smith-Rowe - Not quite ready yet. Luiz - Completely past it.

  88. micheal toju

    Carzola please

  89. jRebel420

    We're not signing shit at this rate XD

  90. Rajrio Tudu

    Robbie perspective regarding Luiz is wrong. Robbie! be calm man.

  91. AK47 PLAYZ

    Robbie is dumb not red. And you are supposed todefend your defender idiot

  92. Gooner 14

    Robbie wearing Arsenal puma kit to get flashbacks of baku

  93. Addinn 02

    Ty: “Allegri would be fantastic” Go away! You don't know shit, No one agrees with a thing he says

  94. Imran Ali

    I always feel like Robbie is gonna run out of breath when he's doing the intro

  95. David

    Edu was not the one scouting martinelli

  96. Matheus 2m

    obrigado Pablo marí melhor zagueiro espanhol que passou pelo flamengo tecnica,raça e amor a camisa diferenciam ele boa sorte meu zagueiro obrigado pelos titulos

  97. The MagicMan

    Kurzawa going to Juve, Dodged a bullet there!

  98. Addinn 02

    Does anyone actually like Ty?

  99. Burama Jatta

    DT is right simple as

  100. G Willz

    thats never a rash challenge robbie that was just bad refereein as usual