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  1. Tshiamo Musi

    Can i please have one, shuuu.

  2. Ashley Nicole

    From this, I gathered.....have top medical professionals, work on the engineering of a phone.

  3. Chris

    "It's a 6.9 inch [...] display, which is *_nuts_* ... It's just _absolutely massive_ to have that nearly 7-inch screen in your pocket." Oh, Marques. 😏

  4. B.Unique

    I want one of those Tesla bump caps they are wearing

  5. hrushikesh raut

    Kaye hotas

  6. avinash reddy

    In future we may have a phone that can zoom into other Galaxies

  7. Rordon gamsay

    Getting this on my reccomend in 2020 and laughing at when a 5.5 inch phone was big whilst watching this on my 6.8 inch note 10 plus

  8. RioT_HAZA 007

    I wonder what it would be like on a plane

  9. MegaBass41

    how many have been guilty of calculating how much he makes per minute? and just to think he´s made more money than 10 of my next generations will make...

  10. Calo Calo KENYA

    He manufactured Corona Virus to make money from it

  11. Derek Watterson

    He complains about range anxiety, but then goes on to state that the only electric car he’s ever owned is the one with the worst efficiency and no easy nationwide charging network. There’s better options out there!

  12. Terry Dolan

    Wow, Bill said his Porsche was very cool and immediately I got an ad for the same car. Damn SEsels.


    _Font Size adjusts from: _*_"Small to "Rest Home"._*

  14. Per

    Just looking at this since my phone just lost it's rear camera (oneplus 5t) and I use it more often than I thought, but I ordered a OnePlus 7t and this made me just that much more excited

  15. Frostwaffles

    How come a phone focused on camera ( Nokia 9 Pureview ) is not on the best camera list? Also you didnt even mention Huawei P30 Pro for one of phones with the best battery power out there. I think you are being a little bit of a fan boy over Samsung and Iphone.

  16. Reyes Regime

    Reality anyone who has FB is being spied by fbi since they have a contract with them same with Apple, hence why they formally force you to buy it. Huawei has the same thing Samsung as well. I really don’t care since I’m not a politic or government worker.

  17. Big Dom

    i dont see why anyone would want to pay an extra $300-400 to zoom. i bet if you asked anyone who bought the pro, did they use the zoom, theyd ask wtf youre talking about.

  18. Sean Bickel

    Thank you. Exactly what I was looking to learn.

  19. Ayan Hati

    This is not a real glass..

  20. Soto Sam

    just watch this for bill

  21. Kermit

    watching his on my ipod touch

  22. Iniyan

    Bill Gates: Uploads a SEsels video SEsels: Gives Copyright strike Bill Gates: Buys SEsels and deals with it!

  23. Miethos01

    why is that black square on the right not straight, omg

  24. lol human

    NO EVERY PHONE IS FOLDABLE (if your strong enough)

  25. anatole debierre

    The blue color looks so... white.

  26. lol human


  27. sangeeta singh

    Elon seems to be a nice guy to me i predict he could be a good director of tech related companies

  28. Mazhar Abbas

    2 year and going strong

  29. tech plus-reviews and gaming!

    What do we learn from all this? Never judge a camera through compressed/processed pictures

  30. J M

    should have asked if he can run for president :)

  31. S Moon

    It feels ridiculous to me while engineers spent their life and used their great intelligence to develop miraculous material, the glass that can be actually folded and not be broken, so called influencer jibber jabber about how crease feels... I hope they know the meaning of the technology and have respect for it if they are 'tech' reviewer

  32. jhargrove1990

    I like this i think i can get use to the fold

  33. Luca Lundgren

    Interview Warren Buffet next please.

  34. RequestTheBest

    "It's not a soft plastic that you can literally dig your fingernails into" lol JerryRigEverything literally scratched the screen with his fingernails. Is Marques just reading scripts from Samsung or did he honestly reviewed the device ?

  35. LittleWhole

    In 2013, this was considered insane. In 2020, with the release of the S20 Ultra, this is what we consider insane: Snapdragon 865 16GB RAM 512GB internal storage Android 10 5,000mAh Battery 108MP Wide + 48MP 5x Periscope Telephoto + 12MP Ultrawide + ToF 8K Video @ 24fps [email protected] or [email protected] AMOLED display $1,399 price tag!

  36. Jimmy Da santa

    nobody: every youtuber revieuwing iphone: DoN’t BuY iT

  37. Sarbast Ezat

    camera pixel 108 fake pixel just number I think huawei p30 pro camera is mach better 😏

  38. LittleWhole

    2013: nope 2014: nope 2015: nope 2016: nope 2017: nope 2018: nope 2019: nope 2020: Hey now that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is out, wanna hear about the Galaxy Note 3?

  39. mustard roshi


  40. Nature's Advocate

    Like his hair style. Cute.

  41. LittleWhole

    2:34 “absolutely ridiculous spec sheet” - say that to us in 2020! The Galaxy S20 Ultra just came out with 16GB RAM, Snapdragon 865, 512GB internal storage, 5000mAh battery, Android 10, and 108MP quad camera + 5x periscope! (By the way, if you’re reading this comment in 2030, and the Galaxy S30 Ultra came out, feel free to laugh at this comment)

  42. LittleWhole

    2:30 People thought this short-lived microUSB 3.0 was gonna be the future. Nope, we all switched to USB-C. In 2020 (the year I’m from), it’s very hard to come across a recent piece of tech without the USB-C port. I believe this port was introduced in 2014 but only began to take off in 2017/2018.

  43. Zack Kros

    Really informative video. I'm worried about the way the companies are putting smoke and smog into the air. I came up with a huge industrial venting system to put around the smoke stacks and if we do convert to electric cars we need to make them zero emission and better for our environment like you mentioned. Technology wise, I think we can advance further and with more emphasis on the consumer. I think if we can create a fully functioning machine on the scale of a virus or illness then we can contain it and stop the virus or illness. That's just a theory though. Thanks for the tech talk and have a great day, Marques Brownlee and Bill Gates!

  44. LittleWhole

    SEsels: hey it’s 2020 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Z Flip just came out, so the only logical thing is to recommend the Galaxy Note 3!

  45. MrRocker989

    My favourite little sexy chocolate colored phone reviewer, looking like a tasty like snack

  46. Ahmed Lotfi

    He made the same mistake twice. He wore the Apple Watch again!!😂

  47. Marto1605 m

    The screen is not glass, please watch JerryRigEverything . Samsung lied.

  48. Saddams Ballsack

    Everytime Bill talks he's always got murder on his mind

  49. Tobi Tella

    At 1:56 JerryRigEverything kind of embarrassed you

  50. NycProductions

    Skeptical on the MP counts about how they perform. In-camera composites? Either way, it’s still on in a camera phone. Not going to look at good as interchangeable lens cameras for DOF.

  51. First Name Last Name

    The king of shitty plastic trash???

  52. Krystine

    seems like i'm going back to samsung

  53. Matthew Jewers

    Love these interviews, awesome as always!

  54. Mohammed Al-Alaw

    The proverb says that only one hand cannot clap so unless the whole world contributes there is no use!

  55. Jason Brody

    I like the voice and the way Bill that because he is rich?

  56. Zozo The Pro gamer

    Does it come with the AirPods?

  57. nativetoalaska

    I didn’t know cameras came with phones!

  58. Venkatesh Jujjavarapu

    The million dollar question here is what phone is MKBHD using in this video ?

  59. Mathlex IDK

    Could u please do a video on which is better, Samsung or Apple

  60. Yonirwoth Joshua

    It's so hard to interview African rich dudes...ooh Bill's so good and cool

  61. Tom Landolt

    I think MKBHD is one of the smartest tech youtubers out there and is actually caring and asking the right questions. Credit is well deserved. Congrats.

  62. Oliver B.

    I know there are a lot of comments like this, but here's what I think: My heart: S10+ My brain: S10 My wallet: S10e

  63. K M

    Why stop at 4 cameras? Just go balls out and make the entire back a camera.


    Did Bill mention again that he thinks the best solution to the overpopulation problem is the FLU SHOT... 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  65. Dark Reaper Gaming

    If I had that phone I would probably just throw out my Xbox and PC

  66. Tony MTA

    Hey Bill is me .... call me you nephew I need ask something.. my number 1800-In-my dreams

  67. Ology Studios

    who's watching this in 2020?!!!

  68. Mike Wewerka

    But it's not glass and you CAN dig your fingernails into it. JerryRigEverything proved that.

  69. IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded

    now samsung is king like it should be, iphones are overpriced af.

  70. Jaiganesh V

    bow down to this man for singlehandedly fighting the oil corporate and the car industry and forcing a change for good , even if tesla went bankrupt this man deserves all the credits and the respect from the "mankind""

  71. Technical Mirza


  72. Technical Mirza


  73. Sheikh Hriddo

    I am waiting for Samsung’s comment

  74. Michaël G-Léonard

    Damn, the early Samsung phones like before S8/S9 were awful

  75. Jay Burrelle

    No disrespect to your vid bit who’s dumb idea was it to bring back a flip phone

  76. Adarsh Patil

    it has plastic screen you can leave nail impression on the screen i have check it out !

  77. jochi moreta

    Nintendo DS

  78. insanebmxthomas

    the screen is nowhere near glass. scratches as easily as expected from plastic. don't believe all the marketing wank

  79. Shovan Jana

    Indian 💓

  80. Enrico

    I would argue nuclear power is the worst energy.

  81. Brice Larie

    Was wondering if somehow : Be a mentor programs were, are related ... And get even Pharmaceutical French historical companies been sold ... Later on European cartels were offering negative interest for innovative investment in tha "matters" . Now I wonder, Who's left to build and delivers ... Individual solar inverter devices ... Industrial ones that wouldn't be ... Economical lever way to "exist" . Isn't that the same "con-science" that build up n alert ... bout built-in schemes ... May, should I say "strategies" as it is layers or con-piling related like . What about vertical farming or above water ones ??? How are "intelligences" feelings about "done" in tha "matters" ? What are the so-called supposed limits tha technologies dealing with life ? How to invest or explore further without an adequate logic about ??? As I get it, we're all "in charge" something ... Not quite sure I truly appreciate interpretations . Somehow : Ways to relate

  82. eudofia

    Whoa! Bill Gates looks so old now. I've literarily watched him and Microsoft grow from the early days of Windows 3.1. Watching him now trying to solve some of the World's tough problems, it's hard to imagine the then young Bill Gates some 30 years ago laser-focused trying to crush any company that would bring out any product to compete against Windows, Office and Internet Explorer. He was the personification of the evil villain trying to conquer the world. I'm still having difficulties separating the young and the old Bill Gates. At one point I even switched to using Corel OfficeSuite(Wordperfect) and Netscape Navigator and was even planning on moving to Linux desktop. Well, we all know how all those companies fared😄 They all faded while Microsoft thrived. But, kudos to him for putting his money to help humanity.

  83. Manoli Kamilakis

    Honestly curious: How does a man "spending billions to change the world" feel about proprietary software as a hindrance to humanity's technological evolution

  84. ryan kanj

    3:05 monster performer hahaha no

  85. Behzey

    ask Bill why he and his wife's foundation are sponsors of the corona virus

  86. Ansika

    What if it stays at 12mp but the sensor size is the same as this. I wonder how it will do low light

  87. Noel

    MKBHD out here starving himself. Stomach growling at 4:10

  88. Jonathan Setzer

    Not so *smart* eh?

  89. redfear77

    So the first one was a watch mojo too... nice

  90. gabriellakm

    Oh no Tesla is ahead as BG indicates. Now we have v3 at 250kw. We are talking 85 miles in 5 mins! Expanding, Electrify America is also working on faster speed. Soon this will be history

  91. Lights Camera Action

    Mkbhd is literally the best tech reviewer

  92. Lights Camera Action

    Am I the only one who noticed he is a stranger things fan

  93. aman sharma

    Imagine rog 2 had a flip camera

  94. Lights Camera Action

    He can get copyrighted for fake stranger things shirt😅

  95. Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini

    Ultra forever

  96. ______x

    "it's glass" offscreen; checks bank account to see if Samsung already wired the 5k :p

  97. Yan Moistnado

    I know it's not for everyone, but I love my BlackBerry Key 2, with headphone jack, keyboard, two day long battery, Android. Hope BlackBerry keep doing what they are doing. Thought about going back to Samsung and found the new ones had no headphone jack, and that is a deal breaker. I lost three pairs of cheap wireless headphones in the washing machine and went back to wired ones, that seem to never get lost.

  98. Dedi Arinata

    We No need 100x zoom

  99. Wenceslaus

    Motivating to see a young man seating with the worlds greatest men. Sky is definitely a limit and never limit your mind. Keep grinding Hard MB.

  100. callmetwinkle

    i am very disturbed and concern about that phone. it doesn't sit right with me.