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  1. bene feela

    Lol... Doug voice...

  2. RedsTech

    not that i use video gear..

  3. Abhishek

    " Let's better our 4G and call it 5G." - T-Mobile " Let's call 5G '6G' later - T-Mobile

  4. Shahil Soni

    I feel you didnt explain this properly. So What T-Mobile is doing is setting off low band 5g first and then going slowly to mm waves, but after that will we be getting that 1000mb speeds everywhere?

  5. Márk Végh

    ..5G in USA 😂 I live in middle Europe in a small "poor" country called Hungary and even 4G+ is faster for me on my S9+. I almost always get 100Mbps<dowload speeds and usually above 130Mbps. (I think it's quite ridiculous, but I still love USA.)

  6. Jan


  7. Saravuth Seng

    Dear MKBHD, The whole world is waiting for your interview with Doug DeMuro about Tesla Cyber Truck.

  8. Mystery21

    7:16 *I see what you did there...*

  9. Aadarsh Nagrajan

    Oh come on if you're resembling doug you should have used an iPhone to shoot as well🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Naga Dinesh

    Alert!!!!!!Doug demuro spoofed!!!

  11. Straw Man

    5g = cancer

  12. Felix Lindblad

    Why do I get faster 4g speeds than his 5g speeds? And those 4G speeds are garbage in USA

  13. Johannes Vang

    Just did a speed test on 4G in Norway. I got around 120 down and 40 up. What's up with American 4g?

  14. WikiMe

    Hey Mac n cheese what's in store for mi(L) 10?

  15. Jo A Sh

    Doug style review well done but u forgot a pair of shorts😂

  16. Lucas Torres

    I love the doug demuro part!!!

  17. Daniel Ogunsola

    Nice car, marques

  18. ash greninja

    Yep, really helpful tips and tricks! Definitely gonna use them soon XD

  19. Angelo Luiz Futolan

    doug score please AHAHAH!

  20. Christopher Bowman II

    This is such a well shot video. I can’t wait for the “safewave 5G”

  21. Brett Swag

    Absolutely brilliant Doug Demuro references, you NAILED all of them! Two of my favourite channels in one ❤️

  22. hayden brayton


  23. Vince Chew

    The tested speed was with just a rare few user, expect speed should be lower once it is opened to all consumers.

  24. Teslanomics with Ben Sullins

    Best Doug DeMuro impression I've seen yet! Re: 5G speeds here in San Diego I regularly her 120+ down and 30+ up on Verizon 4G

  25. RuggeD

    That Doug DeMuro impression was perfect

  26. Mateus Pires

    LTE is already fast enough for me

  27. dustojnik hummer

    Now I can go through my 800MB FUP in just a second!

  28. Max Williams

    I was gonna enter if I could win the car.

  29. Vaibhav Bisht

    He just nailed the Doug demuro impressive

  30. Zook T

    dude what the fuck i get 300 mbps on 4g

  31. John Joy

    The Doug Demuro impression tho.. on point

  32. Dorkenoo Elvis

    MKBHD : "... speaking of faster..." Linus Tech Tips and sponsors : " *wait ! that's illegal* "

  33. jongreen579

    Marquez didn't just do a Doug demuro style review of the McLaren. He literally copied Doug's exact words.

  34. The MムMBム Gaming

    what is 5G BTW ?? PS: Don't like this ok

  35. Chidalu Nwaimo


  36. Himal Sapkota

    MKBHD: So ive been testing 5G for the past 13 years

  37. Elias Mosaferian

    How is 140 good for 5g I constantly get 100-120 with my 4g in sweden and I have one of the carriers that are known for being really slow

  38. Jason Ballantyne

    Me: Wonder what this mid band 5G is like? MKBHD: So anyway here's a McLaren GT review

  39. Ꜳ I

    T-Mobile 5g will be available December 6th. Marques: I've been using 5G since the original iPhone

  40. Jose Colon

    7:17 THIS. Sounds excited 😂

  41. Kaustubh Kejriwal

    In India, Airtel 4g is actually quite fast.... I get 70-80 mbps on Airtel 4g

  42. Nathan Bell

    18 golf clubs???? Not a golfer?

  43. Pranav Shankar

    Doug remark style.....

  44. Vinayak K Pattanashetty

    Black and short doug de not racist please dont mind

  45. Awom Kenneth

    will 5G ever get to Nigeria properly

  46. MindFlayer

    I see what you doing 7:18

  47. Ashwynn

    The Phone Looks So Beautiful 🔥

  48. Rishi Laddha

    Where's Lew and Jonathan?

  49. Kakajann Dörtguly

    Marques the type of guy who reviews quirks and features of mcLaren

  50. tygur23

    5g is the final phase of the aliens terraforming our planet for their invasion

  51. T Ellison

    Quirks and features huh?? Lets leave that line for Doug

  52. Lewis P

    7:00 did you fly the drone that close to the cables intentionally?

  53. Moises Rodriguez Noboa

    I can't understand the gimmick of carriers in the US. I get 200Mbps under what they call 4.5G over here, still 4G LTE, but it's dope to get such speed without getting to make it flashy.

  54. Archit Rohatgi

    You just sounded like Doug de mueor 😂😂💯

  55. Jacek Gliński

    Chichester, UK, EE 4G+, 80mbps tested just now. Why even bother with that 5g hype? I'll tell you why: $$ No thanks.

  56. MamaDee

    As a mom of a black young man who is studying computer science, you make me so proud. Your delivery is on point.


    👏👏👏This is Doug Memuro. MKBHD did well on the car review

  58. Gravity Exility


  59. Koshy George

    600Mhz isn't real 5G, real 5G uses millimeter waves. There is no real 5G without millimeter waves.

  60. slobdog21

    Nothing makes me hit the like button faster than one SEselsr mocking another You Tuber.

  61. sasimmi

    4g where i live, up 64, down 134. No biggie.

  62. Cleos Jericho Estrada

    5G : Exists for a while.. MKBHD Review : So, i've tried 5G for over a year now...

  63. Denver Colorado

    So low!! My 4G speed in Italy is better, more better. It is always up to 200.

  64. Chris Sorreda

    That Doug De Muro impression KILLED ME

  65. Kevin M.

    4:35 listen how a tech SEselsr turns on: sexy 1000mb per second download speed ...

  66. krissh volgs


  67. 4x4 Camping and Adventures

    Just casually getting 112 over 20 2 bars on 4g over here.

  68. Yahya Abushaheen

    So if you used one of these your old now 🤔

  69. Justin Vijith George

    Still using 2g 😤

  70. Seemala Vineet

    Quirks and Feature! with MKBHD, Doug DeMuro style.

  71. Emmanuel Herrera

    Between all kinds of advertising, this has to be my favorite

  72. ChizBoyMentality

    7:18 absolute gold from MKBHD... paying respect to the legend that is Doug DeMuro, the only thing missing are the khakhi shorts and 2 t-shirts

  73. Mrinal Dutta

    7:17 non car guys won't understand that Dougdemero immitation

  74. anshuman yadav

    Feat. Doug Demuro

  75. Campbell Speelman

    MKBHD: "I will never say Slowfie", also MKBHD, "Frunk"

  76. QkotmanYT

    Hmf! Show-off! 😜

  77. Zenmo

    Quirks and features

  78. Ryen Rakis

    when you said " THIS ", you sounded like Linus

  79. sukasaroth

    I get 160d 70u on 4G in SW Toledo.

  80. Bwamo

    Everyone was saying "5G rollout will only happen in 2022 when Apple uses it!!!" And I find it so funny that it's already here (although this isn't full on 5G it's still way better than 4G)

  81. Spandan Ghosh

    Marquees the Doug kinda guy...


    A planet with no birds! coming soon!

  83. यंत्र तंत्र

    dug Doug DeMuro

  84. Eduardo Rodrigues

    That Doug Demuro style review made me chuckle

  85. Nobody TooN


  86. Nicholas Butler


  87. Dan Hahn

    I have ATT and live in south central pennsylvania. I consistently get 90 to 150 mbps download and 9 to 20 mbps upload on 4g lte. I definitely do not think it's worth it to switch to a 5g device until better speeds are available especially considering the added monthly fees im assuming they will charge for that 5g access.

  88. Akash Kanodia

    Hard to take it seriously with you in specs lol

  89. Josef Andersson

    I've had 4G+ speeds up to 100 Mbps for a couple of years now. What are you guys doing in USA?

  90. Yossi Sofer

    7:17 Love it

  91. Krobongo

    I'm actually surprised how good that 5G sounds from T-Mobile

  92. Justine Lacson

    Did Doug dirty with that one loool 😂

  93. Vladimir Kolev

    7:17 Doug DeMuro entered the chat

  94. Joe Briscomb

    It’s an easy life when you get everything for free 😂

  95. DeePal072

    Can't wait to see 5G here in Italy, with the usual data cap of 30 GB per month... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  96. eugine andrew

    How is the latency in this new T-Mobile 5G network ?

  97. Drew Snyder

    Going to give it a Doug... I mean mkbhd score?

  98. Ramees Roshan

    Marques + Doug DeMuro the crossover we didn't know we needed

  99. Skydes

    "So I've been [insert activity here], for a couple of [insert duration period here] and here's what I think" ~ MKBHD.

  100. Virus

    Meanwhile in Italy... 10Mbps